Chapter 1051 – Leaving In Rage

The river of stars suffused the sky while clear radiance overflowed into the surroundings, and the deathly silent atmosphere in the hall revealed a trace of unusualness.


Wu Yifan’s expressions suddenly changed indeterminately and was filled with rage. He was unable to restrain the rage in his heart any longer and fiercely smashed the talisman in his hand onto the floor, and it sounded extremely sharp and ear piercing. Instantly, the phenomenon of the rivers of stars that filled the sky vanished.

“Impossible!” Wu Yifan roared loudly with a sharp voice, and his expression was hysterical. “How could a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm like you craft such a Dance of Stars Talisman!? This is absolutely impossible! You clearly don’t even know how to craft a talisman, so how could you possible be able to refine an ultimate-grade first talisman of the Seven Forbidden Talismans?”

At this moment, his elegant and unrestrained bearing had completely vanished, and he was like a resentful abandoned wife that was roaring and crying furiously without end while his voice was filled with disbelief.

Chen Xi smiled yet didn’t pay any further attention to him before turning around and leaving the combat arena. Chen Xi had delivered the pleasant surprise, and Liang Bing was naturally there to deal with the rest.

The entire hall was perfectly silent, and only Wu Yifan’s roars were reverberating through the air.

All the guests in the hall had a variety of expressions.

Some originally had smiles of ridicule on their face. At this moment, their smiles had frozen as if they’d been slapped by someone.

Some were shaking their heads and sighing earlier, yet now, they revealed shocked and dumbstruck expressions. 

Some had their arms crossed before them while they sneered earlier, and they seemed as if they desired to see the world plunge into chaos. Now, their entire bodies had stiffened while their jaws had almost fallen to the ground.

The scene of a thousand expressions unfolded right before his eyes.

“Rivers of stars filled the sky, it really is the first of the Seven Forbidden Talismans at the ultimate-grade!” Someone broke the silence and caused all the guests to recover from their shock before they gasped in unison while feeling disbelief.

Even though most of the guests present here hadn’t cultivated much in the Dao of Talismans, one that hadn’t experienced something would have still heard of it, let alone that this was the renowned first talisman of the Seven Forbidden Talismans. Moreover, it was the one and only standard to test a talisman formation grandmaster. So they were naturally aware of how difficult it was to craft.

The Dance of Stars Talisman that Chen Xi crafted caused the veil of night to descend while rivers of stars filled the sky, this was clearly a talisman that had exceeded the scope of the best and attained the ranks of the ultimate-grade.

As the name ultimate-grade revealed, it was absolutely something that a talisman formation master could only attain by luck. Amongst a thousand talisman formation grandmasters, there might not be a single one that was capable of crafting an Immortal Talisman at the ultimate-grade, let alone the Dance of Stars Talisman. There weren’t many amongst all the talisman formation grandmasters in the entire Immortal Dimension that were capable of accomplishing this.

This was like how a  master of calligraphy’s technique, experience, and state of mind had attained the ranks of grandmaster, yet leaving behind a peerless work of art that could go down in history was something that could only be attained by luck.

At this moment, a young man at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm had actually refined a ultimate-grade Dance of Stars Talismans.

This was simply like a dream!

This was what everyone present here felt in their hearts.

Most terrifying of it all was that Chen Xi had been chatting with Wu Yifan as he crafted the talisman, and he’d stopped at the mark of twenty five breaths of time before completing the final stroke at the mark of thirty seven breaths of time…

Didn’t this prove that if he crafted the talisman with concentration, he would at least be able to craft a Dance of Stars Talisman of such quality within twenty five breaths of time?

The more they thought about it, the more they were shocked and felt it was impossible to control their feelings.

“This is impossible… This is impossible…” In the combat arena, Wu Yifan constantly repeated the same words in disbelief, and this obviously showed how great the blow he received was.

Suddenly, he swiftly raised his head while revealing a pair of blood red eyes and a livid expression, and he stared at Chen Xi who’d returned to Liang Bing’s side a long time ago before he roared. “You’ve surely cheated! How could a little fellow at the Heavenly Immortal Realm like you defeat me? If you have the ability, then let’s compete once more. I’ll surely win against you!”

Chen Xi smiled indifferently and said, “Young Master Wu, I warned you repeatedly before I crafted the talisman. Unfortunately, you insisted. Now that the outcome has been revealed, you shouldn’t try to deceive yourself and others.”

“You, you, you…” Wu Yifan gnashed his teeth yet was unable to say anything. Because Chen Xi had indeed spoke in this way at the beginning, but he’d taken all of that to be a form of provocation at the time.

The nearby Teng Lan smiled and said with a warm voice, “Young Master Wu, calm your rage. It’s only a single defeat, and not to mention that it was only an exchange. There’s no need to take it to heart. I hope you can forgive my Liang Clan if we’ve offended you in any way.”

It seemed like Teng Lan was giving advice, yet it was actually filled with ridicule because these words were spoken by Wu Yifan earlier when he defeated Liang Bin, and now it had practically been returned completely by Teng Lan.

Wu Yifan’s expression changed repeatedly when he heard this.

Meanwhile, someone in the crowd couldn’t refrain himself. “Young Master Wu, how could all of us present here possibly allow something like cheating to occur?”

“Exactly, everything that occurred on the arena was open and aboveboard. How could anyone resort to trickery?”

For a time, the situation in the entire hall changed. They started to speak in support of Chen Xi and praised Chen Xi for his unparalleled natural talent. At any rate, they spoke every single word of praise they could think of.

Was it exaggerated?

All of them didn’t think so because such a young man was capable of casually crafting the first of the Seven Forbidden Talismans. How many talisman formation grandmasters like this were there in the entire Immortal Dimension?

They’d already offended Chen Xi terribly earlier, so if they didn’t make amends now, then it would be irresponsible towards their path of cultivation. After all, the status of a talisman formation grandmaster in the Immortal Dimension was too unique and lofty.

Especially when the person was such a young talisman formation grandmaster, they had to treat him with even more care, and even if they were unable to make friends with him, they couldn’t offend him.

On the combat arena, Wu Yifan was furious to the point his eyes rolled up, and he almost fainted on the spot. He was of noble origins, possessed extraordinary natural talent, and was an existence that was like a bright moon surrounded by a host of stars since he was young. When had he ever received such scorn?

Not to mention Chen Xi’s display this time was too beautiful and domineering, so even another talisman formation grandmaster wouldn’t be in a better situation.

“Very good, very good! I, Wu Yifan, will remember this, and I’ll come seek guidance from Young Miss Liang Bing in the future!” After he took a few successive breaths, Wu Yifan restrained the impulse to go berserk in his heart. He glanced resentfully at Chen Xi and Liang Bing before he turned around and walked towards the exit, and he vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Young Master Wu, Young Master Wu, wait a minute!” Liang Ping’s expression turned grim and intended to chase after Wu Yifan.

Liang Bing’s icy cold and indifferent sounded out from behind him instead. “Liang Ping, come to the rear courtyard later. There are some things that we should have a proper chat about!”

Her voice carried a wisp of a resolute and murderous tone.

If Chen Xi wasn’t present here this time, she would be at a loss for how to deal with this situation, and all of this was caused by Liang Ping. So how could Liang Bing tolerate him moving about freely before her anymore?

Instantly, Liang Ping’s expression turned ghastly pale as he knew that he’d lost at Liang Bing’s hand this time.

Meanwhile, Teng Lan walked out at just the right time, and he glanced at the surrounding crowd before he smiled with a clear loud voice. “It was truly an extremely wonderful exchange. Fellow friends, it’s only halfway through the banquet. Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest.”

Everyone in the hall glanced at each other, and they eased up greatly when they saw Liang Bing had no intention of getting even with them after the incident. However, the atmosphere in the hall was unable to return to its previous bustling state no matter what.

Moreover, some wide people had even moved forward with the intention of exchanging pleasantries and making friends with Chen Xi . But unfortunately, they weren’t able to fulfil their wishes.

Because at this moment, Liang Bing left the hall with Chen Xi. 


Under the ink black night sky, Chen Xi and Liang Bing walked side by side through the winding footpath. Flowers and trees grew at the sides of the footpath, and they were enveloped by faint mist while a wave of refreshing fragrance drifted out from them.

“Thank you.” Liang Bing spoke in a serious tone. Under the moonlight, her peerlessly beautiful face that was filled with icy coldness and pride had become much gentler, and her aura of a formidable queen had reduced slightly.

Chen Xi shook his head as he spoke. “There’s no need to thank me. You’ve already helped me with too much.”

He really did think in this way. No matter if it was in the Talisman Dimension, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, or the Eastern Peace Continent, Liang Bing had helped him greatly, and this was the reason he’d taken the initiative to stand up for her tonight.

Most importantly, he’d taken Liang Bing to be a friend. Since they were friends, then helping each other was a given, right?

“I intend to go see my father in a while. I’ll prepare the matter of helping you charge into the Ascensio Immortal Rankings tomorrow.” Liang Bing was never someone that liked to put on an act. She immediately changed the topic and said with a smile, “Even though you only have a single year to prepare, with your natural endowment, you’ll absolutely be able to make it if you work hard.”

Chen Xi smiled and was slightly curios exactly what Liang Bing intended to prepare for him.

Unfortunately, they’d already arrived before the courtyard that Chen Xi stayed at, and Liang Bing said directly, “Rest well, I’ll come look for you in the morning.”

As she spoke, she grinned before turning around, and her slender and graceful figure quickly vanished within the night.

Chen Xi originally intended to ask about it, yet he could only give up now.

The Talisman Emperor Domain? I wonder where it is, and why there are Seven Forbidden Talismans… After he returned to his room, Chen Xi recalled everything that had occurred today, and he unconsciously recalled the Talisman Emperor Domain that Teng Lan spoke of. He faintly felt that if the Dance of Stars Talisman was from the Talisman Emperor Domain, then it was surely related to the Grand Deduction Tower, whereas the Grand Deduction Tower was closely related to Oracle Mountain.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi’s knowledge was limited, so he was unable to make heads or tails or it. He shook his head and discarded all his distracting thoughts before he entered the world of stars in the next moment.

Without any delay, he started condensing the Laws of Yin and Yang.

At the same time, in a residence in the depths of the Liang Clan, Liang Bing looked at the middle aged man who wore loose white clothes, had a warm expression, and sat at the seat of the head as she said in a straightforward manner, “I intend to deal with Liang Ping’s branch.”

“Do as you like.” The middle aged man raised the teacup and took a light sip before he said casually, “Liang Ping is nothing. Chen Xi is where my interest lies.”

“What do you want to know?” Liang Bing thought for a moment, and she knew she was unable to conceal it any longer, so she asked him directly.

The middle aged man revealed a graceful and gentle grin, and his eyes were calm, yet they flickered with a glow of perception. “As a father, I naturally want to know exactly who this young man my daughter cares so much about is.”

A blush flashed on Liang Bing’s beautiful face before she asked. “Do you really want to know?”

“Of course. At any rate, you’re my, Liang Tianheng’s, daughter, so I naturally have to see if that kid is worthy of you.” The middle aged man chuckled as he spoke, and his voice carried a teasing tone and a wisp of arrogance.

It was the aura, power, and influence of someone that controlled an ancient clan and had sat at a high position for a long time.

Liang Bing hesitated once more before she said in the end, “He’s the heir of Oracle Mountain…”


Before Liang Bing could finish speaking, merely hearing the words ‘Oracle Mountain’ had caused Liang Tianheng’s eyes to open wide as he suddenly spat out the tea in his mouth, causing him to seem to be in a slightly sorry state.

Power and influence? Arrogance? It existed no more.

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