Chapter 1050 – Rivers Of Stars Filling The Sky

Chen Xi glanced at the two Dance of Stars Talismans on the table for a short moment before he raised his head and said, “Young Master Wu, there’s still time to stop now. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the guests became strange. This fellow is acting so arrogantly, could it be that he isn’t afraid of losing and being humiliated?

A bellyful of rage arose in Wu Yifan from this provocation, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch as he glanced at Chen Xi with an icy cold gaze. “I look forward to your display. You’d better not disappoint everyone!”

Every single word he spoke contained fury that was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t speak any further, nor did he sit on the chair. He picked up the talisman brush casually and dipped it in ink before he started inscribing on a piece of blank jade.

As he inscribed, he raised his head and asked with a smile on his face. “Young Master Wu, have you ever seen rivers of stars filling the sky?”

What exactly is this fellow doing!?

The guests in the hall were slightly flabbergasted when they saw him speaking while crafting a talisman. Is this fellow a talisman formation grandmaster or not? He doesn’t show any professionalism at all. Could it be that he intentionally came to cause trouble?

Wu Yifan was stunned. But unlike the other guests, at the beginning, he was really slightly curious why Chen Xi would persist on provoking him, and he felt a trace of worry in his heart as well. He was worried that something unexpected may occur, and that would make it difficult for him.

But at this moment, when he saw Chen Xi act in this way, it caused the last bit of worry in his heart to vanish completely, and he was fully confident in his heart. He said to himself, Damnable fly! Just wait and see how I’ll humiliate you later!

In public, he grunted coldly instead and didn’t pay any attention to Chen Xi.

He refused to be tricked by Chen Xi because it would be impossible for him to explain himself if Chen Xi were to lose and blame the failure on the conversation carried out between them while Chen Xi crafted the talisman.

So he’d decided to watch coldly from the sidelines and not give Chen Xi any chance to stir up trouble. He believed that under the gazes of all the guests in the hall, Chen Xi wouldn’t have another chance to continue acting shamelessly.

Chen Xi was extremely relaxed when he saw this, and he casually inscribed the talisman markings while he spoke by himself. “Since it’s a show, I naturally have to give everyone a pleasant surprise. Don’t you think so too, Young Master Wu?”

Wu Yifan kept quiet while sneering without end in his heart, and he was even more confident that this fellow had no more tricks to play and was obviously intending to use some underhanded means. Thus, he absolutely couldn’t fall for it.

On the other hand, the guests in the hall came to a slight understanding when they saw this. They felt that Chen Xi was a fellow that intentionally came to cause trouble, and it wasn’t an exchange at all because Chen Xi had obviously intentionally made an appearance to disturb the situation.

How can Liang Bing watch as her subordinate makes a humiliating display?

Could it be that for the sake of avoiding going against Wu Yifan, she doesn’t care about anything else? But if she does this, she’ll absolutely be reduced to a laughingstock, and it’s even more harmful to her power and influence.

Everyone thought in their hearts and were unable to guess the reason.

“Cousin Sister, this subordinate of yours is really a weirdo. Where did you find him?” At the same time, Liang Ping had burst into laughter, and his face was filled with ridicule.

“A weirdo?” Liang Bing’s gaze turned cold as she glanced at Liang Ping. “I dare you to say it one more time.”

Liang Ping’s face froze while a wisp of rage surged out from his heart, yet he sighed instead. “I know that you’re protective towards your subordinates, Cousin Sister. But doing this is slightly irrational. Look, twenty breaths of time have already passed, yet that fellow is actually still talking while crafting. He’s obviously screwing around.”

Screwing around?

Chen Xi doesn’t even intend to compete seriously with him at all because he isn’t worthy!

Liang Bing’s expression remained unchanged and kept silent.

At the twenty fifth breath of time, everyone noticed to their shock that Chen Xi had suddenly placed the piece of jade on the table, and then he stood there and actually remained there without moving.

He stopped?

Could it be that this fellow was suddenly moved by his conscience and doesn’t intend to cause trouble any longer?

All the guests were dumbstruck. Even though most of them hadn’t taken the path of the Dao of Talismans, they knew that it was a taboo to be disturbed by the outside world while crafting a talisman, let alone converse with someone.

So they were sure that Chen Xi was absolutely an amateur that had intentionally come to cause trouble.

But when they saw that he actually intended to admit defeat in such an open manner at this moment and stop causing trouble, all the guests were unable to adjust to this.

“My god, where did this weirdo come from?”

“Bro, at least persist until the end? It’s too cowardly to admit defeat halfway.”

“Exactly, be a man!”

“Haha! I knew it would be like this. This fellow is a clown that came to play tricks and amuse us.”

When they saw Chen Xi’s actions, all the guests couldn’t refrain from discussing it. Some held their faces and groaned while some sneered without end, and there were some young woman that bluntly said Chen Xi wasn’t a man…

Everyone seemed to have forgotten that before Chen Xi stopped moving, he’d said something to Wu Yifan. “For the sake of not causing Young Master Wu embarrassment, I’ll choose a time of thirty seven breaths as well, alright?”

Unfortunately, everyone had directly overlooked these words.

“You intend to admit defeat? I won’t allow it!” When Wu Yifan who’d been forcefully restraining his rage all along saw this, he was unable to restrain himself any longer and spoke in a cold voice.

Chen Xi smiled when facing this and said, “Wait a moment.”

Wu Yifan was stunned, and then he sneered. “What? You’re unwilling now?”

Right at this moment, the talisman brush in Chen Xi’s right hand descended abruptly, and the tip of the brush lightly tapped on the piece of jade on the table. After that, he casually tossed away the talisman brush and said with a smile, “Exactly thirty seven breaths of time.”

“Haha! Thirty seven breaths of time. I never expected that you were still able to remember how long has passed. Is this the Dance of Stars Talisman that you crafted? It looks like a Dance of Flies Talisman to me.” Wu Yifan sneered with ridicule as he raised his head, and he raised the talisman on the table. The talisman was covered in ink and completely pitch black, and one was faintly able to notice countless talisman markings coiling all over it in an extremely complex manner. It was disorderly like a child’s doodle, so not to mention might, it didn’t even have a strand of the aura of the Dance of Stars Talisman.

He’d decided since a long time ago that he would humiliate Chen Xi terrible, so when he saw this superb opportunity, he immediately held up the talisman with his left hand and showed it to the guests as he laughed with a clear voice. “Everyone, please take a look. This is the Dance of Stars Talisman crafted by this friend.”

As he spoke, he gradually moved his figure to display the talisman towards all directions, and he seemed as if he intended to allow the guests in every single corner to see it clearly.

“How hideous!”

“What the heck is that? A scribbled talisman?”

“Haha! What a joke! This fellow is truly amusing!”

Everyone in the hall exploded with laughter.

Wu Yifan couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction when he saw this, and the flames of rage in his heart being vent caused his entire body to feel light. It was as if he was torturing and killing a pile of buzzling and noisy flies, and it was unspeakably satisfying. 

“Cousin Sister, look, this subordinate of yours is really in the limelight now. Haha!” Liang Ping roared with laughter while the complacency on his face was impossible to conceal.

Liang Bing’s beautiful brows knit together while she was slightly bewildered and shot her gaze towards Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi raised his head instead and grinned to her as he said, “Eldest Young Miss, do you still remember what I said earlier. I said that since it’s a show, I naturally have to give everyone a pleasant surprise.”

“A pleasant surprise? This really is a pleasant surprise to me! You…” Before Liang Bing could speak, Wu Yifan had started roaring with laughter instead, yet he’d only spoken halfway when his smile froze abruptly, and his eyes stared fixedly at the talisman in his hand while his eyeballs had practically popped out of their sockets.

A wisp of jet black light suddenly suffused the pitch black surface of the talisman, and it was like a blurry and illusory veil of night that was deep and mysterious had enshrouded it…


A wisp of strange fluctuation suddenly spread throughout the hall, and then the guests felt something flash before their eyes and the lanterns in the hall were already enveloped by a layer of the veil of night that seemed like a screen of water.

It was like the night sky had surged into appearance and enveloped the top of the hall, causing everyone to have the misconception that they were beneath the sky in an open field.

This is…

Everyone was surprised and bewildered, causing their faces to freeze. Before they could recover from their shock, they saw numerous strands of dazzling starlight suddenly stretch out from Wu Yifan, and they were like numerous rivers of stars that filled the pitch black veil of night, causing the entire hall to seem as if it was decorated with many bright and piercingly cold stars.

There were truly too many rivers of stars, and they fluttered and spun about. They swayed like a myriad of misty shadows of light and flickered without end as they filled the entire hall, causing others to feel a deep and mysterious aura from them.

It just happened to seem as if they were beneath the universe and night sky while bathing under the starlight of a myriad of stars!

“How beautiful!” Some young women muttered with brilliant gazes, and they revealed infatuated expressions.

The other guests were mostly the same, and they were dumbstruck. Even though they were immortals, the sky in the Immortal Dimension was boundlessly high, so most living beings didn’t have the chance to wander through the starry sky and witness the flow of a myriad of stars.

So when they saw such a scene, even if they were clearly aware that this was only an illusion and wasn’t a true starry sky, they still felt shocked and were speechless.

“A pleasant surprise, this is a true pleasant surprise. This fellow is always so surprising…” Liang Bing’s eyes glowed as she mumbled, and her sexy red lips puckered lightly as they drew out a smile that could charm the world.

Teng Lan nodded and sighed endlessly with emotion as well when he saw this, and he seemed as if a heavy load had been lifted from him. Compared to this, no matter if it was the Dance of Stars Talisman crafted by Wu Yifan or Liang Bin, they were like flickering flames that were entirely unable to compete in radiance with the sun and moon.

“Young Master Wu, how’s this pleasant surprise?” On the arena, Chen Xi spoke abruptly and broke the silence.

All the guests recovered from their shock as well. Only now did they clearly notice that the source of the myriad rays of starlight was precisely the talisman in Wu Yifan’s hand.

The myriad rays of starlight caused Wu Yifan to seem like a god of the starry skies, and he seemed divine, extraordinary, and dazzling to the extreme. It caused everyone to be unable to look at him directly.

But the expression of the guests was extremely strange because this was absolutely ironic!

Just moments ago, Wu Yifan had displayed that talisman in a complacent manner to everyone, and he’d even bluntly called the talisman as a Dance of Flies Talisman.

Yet now, the scene of rivers of stars filling the sky had appeared right before him. When these two scenes were compared, it caused all of his previous actions to be amusing like those of a clown, and it was laughable to the extreme.

This was simply like an extremely resounding slap that slapped hard onto Wu Yifan’s face! 

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