Chapter 1049 – Pressing Down Step By Step

When Wu Yifan pressed down step by step towards forcing Liang Bing to carry out an exchange with him, the guests in the surroundings held an attitude of intending to watch the show, and they were rather excited and filled with anticipation.

They were mostly branch clan members of the Liang Clan, and they’d always been suppressed by the direct line of the Liang Clan. In their current generation, only Liang Bing could be considered to be outstanding amongst the direct line descendants of the Liang Bing. But she was a woman in the end, so others feeling displeased about this was unavoidable.

Presently, they had a chance to humiliate the Liang Clan’s direct line and strike a blow to Liang Bing’s power and influence, so most of the people present were happy to see this happen.

However, right at this critical moment, a loud and clear voice had resounded, and the words spoken by this person seemed to carry the intent to protect Liang Bing, causing everyone present to frown without end. They were slightly displeased and felt detest towards this person that suddenly a made an appearance and threw a wrench into the situation.

The crowd split apart, and then the figure of a young man and Teng Lan walked out from within.

Everyone present was slightly stunned when they saw the appearance of this young man, and they felt he was slightly unfamiliar, whereas the eyes of the women lit up instead while they blushed.

This young man had a firm and handsome appearance. His eyes were deep like the starry sky, and he wore a light green embroidered robe. A white jade belt wrapped around his waist while he strode on shoes that carried cloudlike patterns, and his figure was tall and graceful. Every single move he made naturally carried a lofty and extraordinary bearing that drew the attention of all. 

This young man was Chen Xi.

But the guests in the surroundings didn’t recognize him, and they discussed animatedly while they guessed his identity without end.

“Who’s this young man? Why have I never seen him in the past?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think there’s such a disciple in the Liang Clan.”

“My god! What a charming bearing, it’s simply too likeable. He’s obviously someone with a past.,” This was the infatuated words of a young woman.

At the other side of the hall, Liang Bing’s red lips opened slightly while her beautiful face revealed a surprised expression because Chen Xi’s dressing tonight caused even her to feel that it was new and pleasant.

Under Teng Lan’s lead, Chen Xi walked over here, and he remained indifferent and composed when facing the surprised, bewildered, or burning gazes from the surroundings.

“Eldest Young Miss, allow this subordinate of yours to seek guidance from Young Master Wu’s ability in talisman crafting, alright?” Chen Xi walked over to stand before Liang Bing, and he bowed slightly before he asked in a low voice.

Subordinate? Liang Bing was stunned before she instantly came to an understanding. She knew that Chen Xi had intentionally lowered his status, and he’d naturally done this for the sake of helping her. For a time, she was extremely grateful in her heart.

Because that was an heir of Oracle Mountain!

Presently, he’d actually intentionally lowered himself, so how could she not be grateful?

But before Liang Bing could speak, Wu Yifan who stood on the combat arena asked with a frown on his face. “May I ask who this friend is in the Liang Clan?”

He intentionally placed emphasis on the words ‘Liang Clan,’ and the meaning behind his words was that he was telling Chen Xi it was better not to interfere if Chen Xi wasn’t a member of the Liang Clan.

Of course, Wu Yifan wasn’t afraid of Liang Bing getting foreign aid, and he was just displeased that Chen Xi had come out and threw a wrench in the situation because a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm suddenly coming out to throw a wrench in his plans was simply presumptuous in his eyes!

Even if he won against this young man, he, Wu Yifan, wouldn’t have any sense of accomplishment.

Moreover, if he allowed such small fries to freely challenge him, then it would be too boring. Not to mention that it would be a waste of time, it would affect his plans for tonight. So his attitude towards Chen Xi naturally couldn’t be considered to be friendly.

Chen Xi raised his head and grinned as he said, “Young Master Wu, you said earlier that anyone in the Liang Clan can have an exchange with you. Could it be that I heard wrongly? Or perhaps Young Master Wu doesn’t dare to accept the challenge of a nobody like me?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all of the guests were slightly flabbergasted. They wondered where Liang Bing had recruited such a subordinate because he obviously spoke in  slightly unreasonable manner, yet Chen Xi’s words were also reasonable, so they couldn’t refute him.

A wisp of rage flashed in the depths of Wu Yifan’s eyes, and he was about to speak when the crowd suddenly moved restlessly. A thin young man that wore a luxurious golden robe walked out from the crowd and walked slowly over here.

“Eh, isn’t this Young Master Liang Ping?” The crowd instantly recognized the young man was Liang Ping, an outstanding disciple from one of the Liang Clan’s branch families.

“Cousin Sister, Young Master Wu is a distinguished guest that I invited, and I haven’t had the time to introduce him to you.” Liang Ping walked over swiftly to stand before Liang Bing, and he feigned a respectful and reverent expression as he cupped his fists. Then he straightened his figure and raise his head before he said in a loud voice, “Everyone is aware that Young Master Wu Yifan is from Icesky Continent, and he’s a renowned talisman formation grandmaster in the younger generation that possesses outstanding talent and a boundless future.”

“But perhaps everyone is unaware that Young Master Wu is from the ancient Wu Clan in the Icesky Continent. Moreover, he’s a direct descendant disciple of the Wu Clan that has entered one of the seven great academies, the Cloudmist Academy, a few years ago. No matter if it’s strength or background, Young Master Wu Yifan is perfect, and he’s reputed to be one of the best candidates to become one of the blazing suns of the next generation!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was shocked. They were indeed unaware that Wu Yifan’s background was actually so great. For a time, all of them looked at Wu Yifan in a different light, and their gazes faintly carried a wisp of respect.

The four great continents were the most rich and powerful territories in the Immortal Dimension. Not only were the four great Immortal Kings residing there, practically all the top powers in the Immortal Dimension were spread throughout the four great continents.

The seven great academies, the ancient clans, the mysterious sects… It was absolutely the central hub of the Immortal Dimension, and it was the loftiest place in the eyes of the countless living beings in the Immortal Dimension. 

On the other hand, Wu Yifan had come from there and possessed the status of being both a direct descendant of an ancient clan and a student of one of the seven great academies. The force of the impact such an identity and status had on the guests present here was obvious.

Wu Yifan who stood on the combat arena smiled modestly and didn’t say anything further, and he seemed to have a rather graceful bearing.

Liang Bing was stunned while her clear eyes revealed a wisp of a serious expression for the first time. Even though it flashed momentarily, it was still acutely captured by Chen Xi.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Obviously, Liang Bing has finally realized that Liang Ping had clearly invited Wu Yifan to the banquet tonight for the sake of giving her a heavy blow and causing her power and influence to hit rock bottom.

Or perhaps, this is a fight between the branch family and direct line of the Liang Clan, and it depends on whether Liang Bing is able to deal with it.

When he saw that he’d grabbed control of the atmosphere in the hall, Liang Ping couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of arrogance on his face as he looked at Liang Bing and said, “Cousin Sister, how can you allow a subordinate to have an exchange with such a proud genius? This isn’t the way to treat a guest.”

As he spoke, he glanced coldly at Chen Xi while bluntly revealing his disdain.

Meanwhile, Wu Yifan felt slightly impatient as well, and he spoke in a straightforward manner while maintaining a smile on his face. “I wonder if I, Wu Yifan, a direct descendant of the Wu Clan and a student of Cloudmist Academy am able to invite Young Miss Liang Bing to have an exchange of attainments in the Dao of Talismans?”

Liang Bing’s face was cold as ice. Her nature had always been one where she didn’t like to exercise forbearance, and if it wasn’t for her being the host here and had to take care all aspects, she would have flared up on the spot a long time ago.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi who stood by her side suddenly said with a smile, “If one’s status and background can be used in an exchange of the Dao of Talismans, then I have nothing else to say.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the guests were in an uproar because this sort of ridicule was something that anyone could discern.

Has this fellow gone mad?

For a time, the gazes of everyone shot towards Chen Xi, and they wondered if this fellow had been sent out intentionally by Liang Bing to cause trouble.

Wu Yifan’s face sank as well. This was the first time he bluntly revealed a wisp of detest since he participated in this banquet. It couldn’t be helped, he truly had enough of this little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he felt that this little fellow was like a fly that kept buzzing endlessly.

Chen Xi grinned when facing all of this, and then he twisted the topic and said, “Just as my Eldest Young Miss said earlier, talisman crafting isn’t used to put on shows while status and background isn’t a form of asset used to show off with. Young Master Wu, acting in this way is slightly misguided.”

Just a few words caused the hall to become deathly silent.

All the guests present here stared blankly at Chen Xi, and all of them felt this young man had gone mad because he actually dared to judge the young genius of the Icesky Continent as misguided. This was simply arrogant and shameless.

Liang Bing’s expression couldn’t help but change when she heard this, and she was just about to speak when Chen Xi stopped her with a signal.

Instantly, Wu Yifan’s face sank as he said coldly, “Out of respect for Young Miss Liang Bing, I won’t make a fuss about it with you. It’s best that you mind your words, otherwise, bear the consequences.”

Chen Xi didn’t speak any further. He directly split the crowd apart and arrived on the combat arena to stand face to face with Wu Yifan, and then he said casually, “Looks like Young Master Wu hasn’t understood your mistakes. Then we’ll do as Young Master Wu said and determine the outcome based on an exchange in the Dao of Talismans.”

“Haha…” Wu Yifan sneered without end as he sized Chen Xi up from head to toe, and then he laughed with ridicule. “So, you’re very confident in your standard of talisman crafting?”

Chen Xi smiled and remained unmoved, and he said indifferently, “Young Master Wu, my Eldest Young Miss has been giving you face since the beginning. If you insist to do this, then I as her subordinate can only take her place to help Young Master Wu realize your errors.”

The meaning behind his words was that Wu Yifan didn’t even have the qualifications to go against Liang Bing, and he’d come here because he couldn’t bear to see Wu Yifan continuing on the wrong path and had come to have an exchange with Wu Yifan.

These words simply showed disregard towards Wu Yifan, and it was boundlessly haughty. It just so happened that as Chen Xi spoke these words, every single action he made revealed an aura that seemed as if what he said was a matter of fact and others had no choice but to believe it.

All the guests present were dumbstruck. Where exactly did this fellow come from, isn’t he a bit too bold?

Liang Bing puckered her lips and smiled instead. She was clearly aware in her heart that Chen Xi had acted in this way and didn’t hesitate to offend Wu Yifan entirely because of her. As for the arrogance Chen Xi displayed, she didn’t think he was arrogant at all.

Wu Yifan started laughing out of extreme rage, and he sized up Chen Xi once more before he nodded and said, “Very good. It’s truly rare that Young Miss Liang Bing has such a loyal and devoted subordinate like you. But I only hope that talking nonsense isn’t all you’re good at.”

Chen Xi didn’t speak and directly moved to arrive before the table at the center of the arena, and then sized it up carefully. The two Dance of Stars Talismans that Wu Yifan and Liang Bin had crafted earlier lay on the table.

“Don’t worry Young Master Wu, this useless piece of trash is only cannon fodder. Liang Bing is obviously using him to intentionally waste time. Once you deal with him, I’ll make Liang Bing have no choice but to be swept into this exchange. At that time, she’ll have no other choice.” Liang Ping’s voice transmission sounded out by Wu Yifan’s ears, yet it was unable to disperse the rage and gloominess in Wu Yifan’s heart. He said via voice transmission in an icy cold voice, “I only hope that such a fly doesn’t appear again. My patience is limited, and I don’t have the time to deal with a group of flies!” 

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