Chapter 1048 – The Exchange Begins

Talisman Emperor Domain.

The Seven Forbidden Talismans.

The true standard to test a talisman formation grandmaster.

It was indeed the first time that Chen Xi had heard of this, and he was slightly curious. Just when he wanted to ask further, a wave of rumbling cheers suddenly erupted in the entire hall, and it drowned out his conversation with Teng Lan.

“Thirty seven breaths of time!”

“My god! He crafted a Dance of Stars Talisman in such a short period of time. This Young Master Wu’s attainments in the Dao of Talismans has surely arrived at the grandmaster level a long time ago.”

“In my opinion, Young Master Wu’s attainments in the Dao of Talismans are much more formidable than ordinary talisman formation grandmasters.  Because how could ordinary talisman formation grandmasters accomplish this in a time of thirty seven breaths?”

“Exactly. Most importantly, the Dance of Stars Talisman he crafted possesses thirty six rivers of stars, and this is too much more formidable than an ordinary talisman formation grandmaster.”

On the combat arena, Wu Yifan had already stood up and grinned at everyone while remaining silent.

Because the rising and falling cheering, exclaims of shock, and praise of the guests were the best proof of his results.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and saw that beneath the illumination of numerous palace lanterns was a palm sized and silvery white immortal talisman floating in midair above the table. Its surface was enshrouded by a glow that revealed the phenomenon of numerous rivers of stars that flowed and fluttered about, and it was like a dazzling starry sky was contained within it, causing it to seem mysterious and extraordinary.

When he counted it carefully, the number of rivers of stars just happened to be thirty six.

Chen Xi was stunned, and actually felt a slightly familiar aura from the talisman.

Where exactly have I seen this talisman?

In his mind, numerous scenes flashed by before they finally stopped at the nine steps that led to the highest level of the Grand Deduction Tower in the Talisman Dimension.

No wonder. So, it’s slightly similar to one of the talisman formation diagrams left behind on those nine steps… Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, yet he was still slightly puzzled.

Because he noticed that compared to the talisman formation diagram he remembered, the Dance of Stars Wu Yifan crafted was obviously much simpler…

“Thirty seven breaths of time. Looks like this kid came prepared.” The nearby Teng Lan had a heavy expression and felt that it was slightly troublesome.

“What do you mean?” asked Chen Xi.

“If it’s in terms of time, then there are disciples in my Liang Clan that are capable of competing with him. But if it’s in terms of quality, then it’s very difficult to find anyone that can craft this talisman to the point of possessing thirty six rivers of stars. Teng Lan’s brows knit together tightly as he said, “Chen Xi, you don’t understand. An ordinary talisman formation grandmaster capable of crafting it to the point the phenomena of twelve rivers of stars appears can already be considered to possess extraordinary natural talent. But this fellow actually… Alas, this is probably going to be slightly troublesome.”

Chen Xi was slightly puzzled. The entire Liang Clan has existed for countless years and is renowned as a Clan famous in the Dao of Talismans, so could it be that there isn’t a talisman formation grandmaster in the Liang Clan that’s more formidable than Wu Yifan?

Teng Lan seemed to have discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he shook his head and said, “Only young disciples can participate in an exchange of this scale. If an elder of the clan were to interfere, then it would be bullying the young and a loss of fairness.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding. 

While Chen Xi and Teng Lan were talking, a Liang Clan disciple had charged up onto the combat arena with the intention of having an ‘exchange’ with Wu Yifan.

“Liang Bin! I never expected that he would be unable to refrain from making a moving!”

“I heard that amongst this generation of the Liang Clan, Liang Bin has already attained the grandmaster level in the Dao of Talismans, and his attainments are so profound that no one besides Eldest Young Miss Liang Bing is a match for him.”

“Exactly. I heard that Liang Bin was sent into a secret realm to concentrate in his study of the Dao of Talismans by an Ancestor of the Liang Clan. Why is he here?”

“Haha, isn’t it just nice for us to have a good show to watch?”

When they saw the dark clothed Liang Bing who carried a piercingly cold expression between his brows standing on the combat arena, all the guests in the hall couldn’t help but discuss animatedly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he saw this. “Uncle Lan, how about this disciple?”

“Liang Bin is a good seedling indeed, and his natural talent is superb. When he advanced into the ranks of talisman formation grandmasters eight years ago, he was able to craft a Dance of Stars Talisman to the point of revealing the phenomenon of twenty eight rivers of stars. Now that he has entered into closed door cultivation and studied for eight years, even I’m not sure exactly what attainments he has accomplished.” Teng Lan’s expression eased up slightly when he saw Liang Bin make an appearance, and he pondered deeply before he spoke.

Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart. Sure enough, these are the resources and reserves of a clan famous in the Dao of Talismans. Numerous talisman formation grandmasters can even be found amongst their younger generation disciples. This isn’t something an ordinary power can accomplish.

Before long, Liang Bin had started crafting the talisman. His expression was similarly composed and calm, yet unlike Wu Yifan, even though his movements couldn’t be considered to be smooth, it carried its own aura of swiftness that was like a dashing bolt of lightning.

The atmosphere in the hall became quiet once more while the gazers of everyone converged onto Liang Bin, and they silently counted the time in their hearts.

Wu Yifan used thirty seven breaths of time. What about Liang Bin?

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Chen Xi was similarly looking at Liang Bin with concentration, yet it wasn’t long before he couldn’t refrain from shaking his head.

Teng Lan who stood by Chen Xi’s side acutely noticed this scene, and he couldn’t help but ask in a low voice. “Could it be that there’s something wrong?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “Liang Bin isn’t inferior to Wu Yifan in any aspect. But there’s a slight flaw in his state of mind, as if has been occupied by his desire to prevail over others, causing him to be unable to completely enter into a deep state of talisman crafting. As for the outcome, I can’t confirm it.”

Actually, he’d spoken in a tactful manner. According to his opinion, Liang Bin would probably be on par with Wu Yifan in terms of speed, yet it would surely be inferior in terms of quality.

Of course, it wasn’t good for him to tell Teng Lan all of this.

However, even though he didn’t say it explicitly, Teng Lan’s expression instantly became heavy while he frowned without end after hearing these words.

He didn’t dare make light of Chen Xi’s opinion. All those years ago in the Talisman Dimension, Chen Xi was the one and only existence to ascend the peak of the Grand Deduction Tower, and he was the heir of the Oracle Mountain. Perhaps his cultivation realm was extremely ordinary, yet even if his discerning gaze and attainments in the Dao of Talismans couldn’t be said to be unprecedented, it was sufficient to reign supreme amongst his peers.

Subsequently, the situation really developed as Chen Xi had expected. At the thirty seventh breath of time, Liang Bin had completed the crafting of the Dance of Stars Talisman. 

This speed just happened to be similar to Wu Yifan. Even then, it caused a wave of exclaims of admiration to erupt amidst the guests, and some Liang Clan disciples couldn’t refrain from cheering.

But in the next moment, when they saw the talisman Liang Bin had crafted clearly, all the exclaims of admiration and cheers had vanished while their faces stiffened slightly.

Because the surroundings of that Dance of Stars Talisman were coiled by the phenomena of thirty five rivers of stars. Even though it was merely a single river of star less than the talisman crafted by Wu Yifan, this tiny difference marked the outcome of the exchange.

Liang Bin had lost!

Everyone was astounded before they erupted into an uproar and discussed animatedly without end. On the other hand, those clansmen of the Liang Clan were stunned and felt slight disbelief, and they felt that it was slightly difficult to accept this outcome.

Wu Yifan laughed soundlessly instead when facing this scene, and his smile was extremely modest. Yet his modesty was filled with strong confidence and pride as he laughed lightheartedly. “Fellow Daoist Liang Bin, thank you for your guidance. May I know if I’m considered to have slightly prevailed against you in this exchange?”

Liang Bin’s expression was slightly gloomy as he stood up with a blank expression, and he didn’t say a single word as he turned around and left the combat arena.

“Haha! Fellow Daoist Liang Bin is really someone with deep feelings for the Dao of Talismans. But I feel that it’s only a single defeat, not to mention it was only an exchange, so there’s no need to take it to heart. I hope you can forgive me if I’ve offended you in any way.” Wu Yifan smiled lightheartedly and seemed to be extremely magnanimous, and his composed bearing caused many guests in the hall to praise him without end. Not conceited from victory or dismayed from defeat, he really deserves to be a young genius from Icesky Continent.

At this moment, even more gazes intentionally and unintentionally drifted over to the side of the hall, and their gazes contained a different kind of meaning.

On the soft chair at the side of the hall, Liang Bing’s expression became slightly grim before she recovered her composure, and then she stood up and gestured to cause all the guests in the hall to instantly quiet down.

“The cousin brother of mine’s state of mind was too inferior, and it carried the desire to prevail over others, so he didn’t lose unjustly. I have to thank Young Master Wu for this guidance, otherwise he would probably be unable to improve in the Dao of Talismans any longer.” Liang Bing’s red lips parted lightly and drew out a wisp of a elegant grin as she said, “So I have to thank Young Master Wu for displaying such wonderful ability in talisman crafting for everyone present here today.”

As she spoke, she started clapping lightly before all the guests present here started clapping along with her, and for a time, the sound of applause reverberated endlessly like the sound of thunder.

In the crowd, Chen Xi who saw this scene couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. Liang Bing really deserves to be the successor of the Liang Clan. She was able to deal with the embarrassing atmosphere in the hall with a few words and easily moved away the attention of everyone. She faintly reveals the graceful bearing of a patriarch.

Wu Yifan grinned when facing the warm applause of everyone that was present here, and he cupped his fists without end. After that, his gaze moved to descend onto Liang Bing. “There’s no need to thank me. I heard Young Miss Liang Bing’s attainments in the Dao of Talismans even surpasses Fellow Daoist Liang Bin. Why don’t we have an exchange? I think that everyone present here would presumably be extremely delighted to witness Young Miss Liang Bing’s elegant demeanor.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire hall instantly became silent as everyone present revealed various expression, whereas, Teng Lan’s expression sank while his eyes were filled with coldness.

Acting in this way was obviously equivalent to provocation.

Chen Xi frowned as well, and he faintly understood that Wu Yifan really hadn’t come for the banquet but had come to intentionally look for trouble with Liang Bing.

Meanwhile, Liang Bing’s red lips puckered lightly while she kept silent, and this was a sign that she was about to flare up. But in the end, she restrained the rage in her heart and smiled as she shook her head. “Forget it. The Dao of Talismans isn’t used to put on shows. I’m not interested in this sort of exchange.”

The meaning within her words was that her Dao of Talismans wasn’t like Wu Yifan that only used it to put on shows, and her words faintly carried mocking intent. 

Wu Yifan was stunned and sighed emotionally with slight regret. “I travelled a long way and originally intended to appreciate the peerless ability of the Liang Clan that’s famous for the Dao of Talismans. But now it would seem like it’s a slight pity that…”

What was a slight pity?

He naturally felt it was a pity he was unable to find a match, and the meaning behind his words was that the Liang Clan which was seen as a Clan famous in the Dao of Talismans actually didn’t possess a single person that could defeat him.

Liang Bing had discerned the meaning behind his words as well, and her expression instantly turned slightly grim. She took a deep breath to allow herself to maintain her calm and was just about to speak.

Right at this moment, a clear and loud voice resounded. “My Eldest Young Miss is right. Her Dao of Talismans isn’t for putting up a show, and it reflects badly on her status and bearing. Since Young Master Wu insists, then how about I accompany Young Master Wu in this exchange?” 

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