Chapter 1047 – The Seven Forbidden Talismans

This sort of battle couldn’t be considered to be interesting and was even slightly boring to Chen Xi.

The only thing that drew Chen Xi’s attention was the gold haired and blue eyed robust man. If he wasn’t wrong, then the robust man ought to be Marquis Rank expert from the Xeno-race, and he was an existence equivalent to the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

If this was the Mortal Dimension, then a Xeno-race expert like this was naturally an existence capable of commanding the winds and the clouds and would cause others to turned pale just from the mention of him.  But in the Immortal Dimension where Heavenly Immortals were as numerous as the dogs on the street and Mysterious Immortals filled the streets, he was truly nothing.

Of course, the blue clothed young man on the combat arena was rather striking. According to Chen Xi’s estimation, the young man’s cultivation was surely at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and it was slightly superior to Xiong Ming. 

Coupled with his handsome appearance and elegant and unrestrained bearing, it was no wonder that he made all the women present go so mad. Such a peerlessly handsome and valiant young man was extremely lethal to a woman indeed.

“That’s a being captured from the Outerealm’s Divinelight World, and it’s called a knight of the round table. It possesses a rather lofty status in Divinelight World, and it has always been threatening to kill its way into the three dimensions. Truly laughable.” The nearby Teng Lan laughed lightly and didn’t conceal his disdain in the slightest. “Not to mention a knight of the round table, even a divine knight, or divine angel were only clowns to the great figures of the Immortal Dimension. They’re just a bunch of laughingstocks.”

Chen Xi was aware that it wasn’t just Teng Lan but all the living beings in the Immortal Dimension felt that the Xeno-race were stupid barbarians, so he wasn’t surprised by this.

Meanwhile, an unexpected event suddenly occurred on the combat arena. The robust man from the Outerealm’s Divinelight World roared furiously, and then he held the bronze spear in his hand as he disregarded everything and pierced it towards the young man.


The bronze spear glowed with peerlessly fierce might, and he revealed bold courage to take down the young man along with him, causing all the women present here to be unable to refrain from crying out in sharp voices.

“Boring.” The young man shook his head and sighed lightly before he pointed out lightly with his white hand, and he hit the tip of the robust man’s spear with an extraordinarily elegant move.


An enormous bang resounded as the bronze spear shattered inch by inch, and the gold haired and blue eyed robust man even seemed as if he’d suffered the strike of a sledgehammer. His entire body was suddenly blasted out of the arena while he coughed up blood repeatedly, and then he fell to the ground with a thump.

He struggled with the intention of standing up, yet his body was shackled by a group of guards that came out of nowhere before being led away.

“A barbarian is only a barbarian in the end, and he can’t even withstand a single blow.” The blue clothed young man patted his hands and laughed lightheartedly without end.

The women in the surroundings let out deafening sharp cries when they saw this, and all of them flushed red while the gazes they shot at the young man revealed burning adoration.

“That fellow is right. These sort of battles are rather boring. I wonder what those women are excited about…” Chen Xi frowned and slightly disliked this sort of clamorous environment because a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert bullying a Xeno-race Marquis Rank expert that was comparable to a Heavenly Immortal was simply like an adult playing with a child, and it was too boring.

“These men and women are the descendants from the various great powers in Four Divinity City, and there’s no lack of those with extraordinary natural talent. But most of them are spoiled profligate Young Masters and willful Young Misses. Since they haven’t experienced slaughter, they naturally feel these sort of battles are exciting.” Teng Lan smiled as he explained from the side.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“But you must not underestimate Wu Yifan.” Teng Lan shot his gaze towards the blue clothed young man on the combat arena, and his expression was slightly cold while his smile remained on his face as he said, “This young genius is a guest invited by a branch family member of the Liang Clan. He’s from one of the four great continents, the Icesky Continent, and he’d a rather renowned young talisman master there. Supposedly, he possesses the attainments of a talisman formation grandmaster, and he might advance to become a supreme talisman formation grandmaster in the future. So his future is limitless.” 

As he spoke, Teng Lan’s words carried no lack of praise, yet his tone revealed a strand of coldness.

Chen Xi pondered briefly and instantly came to an understanding. Since this person was invited over by a branch family member of the Liang Clan, then he naturally represented a different group within the Liang Clan.

Any clan or power wouldn’t allow a branch to strengthen itself and threaten the status of its direct descendants, so this branch family member of the Liang Clan inviting Wu Yifan naturally carried an unusual meaning.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but look towards the distance. Over there, Liang Bing sat elegantly on a soft chair while smiling faintly, and she revealed a graceful bearing. But if one observed her carefully, one would notice that her gaze that inadvertently swept towards Wu Yifan was filled with coldness and indifference.

Chen Xi noticed all of this very clearly, and he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. If you knew this was going to happen, then why hold such a banquet?

Meanwhile, Wu Yifan who stood on the combat arena suddenly made a downward pressing motion with both his hands, causing the sharp cries in the hall to instantly quieten down. This unexpected event caused some of the guests in the distance to be unable to refrain from looking over.

Wu Yifan couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a charming grin on the corners of his mouth when he saw this, and then he cleared his throat before he said in a clear and loud voice, “Fellow friends, I travelled a great distance from Icesky City because I admire the reputation of the Liang, Luo, Gu, and Yin Clans that are renowned in the Dao of Talismans. Moreover, I feel extremely honored to be able to have the honor to participate in Young Miss Liang Bing’s banquet…”

When he spoke up to here, he paused for a moment and swept the surroundings with his gaze before his gaze descended onto Liang Bing, and then he grinned as he cupped his hands before he continued. “For the sake of displaying my respect, why don’t we seize this opportunity to carry out an exchange in talisman crafting?”

An exchange?

As soon as these words were spoken, all the guests revealed expressions of interest, and someone couldn’t refrain from asking. “Young Master Wu, may I ask how the exchange will be done?”

Wu Yifan laughed heartily when he heard this and said, “It’s very simple. If the Fellow Daoists from the Liang Clan present here today are able to utilize the same talisman brush, ink, and immortal materials to craft a talisman and surpass me in speed and quality, then not only would I, Wu Yifan, willingly acknowledge my defeat, I’ll even give up a high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact.”

He flipped his palm as he spoke, causing a light blue immortal sword that was deep and cold like water and was like an imposing ice dragon to appear, and it was suffused with a strand of shocking cold and sharp aura that froze the nearby air into balls of icy mist.

The blue immortal sword was oppressively cold, illusory, and mysterious, and it was a rare treasure indeed.

There was no lack of people with discerning gazes amongst those present here, and they recognized with a single glance that this was indeed a rare high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, so they couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly with admiration.

“This fellow has obviously come to look for trouble, yet he intentionally spoke in such a respectable and honorable manner. He really is a hypocrite.” Chen Xi shook his head without end instead.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Wu Yifan shot his gaze towards the distant Liang Bing while a charming smile curved up on the corners of his mouth. “I wonder what Young Miss Liang Bing thinks?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the guests present here came to an understanding as well. Wu Yifan’s actions obviously displayed that he intended to compete with the Liang Clan in the Dao of Talismans!For a time, everyone was extremely excited as they shot their gazes towards the female host of the banquet in unison, and their gazes faintly carried a sense of anticipation.

Most of them were from the various powers in Four Divinity City. At this moment, when they saw a rather renowned young genius from Icesky Continent actually intended to compete with the Liang Clan in the Dao of Talismans, they naturally looked forward eagerly to this show.

Liang Bing stood up slowly and stayed silent for a short moment before a wisp of an elegant grin couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of her mouth, and then she said, “Since Young Master Wu is so interested, then having an exchange is fine as well.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a few young men of the Liang Clan walked out and requested to be allowed to compete with Wu Yifan.

Liang Bing smiled and indicated that they should calm down before she shot her gaze at Wu Yifan and said, “Please go ahead.”

“Haha! Young Miss Liang Bing really deserves to be the successor of the Liang Clan. Even if we disregard your cultivation in the Dao of Talismans, merely this bearing arouses extreme admiration in me.” Wu Yifan laughed heartily before moving towards the center of the arena.

At this moment, there was naturally a servant that placed a table before him, and the servant had prepared a talisman brush, ink, and various immortal materials according to Wu Yifan’s request.

“Since it’s an exchange with the Fellow Daoists of the Liang Clan, it naturally can’t be an exchange with a talisman that’s too ordinary. Why don’t we craft one of the Seven Forbidden Talismans that’s publicly acknowledged by those who study the Dao of Talisman, the Dance of Stars?” As he spoke, Wu Yifan grinned lightly before he sat in front of the table.

In an instant, his handsome face had become calm and concentrated, and then he stretched out his hand to pick up a black piece of jade while he held the talisman brush lightly in his right hand. Without any hesitation, he started to dip the brush in ink before swinging it with smooth and graceful movements that were filled with a marvelous rhythm, and he seemed relaxed and unrestrained.

His speed seemed to be slow, yet was actually swift to the extreme, and it created what seemed like a scene of overlapping images that caused others to be dazzled.

When the women present here saw this scene, most of them exclaimed with admiration while the skin on some of their bodies even turned rose red, and their appearances were so stirring that it was irresistible to the men in the surroundings.

However, needless to say, a talisman formation master did indeed possess indescribable charm when crafting a talisman, and in the opinion of others, talisman formation masters themselves represented status and wealth that aroused reverence in others.

Because regardless of pill refinement, equipment refinement, or perhaps puppet refinement and the raising of immortal beasts… Practically everything couldn’t escape the shadow of talisman formation masters. For example, the cauldrons required to refine pills, the formations inscribed on magic treasures, the mechanisms used to control puppets, and so on and so forth were all the work of talisman formation masters.

It could be said that talisman formation masters were absolutely the top group of people amongst the various professions, and the properties of this profession caused their status and identity to be bound to far exceed others.

Chen Xi frowned and felt even more bored. This sort of exchange was a pure waste of time because talisman crafting wasn’t used to show off or compete.

The nearby Teng Lan remained silent as he stared fixedly at the movements of Wu Yifan on the arena, and his brows gradually knit together as he revealed a slightly heavy expression.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he saw this. “Uncle Lan, what talisman is that ‘Dance of Stars?’

Chen Xi couldn’t help but asked this because it was the first time he’d heard of the ‘Seven Forbidden Talismans.’

“That’s a way of saying things in the Talisman Emperor Domain. According to legend, there are seven steles that tower into the sky within the Talisman Emperor Domain, and every single stele has a talisman diagram inscribed on it. These talisman diagrams were called the Seven Forbidden Talismans.” Teng Lan was stunned before he suddenly realized that Chen Xi had just arrived at the Immortal Dimension and didn’t know all of this, so he explained. “This Dance of Stars is the first talisman diagram of the Seven Forbidden Talismans, and one is only considered as a true talisman formation grandmaster when one is able to craft this talisman!” 

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