Chapter 1045 – Four Divinity City

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous blazing streaks tore through the sky above Spirit Radiance City, and they converged from all directions towards the southwest area of the city.

When looked at from afar, it was at least over a thousand streaks that formed a dense mass like locusts, and actually more than half of them were existences at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Their powerful imposing auras wove together, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be overshadowed.

The southwest area of the city was where the teleportation formation was located, and it was guarded by a large number of forces from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate a long time ago. Moreover, along with the occurrence of this chaos in the city, the surroundings of the teleportation formation as devoid of any other cultivators and was completely controlled by the guards from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate.

If one looked down from the sky, one would be able to see that there were two streaks flying at extreme speeds from the east of Spirit Radiance City to the southwest at this moment.

One streak emanated a piercingly cold silver radiance, and it was emanated by Liang Bing’s Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, the Silverlight Shuttle.

The second streak was pitch black and murderous like a strand of the glow of night that flowed out from the eternal night, and it opened up the path ahead. It was Liang Luo, a black clothed, black haired, and black bladed Golden Immortal!


“Get them!”

“Bastards! Die!”

Everywhere they passed, group after group of guards from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate assaulted them from both sides, and they attacked Liang Luo with their strongest might and most ferocious imposing aura.

But before Liang Luo’s plain and pitch black blade, all of this was like papers that were easily torn apart, crushed, and destroyed. He swept through all obstacles before him and left behind expanse after expanse of scarlet red rains of blood.

This was the strength of a Golden Immortal!

When facing the attacks of these Mysterious Immortals and Heavenly Immortals, it was entirely a bearing of absolute destruction, and it could be described as all-powerful.

This path wasn’t peaceful.

But Chen Xi moved through it in a calm manner. He had Liang Bing’s Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact to carry him and the Golden Immortal Liang Lou to open up the path ahead, and he was frequently able to see heads being severed, corpses being shattered, and blood spraying into the sky…

Shrill and miserable cries, furious howls filled with unwillingness, and terrified shouts resounded without end…

This path was like a path in purgatory, and Chen Xi was untainted by blood.

He even had the free time to observe Liang Luo’s battle style. With his understanding and knowledge of battle, he had no choice but to admit that Liang Luo’s grasp of the Dao of Blades had already attained the state of ‘destroying a myriad of techniques with a single blade strike.’

Coupled with his cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm and the Golden Immortal Laws Liang Luo had grasped, the might Liang Luo displayed was sufficient to easily destroy the restrains of the Spatial Laws in the Immortal Dimension, slash apart space, and draw upon the might of the heavens and the earth!

The blade was the Dao.

The Dao was the blade.

The Dao and blade were one, and they could destroy everything!

This was Liang Luo who’d been ranked at the 87th on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings ten years ago, advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm five years ago, and had challenged one of the six blazing suns, the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng, numerous times in the past.

A tall and indifferent young man who wore black clothes and possessed black hair and a black blade.

Such a figure’s reputation in the Immortal Dimension was surely like a scorching sun in the midday sky and was admired by a myriad of living beings, yet he’d actually coincidentally become Chen Xi’s vanguard at this moment…

When he thought up to here, an indescribable feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart, and Chen Xi suddenly understood why those great powers would exhaust great effort to employ and foster some experts as their subordinates.

There was always a greater sense of accomplishment in instructing one’s subordinate to carry out some things than doing it by one’s self.

That sort of feeling was probably called the might of authority.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi discarded these feelings in his heart and recovered tranquility of the heart.

Because Liang Luo wasn’t his subordinate, and he was only an existence at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so he couldn’t be considered to possess any authority.

Everything that was occurring before his eyes was proving how formidable Liang Luo’s strength was, and he was only someone that received the benefits of it.

Once I gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension, I’ll build a power of my own as well. Not for the sake of possessing authority, but merely for the sake of being similarly able to assist more friends and family in the future… Chen Xi decided in his heart.

Sometimes, the decision made while being moved inadvertently might create boundless effects. Just like Chen Xi didn’t know what sort of effect the decision he made today would have on the future situation of the three dimensions. 

All of this was something obtained on the path towards the Dao, it was absolutely impossible to understand unless one personally experienced it. 


When Chen Xi returned to his senses, the clamorous sounds of furious roars that rose and fell in the sky above Spirit Radiance City had gradually fallen to deathly silence, and it had recovered the cold atmosphere it had before.

However, compared to before, the air was suffused with a strand of dense smell of blood.

This was the southwest area of Spirit Radiance City. Under Liang Luo’s lead, they’d left behind a bloody path that was piled up with corpses and finally arrived here.

The teleportation that could traverse the distance between continents was just 3km ahead, and this sort of teleportation formations had existed long ago before the Immortal Court was even established.

At this moment, the surroundings of the teleportation formation were covered by a large number of troops.

Layer after layer of commander level Mysterious Immortal Realm figures from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate had tightly surrounded this place to the point even a drop of water couldn’t get past, and there were at least a few hundreds of them. In other words, this meant that there were a few hundreds of Mysterious Immortal Realm experts garrisoned here!

This was absolutely a terrifying force, and in the entire Eastern Peace Continent, only the Immortal Monarch’s Estate possessed such resolution and resources.

Most striking of them all was a black bearded and white haired middle aged man at the center.

He wore a green robe, had fair and clear skin, and stood with his hands behind his back while naturally emanating an aura of matchlessness. He seemed like a crane standing among chicken, and he was extremely extraordinary.

Because he was a Golden Immortal!

When he saw this tight arrangement and powerful forces, Chen Xi’s brows couldn’t help but raise while a wisp of icy coldness arose in his heart.

He finally understood how much effort the Immortal Monarch’s Estate had put in for the sake of apprehending him, and it seemed as if it wouldn’t allow him to escape no matter what.

They really do think highly of me! At this moment, the hatred in Chen Xi’s heart was indescribable. He knew very well that if it wasn’t for Liang Bing and Liang Luo, he would absolutely be unable to escape this calamity.

I’ll remember this! Chen Xi took a deep breath and exerted great effort to restrain the rage in his heart.

“So there’s a Golden Immortal amongst you. No wonder you were able to kill your way here. Unfortunately, no matter who all of you are, you must stop here.” The green clothed middle aged man raised his head while his gaze shot out like a bolt of lightning and swept Chen Xi and the others before it finally descended onto Liang Luo, and then his gaze constricted slightly before it recovered its calm.

“Cut through them!” Liang Bing didn’t waste her breath at all, and her red lips parted lightly before she spat out three murderous words.

Compared to Liang Bing’s three words, the indifferent and tall Liang Luo didn’t speak a single word, and he’d entered into battle as soon as Liang Bing finished speaking.

A blade soared through the sky like a wisp of the pitch black veil of night suddenly descending into the world as it slashed down.

This blade strike was completely different when compared to before. The pitch black blade light was filled with peerlessly fierce Golden Immortal Laws, and it was extremely shocking as it crushed and shattered space inch by inch and caused circle after circle of spatial ripples to be emanated from the shattered space.

This was the Immortal Dimension, and the Laws of the heavens and the earth were extremely solid. However, this blade strike had shattered space and thrown Yin and Yang into disorder! This was the true might of a Golden Immortal.


The battle erupted.

Liang Luo’s astonishing blade strike that was like the descent of eternal night killed a few tens of Mysterious Immortal Realm experts before it was blocked by the green robed middle aged man in the end.

After that, the two Golden Immortals entered into a fierce battle, and it caused the entire scene to fall into chaos.

The green robed middle aged man utilized a pair of short swords. One was completely red like fire and the other was crystalline like snow. The sword lights emanated from it just happened to seem like a fire and icy dragon soaring into the sky, and they were imposing, swift, fierce, and powerful. It actually completely blocked off all of Liang Luo’s attacks, and it revealed the middle aged man’s extremely deep cultivation and ability.

But Liang Luo remained indifferent towards all of this. Once he entered into battle, he became even more indifferent and icy cold, and there were only enemies and battle within his eyes.

For a time, this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth was drowned by blazing light, and it was like two live volcanoes were colliding. The terrifying fluctuations that erupted from these collisions crushed and collapsed all the buildings in an area of 5,000km, and it transformed the earth into an expanse of ruins.

If it was at a normal time, a battle of this level would be sufficient to draw over countless people to watch it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an arena battle, and it was a true battle and slaughter where life and death was decided in a moment.

Not to mention watching, even approaching slightly closer might cause one to be affected and perish on the spot.

“Let’s go!” Liang Bing didn’t even spare a glance to Liang Luo’s battle, and she directly led Chen Xi, Wu Xun, and Xuan Yun to charge towards the teleportation formation that was ahead.

It was even to the extent that she actually didn’t even spare a glance at the Mysterious Immortal Realm experts that swarmed towards them all along the way, let alone have any intention to make a move against them. She simply seemed as if she was throwing herself against the tip of a blade.

This terrified everyone to the point that even Xuan Yun’s face turned pale, and he almost cried out.

But these worries of his were obviously unnecessary. Everywhere Liang Bing passed, the enemies wouldn’t have even approached her before they would be killed by a pitch black strand of blade qi, and they were utterly unable to injure her in the slightest.

Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from turning around to look over when he saw this. He saw Liang Luo was frequently slashing out blade strikes in midair to help open up a path ahead for Liang Bing, and he was simultaneously fighting the green robed middle aged man while he did this.

However, doing this caused the situation he was in to become dangerous. His body was frequently injured by the sword qi emanated by the middle aged man, and his entire body was bloody and covered with scars, causing him to see extremely frightening.

But even then, his expression still remained indifferent, calm, and murderous. Moreover, his brows didn’t even twitch, causing him to simply seem as if he didn’t have any feelings.

“Come on!” Liang Bing’s low shout sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears, and only now did he notice that they’d already arrived at the center of the teleportation formation.

“What about him?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

“He has always been this sort of person. Once he enters into battle, he fights with his life on the line. If it wasn’t for this, it would be impossible for him to attain his current accomplishments.” Liang Bing sighed with emotion and said swiftly, “Don’t worry, he won’t die so easily. Otherwise, that Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng would have killed him countless times.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d activated the teleportation formation.


A rumble resounded. In the next moment, Chen Xi felt a bright light flash before his eyes, then his entire body felt as if it was dragged into a strange and calm temporal flow and moved through it swiftly, and his vision went black.

After an unknown period of time, when Chen Xi’s field of vision became clear once more, he noticed that he’d arrived at an entirely unfamiliar place.

Streams of people weaved through the streets that were bustling and clamorous, and numerous pavilions and houses were arranged in rows that wound along and stretched towards all directions. It was like he was in an expanse of extremely prosperous streets.

“This is the Southbridge Continent’s Four Divinity City!” Liang Bing’s relaxed voice that carried a sense of relief resounded by his ears, causing Chen Xi to be instantly stunned.

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