Chapter 1044 – A New Star In The Dao Of Blades

The silver radiance was restrained to reveal a graceful and slender beautiful figure.

A tight white shirt that was tied up at the waist, black slim-fit pants, bright and sharp high heels, and thick and slightly wavy golden hair that was coiled into a bun to reveal an icy cold and beautiful appearance.

Her lips were red and moist, her skin smooth and fair, and her figure revealed a shocking sense of charm. Her slightly high nose even had a pair of black framed glasses above it, causing her entire person to emanate a strong aura of a queen that was intellectual, noble, and proud.

This sort of dressing was absolutely unique in the world.

This person was naturally Liang Bing.

Never had Chen Xi imagined that he would actually be reunited with her at this moment, nor had he expected that the assistance from the Four Divinity Academy that Xuan Yun mentioned would be Liang Bing.

It’s truly…a coincidence! 

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart.

Actually, it wasn’t just Chen Xi who was surprised, even Xuan Yun was slightly stunned when he saw that the person who’d come was Liang Bing, and he said with surprise, “Eldest Young Miss, why have you come?”

Liang Bing swept Xuan Yun with her gaze before looking at Chen Xi, and a wisp of an arc appeared on the corners of her red lips as she said, “It’s naturally because of him.” 

Him? Xuan Yun looked at Chen Xi and still found it slightly difficult to understand.

Chen Xi faintly guessed something instead, and he immediately moved forward and stretched out his hand as he said, “I never expected that we would meet again here.”

He naturally stretched out his hand to shake hers.

This was the etiquette that left the deepest impression to Chen Xi when he met Liang Bing for the first time.

Liang Bing was slightly stunned before she stretched her hand to shake Chen Xi’s hand, and then she said, “I rushed over as soon as I heard the news. Now it would seem like I wasn’t too late.”

The two of them shaking hands caused Xuan Yun to instantly stare with his eyes wide open, and it seemed as if he’d seen some sort of terrifying scene that shouldn’t occur.

On the other hand, the nearby Wu Xun was dumbstruck since a long time ago. Firstly, it was because Liang Bing was truly too beautiful, and her dressing and style that deeply embodied a queen was truly an impactful sight. It caused his heart to shake and feel extremely dazed. Simply speaking, the scene before his eyes was too beautiful, and it caused him to not dare take another look.

Secondly, he was just like Xuan Yun and had never expected that Chen Xi seemed to be familiar with this extremely beautiful woman. Moreover, based on the situation, their relationship was really not bad…

“So Eldest Young Miss knows Young Master Chen Xi. No wonder, no wonder!” Meanwhile, Xuan Yun had recovered from his shock and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi had changed, and he had a deeper understanding towards how Chen Xi was someone that concealed his ability.

Wu Xun deeply agreed with this sentiment.

Liang Bing didn’t give any explanation towards this, and she just asked Chen Xi. “Why are you wanted by Immortal Monarch Lin Hao?”

Chen Xi immediately described everything he encountered after ascending into the Immortal Dimension.

Liang Bing’s beautiful brows raised as she said, “Someone definitely asked Immortal Monarch Lin Hao to do this.”

Chen Xi shrugged. “Even though that’s probably the case, I’m unable to find out exactly who did it for now.”

This was very difficult to guess indeed. Because the power standing behind someone that was capable of making an Immortal Monarch do this was surely a colossus. According to Chen Xi’s analysis, there were at least two targets that were most suspicious, one was the Zuoqiu Clan and the other was the enemy power that annihilated the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension.

But no matter which it was, they were forces that Chen Xi wasn’t able to go against for now.

He could only leave the Eastern Peace Continent and head to Dao Emperor Academy to seek a chance to gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension. Only in this way would he be able to make the situation he was in safer.


Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in space before a thin and tall figure walked out from within, and his entire body was suffused with peerlessly fierce Golden Immortal Laws!

This was a young man with an extremely pale countenance and pitch black pupils. He wore black clothes and carried a pitch black blade on his back, and his aura was icy cold, indifferent, and murderous as if he didn’t have any feelings.

As soon as he made an appearance, he restrained his aura and stood silently by Liang Bing’s side.

But Chen Xi didn’t dare to disregard him at all because this tall and indifferent young man  was absolutely an expert that had tempered himself through countless battles and slaughters. Moreover, he was an expert at the Golden Immortal Realm!

“This is Liang Luo, an expert of the Blade Dao from my Liang Clan.” Liang Bing’s introduction was extremely simple, yet when it entered into Wu Xun’s ears, it caused him to suddenly cry out involuntarily. “Liang Luo! Isn’t that the expert who was at the 87th rank on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings ten years ago? After he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm five years ago, he repeatedly challenged one of the six blazing suns, the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng. Even though he lost, yet it was still honorable, and he’d one of the most striking experts in the Blade Dao in the recent years.” 

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he never expected that this black clothed, black haired, and black bladed young man would actually have such a legendary past.

The Ascensio Immortal Rankings Wu Xun spoke off wasn’t the Continental Ascensio Rankings, so those capable of being ranked in the top ten thousand of it were top experts in the Immortal Dimension.

Liang Luo had actually been able to be ranked at the 87th position of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings ten years ago, so it obviously showed how terrifying the natural talent and cultivation he possessed was.

Moreover, as soon as he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm five years ago, he’d gone to challenge one of the six great blazing suns, the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng. This courage and resolution was similarly not something an ordinary person could possess.

All of this caused Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of the rankings on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.

Presently, he was only ranked at the 137th position on the Eastern Peace Continent’s Ascensio Rankings, yet the entire Immortal Dimension had 4,900 continents. Such a ranking didn’t even carry the qualifications to be ranked in the top ten thousand rankings of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, let alone be ranked in the top hundred…

Liang Luo remained indifferent towards Wu Xun’s involuntary cry of admiration and Chen Xi’s surprised gaze, and he stood indifferently by Liang Bing’s side like a block of ice that would never melt. It seemed as if besides the blade on his back, there was nothing else in this word that could enter his heart.

With the addition of Liang Bing and Liang Luo, Xuan Yun’s confidence in being able to bring Chen Xi out of Eastern Peace Continent multiplied greatly. Subsequently, they didn’t waste any more time and sat in Xuan Yun’s bronze treasured carriage before continuing on their way to Spirit Radiance City.

An amusing fact was that Liang Bing and Liang Luo had just come from the teleportation formation in Spirit Radiance City, and they had a rough understanding of the situation in Spirit Radiance City.

Just as Chen Xi had expected, the situation in Spirit Radiance City was extremely tense, and guards from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate were everywhere. Especially the surroundings of the teleportation formation, there was even a Golden Immortal guarding it.

Obviously, if Liang Bing and Liang Luo hadn’t come to assist them this time, and if they relied solely on Xuan Yun’s might, then even if he utilized the name of the Four Divinity Academy, the consequences would absolutely be unimaginable. 



On the way, Chen Xi found out from the conversation between them that the Four Divinity Academy situated in the Southbridge Continent was actually built by the Liang, Luo, Gu, and Yin Clan’s founding ancestors, the Eastern Emperor Tai Zhen, the Dark Emperor Yuan Xun, the Phoenix Queen Yin Ge, and the Demon Forefather Luo Shang, and it had existed for countless years until now.

But up until this day, the Four Divinity Academy was still firmly controlled by the four ancient clans of Liang, Luo, Gu, and Yin. This was why Liang Bing would suddenly come over after Xuan Yun sought assistance from the Four Divinity Academy.

“You intend to head to the Dao Emperor Academy?” Liang Bing couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she heard Chen Xi’s objective and said, “There’s only a little over a year left before the time the Dao Emperor Academy starts its recruitment, whereas the lowest qualifications for recruitment is to be ranked in the top thousand of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “I understand. Don’t I have another year of time? I think I’ll be able to make it.”

Liang Bing thought for a moment before she came to an understanding. She was clearly aware that Chen Xi was an heir from Oracle Mountain. So since he dared speak in this way, he surely had extremely great confidence.

“Then do you have any plans during this year?” asked Liang Bing.

“Plans?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head. He only had a very simple thought of thinking to make the best use of his time to become stronger before charging into the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. As for anything else, he truly hadn’t considered it.

“I know of a good place to go.” Liang Bing said, “But let’s talk about it after we leave Eastern Peace Continent. I believe that with your combat strength, you’ll be able to quickly charge up the Ascensio Immortal Rankings there.”

Chen Xi glanced at Liang Bing with surprise and didn’t speak any further.

One day later.

Spirit Radiance City appeared far away within their fields of vision.

This was an extremely ancient city. Its dark grey colored walls were suffused with the marks of time, and it emanated a solemn and deep aura.

“Let’s go.” After briefly sizing the city up, Chen Xi, Xuan Yun, and Wu Xun walked into Spirit Radiance City while being accompanied by Liang Bing and Liang Luo.

As soon as they entered the city, Chen Xi’s first feelings could be described with two words — cold and murderous!

Even if it was the most bustling time in the morning, the wide streets that led towards all directions was completely cold and desolate. Besides a few pedestrians, only group after group of guards from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate could be seen patrolling the city.

Even the air in the heavens and the earth seemed to have become heavy, and it carried an oppressive feeling that a storm was approaching.

“Stop! Hand over your Immortal Tokens! My Immortal Monarch’s Estate is trying to apprehend a villain, I hope that everyone can cooperate!” A group of guards charged over menacingly and surrounded Chen Xi’s group.

“Let’s go.” Liang Bing didn’t even spare these guards a glance before she instructed Chen Xi, and then she withdrew the Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, Silverlight Shuttle. It transformed into an expanse of piercingly cold starlight that enveloped Chen Xi, Xuan Yun, and Wu Xun within it before charging ahead with a swish.

“How audacious!” 

“You’re courting death!”

“Attack, don’t let them escape!”

All the guards were stunned before they roared furiously, and they charged over with the intention of stopping Liang Bing.

Swoosh!Right at this moment, a pitch black blade light appeared abruptly. It was clean as if it wasn’t tainted with a speck of dust, and it was translucent and flawless as it flashed momentarily.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A wave of muffled sounds resounded as numerous bloody heads flew up into the sky. Due to their forward momentum, the headless bodies were still dashing violently towards Liang Bing while blood sprayed from their severed necks, and it was an extremely frightening scene.

All of this was because the wisp of blade light was too swift, too sharp, and too merciless…

Presently, Spirit Radiance City was in the control of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s guards, and it was fully guarded by their elite forces. The commotion here arose swiftly and ended swiftly as well, yet it still drew their attention. 

So it wasn’t long before the entire Spirit Radiance City seemed as if it had awoken from its deathly silence, and a wave of clamorous and furious howls resounded from all directions.

“An enemy assault! An enemy assault!”

“They’re heading for the teleportation formation!”

“Quickly! Quickly rush over and notify the Lord Golden Immortal!”

For a time, various voices surged through the sky above this ancient city, and it completely lit up the atmosphere of conflict in the air.

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