Chapter 1042 – The Might Of A Single Sword Strike

After a short moment, the number of corpses in the luxuriant forest had increased by two.

Wu Yuan stood with his hands behind his back while he silently gazed at Zhang Zichun and Zhao Cheng on the ground that had died miserably, and he muttered after a long time, “Don’t blame me for being ruthless. For the sake of my son’s future, I even dared to kill members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, let alone the two of you? The Cloudray Sect? Haha, that’s merely a local tyrant of a city…”

Without wasting any more time here, Wu Yuan waved his hand before he left.

Those black clothes people behind him started to deal with the corpses and traces of blood on the ground in an orderly manner. Their methods were experienced, and it was obviously not the first time that they’d done something like this.

In merely a short moment, the luxuriant forest had been cleaned completely, and not a single clue could be found.

On this day, the Cloudray Sect’s Third Elder, Zhang Zichun, and his closed door disciple, Zhao Cheng, vanished as if they’d evaporated into the air. At the same time, the news of the disappearance of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s Commander Sun Hong and his two subordinates spread through the city as well…

“My Lord, Commander Sun Hong’s Soulfate Tablet has shattered.” 

“Who did it?”

“It’s unknown. The report Commander Sun Hong sent a day before he vanished came from Cloudray City, and he probably found the target, Chen Xi. As for the reason of his death and his corpse, we haven’t obtained any information until now.”


“But according to reliable information, the greatest suspicion probably lies on one of the teachers of the Four Divinity Academy, Xuan Yun.”

“Xuan Yun?”

“Exactly. The Cloudray Sect’s Third Elder, Zhang Zichun, and his disciple Zhao Zheng vanished alongside Commander Sun Hong, and that day just happened to be the day Xuan Yun left Cloudray City.”

“The teachers of the Four Divinity Academy are all talisman formation grandmasters with lofty statuses and hold themselves aloof from the world. They probably wouldn’t carry out such ruthless actions. So, could it be that it was someone else?”

“The only party left is the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. The target stayed for a few days in the Cloudray City’s Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and Commander Sun Hong vanished while monitoring the events occurring in the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.”

“The Goldwave Immortal Pavilion? It truly is slightly troublesome. No matter if it’s the Four Divinity Academy or Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, so long as they’re involved in this matter, then even the Lord Immortal Monarch would probably find it to be a headache.”

“I feel that perhaps the two of them have joined forces. Xuan Yun headed to the Cloudray City’s Goldwave Immortal Pavilion and took Administrator Wu Yuan’s son, Wu Xun, as a student, so their relationship is rather close. If they joined forces, then it would be sufficient to be unafraid of the threat our Immortal Monarch’s Estate poses to them.”

“But why did they act in this way? Could that kid that ascended from the Mortal Dimension was worthy for them to even offend our Immortal Monarch’s Estate to help him? Impossible.”

“I don’t know.”

“You can leave. I’ll report this matter to the Lord Immortal Monarch, whereas your assignment is to pay close attention to Xuan Yun’s whereabouts and report it to out men at all times. You must investigate and find out everything about this matter before they leave the Eastern Peace Continent.”


Phoenix Nest City was the true hub of authority in the Eastern Peace Continent. At the same time, it was the place the Immortal Monarch’s Estate resided, and it was like the place the imperial government was in the mortal world.

At this moment within a courtyard house in Phoenix Nest City was a grey clothed middle aged man with an ordinary appearance who was sending away a young man, and then he turned around, closed the door, and left the house hastily.

He was Qin Zhong, a commander of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate that had always helped the Immortal Monarch gather intel in secret. He didn’t possess a great reputation, but he possessed an extremely important status.

The intel he gathered today was too shocking, so Qin Zhong himself was unable to make a decision. Thus, he could only report it to Immortal Monarch Lin Hao and allow the Immortal Monarch to decide himself.

The Immortal Monarch’s Estate was situated at the center of Phoenix Nest City. As the hub of authority that controlled an entire continent, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate was naturally built in an extremely grand and magnificent manner. It occupied an extremely large area of land with pavilions that stood towering within it, and it emanated a solemn aura. 

Merely the entrance to the estate was an entire 3km in height and was refined from Bronze Immortal Gold that was refined a hundred times. It was brilliant, grand, and revealed supreme magnificence like a true door that led to the heavens. When one stood beneath it, one was able to truly sense a feeling of being tiny like an ant.

When Qin Zhong arrived before the entrance to the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, he unconsciously looked to the side.

A young man and woman stood there. The young woman had beautiful hair that hung down like a waterfall, white skin, an appearance that was delicate and pretty, and a slim waist that could he held with a single arm. She naturally carried a moving and graceful charm.

On the other hand, the man’s figure was ramrod straight, his brows sharp like swords, and his clothes were whiter than snow. As he stood there with an icy cold gaze and a peerlessly handsome face that seemed as if it was carved, he emanated a firm and fierce aura.

After these two people arrived at Phoenix Rest City seven days ago, they would wait here every single day before dawn arrived, and they would return when the veil of night descended.

Later on, Qin Zhong found out that they’d actually come to pay the Lord Immortal Monarch a visit!

How could this be possible?

Immortal Monarch Lin Hao was the ruler of a continent, so how could he be someone that anyone could just visit?

Of course, Qin Zhong was also very clearly aware that Immortal Monarch Lin Hao was indeed not at the Immortal Monarch’s Estate recently, and he’d headed off somewhere else to pay a visit to an old friend. The Immortal Monarch had only just returned at noon today.

But this didn’t mean that the Lord Immortal Monarch would surely receive this pair of young man and woman. It was even to the extent that Qin Zhong suspected that even if this pair waited here every single day and revealed an extremely sincere attitude, it would be utterly impossible for the pair to get their wish.

Because as explained before, this was the Immortal Monarch’s Estate and Immortal Monarch Lin Hao was the ruler of a continent, so all of this caused him to be bound to not be someone that anyone could meet.

Qin Zhong shook his head and paid no further attention to the pair before he moved towards a small door at the side of the entrance.

Comparatively speaking, the 3km tall door was truly too lofty and was densely covered in layer after layer of restrictions. It represented the dignity of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, and it would normally not be opened unless an extremely important distinguished guest came to pay a visit or there was something of important to announce.

On the other hand, the small door was the only path for commander level figures like Qin Zhong to go in and out of the estate.

But right when Qin Zhong had just taken a step through the small door, he suddenly stopped moving while he revealed a slightly astounded expression because he heard an extremely inconceivable conversation.

“Cousin Brother, since we’ve come to get even with him, why’re we bothering about courtesy? How many days have passed now? That fellow obviously doesn’t take us seriously and is intentionally avoiding us.”

“Linglong, even you’re aware that courtesy before force has always been the way I do things, and it has been like this since I was young and is regardless of friend or foe. Killing is extremely simple, but only by killing in an open and upright manner would one live up to what one has learned.”

“Alright, alright. Let me just ask you one thing, do you intend to help me or not? I won’t follow you back if we continue standing here like idiots. Could it be that you didn’t hear that fellow has returned at noon today!?” 

“That is going a bit too far… Nevermind, since he’s unwilling to meet us, then there’s no need for it!”

“Cousin Brother, you’ve finally decided to make a move? Quickly, smash this door first, I can’t bear the sight of it any longer.”

“As you wish.” 

It was precisely because he heard this that Qin Zhong had stopped moving, and he finally came to a complete understanding. It turned out that the pair hadn’t come to pay a visit to the Immortal Monarch but had come to look for trouble! It was even to the extent that they intended to smash apart the entrance to the Immortal Monarch’s Estate now!

How absurd!

Could it be that the two of them have gone mad?

Qin Zhong almost thought that he was hearing things. He immediately turned around and intended to berate this ignorant pair, yet right when he turned his head around, his field of vision was filled with a strand of sword qi, and he was unable to see anything else.

What sort of sword qi was this?

It was like a blazing sun that rose from the horizon and tore through the darkness, causing light to illuminate the world, and it was resplendent because it was unparalleled! It was filled with an indescribably awe-inspiring imposing aura that was open, upright, vast, and overshadowed the splendor of everything in the world. It seemed as if only this sword qi was left in the world.

At this instant, Qin Zhong was horrified while every single pore on his body seemed as if it was about to explode.


The sword qi descended, and the 3km tall door that was covered densely in layer upon layer of restrictions was smashed and collapsed with a bang. Violent airflow stretched out 500km into the surroundings, causing buildings to collapse, shatter, and transform into powder.

When Qin Zhong recovered from his shock, his hair was disheveled, his countenance was pale, the clothes he wore had been completely shattered, and every single inch of skin on his body was covered in bloody marks, causing him to seem extremely miserable.

But the shock in his heart caused him to practically forget the situation he was in because he saw the young man in snow white clothes actually smash the door to the Immortal Monarch’s Estate with a single sword strike!

How…how could this be possible? 

Qin Zhong was battered out of his senses.

“Who did this!?” 

“How audacious! How dare you force your way into my Immortal Monarch’s Estate!”

“You’re simply looking for death!”

The Immortal Monarch’s Estate was filled with restlessness as furious roars sounded out from all directions. At the same time, numerous terrifying auras suddenly shot into the sky.

“This sword strike was for my cousin sister. Since you, Immortal Monarch Lin Hao, are unwilling to meet me, then I, Mu Junlin, am unwilling to stay here for another moment. If you don’t personally make a trip to the Midnight Continent’s Mu Clan to atone for your crimes in three days, then everything that we endured before this will be repaid hundredfold!”

A voice that was clear like the roar of a dragon shattered the layer of clouds in the sky and rumbled through the sky above the Immortal Monarch’s Estate. The voice was calm and indifferent, yet it revealed pride that was branded into the owner’s bones.

As soon as the voice finished resounding in the air, the originally restless Immortal Monarch’s Estate instantly fell into deathly silence.

Mu Junlin!

The Midnight Continent!

The Mu Clan!

Every single one of these words represented an extremely terrifying fact, and because these facts were too shocking, it caused the entire Immortal Monarch’s Estate to fall into deathly silence.

Mu Junlin, one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension.

The Midnight Continent, one of the four great continents of the Immortal Dimension.

As for the Mu Clan, it was naturally the clan Mu Junlin was from, and since it was a power that could stand towering in one of the four great continents, the Midnight Continent, and foster one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, how could it be compared to an ordinary power?

“Besides that, all of you actually dared to place a warrant on Young Master Chen Xi. If you still don’t stop it, then I, Mu Linglong, will not let this matter end!” Right amidst this deathly silence, a clear and melodious voice that carried extreme rage resounded in the sky, causing the deathly silent atmosphere to become even more silent.

Because her name similarly carried the surname ‘Mu.’

This was a type of shapeless show of resources, reserves, and might.

Exactly what has happened?


When everyone in the entire Immortal Monarch’s Estate recovered from their shock, they noticed the pair of young man and young woman had already vanished without a trace.

“I want an explanation, now!” After a short moment, a gloomy voice that carried a clanging tone rumbled through the ears of every single guard in the estate, causing all of them expressions to go pale once more.

Because this was the voice of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao! 

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