Chapter 1041 – Fight To The Death

The damaged ancient talisman’s appearance had undergone a complete transformation, yet Xuan Yun who was a supreme talisman formation grandmaster recognized with a brief scan that the ancient talisman that was completely round like a full moon and snow white like jade was the ancient talisman that he’d studied bitterly for hundreds of years yet came up empty handed.

This could be discovered from the talisman markings that densely covered the surface of the ancient talisman.

The talisman markings that were dense like the stars in the universe weren’t damaged any longer, and they were flawless like a piece of art carved by the hands of god and were filled with an indescribably mysterious aura.

This sort of aura seemed as if it possessed magical charm that caused Xuan Yun’s mind to be instantly drawn by it and become immersed within it.

His expression gradually transformed from the pleasant surprise it revealed at the beginning to an expression of wonder, and it finally transformed into shock. He heaved a light sigh after a long time and muttered. “Marvelous, truly marvelous. If I’m able to completely comprehend the writing of Fiendgods on it, then it would be sufficient to improve my understanding in the Dao of Talismans by a level…”

As he finished speaking, his voice carried extreme excitement.

On the other hand, Wu Yuan and Wu Xun had always been paying attention to the change in Xuan Yun’s expression, and when they heard Xuan Yu say this, they instantly understood that Chen Xi had really repaired the damaged ancient talisman!

When they thought up to here, both of them couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed when the recalled the scene of them bitterly persuading Chen Xi. This was too unexpected. Who could have imagined that an ancient talisman which the Four Divinity Academy was helpless against would actually be successfully repaired by a young man at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

But right after that, both of them were excited.

The repair of the ancient talisman meant that Chen Xi would be able to rely on this to obtain the assistance of the Four Divinity Academy, and this helped them deal with an extremely difficult problem as well.

“Senior Xuan Yun, has he succeeded?” asked Wu Yuan.

Xuan Yun nodded and took a deep breath while the gaze he looked at Chen Xi with fully revealed his admiration as he said, “Young Master Chen Xi really is extraordinary. With this ancient talisman as proof, my Four Divinity Academy will surely not remain indifferent towards what Young Master Chen Xi has encountered. All of you wait a moment, I’ll go contact the experts of the academy right away!”

As he spoke, he’d already turned around and left with large strides, and he revealed an excited expression as if he’d obtained a precious treasure.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this because Xuan Yun had obviously not truly seen through the profundities of the ancient talisman, so Xuan Yun hadn’t noticed that the most precious thing contained within the ancient talisman had been obtained by Chen Xi.

Chen Xi hadn’t concealed this intentionally, the key was that the inheritance of the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form was a brand of comprehension, and it was utterly impossible to pass down. Moreover, he hadn’t comprehended it completely, so he was unable to pass this inheritance down to another as well.

Nevermind, I’ll take it as owing him a favor, and I’ll return it when I have the chance. Chen Xi pondered briefly before he decided.

Xuan Yun returned not long after while beaming from ear to ear, and he smiled to Chen Xi as he said, “It’s done. The experts of my Four Divinity Academy will converge with me in less than a day. Let’s leave right now.”

“So Young Master Chen Xi can leave with us? Awesome!” The nearby Wu Xun was delighted and said, “In this way, I can consult Young Master Chen Xi regarding some things in the Dao of Talismans on the way. This is simply one of the greatest joys of life.”

Wu Xun was a young man that was crazy about the Dao of Talismans. After he’d witnessed Chen Xi’s miraculous performances, he’d taken Chen Xi to be an expert in the Dao of Talismans, so being able to travel alongside Chen Xi naturally had an extraordinary meaning to him.

Wu Yuan couldn’t help but roar with laughter and reveal a gratified expression when he saw his son so delighted, and if his son was able to become friends with Chen Xi, then it naturally couldn’t be any better.

As an outstanding businessman, he was naturally clearly aware of how great the value of Chen Xi’s potential was.

Even though Chen Xi was currently in an extremely dangerous situation, yet he was able to kill a Mysterious Immortal after he just ascended into the Immortal Dimension. Moreover, his attainments in the Dao of Talismans was something that even a teacher of the Four Divinity Academy was inferior to. Most importantly, he was still so young.

So long as such a young man was given time to grow, it would be sufficient for him to shine brilliantly in the future and become a great figure that held a decisive role in the Immortal Dimension!

Chen Xi didn’t know the thoughts of Wu Yuan and Wu Xun, and his feelings eased up when he heard he was finally able to leave the Eastern Peace Continent. He felt that he finally caught a break and wasn’t so unfortunate as he was in the past few days…

All of them immediately stopped wasting time. Xuan Yun prepared a bronze treasured carriage and brought Chen Xi and Wu Xun with him as he left the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion after bidding farewell to Wu Yuan. 


At this moment, at the third floor of a restaurant that stood opposite to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.

Sun Hong and the two young men were sitting by the window while their expressions were slightly gloomy.

They’d been waiting here for five days now, yet the target seemed to have vanished after entering the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and he hadn’t taken a step out ever since.

During this period of time, they’d gone to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion to investigate on many occasions. Unfortunately, they didn’t obtain any valuable information.

“My Lord, could the target have fled secretly?” A young man couldn’t help but ask.

“Hmph! Didn’t you notice that the Cloudray Sect’s Zhang Zichun has been sending people to watch the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion during the past few days?” Sun Hong grunted coldly. “As a local expert of Cloudray City, if Zhang Zichun wasn’t able to keep his eyes on a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, then would he have any face to continue holding the position of elder in the Cloudray Sect?”

“So in this way, could it be that the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion intends to protect that kid?” said the other young man.

Sun Hong’s gaze flickered as he pondered deeply without end.

He was exactly unable to determine this. Logically speaking, even though the forces of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was scattered throughout the Immortal Dimension, this was Cloudray City after all. It was the territory of the Eastern Peace Continent.

If the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was smart, it ought to not be stupid to the point of risking possibly offending the Immortal Monarch’s Estate for the sake of protecting a wanted villain.

But according to the current situation, the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion might really be stupid. Could it be that something has occurred in there?

“Hmm?” Right during the moment he was in deep contemplation, Sun Hong suddenly noticed a bronze treasured carriage leaving the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and Administrator Wu Yuan that had always stayed far behind the scenes had actually personally sent it off…

“That seems to be the treasured carriage of that great figure from the Four Divinity Academy. I heard that he took Administrator Wu Yuan’s son, Wu Xun, as a student of the academy a few days ago.” One of the young men said, “This matter has given rise to much discussion in Cloudray City now. After all, the Four Divinity Academy is a first rate power even in the entire Immortal Dimension, and Wu Yuan’s son is absolutely like a fish that jumped through the dragon gate by entering the academy. His accomplishments in the future are limitless.”

The other young man said with a slightly envious tone, “Yeah, the Four Divinity Academy is a paradise for the Dao of Talismans in the Immortal Dimension, and its influence extends to all 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. All that are capable of entering it are extraordinary figures.”

“Do you still remember the Azuresoul Divinejade that kid sold that day?” asked Sun Hong abruptly.

The two young men were stunned, and then they nodded. They naturally remembered that it was one of the five precious immortal treasures, and it was a rare immortal material used to refine Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts, so how could they forget it?

“Then if that kid handed the Azuresoul Divinejade to that great figure from the Four Divinity Academy, don’t you think he’ll be able to obtain that great figure’s protection?” Sun Hong’s gaze blazed as he asked.

The two young men pondered briefly before they glanced at each other, and they both felt that it was possible!

“Come, we’ll pursue them from behind and investigate. Even if we offend that great figure, we can absolutely not allow that kid to escape from under our noses!” Sun Hong decided immediately.

In the next moment, the three of them had left the restaurant, and they distinguished the direction before surging through the crowd and vanishing.

“Sun Hong is quite discerning.” At the same time, Zhang Zichun immediately stood up on the fourth floor of the restaurant, and he said unhurriedly, “Come, let’s follow them as well. The mantis stalks the cicada while unaware of the oriole behind it. We’ll play the part of the oriole today.”

“Master, what if we enter into conflict with the members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?” Zhao Cheng couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

“We’ll each depend on our own ability. In the territory of our Cloudray Sect, that wanted criminal should naturally be captured by us because only in this way would we be able obtain Immortal Monarch Lin Hao’s reward, right?” Zhang Zichun spoke in a casual manner and seemed to be fully assured of his success.

“Thank you, Master.” Zhao Cheng cupped his fists and thanked. He knew very well that his master was actually doing all of this for the sake of helping him vent his hatred.

“Oh you. Be at ease and enter into closed door cultivation once we capture this kid and try your best to improve your rankings on the Continent Ascensio Rankings. In this way, you wouldn’t disappoint my intentions to foster you.” Zhang Zichun shook his head and didn’t speak any further before he left the restaurant with Zhao Cheng. 



Over 150km outside the southeast entrance of Cloudray City, this was an spacious forest with luxurious branches and leaves that were extremely verdant and cast a shade onto the ground.

But at this moment, the forest was filled with the smell of blood.

On the ground was even three corpses, two young men and a middle aged man. Shockingly, they were Sun Hong and his two subordinates.

When Zhang Zichun arrived here with Zhao Cheng and saw this scene, his pupils couldn’t help but constrict as he gasped, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes.

“That…that’s the members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate! They actually died here in such a short period of time. Who…who would have the audacity to do this?” Zhao Cheng’s face turned pale while he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.

Zhang Zichun’s expression changed indeterminately as well, and then he seemed to have realized something, causing him to suddenly cry out. “Let’s go!” 

As he spoke, he intended to turn around and leave.

But right at this moment, a robust figure led a group of black clothed people to swiftly appear in the surrounding forest, and they completely sealed off Zhang Zichun and Zhao Cheng’s paths of retreat.

“Administrator Wu!?”  Zhang Zichun couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw the appearance of the person in the lead. He originally thought it was the great figure from the Four Divinity Academy that had killed Sun Hong’s group, yet he was obviously wrong.

The assailant was obviously the Administrator of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, Wu Yuan!

“Why?” Zhang Zichun’s heart fell to rock bottom because since Wu Yuan dared to openly reveal his figure, Wu Yuan obviously didn’t intend to let Zhang Zichun or Zhao Cheng go.

“For the sake of my son’s future.” At this moment, Wu Yuan seemed to be icy cold and indifferent, and he said with an expressionless face, “Cloudray City is too small, the Eastern Peace Continent is too small as well. My son’s future shouldn’t be restrained here because he would be like a frog in a well that was looking up at the sky. So before he leaves, I as his father should naturally help him eliminate some future troubles.”

“You ought to be aware that our target isn’t your son!” Zhang Zichun’s frowned as he said in a low voice, yet the uneasiness in his heart grew deeper.

Wu Yuan’s expression became even more indifferent as he said, “Your target might affect my son’s future. Even though it’s merely a possibility, yet it’s sufficient for me to do all of this. Not to mention I owe him an enormous favor that I haven’t repaid…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Yuan waved his hand.

The battle erupted.

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