Chapter 1040 – Supreme Body Refinement Technique

Chen Xi didn’t impatiently start to comprehend the mysterious Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, and he sized up the damaged ancient talisman in his hand instead.

Its outline was completely round and flawless, its quality snow white like jade, and strands of dense golden talisman markings creeped all around its surface while it was suffused with a  vast and ancient aura that assaulted Chen Xi’s face.

This damaged ancient talisman seemed to be completely different when compared to before.

Chen Xi picked it up and scanned it for some time before noticing the profundity hidden within it. Strictly speaking, this was an ancient Shaman Talisman, and it was called ‘A World Hidden In A Moment.’

The formation on the talisman was similar to a seal, yet it was even more concealed and obscure than a seal. The damaged talisman markings weren’t actually damaged, and it was a form of disguise that was put up for the sake of sealing what was hidden within the talisman instead.

The supreme talisman formation grandmaster. Xuan Yun, from the Four Divinity Academy had spent a few hundred years yet was unable to see through this disguise, so it obviously showed the shocking attainments in the Dao of Talismans that was possessed by the owner of this ancient talisman. 

Even Chen Xi had relied on the assistance of the Eye of Divine Truth to unravel the veil that enveloped the talisman to see through to its true form.

However, such an ancient talisman was crafted merely for the sake of sealing a cultivation technique called the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form, thus Chen Xi was able to determine that this cultivation technique was surely extraordinary.

Presently, this damaged ancient talisman can be said to have recovered by itself. I only have to hand it over to Xuan Yun, and I’ll be able to make him fulfill his promise. Now, I’ll have a look at what sort of profundities are contained within this cultivation technique… Chen Xi pondered briefly before he put the ancient talisman away, and he entered into a state of meditation before he started to comprehend the mysterious cultivation technique branded in his mind.

“A cauldron, the weapon of an emperor that rules over the land and universe. Nothing before it cannot be ruled…”

“Traced back from the Grand Dao, the cauldron was a weapon and tool capable of embracing the profundities of the universe within it…”

“Nine, the limit of numbers. It returns to one at the end of nine, a restart, and it evolves continuously into infinity…”

Numerous obscure and vast comprehensions surged into Chen Xi’s heart like a river, and along with the passage of time, his calm expression couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of shock.

The Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form was actually a rare body refinement cultivation technique that reached the limits of the Grand Dao and secrets of the heavens, and it transformed strength into the form of nine cauldrons. It was inherited from an ancient Fiendgod that was born from chaos, and this inheritance was so ancient that it was simply unimaginable.

If it was merely this, then Chen Xi wouldn’t be so shocked. After all, the Allheaven Truth, Sword of Creation, and various other cultivation techniques weren’t inferior to this technique in terms of age.

The real reason for Chen Xi’s shock was that merely the starting requirements to comprehend and cultivate the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form was the comprehension of nine Grand Dao profundities to perfection!

In other words, if one didn’t grasp nine or more Grand Dao profundities to perfection, one wouldn’t even have the qualifications to cultivate this technique!

This was sufficient to prove how extraordinary this cultivation technique was, and it was absolutely the cultivation technique with the harshest requirements amongst those that Chen Xi had encountered.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the shock in his heart before he continued to look through it.

Subsequently were numerous strings of obscure and profound key points to cultivate it. According to what was recorded within it, this cultivation technique was divided into nine levels, and it was called the nine levels of the Nethergod.

Every single level would cause the strength of a body refiner to undergo a tremendous change that was akin to rebirth. When one cultivated it to the highest level, it would be sufficient for one to look proudly upon the ages and reign supreme in the world!

Moreover, as his comprehension grew deeper and deeper, Chen Xi gradually noticed that instead of calling this body refinement cultivation technique as something made for body refiners to cultivate, it could be said to be specially made for immortals that cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

Because the requirements of this cultivation technique were truly too harsh. The initial requirements of nine Perfection Realm Grand Dao profundities merely satisfied the basic requirements. In the subsequent cultivation of the technique, the advancement of every single level required extraordinarily enormous amounts of Immortal Shaman Energy as foundation, otherwise, it would be like the saying, one couldn’t make something out of nothing.

After a long time, Chen Xi returned to his senses from his deep levels of comprehension, and he heaved a long sigh of relief and said while seeming to be in deep thought, My current body refinement cultivation only lacks sufficient Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones to charge into the Heavenly Immortal Realm. When that time comes, perhaps choosing the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form as my cultivation technique would be a good choice… 

Right at this moment, a wave of knocking resounded. 


Within the courtyard, Wu Yuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly without end as he looked at Xuan Yun who carried a slightly displeased expression, and he hesitated for a long time before he gritted his teeth as he moved forward and said in a low voice, “Senior Xuan Yun, why don’t you stay for two more days and wait for a while? Perhaps Young Master Chen Xi will give you a pleasant surprise.”

Xuan Yun didn’t even give it a thought before he refused with an angry expression. “There’s no need to persuade me. The original agreement was three days of time, yet it has been five days now. If I was free, then I would be happy to disturb you for a few more days.”

“But even you’re aware that the period of recruitment for my Four Divinity Academy is ending in two days. If I still don’t return to manage the affairs in the sect, then the students that I recruited in the various continents this year would lose their qualifications to enter the academy, and I can’t afford to bear the responsibility for this.” 

Wu Yuan’s mouth opened, yet he didn’t say anything further in the end.

He was naturally aware of these things because his son, Wu Xun, was one of the students that Xuan Yun had recruited this time. If Wu Xun lost his qualifications to enter the academy because Xuan Yun was delayed, then the consequences were something that even he was unable to accept.

“Alas, there’s no need to try to persuade me. That Chen Xi’s attainments and natural talent in the Dao of Talismans are extraordinary indeed, but the time he has is too short in the end. So how could he possibly comprehend anything?” Xuan Yun sighed, and then he thought for  a moment before he suddenly said, “But since I’ve agreed to help him earlier. Even though he was unable to complete the conditions I put forward, I can give him a chance as well. So long as he’s willing, he can follow by my side and leave the Eastern Peace Continent.”

Wu Yuan said with delight, “That can’t be any better.”

Xuan Yu said indifferently instead, “Don’t get happy too early. If the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s forces insist on capturing him, then it’s impossible for me to protect him by myself, and it will surely be extremely dangerous.”

Wu Yuan was stunned, and then he sighed in the end.

The Immortal Monarch’s Estate seemed to be merely three simple words, yet the strength of the forces it represented was simply like the ruler of the Eastern Peace Continent, so how could an existence that was wanted by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate escape so easily?

It was precisely because he was very well aware of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s strength that Wu Yuan and Xuan Yun would feel that it was so difficult and not dare guarantee that they would be able to send Chen Xi safely out of the Eastern Peace Continent.

“Go on, ask Young Master Chen Xi what he thinks. If he’s willing, he can follow by my side, and if he isn’t then I can only leave first.” Xuan Yun looked at Wu Xun who stood by his side as he instructed.

Wu Xun was slightly conflicted, and he glanced at his father, Wu Yuan.

“Go on, you and Senior Xuan Yu can’t delay leaving any longer. I’ll try my best to make it up to Young Master Chen Xi.” Wu Yuan waved his hand.

Wu Xun nodded, and then he walked forward immediately. He hesitated for a long time before he finally knocked on Chen Xi’s door.


The door was opened to reveal Chen Xi’s tall figure.

“Young Master Chen Xi, there’s no need to feel dispirited. It’s alright that you weren’t able to repair the damaged ancient talisman because Senior Xuan Yun has already agreed that you can leave with him right now if you’re willing to do so.” Wu Xun seemed to have a slight feeling of having let Chen Xi down, and he didn’t wait for Chen Xi to speak before speaking a great deal of things with a regretful tone.

Chen Xi was bewildered and stunned, and he said, “Three days have passed already?”

“It’s five.” Wu Xun spoke casually.

“Five days have actually passed…” A wisp of a dazed expression flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes as he never expected that such a long period of time would pass after a brief moment of meditation.

Wu Xun felt even more ashamed when he saw Chen Xi’s slightly dazed expression because he thought Chen Xi was unable to accept this reality, and he immediately said in a regretful tone, “If it wasn’t for Young Master Chen Xi’s guidance, then it would be impossible for I, Wu Xun, to pass Senior Xuan Yun’s test, yet I’m unable to help Young Master after you’ve showed me such kindness, and it causes me to feel ill at ease in my heart. Young Master, feel free to put forward any request you have, and my father will surely agree to it.”

“Exactly, I do indeed feel extremely uneasy for being unable to help Young Master Chen Xi this time. If there’s anything you need, feel free to tell me.” The nearby Wu Yuan spoke as well, and he revealed a complicated expression.

It was obvious from this that this pair of father and son were indeed sincere towards Chen Xi, otherwise, they wouldn’t humble themselves like this.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and he couldn’t help but rub his nose and laugh bitterly, “Could it be that all of you still think that I’m really unable to repair that damaged ancient talisman?”

Wu Yuan and Wu Xun felt slight disbelief, and they thought Chen Xi was ashamed and was intentionally joking with them.

“Haha! Of course not. It’s just that Senior Xuan Yun has to leave today, and the time given to Young Master Chen Xi was too short. If Young Master Chen Xi had more time, then I believe Young Master Chen Xi would surely be able to succeed with your attainments in the Dao of Talismans.” Wu Yuan roared with laughter while revealing a considerate expression, and everything he said was said to give Chen Xi a way out of the embarrassing situation.

“Young Master Chen Xi, don’t let this bother you because repairing that ancient talisman is too difficult in the end, and it can’t be accomplished overnight. If you have the chance, you can come look for me at the Four Divinity Academy, and we can consider how to repair it together.” Meanwhile, Xuan Yun spoke as well. There was no ridicule or coldness in his tone, yet the meaning within his words were obvious. He felt that Chen Xi was joking and looking for a way out of the embarrassing situation.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly once more and shrugged helplessly before he flipped his palm, and then he passed over the ancient talisman that looked brand new. “Senior Xuan Yun, please have a look.”

Wu Yuan was stunned.

Wu Xun was stunned.

Xuan Yun’s entire body stiffened instead while his gaze suddenly erupted with a wisp of divine light that locked firmly onto the flawless and snow white ancient talisman that was suffused with a vast and ancient aura.

“It’s…actually true?” Xuan Yun was slightly excited, yet he still felt slight disbelief. He couldn’t be bothered about maintaining his graceful bearing as he strode over with a vigorous stride and grabbed the ancient talisman from Chen Xi’s hand, and then he raised it to his eyes and sized it up carefully.

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