Chapter 1039 – Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form

Chen Xi pondered briefly before he answered. “Let me try.”

If he was able to receive the assistance of the Four Divinity Academy through the repair of the talisman marking structures and talisman diagrams on this damaged ancient talisman, then it naturally couldn’t be any better.

Xuan Yun immediately handed over the ancient talisman in his hand to Chen Xi. “This treasure was obtained by a student of my Four Divinity Academy while wandering through the ruins of a battlefield of the gods and devils. It ought to be no less than ten thousand years old. Unfortunately, I and the other teachers have studied it for a few hundreds of years, yet were unable to repair it.” As he finished speaking, his voice already carried a wisp of regret.

Wu Yuan and Master Yu were shocked when they heard this. They were clearly aware that the Four Divinity Academy in Southbridge Continent was a renowned paradise of the Dao of Talismans in the Immortal Dimension.

In terms of its forces and inheritance, it was merely inferior to the seven great academies of the four great continents. Even then, amongst the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension, it was still a first-rate paradise of cultivation.

The attainments in the Dao of Talismans of every single teacher in the academy had already arrived at the ranks of supreme grandmasters!

Xuan Yun was naturally no exception. Even though his cultivation was only at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, yet merely his identity as a supreme talisman formation grandmaster was something that caused even a Golden Immortal to not dare be disrespectful towards him.

The other teachers he spoke of were definitely supreme talisman formation grandmasters as well, yet such a group of people had actually been stuck in their efforts to repair this damaged ancient talisman for a few hundreds of years, so it obviously showed how shocking the origins of this treasure was.

Of course, no matter how shocking its origins were, it was trash if it couldn’t be repaired, so it wasn’t so easy to determine its value.

Chen Xi didn’t know much about all of this, and he just received the talisman in his hand before starting to study it carefully.

This ancient talisman seemed to be crescent shaped and completely pitch black. It was around the size of an infant’s palm, and it was extremely inconspicuous. But it felt extremely heavy in the hand and was icy cold like metal, and it was suffused with a strand of an ancient aura.

Intricate and profound traces of talisman markings could be seen on its surface, and it seemed as if it was inscribed with the tip of a blade. The lines of the talisman markings were rough, firm, and revealed a heavy and powerful aura.

Unfortunately, the talisman marking structures and talisman formations were extremely damaged like a piece of ceramic that had been crushed into pieces, and it was impossible to determine what sort of talisman it was merely by the talisman markings it revealed.

Chen Xi sized it up for a long time yet was similarly unable to discern any clues.

But this caused him to be even more curious because since he travelled through the Talisman Dimension and ascended the Grand Deduction Tower, it was extremely difficult for him to encounter a talisman that he didn’t understand. Yet it just so happened that the talisman marking structures on this damaged ancient talisman were something he’d never seen before, so how could he not be curious?

If Wu Xun was crazy about talismans, then Chen Xi was absolutely mad about them, and his persistence and passion towards the Dao of Talismans had been branded on his bones.

At this moment, he naturally couldn’t avoid having his interest awakened when he saw such a damaged ancient talisman.

Let me see exactly what profundities are hidden within this thing and why it’s so obscure and difficult to comprehend… Chen Xi pondered in his heart.

He was just about to pour his Immortal Force into the ancient talisman to investigate it when he heard the nearby Xuan Yun.

“This treasure is impervious to flames and water, and weapons can’t harm it in the slightest. In these past few years, we’ve used all sorts of methods, yet they were all in vain.”

When he mentioned this damaged ancient talisman, Xuan Yun’s emotionless and emaciated face obviously revealed the color of unusual emotion.

“Oh,” said Chen Xi while he instantly dispelled the thoughts in his heart, and he obtained a conclusion. Looks like ordinary methods are useless to this treasure, otherwise, it would have been comprehended a long time ago and wouldn’t have fallen to me to comprehend.

“How is it? Are you able to discern anything?” Master Yu couldn’t refrain from asking.

Chen Xi shook his head. “Not yet.”

Wu Yuan and Master Yu glanced at each other when they heard this, whereas Xuan Yun couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of disappointment before he laughed lightheartedly right after.

Right, perhaps his attainments and natural talent in the Dao of Talismans is shocking, yet he’s too young after all. Even those old friends of mine and I were unable to see through this treasure, so how could he possibly see through it in a mere ten minutes?

“But if it’s possible, I’d like to study it carefully in meditation and perhaps I’ll be able to learn something.” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he spoke.

Xuan Yun was slightly dispirited and waved his hand as he said, “Go ahead. It’s fine even if you’re unable to repair it.”

“Senior Xuan Yun, would this mean that you’re unable to help Young Master Chen Xi?” Wu Xun was slightly anxious.

Xuan Yun was stunned, and then he laughed bitterly. “Perhaps I’ll be able to be unafraid of the threat posed by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate if I was alone, but if I were to bring Young Master Chen Xi along, then it might not be the case.”

The brows of the others knit together even more tightly when they heard this because this was truly troublesome.

“Young Master Chen Xi, are you confident in being able to repair it?” Wu Xun was slightly unwilling to give up and asked in a low voice.

“Don’t cause trouble! How can he know without trying and completing it?” Wu Yuan glared at his son and felt his son was slightly rash.

Chen Xi smiled and said instead, “I do have some confidence, and it’s at around fifty percent for now.”

Everyone was instantly stunned as they never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be confident in repairing this damaged ancient talisman.

After a short moment, Xuan Yun shook his head and said, “I’ll be leaving three days from now. I’ll be awaiting good news from you during this period of time.”

His voice was dispirited while his attitude was perfunctory. Obviously, he felt that Chen Xi had said this only out of Chen Xi’s desire to excel, and he understood it very well because which young person wasn’t like this?

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d stood up and left the hall.

Wu Yuan couldn’t help but go forward and encourage Chen Xi when he saw this. “Young Master Chen Xi, you don’t have to put yourself to such trouble. Even if you don’t have Senior Xuan Yun’s assistance, you still have mine.” 

Chen Xi smiled and nodded to display his understanding.

Subsequently, Wu Yuan instructed Wu Xun to take Chen Xi to a clean and elegant room before he left.



Once there was no one else present, Chen Xi didn’t delay any longer. He immediately sat cross-legged on the bed before placing the damaged ancient talisman before him.


In the next moment, a vertical eye suddenly opened up between his brows. It was pitch black, icy cold, and deep like the mysteries of the universe were being developed and destroyed within it.

The Eye of Divine Truth!

This Divine Ability was said to be able to see through reality and the essence of everything in the world, and it was an unprecedented Divine Ability that was ranked in the top thirty of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings in the three dimensions.

The fifty percent confidence Chen Xi spoke of earlier came from his confidence towards the Eye of Divine Truth. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Xuan Yun, even Wu Yuan and the others didn’t take his confidence seriously, and Chen Xi was unable to explain it.

After all was said and done, everything depended on whether he was able to repair this damaged ancient talisman. After all, facts were always more convincing than meaningless talk.

The Eye of Divine Truth emanated a strand of deep and jet black light that completely enveloped the entire ancient talisman. In next to no time, some intriguing scenes floated up into Chen Xi’s mind.

This caused his spirits to be instantly refreshed. It really works!

But right after that, he didn’t have the time to think about anything else as his entire mind was enveloped by a vast and marvelous scene, and it was like he’d arrived at an ancient world.

Countless obscure talisman markings were like numerous dazzling stars that flickered in every inch of space. They sometimes transformed into rains of light that fluttered about, sometimes rose up like mist, sometimes emanated strands of blazing and resplendent glows, sometimes resounded with low and unknown obscure sounds…

They were talisman markings that were evolving before his eyes, and they were ancient talisman markings that came from countless years in the past. But Chen Xi faintly had a familiar feeling towards them.

It seems as if…I’ve seen them somewhere?

Chen Xi frowned as he pondered bitterly. Talisman markings were formed from the markings in the heavens and the earth, and every single plant, rock, and so on and so forth contained various markings and lines.

Later on, the myriad of living beings in the world had comprehended traces of the ‘Dao’ from within the markings of nature in the world. Thus, it formed words and symbols that brought intelligence and profound techniques to all the living beings in the world.

These words and symbols included various types of inscriptions and symbols that represented everything in the world. All of this formed a variety of cultures and civilizations like the civilization of Fiendgods, monsters, spirit souls, beasts, nether souls…

All in all, the formation of words and symbols represented the birth and continuation of civilization, and all of this followed along the traces of the ‘Dao.’

These traces could all be attributed to ‘talismans.

Amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos, the Dao of Talismans was the most ordinary, yet it was publicly acknowledged in the three dimensions as the most difficult and obscure Grand Dao. This perception was absolutely not from irresponsible remarks, but it was a conclusion formed from tests and verification by predecessors along a period of countless years.

After a long time, a flash of inspiration arose in Chen Xi’s mind as he suddenly thought of a possibility —  the writing of Fiendgods!Instantly, the gaze he shot at the talisman markings that covered the sky had changed, and it was as if he was looking at traces of the Dao that were branded with the civilization of Fiendgods floating and evolving in the heavens and the earth.

So it turns out that these talisman markings are the source of the writing of Fiendgods, and they formed the foundation of it. Similarly, it’s the most primeval traces of the Dao that the Fiendgods comprehended after being born in the world… Along with the change in his understanding, Chen Xi’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and it seemed as if they were flickering with a deep glow of wisdom.


After an unknown period of time, the ancient talisman markings that covered the sky had suddenly stopped before seeming to transform into a mountain torrent as they surged and rumbled towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi felt his entire body stiffen as he instantly awoke from the strange scenes he was witnessing, and he was extremely dazed for some time. Everything he experienced earlier seemed as if he’d gone through time to the ancient times when Fiendgods reigned supreme, and this unique experience caused his heart to be unable to calm down for a long time.

Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form… I never expected that this damaged ancient talisman actually had a cultivation technique inherited from the Fiendgods sealed within it. If I didn’t possess the Eye of Divine Truth, it would have probably been impossible to comprehend this… After a long time, Chen Xi’s mind regained clarity while an ancient and obscure cultivation technique had appeared within his mind, and it was like a brand that was impossible to remove.

On the other hand, the damaged ancient talisman in his hand had already transformed from the shape of a crescent into the shape of a full moon. Moreover, it had shed its pitch black and charred outer appearance to reveal a jade white and translucent appearance that seemed flawless.

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