Chapter 1038 – Damaged Ancient Talisman

When he heard Xuan Yun ask Chen Xi’s name, Wu Yuan was about to introduce Chen Xi yet was stunned on the spot instead because from the beginning until the end, he’d actually not asked Chen Xi’s name.

This caused Wu Yuan to be unable to help but feel slightly embarrassed.

Chen Xi smiled instead and didn’t mind as he said, “I’m Chen Ke.”

He didn’t dare reveal his identity before leaving Eastern Peace Continent. 

“Right, it’s Young Master Chen Ke.” Wu Yuan introduced warmly. “Young Master Chen Ke, this is Senior Xuan Yun from the Southbridge Continent’s Four Divinity Academy. It’s a renowned paradise of the Dao of Talismans in the Immortal Dimension, and Senior Xuan Yun is one of the teachers in the academy that’s in-charge of recruiting disciples.”

The Four Divinity Academy?

It was the first time that Chen Xi had heard the name of this academy, yet based on Wu Yuan’s respectful attitude towards Xuan Yun, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that this academy was definitely not an ordinary small power.

“So it’s Young Master Chen Ke, you really are extraordinary.” Xuan Yun nodded while his voice carried a wisp of admiration that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

Wu Yuan couldn’t help but be stunned. Extraordinary? What does he mean?

“Young Master Chen Ke really isn’t an ordinary person. It was all thanks to Young Master’s guidance that I was able to craft the Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman this time. Please receive my respect.” Meanwhile, Wu Xun suddenly stood up from before the table and took a deep breath before moving over to stand before Chen Xi, and then he directly knelt on the ground in a serious and solemn manner.

When they saw Wu Xun pay such respects to Chen Xi, Wu Yuan and Master Yu were extremely shocked and were slightly puzzled.

Chen Xi raised his hand to help Wu Xun up, and then he teased. “It can’t be considered as guidance. I just couldn’t bear to see a piece of Azuresoul Divinejade destroyed.”

Wu Xun’s blushed and was slightly embarrassed, but his attitude still remained extremely respectful.

Just like there was seniority in the attainment of the Dao, there were those that specialized in a technique.

Chen Ke’s attainments in the Dao of Talismans was obviously too much greater than his own, so Chen Ke was naturally worthy of such treatment.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but nod to himself when he saw this because Wu Xun’s character wasn’t bad, and Wu Xun was modest and devoted, so Chen Xi hadn’t guided him in vain.

“So it turns out that my son actually received the assistance of Young Master Chen Ke.” Meanwhile, Wu Yuan finally came to an understanding, and he felt both surprise and disbelief.

Master Yu was even shocked to the point his snow white brows trembled without end, and he said, “Wu Xun was able to refine the talisman successfully earlier because of… Young Master Chen Ke’s guidance?”

Chen Xi smiled lightly yet didn’t give any explanation.

Wu Yuan and Master Yu glanced at each other, and they were both could see the shock in each other’s eyes as they still felt that it was difficult to accept this. After all, the matters of talisman formations were related to extremely vast and subtle profundities. Not to mention providing guidance, an ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to understand it.

On the other hand, Wu Xun was actually able to smoothly craft an immortal talisman under the guidance of Chen Ke, so how could this possibly be something an ordinary person could accomplish?


This Chen Ke is clearly only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. Could it be that his grasp of the Dao of Talismans has already attained the peak of supreme grandmasters?

“Hmph! What is there not to believe? If you son was able to refine this immortal talisman without the guidance of Young Master Chen Ke, then I’ll take him as my master right now!” Xuan Yun was slightly displeased with Wu Yuan and Master Yu’s attitudes, and he grunted coldly.

Wu Yuan’s expression instantly became slightly unsightly when he heard this, but out of consideration for Xuan Yun’s power and influence, he didn’t dare say anything as he was deeply afraid that Xuan Yun would change his mind and cancel the qualifications his son attained from passing the test.

“Father, Senior Xuan Yun is absolutely right. If it wasn’t for Young Master Chen Ke’s assistance, I would have been absolutely unable to succeed.” The nearby Wu Xun couldn’t help but persuade his father when he saw his father’s expression was extremely unsightly.

Wu Yuan shook his head and smiled. “Right, I’ve already agreed that so long as Young Master Chen Ke made a request, I would agree to all of them in order to repay his kindness.”

Wu Xun deeply agreed. “That is something that ought to be done.”

As they spoke, everyone looked towards Chen Xi. Even though Chen Xi’s cultivation was low and had an ordinary appearance, no one dared to take him as an ordinary person after they witnessed the scenes from before, and their gazes even carried a wisp of admiration and respect.

They firmly believed that a figure that even if a figure that was skilled in the Dao of Talismans like this had a low cultivation, he was bound to become a great figure in the Immortal Dimension that commanded the winds and the clouds!

Subsequently, Chen Xi went straight to the point and made his request. He didn’t want Immortal Stones nor treasures, and it was an extremely simple request of asking Wu Yuan to help him leave Eastern Peace Continent.

When they heard such a request, it wasn’t just Wu Yuan, but everyone else was slightly stunned and felt disbelief.

It wasn’t that the request was extremely harsh, but it was too simple. To the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion whose forces were scattered throughout a quarter of the Immortal Dimension, escorting someone out of a continent was even easier than blowing off dust.

Even if Wu Yuan was merely the administrator of the Cloudray City’s Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, a small matter like this could be easily accomplished by him.

But in next to no time, Wu Yuan seemed to have realized something, and his eyes focused as he sized Chen Xi up from head to toe before he probed. “Young Master Chen Ke, you wouldn’t be that Chen Xi that the Immortal Monarch’s Estate issued a warrant for lately, right?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hearts of Master Yu and Wu Xun jerked. In these past few days, the name, Chen Xi, could be said to have given rise to much discussion, and even they had heard some of the rumors related to him.

For example, he forcefully made his way into the 137th position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings overnight.

For example, he annihilated the Mysterious Immortal Xiong Ming while at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm and caused great trouble in the Azuresoul Mine, drawing the fury of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate to the point of issuing a warrant for his arrest in the entire Eastern Peace Continent.

Even a great appraiser like Master Yu who cut himself off from the world had heard of this matter, so this obviously showed how famous Chen Xi was in the Eastern Peace Continent at this moment.

Only Xuan Yun glanced at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought, and he didn’t reveal any surprise.

Chen Xi didn’t reveal a trace of anxiousness when his identity was revealed, and he just sighed with emotion in his heart instead. The old really are experienced. He deduced my identity by relying solely on a single sentence. This sort of perception isn’t something that anyone can possess.

“Exactly, I’m Chen Xi. It was because of the dangerous situation I’m in, and I absolutely didn’t conceal my identity intentionally. I hope all of you don’t take offence.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before he spoke truthfully in the end.

After he finished speaking, he stared fixedly at Wu Yuan as he wanted to see Wu Yuan’s reaction.

Or perhaps, he was gambling. Gambling that as a member of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, Wu Yuan would absolutely not make it difficult for him. Not to mention he’d even helped Wu Yuan’s son greatly and given up a piece of Azuresoul Divinejade. If Wu Yuan intended to repay kindness with ingratitude, then the actions of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion would be too disappointing.

Sure enough, Wu Yuan only pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head and sighed. “No wonder you were able to produce Azuresoul Divinejade and guide my son in talisman crafting. I was thinking that another extraordinary young man had appeared in Cloudray City, yet it turned out to be Young Master Chen Xi.”

Master Yu said with a smile on his face, “He really does deserve his reputation.”

The atmosphere instantly eased up greatly when they said this.

“Young Master Chen Xi is actually so formidable. I wonder how you offended the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?” Wu Xun asked curiously from the side.

“I was taken away by the members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate as soon as I ascended into the Immortal Dimension and was reduced to a slave in a mine. Under these circumstances, I could only kill my way out.” Chen Xi shrugged and said helplessly, “As for the exact reason behind this, even I haven’t figured it out yet.”

“I’ve heard about this matter as well. It was roughly at the beginning of last month that the guards under the Immortal Monarch’s Estate had started to repeatedly capture the ascenders from the various Ascension Halls in Eastern Peace Continent. So it turns out that Young Master Chen Xi is one of the victims as well.” Wu Yuan came to a sudden understanding when he heard this.

Chen Xi had a flash of inspiration in his heart and asked. “Then does Administrator Wu Yuan know why Immortal Monarch Lin Hao did this?”

Wu Yuan shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Immortal Monarch Lin Hao is extremely shrewd and acts in a cold and ruthless manner. Unless a great figure like him reveals it himself, otherwise there’s probably no one that’s able to guess the true reason.”

When he spoke up to here, his brows knit together while he pondered deeply before he said, “Presently, Young Master Chen Xi is actually wanted by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate, so it’s slightly difficult to leave the Eastern Peace Continent…”

Chen Xi naturally knew it was extremely difficult, otherwise he wouldn’t put forward such a request.

“Father, you have to help Young Master Chen Xi no matter what. If I didn’t have his guidance, then not only would I have been unable to pass Senior Xuan Yun’s test, a shadow might have been cast over my Dao Heart because of my failure, causing my path towards the Dao to stop here forever.” The nearby Wu Xun looked at Wu Yuan with a hopeful gaze.

“It isn’t that I refuse to help, but even if I arrange for Young Master Chen Xi to leave Eastern Peace Continent with the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion’s merchant group, it would probably be impossible to avoid the detection and pursuit of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s forces. In that way, it would be too dangerous, and it would be extremely harmful to the safety of Young Master Chen Xi.” Wu Yuan sighed before he looked at Chen Xi and said, “But don’t worry Young Master Chen Xi, I’ll surely think of a foolproof plan to send you out of Eastern Peace Continent!”

Chen Xi didn’t reveal a shred of delight when he heard this, and his feelings became slightly heavy instead. As the administrator of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion in Cloudray City, even Wu Yuan said the matter was extremely difficult, and this obviously showed how terrifying the forces of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate were.

“Thank you, Administrator Wu.” Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and spoke solemnly.

“Oh, Young Master Chen Xi, please don’t speak like this. Being unable to help you right away has already caused me to feel rather ashamed.” Wu Yuan hurriedly waved his hand and spoke very regretfully.

“If Young Master Chen Xi is able to repair the talisman marking structures and talisman formations contained within this damaged ancient talisman, then I can guarantee that I’ll be able to send you safely out of the Eastern Peace Continent.” Right at this moment, Xuan Yun who’d kept silent all along spoke abruptly. As he spoke, he carefully withdrew a crescent shaped and completely pitch black object, and it was like an extremely inconspicuous piece of charred ceramic.

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he never expected that Xuan Yun would make such a request.

“Everyone, please don’t misunderstand me. Actually, according to my own personal will, I really desire to help Young Master Chen Xi. Unfortunately, my strength is limited. But if Young Master Chen Xi is able to repair this talisman formation for me to send back to the Four Divinity Academy, then I can rely on the strength of the academy to help Young Master Chen Xi leave.” Xuan Yun explained patiently.

Everyone came to a sudden understanding and understood Xuan Yun’s intentions. Actually, it was extremely normal because Chen Xi and Xuan Yun weren’t related, so how could he take the risk of offending an Immortal Monarch to help Chen Xi?

So this request he put forward made it more believable that he really did intend to help Chen Xi. 

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