Chapter 1037 – Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman

The hall was filled with an expanse of silence.

Only Wu Xun sat upright behind the table while holding a talisman brush that was refined from Immortal Yellow Vine Wood that was soaked in ink that was refined from various immortal materials like Stardrunk Herb, Immortal Poria, White Bamboo Seven Mystery Herb, Jadesoul Slaughterox Blood, and so on and so forth as he drew talisman markings on the palm sized Azuresoul Divinejade.

No matter if it was the crafting of an immortal talisman or Divine Talisman, all of them created another world within a tiny space.

Wu Xun’s movements were smooth like flowing water as he drew numerous profound and agile talisman markings, and it seemed that his basics were extremely solid.

With Chen Xi’s discerning gaze, he was actually unable to find many flaws. 

But this was merely the beginning and refining a Heavenly Talisman that was comparable to the full forced strike of a Heavenly Immortal wasn’t so simple. 

Chen Xi felt that no matter if it was the talisman brush, ink, or the Azuresoul Divinejade that acted as the talisman paper, everything this fellow used to craft talismans were too extravagant and even slightly wasteful.

If these things were in his hands instead, not to mention crafting a Heavenly Talisman, it would even be more than enough for him to craft a Mysterious Immortal Talisman.

Of course, this person was the son of the administrator of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion who was undergoing an extremely important test at this moment, so it was justifiable that he made such sufficient preparations.

No one spoke in the hall, and only the swishing sounds from talisman crafting flowed in the hall like the sounds of insects.

Wu Yuan and Master Yu stared fixedly at Wu Xun, and they held their breaths in concentration while they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of nervousness that was impossible to conceal. They stood on the spot without moving as they were deeply afraid of disturbing Wu Xun.

At the seat of the host, the emaciated old man that Wu Yuan addressed as Xuan Yun had already closed his eyes once more when Wu Xun started to craft the talisman, and his face remained emotionless while he seemed to be in deep contemplation or was having a nap.

This person is probably that distinguished guest that came to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion yesterday… Amongst the people present, perhaps Chen Xi seemed to be the most relaxed. He swept a glance towards the old man, Xuan Yun, and then he couldn’t help but recall the scenes from yesterday.

At that time, he was intending to sell the Azuresoul Sourcerocks in his possession, yet he never expected that the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion would close for the day upon his arrival, and it was for the sake of welcoming the arrival of a distinguished guest of respected status.

Now it would seem that the distinguished guest was undoubtedly the old man, Xuan Yun.

But Chen Xi was curios exactly who this old man was. Could it be that he’s from a great power that’s renowned in the world in the Dao of Talismans?

Meanwhile, Chen Xi suddenly acutely noticed that the aura of Wu Yuan who stood by his side had become much heavier while the nervous expression on Wu Yuan’s face grew deeper, and even Wu Yuan’s hands beneath his sleeves couldn’t help but be clenched together tightly.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and swept Wu Xun with his gaze, and he instantly understood the reason.

Since an unknown period in time, the speed Wu Xun moved his brush while crafting the talisman had become sluggish while the veins on his right hand that held the brush had even bulged up. It was like he was dragging along a heavy mountain as he crafted the talisman, and it seemed to be extremely difficult.

Moreover, his countenance had became slightly pale while his slanted and sharp brows were knit together tightly, and he puckered his lips tightly as numerous beads of sweat emerged from his forehead and creeped down his face.

Especially the expression of confidence and clarity in his gaze was gradually being replaced by a wisp of struggling and pain. 

Wu Xun had encountered a problem!

Chen Xi noticed with a careful scan that the Azuresoul Divinejade was already densely covered in various talisman markings by Wu Xun, and it seemed as if it was breathing and was emanated strands of seemingly material azure divine radiance.

But this sort of glow was gradually dimming down, and it was like a fish that was on the verge of drying up and perishing.

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he was deeply aware that if this situation wasn’t changed, then Wu Xun’s test of talisman crafting would one more end in failure.

Wu Xun himself was very well aware of the current situation, or perhaps it could be said that the few times he’d crafted this talisman earlier, he’d failed at this final barrier as well.

But after bitterly pondering for a long time, he was unable to find the way to resolve this final barrier. Originally, he thought that if he relied on the superb quality of the Azuresoul Divinejade, it would be sufficient to avoid this barrier.

Unfortunately… It still didn’t work!

At this moment, his confidence was on the verge of collapse, and he even slightly doubted if he was suitable to persist on the path of the Dao of Talismans.

Could it be that I really don’t have natural talent in this path? 

Wu Xun was frustrated while his countenance was ghastly pale. When one started to doubt one’s path towards the Dao, then one wasn’t far away from failure, and he was similarly clearly aware of this, yet he was utterly unable to change this sort of situation that he faced.

What should I do? 

Exactly what should I do?!

His aura became heavy while his eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed like a trapped beast that was on the verge of falling into a hopeless situation.

Persist! You’re only a step away! Only a single step! The nearby Wu Yuan shouted soundlessly in his heart and was extremely worried. He was a very capable person, yet he was utterly unable to help his son, and this caused him to be restless like an ant on a hot pan while his expression changed indeterminately.

On the other hand, Master Yu couldn’t help but sigh lightly and shake his head without end instead. Even if he wasn’t skilled in the Dao of Talismans, how could he be unable to discern that Wu Xun’s failure was inevitable and even struggling would be in vain?

Meanwhile, even the old man, Xuan Yun, that sat at the seat of the host opened his eyes and sized it up briefly before he shook his head silently, and his emaciated face already revealed a wisp of indifference as he prepared to announce the outcome.

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became oppressive and deathly silent, and it caused others to be almost suffocated.

On the other hand, Wu Xun’s expression became more and more unsightly while he seemed as if he’d just emerged from water as his entire body was drenched in cold sweat, and even his vital energy had started to fall into disorder.

This is truly…damnable!

Wu Xun felt extremely bitter in his heart, and he was on the verge of being unable to persist any longer.

It was at this moment that a voice sounded out by his ear, and it dragged him back from various negative feelings.

“Enter the Dubhe Star and pass through its soul with a stroke that’s sharp like an awl to suppress the earth.”

Wu Xun didn’t know who was speaking, yet he knew that this was the content of the Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman.

He subconsciously held the brush and spun his wrist while his Immortal Force flowed along with this movement, and he disregarded the barrier that obstructed him like a mountain while he directly relied on the tip of his brush to draw a talisman marking that was extremely unfamiliar even to him from the position of the ‘Dubhe Star.’ It was like a world shaking talisman marking that entered into the ‘earth’ position of the Immortal Talisman.

After that, he suddenly noticed that after this unfamiliar talisman marking appeared, the array of talisman markings on the Azuresoul Divinejade didn’t collapse.

What’s next?

Wu Xun thought with slight wonder.

Right when this thought arose in his heart, that voice resounded once more.

“The sixty four formations of the eight directions circulate in unison, and you should enter through the Lunarstar position and connect it with the forces of sky and wind.”

Enter through the Lunarstar position and connect it with he forces of sky and wind? Wu Xun was stunned as he didn’t understand what this meant. According to his understanding towards the Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman, no matter if it was the position of the Lunarstar position or the forces of sky and wind, they were places of no importance, and they could be said to be of very insignificant effect towards the talisman markings of the entire Immortal Talisman.

Suddenly, he came to sudden understanding.

The position of Lunarstar was the foundation of Fifth-Earth while the winds of sky were all-pervasive yet wouldn’t shake the foundation of the Fifth-Earth at the same time.

Wu Xun’s eyes instantly lit up while he moved the brush energetically to draw a completely new talisman marking on the Azuresoul Divinejade, and it seemed like an iron rope that lay across the Azuresoul Divinejade and enveloped all the talisman markings on it.

“Eh!” The old man Xuan Yun who sat at the seat of the host exclaimed as he acutely noticed that the Azuresoul Divinejade which was on the verge of failure and collapse was actually glowing once more with life that was exuberant like the glow of stars, and it glowed brilliantly.

Meanwhile, Wu Yuan and Master Yu had noticed this slight change as well, and they were slightly stunned before their hearts shook while a wisp of hope arose once more in them.

“Auxiliary Star and Truelead to the center.”

“Form Soulgather and Forceassemble into a formation.”

“Start from Fifth-Earth, move to corner, and a line through the Netherstar causes a myriad of profundities to be born.”

Subsequently, the voice ceaselessly resounded by Wu Xun’s ears, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to move his brush according to the voice.

Along with the passage of time, his backbone became straight once more while his eyes glowed, and the frustration, struggling, sense of defeat, and various other negative feelings in his heart were completely wiped away.

His aura was composed while his mind was clear.

It was even to the extent that an indescribable expression appeared on the space above his brows.

These changes were noticed entirely by Wu Yuan and Master Yu, causing both of them to be slightly surprised and puzzled, but they were even more relieved, delighted, and in high spirits.

As for the old man, Xuan Yun, he sized up all of this carefully before his gaze swiftly descended onto Chen Xi, and then he frowned and entered into deep contemplation.


After a short moment, a wisp of blazing glow accompanied by a shocking and shapeless fluctuation suddenly stretched out through the hall, and the dazzling and resplendent glow was like a scorching sun that rose from the table before Wu Xun.

All of this was like a breath that returned to silence in a short moment.

But Wu Xun knew that he’d succeeded!

He stared blankly at the Azuresoul Divinejade on the table that had undergone a tremendous change as he sat on the chair, and his mouth gaped while he still felt slight disbelief that he’d actually really crafted a Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman.

“He did it!” Wu Yuan and Master Yu were unable to restrain the pleasant surprise in their hearts any longer, and they roared with laughter in unison.

Meanwhile, Xuan Yun had stood up and arrived before the table. He held the Azuresoul Divinejade in his hand and sized it up briefly before a wisp of surprise and bewilderment couldn’t help but suffuse his gaze.

This was a Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman indeed, but the talisman marking structure on it and the arrangement of formations on it wasn’t that which he was familiar with. It had become even more mysterious and profound, causing him to be barely able to comprehend its profundities after studying it for a long time.

This caused him to be slightly surprised because an ordinary Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman was roughly equivalent to the full forced strike of a mid-stage Heavenly Immortal, yet the might of the Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman before him was probably on par with the full forced strike of an expert at the advanced-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

How…could this be possible? With Xuan Yun’s grasp and knowledge of the Dao of Talismans, he couldn’t help but be shocked repeatedly at this moment because not only had some of the structure of the talisman markings in the talisman been changed, even the quality of this immortal talisman had been forcefully improved by a stage, and this sort of practically miraculous ability was something that even he was unable to accomplish in such a short period of time!

The nearby Wu Yuan couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Senior Xuan Yun, how is it?”

Xuan Yun recovered from his deep contemplation, and then he glanced at the immortal talisman in his hand before he glanced at Wu Xun and nodded in the end. “Not bad indeed. He has passed the test.”

“Thank you, Senior, for allowing this. Thank you Senior!” After he obtained a confirmed answer, Wu Yuan was excited to the point his entire body trembled, and he cupped his fists and expressed his gratitude repeatedly without end.

“Administrator Wu Yuan, you’re welcome. This is also because your son has true ability.”  Xuan Yun waved his hand, but in the next moment, he shot his gaze at Chen Xi instead and asked. “May I know who this Young Master is?”

His voice actually carried a trace of respect and equal treatment.

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