Chapter 1036 – A Test In The Dao Of Talismans

Within the private room, Master Yu pondered deeply for a brief moment before he said, “A rare precious treasure like the Azuresoul Divinejade is impossible to be measured by Immortal Stones. If I’m not wrong, Young Master has probably not come to exchange it for Immortal Stones.”Chen Xi nodded and said, “Exactly.”

He had of course not come for the sake of exchanging for Immortal Stones, and it was even to the extent that if an unexpected even didn’t occur, he wouldn’t even sell off this piece of Azuresoul Divinejade. But it had already come to this, so he couldn’t go back on his decision now.

“I need some immortal materials.” As he spoke, Chen Xi took up a brush and paper from the table before he wrote the name of some immortal materials with a  few swishes, and then he passed the paper to Master Yu.

“Spirit Devour Fine Gold, Coldflame True Water, Yellow Spot Ferrocalamus… Master Yu swept the list before his snow white brows couldn’t help but raise, and he said, “My Goldwave Immortal Pavilion doesn’t lack these 16 types of high-stage immortal materials, but the amount is a bit too high.”

As he finished speaking, his snow white brows had knit together tightly. Obviously, he felt that Chen Xi had demanded an exorbitant price.

Chen Xi smiled instead and wasn’t moved in the slightest as he said, “I believe that the value of this piece of Azuresoul Divinejade is far above these immortal materials. One can be bought while the other can only be chanced upon by luck. Comparatively speaking, the price I’m asking for is already very low.”

As he spoke, he picked up the paper and brush before he wrote the names of another 100 plus immortal materials, and he passed it over. “I feel the price is fair if these are added on.”

Actually, he didn’t know the market price of the Azuresoul Divinejade, but he held on forcefully to a single principle, and that was the Azuresoul Divinejade was a rare and priceless treasure that couldn’t be found on the market. So its price depended entirely on the buyer’s ability.

Master Yu stretched out his hand to take the second piece of paper, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely when he saw the names of the over 100 mid-stage immortal materials written on it. He said with slight displeasure, “Kid, you’re going a bit too far.”

Chen Xi sighed and said, “Then I can only hold on to this piece of Azuresoul Divinejade.”

As he spoke, he intended to take it back, yet was hastily stopped by Master Yu. “Alright, alright, the price will be according to your request.”

Chen Xi smiled as he sat back down and seemed as if he knew it would be like this.

Master Yu glared at him and grunted. “You little fellow, if it wasn’t for my Goldwave Immortal Pavilion urgent need for this treasure, you would have been kicked out for daring to ask for such a price!”

Chen Xi cupped his hand and said seriously, “Thank you, Senior, for fulfilling my wish.”

Master Yu’s expression eased up greatly when he saw this, and he stared at the Azuresoul Divinejade in his hand and said while seeming to be lost in thought, “There’s more than just this piece of Azuresoul Divinejade in your possession, right?”

Before Chen Xi could answer him, he waved his hand and said, “There’s no need to explain. I only hope that if you intend to sell off another piece of this treasure, please come to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. The price is negotiable.”

Chen Xi nodded and said with a smile, “Of course.”

He was rather pleased in his heart because he’d used a palm sized piece of Azuresoul Divinejade this time to exchange for almost all the immortal materials required to refine the Talisman Armament, and it could be said to be an unexpected gain.

Of course, this proved that the value of Azuresoul Divinejade was indeed shocking. Otherwise, it would be impossible to exchange it for such an amount of immortal materials. After all, this was the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and they would surely not accept a losing transaction.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Right at this moment, the sound of the door being knocked sounded out.

Master Yu’s brows knit together, and he was extremely displeased. This was his personal private room, and it was a taboo to be disturbed during a transaction.

Even though he was annoyed in his heart, he still waved his sleeve to make the door open without emitting a sound.

A tall and dignified middle aged man in embroidered clothes appeared at the entrance. His brows knit together slightly while he carried a trace of anxiousness on his face, and he was instantly delighted when he saw the door open. But when he saw Master Yu’s angry expression, he instantly revealed a wisp of embarrassment and said with a smile, “Master Yu, I heard a customer sold a piece of Azuresoul Divinejade?”

As he spoke, he’d walked into the private room, and his gaze instantly descended onto the piece of jadestone on the table that was suffused with strands of hazy radiance. His spirits were raised as he immediately walked over with vigorous strides and grabbed the piece of Azuresoul Divinejade, and then he said while roaring with laughter. “With this treasure, why would my son worry about being unable to accomplish the important task at hand? Master Yu, I’ll be using this treasure first, and I’ll apologize to you later.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already left. It was only a few breaths of time since his arrival to departure, and he came and went hastily, causing him to seem rather anxious.

Chen Xi’s brows were originally knit together, yet when he saw Master Yu didn’t stop this person, he could only watch coldly from the side.

“Alas, did you see that? Another treasure is going to be destroyed. What a pity! Truly a pity!” Master Yu shook his head and sighed as he sat back down.


Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Who was that? Why did he need an extreme-stage immortal material so urgently? Could it be that it’s for the sake of refining a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact?”

“Him? He’s naturally the administrator of this Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, Wu Yuan.” Master Yu glanced at Chen Xi with slight surprise before he shook his head and sighed. “He isn’t refining an Immortal Artifact, and it’s only for the sake of preparing some talisman crafting materials for his son.”

Talisman crafting? Chen  Xi thought in his heart. The reason he wasn’t willing to sell the Azuresoul Divinejade was because besides being able to be refined into Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts, the Azuresoul Divinejade could be utilized as a superb material to refine Divine Talismans.

“Unfortunately, even though Wu Xun is crazy about the Dao of Talismans, he doesn’t have the guidance of a master in the end. So his studies in the Dao of Talismans hasn’t attained the level of Supreme Grandmaster. Thus, refining a Heavenly Talisman is easier said than done.” Master Yu sighed with emotion.

“Since it’s crafting talismans, then he shouldn’t be so anxious, right?” Chen Xi frowned. He was clearly aware that the lack of steadiness of the heart was a taboo when crafting talisman but based on the expression of Wu Yuan that was filled with anxiety earlier, there wasn’t a trace of composure at all.

Even though it was his son that was doing the actual talisman crafting, Chen Xi was able to perceive from this that Wu Xun’s state of mind at this moment was probably not very composed.

“That little fellow is receiving a test that’s related to his future.” Master Yu spoke vaguely before he stood up. “Young Master, please wait a moment. I’ll send someone to help you prepare those immortal materials.”

As he spoke, he’d left the private room and left Chen Xi all alone by himself.

“A test in crafting a talisman? That’s interesting.” Chen Xi smiled before he restrained his thoughts, and he frowned as he pondered the matter of what he saw and heard in the Treasure Exchange Hall earlier.

If his perception didn’t deceive him, then that grey robed middle aged man was probably an extremely formidable expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm who possessed a cultivation that was at least above the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. The man had constantly been sizing him up in a seemingly imperceptible manner, so the man obviously had ill intent.

As for the two young men by the side of the grey robed middle aged man, they were only at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so they weren’t really worthy of much attention.

Were they members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate? Looks like my situation seems to be even more severe than I imagined. Once I completely condense all the energy of the Laws from the Dao Insights I possess, it’s best to find an opportunity and swiftly leave the Eastern Peace Continent… Chen Xi fell into deep contemplation.

After an unknown period of time, the door to the room was opened, yet it was two people that entered. One of them was Master Yu, and at his side was the administrator of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, Wu Yuan, that had returned.

“Young Master, may I ask if you still have any Azuresoul Divinejade in your possession. So long as you name a price, I’ll take all of them.” As soon as he entered through the door, Wu Yuan’s gaze had descended onto Chen Xi before he cupped his fists and spoke.

Even though his voice was calm, yet it couldn’t avoid carrying a wisp of anxiousness.

“Young Master, if it’s possible, please help him. The test this time is related to his son’s future, and it’s a matter of great importance. If it wasn’t like this, he wouldn’t come and disturb Young Master.” Master Yu spoke from the side.

“Exactly, so long as Young Master is willing to help, then I’ll agree to any condition you have!” Wu Yuan spoke while gritting his teeth. As the administrator of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, he naturally had the confidence to speak these words.

Chen Xi was moved, and he said, “You’ll agree to any condition?”

Wu Yuan knew he had a chance when he heard this, and he hurriedly said, “Of course. So long as it’s a treasure possessed by my Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, then Young Master can choose them freely.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “I do have another piece of Azuresoul Divinejade, but…”

“Good, that’s good!” Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, Wu Yuan revealed an expression of delight as he walked forward to pull on Chen Xi’s arm, and he said as he walked out of the room, “Young Master, please allow us to talk as we move because there isn’t much time left.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw that besides an expression of delight, there wasn’t a trace of unusualness in Wu Yuan’s expression. But Chen Xi was still extremely vigilant in his heart.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected occurred all along the way. Under Wu Yuan’s lead, they quickly arrived at a gorgeous and magnificent hall. 

The hall was empty, bright, and grand. There was only a table polished from crystal at the center of the hall, and there was a white clothed young man behind the table.

His long hair hung loosely on his shoulder, and his appearance was rather handsome. However, his expression was slightly stiff while he sat there on the chair before the table and stared blankly, and he seemed to be dazed.

At the seat of the host in the hall was an old man with a withered figure that wore green robes and a black colored round hat, and he maintained an emotionless expression while he sat with his eyes closed. Even though he didn’t say a word, he emanated a frightening aura.

The atmosphere in the hall was extremely oppressive.

“Father, you’ve come. Have you brought the Azuresoul Divinejade?” The white clothed young man heard the sound of footsteps and jumped up as he spoke anxiously, and his eyes were actually filled with strings of scarlet red blood while the space between his brows were covered in exhaustion.

Obviously, he was Wu Yuan’s son, Wu Xun.

“I’ve brought it, I’ve brought it. Calm and prepare yourself. This is your last chance. You must grab it no matter what.” As he spoke, Wu Yuan turned around to look at Chen Xi as he said, “Young Master, I’m counting on you.”

Chen Xi nodded and withdrew another palm sized piece of Azuresoul Divinejade before he said, “Administrator Wu, remember the conditions you promised me.”

Wu Yuan nodded repeatedly as he passed the Azuresoul Divinejade to Wu Xun, and then he cupped his hands towards the emaciated old man that sat at the seat of the host. “Senior Xuan Yun, we’ll be troubling you.”

The eyelids of the old man called Xuan Yun lifted to reveal eyes that surged with divine light, and he said indifferently, “If he’s unable to succeed this time, then don’t blame me for not trying.”

Wu Yuan hurriedly nodded and said, “I understand, I understand.”

“Begin.” Xuan Yun waved his hand before he closed his eyes once more.

The white clothed Wu Xun took a deep breath before sitting upright before the table once more, and he placed the piece of Azuresoul Divinejade before his eyes. He lifted up the talisman brush and waved the wolf fur on it as he started to draw energetically on the piece of jade.

Hiss! Hiss!Strands of divine light sprayed out from the tip of the brush and transformed into profound talisman markings that wound on the surface of the clean and level Azuresoul Divinejade.

When he saw this, Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from moving forward and carefully sizing up Wu Xun’s actions.

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