Chapter 1035 – Avoided Safely

The old man was called Yu Yan, and they called him Master Yu. He was the most qualified appraiser in Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and practically more than half of the appraisers in the Treasure Exchange Hall were his disciples or the disciples of his disciples, so the height of his prestige was obvious.

Logically speaking, such a figure ought to be sitting behind the scenes and enjoying a time of leisure, yet Master Yu still arrived at the Treasure Exchange Hall early in the morning every single day, and he’d honored his duty for five hundred years without wavering in the slightest.

Perhaps it was easy to persist for a few years yet persisting every single day for an entire five hundred years was enough to arouse admiration in the hearts of all.

Even an ordinary thing had become extraordinary.

If one was able to  immerse one’s self into any job and persist to the point it became a part of one’s existence, then it was something worthy of pride and respect.

Chen Xi didn’t know about Master Yu Yan, yet he was able to sense a tranquil force from Master Yu. It was something that was tempered through the baptism of countless years, allowing one to calm one’s aura, and this caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but exclaim with admiration in his heart that the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was really extraordinary.

Merely this old man was sufficient to become a ‘specialty’ of the store.

“Senior, this is the immortal material I wish to exchange, please take a look.” Chen Xi casually withdrew a palm sized jade that was suffused with azure divine radiance, and he passed it over with both hands while not daring to be disrespectful in the slightest.

“Oh?” Master Yu seemed to have never expected that this young man before him had actually come to exchange a extreme-stage immortal material, and he couldn’t help but be stunned. But when his gaze descended onto this piece of jade, his calm eyes suddenly erupted with a wisp of extraordinary splendor.

He stretched out his hand to receive it and sized it up carefully. Along with the passage of time, his expression that was originally calm like the surface of water gradually became excited while his appearance was like an art lover who was observing a peerless painting, and he was silent for a very long time.

The nearby appraisers revealed a wisp of curious expressions when they saw this. In these past few years, the amount of people that came to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion to exchange extreme-stage immortal materials had become scarce, thus it was very rare for them to witness Master Yu personally appraising a treasure.

After all, the five stages of immortal materials, low, mid, high, extreme, and king corresponded to the grades of Immortal Artifacts that was ordinary, Darkspirit, Cosmic, Valiant, and Void.

Extreme-stage immortal materials were rare and precious treasures utilized to refine Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts, and they were rare even in the Immortal Dimension. These immortal materials could only be chanced upon by luck, so even if someone obtained one, they would absolutely not sell it away unless they had no other choice.

So when they saw Master Yu reveal such an expression, all the appraisers were curious. Most importantly, never had they imagined that this young man who possessed a low cultivation and an ordinary and sedate appearance would actually be able to produce that even moved Master Yu to the extreme.

For a time, the gazes of everyone in the hall descended onto Master Yu and Chen Xi, and they were curious, surprised, and so on and so forth.

“Lord Sun Hong, there seems to be a change in the situation.” On the seats for guests, one of the young men spoke via voice transmission in a low voice.

“Let’s observe for a while longer.” The grey robed middle aged man frowned. He had similarly not expected the young man to actually be able to produce an extreme-stage immortal material and not the mid-stage immortal material, Azuresoul Sourcerocks, that he expected.

This had slightly exceeded his expectations. But he still refused to give up and decided to observe a while longer before he made a further decision.

“How rare! It’s truly rare that an Azuresoul Divinejade is of such superb quality. I haven’t seen one in a very long time.” After a long time, Master Yu sighed emotionally in a low voice.

What!? One of the five precious immortal treasures, the Azuresoul Divinejade?

The other appraisers were stunned when they heard this, and they revealed a wisp of shock from their eyes. As appraisers, they were very clearly aware that there was a difference in quality of extreme-stage immortal materials, whereas Azuresoul Divinejade, Dragonbeard Immortal Spring, Auspicious Spirit Silver, Moonlight Dew, and Truesoul Brilliantwood were the rarest five types of precious treasures, and it was frequently said that all treasures could be found with ease except the five precious treasures.

The Azuresoul Divinejade was already extremely rare, yet not it had been personally appraised as being of superb quality by Master Yu himself, so its value far exceeded other extreme-stage immortal materials.

When they heard this name, even the grey robed middle aged man and the others were stunned. Azuresoul Divinejade! That’s one of the most superb immortal materials to refine Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts. The most precious part of it is that its core is capable of condensing the soul, and only a single drop is able to completely heal a heavily injured soul!

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. If it wasn’t for the sake of dispelling the suspicion of the grey robed middle aged man’s group, he would absolutely not produce this piece of Azuresoul Divinejade because he’d come to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion this time merely for the sake of selling some Azuresoul Sourcerocks, and he’d never thought of selling the Azuresoul Divinejade.

Even though the Azuresoul Divinejade before him now was merely a small piece he cut off from the large piece he possessed, it was a precious treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck after all. Moreover, it was one of the immortal materials that could be refined into Divine Talismans, so how could he have the heart to sell it off?

But now, he could only act in this way.

“This treasure is of great value. Young Master, please follow me to a private room for discussion.” Master Yu suddenly stood up and invited Chen Xi.

“Of course.” This invitation conformed completely with Chen Xi’s intention, so he immediately followed behind Master Yu and moved through the side door of the hall before vanishing in next to no time.

“Lord Sun Hong, what should we do?” This sudden scene caused the two young men to be stunned, and they were slightly at a loss for what to do.

The grey robed middle aged man, Sun Hong, frowned and pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “This is troublesome indeed. Forget it, we’ll stay outside for now and make a move after that kid leaves the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.”

The two young men glanced at each other before they nodded.

“Eh, isn’t this the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s Commander Sun Hong?” Right at this moment, two figures walked in the hall from outside. The person in the lead wore a violetgold colored robe, and he was a dignified middle aged man with hair that was coiled into a bun and three strands of beard that hung beneath his chin. He was slightly stunned when he saw the grey robed middle aged man, and then he walked in while laughing loudly.

“Fellow Daoist Zichun?” The grey robed middle aged man was slightly surprised because he never imagined that he would encounter this person here. The middle aged man was called Zichun, and he was the Third Elder of the Cloudray Sect that possessed a cultivation at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Moreover, he was one of the eminent figures in Cloudray City.

But Sun Hong’s relationship with Zichun wasn’t very good, so they engaged in brief small talk before he said while seeming to be lost in thought, “Fellow Daoist Zichun, could it be that you came to the Treasure Exchange Hall to sell off some treasures?”

Zhang Zichun shook his head and glanced at Sun Hong while a gaze that seemed to contain deep meaning as he said, “My target is actually the same as Commander Sun Hong.”

“Oh.” Sun Hong’s gaze was deep as he said, “You’re here for that little fellow as well?”

Zhang Zichun nodded and pointed at a young man by his side as he said, “Exactly, this useless disciple of mine was defeated in a restaurant yesterday. His opponent’s combat strength was extraordinary yet was only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. I thought about it carefully, and I recalled that such a formidable figure didn’t exist in the entirety of Cloudray City, so I suspect that kid is the villain the Immortal Monarch’s Estate wishes to apprehend, Chen Xi.”

The young man that was pointed at by Zhang Zichun had brown hair, and he was tall and thin. It was exactly the young disciple from the Cloudray Sect, Zhao Cheng, who was renowned as one of the seven great experts on the Continental Ascensio Rankings of Eastern Peace Continent.

Sun Hong glanced at Zhao Cheng with surprise and said while his expression remained unchanged, “So in this way, Fellow Daoist Zichun has already locked onto your target?”

“Haha, Commander Sun Hong, haven’t you noticed a long time ago as well?” Zhang Zichun smiled while he cursed in his heart instead. You sly old fox, you’re still putting on an act now?

Looks like that kid from before is Chen Xi! Sun Hong thought in his heart, yet he sighed instead. “I’m unable to pass judgment on this. Not to mention that kid has already been invited into a private room of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and I don’t dare to trespass there to investigate.”

“He was invited into a private room?” Zhang Zichun’s brows raised as he said, “Could it be that something unexpected occurred?”

Sun Hong shrugged and said, “It’s very simple, that kid sold a piece of Azuresoul Divinejade.”

Azuresoul Divinejade!

When he heard this name, even Zhang Zichun couldn’t avoid being stunned, and he stared blankly for a long time before he sighed with emotion. “That’s a great treasure! No wonder, no wonder!”

Sun Hong grinned as he glanced deeply at Zhang Zichun and said, “If Fellow Daoist Zichun has the desire, you can probably obtain some Azuresoul Divinejade from that kid when he leaves. According to my observation, that Azuresoul Divinejade had clearly distinguished corners, and its corners were smooth like the surface of mirrors. Obviously, it was a piece that had been cut off.”

Zhang Zichun was shocked in his heart while a wisp of burning greed suddenly flashed in the depths of his eyes, and then he laughed while his expression remained unchanged. “Haha! If it’s really like that, then it couldn’t be any better.”

Sun Hong smiled before he cupped his hands and bid his farewells, and then he turned around and left with the two young men.

“Master, why have the members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate left?” The nearby Zhao Cheng asked with a low voice.

Zhang Zichun’s expression had recovered its calm, and he couldn’t help but grunt coldly when he heard this. “Left? That Sun Hong is the most loyal dog under the command of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao, and he possesses an acute sense of smell. So long as it’s a target that he set his sights on, he’ll absolutely not let go.”

Zhao Cheng was astounded in his heart as he never expected that his Master would actually call Sun Hong a dog.

“Come, let’s leave as well. That fellow Sun Hong is probably intending to make me go against that kid so that he can gain reap the rewards. Hmph! How could there be such an easy thing in the world?” Zhang Zichun shook his head before turning around and heading out.

“Master, could it be that we’re just letting it go like this?” Zhao Cheng hurriedly caught up and asked with a slightly unwilling tone.

“Of course not. The Cloudray City is the territory of our Cloudray Sect. Since we’ve locked onto the target, how could we allow another to encroach on the target? Once that kid makes an appearance, I’ll naturally have a way to deal with him.” Zhang Zichun smiled proudly as he walked out with large strides.

Zhao Cheng sighed in his heart when he saw this. “Isn’t it because you’re afraid of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. If it was any other trading company, would there be any need to be so fearful?”

Of course, Zhao Cheng was very clearly aware that the power and influence of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was spread throughout the Immortal Dimension, causing both the members of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate and the higher-ups of the Cloudray Sect to have no choice but to keep away temporarily and not dare cause trouble even if they were clearly aware that their target was here.

At this moment, Chen Xi was sitting within a quiet and elegant room instead, and he was discussing the matter of price for the Azuresoul Divinejade with Master Yu. He was completely unaware that he’d coincidentally safely avoided the pursuit of two forces.

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