Chapter 1034 – Treasure Exchange Hall

Ran Jing’s tone revealed a feeling of confidence in her victory. She firmly believed that the fellow before her eyes was surely Chen Xi, and even if this fellow had changed his appearance, his cultivation and combat strength were impossible to be concealed.

Not to mention in the entirety of Cloudray City, there probably wasn’t a second person at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm that was capable of crushing Zhao Cheng and the others.

I never expected that my luck would be so good this time. Oh, once I defeat this fellow, should I hand him over to the Immortal Monarch’s Estate? I heard the reward includes a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact… Ran Jing was extremely excited in her heart. Actually, she wasn’t interested towards the reward, and she just wanted to defeat Chen Xi and prove she was stronger than him before surpassing him in the rankings of the Continental Ascensio Rankings. It was sufficient just like this.

But right after she finished speaking, a bone piercing icy cold feeling of terror suddenly arose in her heart, and it caused the hairs on her entire body to stand on end.

Ran Jing swiftly raised her heard and saw a pair of icy cold and indifferent eyes that didn’t contain the slightest warmth or feelings, and they were deep like doors that let to the Netherworld and seemed to intend to swallow her soul.

“What…what do you intend to do?” This sort of feeling caused Ran Jing to be shocked while her entire body felt as if it had fallen into an icy pit, and it was oppressive to the point it felt extremely uncomfortable. Her gaze inadvertently surged with a wisp of dense vigilance, and she was completely unaware that her countenance had already become ghastly pale.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further before he withdrew his gaze, turned around, and left.

“You…” Ran Jing was about to follow him, but when she recalled Chen Xi’s icy cold, indifferent, and completely emotionless gaze, she couldn’t help but shudder and instantly stop moving.

It felt as if Chen Xi would kill her without the slightest hesitation if she dared to speak another word. Moreover, she would be utterly unable to stop the descent of death.

She stood before the stairways while staring blankly at the disappearing tall figure, and she only returned to her senses after a long time. She couldn’t help but let out a long sigh as she muttered. That was too terrifying! That fellow has surely killed countless people, otherwise it would be utterly impossible to possess such a frightening gaze…

She hesitated for a long time before Ran Jing finally gave up any thoughts of going against Chen Xi.

She was able to sense the meaning within his gaze before he left. It was a type or warning and a soundless threat, and she didn’t dare disregard it.

“Dammit! Do you think you’re very strong? Just you wait! I’ll surely surpass you in the Continental Ascensio Rankings!” Ran Jing took a deep breath and tried her best to calm the surging waves in her heart as she gnashed her teeth with hatred.


The veil of night descended.

Chen Xi found an inn and started to comprehend the energy of the Laws with concentration.

Since he condensed the Laws of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, it allowed his combat strength to attain an unprecedented transformation, and he successfully annihilated Xiong Ming who was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

This sort of splendid combat achievement caused countless people to shrink back at the sight of it. At least amongst those at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, there was rarely anyone who could be a match for him.

But Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied because his opponents were too strong. The weakest, Bing Shitian, possessed a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm, and it caused him to be unable to arouse any feelings of pride and complacency.

Conversely, along with his understanding towards the Immortal Dimension deepened, he was able to even more clearly realize his shortcomings, and this was a sort of haunting feeling of danger that was impossible to eliminate.

All of this came from the Immortal Monarch Lin Hao’s warrant, Bing Shitian, the enemy forces of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension, the Zuoqiu Clan…

He had to become stronger as soon as possible.

There were many paths to become stronger, yet condensing the energy of the Laws was the swiftest for Chen Xi at this moment, and it was the most effective path.

Ordinary Heavenly Immortals had mostly condensed less than three Laws, and those that were capable of condensing three complete Laws could be considered to possess extraordinary attainments. Those that had condensed more than five Laws could already be described as shocking amongst their peers.

Chen Xi had already grasped the Laws off the five elements and practically all the Grand Dao profundities he’d comprehended had attained perfection. So if he condensed all of them into Laws, the combat strength he exerted would absolutely be beyond imagination.

But at that time, it would depend on how terrifying the strength his cultivation was able to exert would be. After all, a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal was restrictive towards the exertion of combat strength in the end.

Om! Om!

In the room, one black and one white, two Grand Dao profundities emerged from his body and transformed into a black dragon and white tiger. They circulated and pursued each other around Chen Xi’s body while forming the strange scene of Yin and Yang blending and tiger and dragon meeting.

These were the Grand Dao profundities of Yin and Yang, and they represented the muddy qi of the universe that rose to form the sky and descended to form the earth. The development of the world was set by Yin and Yang.

At this moment, these two Grand Dao’s were controlled by Chen Xi and gradually tempered by him. They emanated strands of the chanting of the Grand Dao, and it seemed like the sound of ironwork, yet it was so pleasing to the ear like the sound of nature.

Unknowingly, it was already early in the morning.

Chen Xi took a deep breath while the black and white qi that surrounded his body like dragons surged back into his body. Unfortunately, the time I have is too short. It will probably require over a month to condense the Laws of Yin and Yang. Moreover, this inn is rather unsafe. Once I exchange off the Azuresoul Sourcerocks, I’ll buy an abode so that I can enter into closed door cultivation within the world of stars…

Chen Xi shook his head before he stood up, and then he pushed open the door and walked out.

A night of tempering had only condensed the Laws of Yin and Yang by less than 10%, and its effects were very really small. But Chen Xi was very helpless as well because his situation was too dangerous, so he didn’t dare chose to enter into closed door cultivation within the inn. 


Goldwave Immortal Pavilion.

Chen Xi walked in and swept the surroundings with his gaze, and then he couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise in his heart.

The are inside the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was like a completely different world. Nephrite covered the ground while palace lanterns hung high above, and its interior was large with carved beams. It was grand yet didn’t lose a sense of elegance, and it was like a small-scale city.

This was obviously a space that was opened up by extraordinary experts, and it possessed a grand and magnificent style of its own.

Row after row of counters were spread out within it, and beautiful attendants moved about. Even if it was early in the morning, guests flowed like streams of water in the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, and its business was extremely good.

“Welcome to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion. May I know if Young Master desires to purchase treasures or exchange treasures?” A beautiful attendant welcomed Chen Xi in a warm and polite manner, and a professional smile hung on her face.

“I intend to sell some immortal materials,” said Chen Xi.

“Young Master, please follow me.” The beautiful attendant immediately smiled when she heard this, and she led Chen Xi through the hall towards the depths of the pavilion.

In next to no time, they arrived at a place called the ‘Treasure Exchange Hall.’

Counters stood like trees in a forest within it, and there were many appraisers here. But compared to the other places, the guests here were much fewer. After all, if wasn’t urgent, then no one would come over here early in the morning to sell their treasures.

“Young Master, this is the place to exchange your treasures. Please choose the corresponding appraiser based on the stage of your immortal material. I hope you have a pleasurable exchange.” The beautiful attendant bowed before she turned around and left.

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and saw a jade plaque standing before the counter of every single appraiser, and the jade plaques were labeled with the words immortal materials, medicinal pills, puppets, magic treasures, equipment, and so on and so forth.

Every single one of these labels were further divided into various ranks, and they were differentiated in a rather meticulous manner. Corresponding to this was numerous appraisers, and they were at least over a hundred in number.

This obviously showed how deep the resources and reserves of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was because merely these appraisers weren’t something that ordinary stores could possess.

“Keep your eyes peeled!”

“How could that fellow possibly come so early in the morning?”

“Hmph! Don’t forget that it’s an entire Azuresoul Sourcerock mine! Presently, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate is furious, so ordinary stores wouldn’t dare to receive such goods. Only the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion would dare to disregard the authority and power of the Immortal Monarch and disregard the source of the treasures. If I was that kid, I’ll surely chose this place to sell off those goods!”

“But maybe he hasn’t even come to Cloudray City, so what good would waiting here do?”

“That might not be the case. Cloudray City is the closest to the Azuresoul Mine, so it’s extremely likely that he has already entered the city. I heard that someone saw that kid make an appearance before the floating wall of light yesterday.”

“Both of you shut your mouths. Don’t you see that someone has come?” Within the Treasure Exchange Hall was some chairs for guests to rest. At this moment, there was a middle aged man and two young men sitting there while chatting in low voices, and all of them stopped talking and shot their gazes over when they saw Chen Xi enter.

But a wisp of disappointment appeared on the two young men’s faces when they saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly.

Only the grey clothed middle aged man continuously sized up Chen Xi with an imperceptible gaze and a calm expression. But when one looked closely at him, one would be able to notice that a wisp of faint cold scrutiny was surging within the depths of his eyes.

“These bastards really are everywhere…” Chen Xi noticed all of this, and he was clearly aware in his heart that they were most probably waiting for him. He originally intended to turn around and leave, yet he thought for a moment and walked into the hall in the end.

All along the way, Chen Xi revealed a calm and unperturbed expression, and coupled with his ordinary and sedate appearance, he didn’t draw any attention. Moreover, he didn’t stop before the counter labelled mid-stage immortal materials and arrived before a counter at the deepest depths of the hall instead.

The two young men become even more relaxed when they saw this, and they shook their heads weakly.

The grey clothes middle aged man was slightly stunned instead, yet he didn’t stop sizing up and scrutinizing Chen Xi, and he continued to observe Chen Xi in a concealed manner.

“Lord Sun Hong, that kid is obviously not our target. So why are you still wasting your energy to pay attention to him?” A young man couldn’t refrain from asking via voice transmission.

“Don’t you think this kid is very strange? He came to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion early in the morning, and he didn’t pay any attention to us when he saw us here. Moreover, his appearance is ordinary while his cultivation is low, yet he dared to go over to the counter that dealt with extreme-stage immortal materials. He can be said to be filled with questionable points, and perhaps he might be our target.” The grey clothed middle aged man spoke via voice transmission.

“Oh, now that you said that, that kid is very strange indeed.” The young man was stunned, and he pondered carefully and really did find many questionable points.

“Be on guard and don’t give yourself away. Merely these questionable points are already sufficient for us to make a move against him.” The middle aged man seemed to be extremely calm and instructed in an orderly manner. “This is the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion after all. So it wouldn’t be too late for us to make a move against him after he leaves this place.” 

The other two young men nodded imperceptibly when they heard this.

“Young Master, are you sure you intend to transact with extreme-stage immortal materials? Those are precious treasures used to refine Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts.” Meanwhile, a white haired old man that sat behind the counter raised his head to size Chen Xi up with a glance before he asked with an indifferent tone.

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