Chapter 1033 – Driving Back His Enemies

As he stared at the back of Chen Xi’s figure and saw that Chen Xi didn’t have the slightest intention of leaving, Zhao Cheng’s face sank as he said with a calm tone, “Friend, please give me some face and leave.”

Chen Xi turned around with an expressionless face, and the flames of depression that had accumulated in his heart for a long time couldn’t help but surge.

I’m truly too unlucky today!

There were no teleportation formations, then I was reduced to becoming a wanted criminal, and I even had the door shut on my face when I intended to exchange for some immortal materials. Moreover, there’s even a group of fellows looking for trouble with me after I entered a restaurant, and they’re making a ruckus about how to plan their pursuit against me…

Could it be that I really seem to be so easily bullied?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and forcefully calmed down the impulse to go berserk within his heart, and he went silent for a long time before he said, “I just want some silence, so it’s best that you don’t disturb me.”

He really wanted some silence and wasn’t willing to stir up trouble at this moment because he was very worried that some unexpected misfortune would come looking for him once he bashed up these bastards.

But as soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of those young men and woman sank, and they were even more displeased. They were truly unable to understand why a fellow that was ordinary from head to toe would dare to speak with them in such a manner.

“Kid, what did you say just now? I dare you to say it again!” Zhao Cheng frowned, and his face was slightly gloomy.

“Ha! Looks like this kid doesn’t know the rules of Cloudray City and actually dares to speak like that to us. He looked like an inexperienced idiot at first glance.”

“Forget it. Let’s give him another chance because the ignorant are innocent. Making a fuss about it with an idiot will only drag down our status.”

The others crossed their arms before their chests and sneered without end as well.

The female attendants of Immortal Indulgence Restaurant in the surroundings had gone pale, and the gazes they looked at Chen Xi with were slightly complicated. They seemed to take pleasure in his misfortune yet seemed to pity him at the same time, but the strongest expression in their eyes was bewilderment and wonder.

They were indeed unable to understand, and they felt Chen Xi was an idiot. Could it be he doesn’t know that these young men and woman present here are the outstanding disciples of the various great powers in Cloudray City? Moreover, four of them are existences that are ranked on the Continent Ascensio Rankings!

He isn’t leaving now but staying here like an idiot instead. This is simply no different than courting his own death!

“Kid, could it be that you really want us to invite you out?” When they saw Chen Xi sitting there without moving and remaining indifferent to all of them, Zhao Cheng’s brows knit together even more tightly, and his voice carried an angry and threatening tone.

“What waste your breath on this fellow? Just throw him onto the streets.” Huang Tianhu who had the most explosive temper strode forward, and his entire body was suffused with a cold aura.

Zhao Cheng raised his head slightly and glanced at Huang Tianhu before he said, “Tianhu, this is the Immortal Indulgence Pavilion, so don’t go too far.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll surely throw this kid out in one piece.” Huang Tianhu sneered before swiftly moving over to stand before Chen Xi’s table, and his palms opened up like dustpans that surged with icy cold Immortal Force as he grabbed towards Chen Xi’s shoulders.

“Ignorant little fellow. Allow this Young Master to teach you the consequences of failing to appreciate someone’s kindness today!” His palms grabbed down with a ferocious impetus. Even though he said he wouldn’t harm Chen Xi, but under the force of this strike, any other person would surely face the consequence of having his shoulders shattered.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi suddenly raised his hand while a pair of flames surged within his indifferent eyes, whereas his hand had suddenly stretched out like iron chain that lay across a river, and he grabbed onto Huang Tianhu’s right wrist before swinging lightly, causing Huang Tianhu’s robust figure to be directly thrown out the window.

“AH!!!” Huang Tianhu’s face turned grim, and he intended to swiftly readjust his figure before charging back at Chen Xi. However, he was struck by a light flick of Chen Xi’s finger, causing a strand of force to silently assault him and enter his body, and it sealed up all the vital energy within his body, causing him to seem like a stiff wooden puppet.

In the next moment, a bang resounded as Huang Tianhu fell onto the street outside with his face flat on the ground, and he’d passed out. His entire body was suffused with a layer of ice, and it was caused by the strand of the Laws of Water that was contained within Chen Xi’s strike and had sealed up the vital energy in his body.

On the second floor of the restaurant, the expressions of Zhao Cheng and the others turned grim because Huang Tianhu had actually been tossed out and passed out from falling. 

How could this be possible?

Amongst all of them, Huang Tianhu had a cultivation at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he’d condensed two Laws. Moreover, his rankings on the Continental Ascensio Rankings were merely slightly lower than Zhao Cheng and Ren Yue’er.

But this fellow that was extremely ordinary in appearance, dressing, and cultivation had actually instantly blasted Huang Tianhu flying, and this was simply like a scene from a nightmare.

“Who exactly are you? If you still don’t reveal your name, then don’t blame us for being rude!” Zhao Cheng spoke in a low voice while his expression was extremely gloomy. He knew very well that someone who could defeat Huang Tianhu so easily was absolutely not an ordinary figure.

The others revealed hostile expressions as well.

“Fuck off!” Once he made a move, Chen Xi was clearly aware that it was probably impossible to end the incident peacefully today. So in the next moment, he’s stood up while his gaze that was like a bolt of lightning swept coldly past Zhao Cheng and the others.

Fuck off?

When these mere two words entered into the ears of Zhao Cheng and the others, it was no different than getting slapped to the face because did anyone in Cloudray City dare to speak like this to them in the past?


“Bash him up!”

Zhao Cheng and the others exchanged glances before they shouted successively, and they called out to their companions as they attacked fiercely.

Sure enough, I’m unable to escape the annoyance of these flies this time… Chen Xi laughed with self-ridicule while the ill feelings in his heart that had been accumulated throughout the day transformed completely into battle intent that surged out of his body. In an instant, Chen Xi seemed to have become a different person, and he was like a peerless weapon of slaughter that had bathed in the blood of countless people and was unsheathed at this moment!


He took a step forward, causing a seemingly material force field to carry killing intent that was violent and vast like an ocean as it stretched out and swept towards the surroundings.

Zhao Cheng and the others who were the first to bear the brunt of it felt as if they were hit by a myriad of mountains, causing their bodies to tremble abruptly while they stopped in their tracks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded as all of them were blasted flying. They spat out mouthfuls of blood while they lay scattered on the floor, and they’d smashed apart countless tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Some of them with weak cultivations lay weakly on the ground while bleeding from all their seven apertures, and they’d passed out. 

Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation!

This was a peak-grade Dao Art that came from the Allheaven Truth, and now that it was utilized by Chen Xi with the Laws of the five elements and coupled with his peerlessly thick Immortal Force, it was sufficient to sweep through all opponents at the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Even the Mysterious Immortal Xiong Ming who relied on a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact had been killed by Chen Xi, let alone these young men and woman that were only around the Heavenly Immortal Realm?

After all is said and done, these fellows were courting death by looking for trouble with Chen Xi who’d been enduring all along and keeping a low profile, so they deserved to be bashed up.


Chen Xi took another step forward, causing strong winds to whistle as they stretched out, and terrifying energy of the Laws that carried killing intent swept out like a shapeless tempest that blasted through the world.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Zhao Cheng and the others felt their minds buzz while golden stars moved about randomly before their eyes. All of them spat out a mouthful of blood while their countenances had become pale as sheets, and they were shocked to the extreme.

Who exactly is this fellow? He was actually able to easily defeat all of us with a mere two steps. He’s so unfathomable. Could it be that he’s a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert?

“Friend, no, Senior…” Zhao Cheng hurriedly called out with a terrified expression, and he knew that he’d bit off more than he could chew this time and intended to quickly remedy the situation.

“Guest… Guest, please calm your rage.” The nearby female attendants of the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant were terrified to the point their beautiful faces turned pale, and when they saw Chen Xi actually didn’t intend to let those rather famous young men and women from Cloudray City off, they hurriedly shouted loudly to plead for mercy on the behalf of Zhao Cheng and the others. 

It couldn’t be helped, if Zhao Cheng and the others were to suffer any mishaps in the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant, then all of them would probably be unable to avoid being implicated as well.

Chen Xi stopped moving and glanced coldly at those young men and women with an indifferent gaze, and then his gaze descended onto those attendants in the end while a wisp of ridicule suffused the corners of his mouth. “If it was I who lost, would all of you plead for mercy on my behalf?” 

All the attendants were instantly stunned while their expressions changed indeterminately because Chen Xi’s words caused them to be speechless.

“They aren’t aware of Young Master’s identity, so they naturally don’t dare to make any decisions on their own. I hope that Young Master can let them off.” At this moment, a beautiful figure walked in from the entrance of the second floor. This was a gorgeous woman with snow white skin and a hot and seductive figure. Every single move she made carried a hasty, bold, and unrestrained feeling.

As soon as she walked into the second floor and saw the ground covered in a mess while Zhao Cheng and the others sat on the ground with blood stained clothes, her beautiful brows couldn’t help but raise.

“Senior Sister Ran Jing!”

“Senior Sister Ran Jing, you’ve come just at the right time. This fellow is domineering, arrogant, and acts willfully, and he beat all of us up. You must uphold justice for all of us.” When Zhao Cheng saw Ran Jing make an appearance, he seemed as if he’d encountered his savior and spoke in a loud voice.

“Exactly. This fellow went too far and regarded the members of our Cloudray Sect as nothing. He’s truly detestable!” The others complained at the same time as well.

“Junior Brother Zhao Cheng, did you ask me to come see this revolting performance all of you put on?” Contrary to Zhao Cheng’s expectations, Ran Jing’s beautiful brows knit together and actually turned to blame him instead, and she scolded him without concealing her rage in the slightest. “You worthless trash! You were beaten up, yet don’t resolve yourself to work harder, and you wail and whine instead. Do you know shame or not? Fuck off! All of you fuck off! Vanish from my sight right now!”

The expressions of Zhao Cheng and the others turned grim, and it was unsightly to the limit.

“Senior Sister Ran Jing, I actually invited you here this time for the sake of discussing how to capture that…” Zhao Cheng hurriedly explained.

However, he was interrupted with a wave of Ran Jing’s hand as she said, “What? You think you’ve grown wings and can fly on your own, so you don’t respect me anymore?”

Zhao Cheng and the others revealed dejected expressions from being berated like this, and they didn’t dare hesitate any longer. All of them got up from the ground with livid expressions before leaving dejectedly.

Chen Xi glanced at Ran Jing with a slightly surprised gaze when he saw this, and then he shook his head and intended to leave.

“Wait!” Ran Jing suddenly flashed to obstruct Chen Xi’s path.

Chen Xi frowned and said, “What else do you want?”

Ran Jing’s beautiful eyes stared right at Chen Xi while her red lips opened lightly, and she said abruptly, “Chen Xi?”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned before he came to an understanding that this woman was probing his identity. So he immediately said without a change in his voice or expression, “Miss, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong person. If there’s nothing else, then please move aside.”

Ran Jing didn’t back down in the slightest instead, and she started at Chen Xi and spoke while seeming to be lost in thought. “A cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, yet you were able to defeat my Junior Brother and those young geniuses of Cloudray City. Moreover, your appearance is so unfamiliar. Obviously, you aren’t someone from Cloudray City. If you aren’t Chen Xi, then who could you be?”

Chen Xi frowned while a wisp of vigilance arose in his heart instead, and he said, “If I’m Chen Xi, I would have probably killed you a long time ago.”

As he spoke, he turned around with the intention of leaving.

This time, Ran Jing didn’t stop him but followed him instead, and she said with a chuckle, “If you still don’t admit it, then I’ll scream your name.”

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