Chapter 1032 – Goldwave Immortal Pavilion

There was actually no teleportation formation in Cloudray City!

After Chen Xi asked about in the city for some time, he came to a single conclusion, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly depressed.

Especially depressing to him was that his path was obstructed in an alley earlier, and if he didn’t notice something was off and fled beforehand, he would have almost been surrounded by an entire group.

Later on, he found out that Immortal Monarch Lin Hao had issued a warrant for him in the entire Eastern Peace Continent, and the reward for him was rather generous.

In other words, Chen Xi had become a public target now, and he was absolutely someone that would be chased after as soon as he was noticed.

In his helplessness, Chen Xi could only change his appearance to avoid a great deal of trouble.

Presently, he took the image of a young man with an ordinary appearance and sedate bearing, and he was so ordinary that he wouldn’t cause a ripple when thrown into a crowd.

Unfortunately, this sort of disguise can only deceive ordinary figures. Once I encounter some experts that possesses special Immortal Techniques or Divine Abilities, then they’ll probably be able to see through my disguise. Chen Xi walked on the bustling and streaming streets while he frowned without end and being unable to find a teleportation formation and being reduced to a wanted criminal caused the situation he was in to not be promising.

According to his understanding, only two cities in Eastern Peace Continent possessed teleportation formations that were connected to other continents, and one of them was Phoenix Nest City, the place the Immortal Monarch’s Estate resided, so it was directly ignored by Chen Xi.

The other was situated in Spirit Radiance City, but it was an entire five million kilometers away from Cloudray City. If it was in the Mortal Dimension, then this little bit of distance was naturally unable to pose any difficulty to Chen Xi, and he would be able to teleport over in an instant.

But this was the Immortal Dimension, and only Golden Immortals could move freely through space. Those beneath the Golden Immortal Realm could only utilize magic treasures or execute movement techniques to carry out their journey.

Most importantly, Chen Xi suspected that a large number of troops were set up in Spirit Radiance City a long time ago, and they were just waiting for him to leap into their trap.

It was very simple. Immortal Monarch Lin Hao would have surely guessed that if he wanted to escape with his current strength, the only way would be to leave Eastern Peace Continent. There was no other way besides this.

It could be said that so long as they stood on guard at Phoenix Rest City and Spirit Radiance City, Chen Xi would be like a fish in a net, a turtle in a jar. Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi’s situation would grow more and more dangerous.

They really intend to do all they can to kill me… Immortal Monarch Lin Hao, no matter who sent you to go against me, Chen Xi, I’ll get even with you one day! Chen Xi resolved in his heart. No one would be able to accept being pursued as a wanted criminal as soon as they entered the Immortal Dimension.

Unknowingly, Chen Xi had arrived before an extremely grand pavilion that was completely constructed from jade. It towered into the skies and was suffused with a faint cloudy glow.

Compared to the buildings in the surroundings, this pavilion was like a crane amongst chickens, and it was especially striking.

Three ancient and large words ‘Goldwave Immortal Pavilion’ were written on the plaque on the building. The strokes of these words were heavy, powerful, and winding. Just a glance from afar caused a heavy and lofty aura to assault one’s face.

What a formidable soul brand! Even though it’s merely a strand, it’s actually heavy like a mountain and seems to be impenetrable. The cultivation of the person that wrote on this plaque is probably at the Golden Immortal Realm or above! Chen Xi was stunned, and he praised endlessly in his heart. Merely this plaque allowed him to discern how extraordinary the resources and reserves of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was. 

Without any further hesitation, Chen Xi walked in immediately.

According to the information he obtained earlier, the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion was a large trading company that was spread throughout the Immortal Dimension, and practically a quarter of the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension had a store that belonged to it.

It could be said to have bloomed all over, and it was extremely wealthy.

The Goldwave Immortal Pavilion didn’t just deal in various precious immortal treasures, it also dealt in medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, spirit medicine, and various other things that were required by cultivators. It could be said to contain and cover everything.

Chen Xi had come here for the sake of dealing with some of the Azuresoul Sourcerocks in his possession as he wanted to exchange them for some immortal materials that he needed.

But right at the moment before he stepped foot through the entrance of the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, a group of male and female attendants suddenly charged through the door and unrolled a scarlet red carpet from within the pavilion until the area outside the entrance.

During this entire process, those guests that intended to enter the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion like Chen Xi were naturally blocked out to the side. But they didn’t say anything because merely the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion’s reputation caused them to not dare cause any trouble.

After that, all of these attendants split up into two rows and stood solemnly and respectfully at the sides of the red carpet, and they actually seemed as if they were greeting the arrival of a great figure.

“I’m sorry everyone. There’s a distinguished guest arriving at my Goldwave Immortal Pavilion today, so I hope everyone can forgive us and come back tomorrow.” A middle aged man that seemed like a manager cupped his fists towards the surroundings and spoke with a warm voice.

“We understand, we understand. But Manager Lion, your Goldwave Immortal Pavilion will probably be losing a few tens of thousands of Immortal Stones by closing for a single day, right?” A guest joked.

Manager Liao smiled slightly yet didn’t speak any further.

“Manager Liao, may I ask which distinguished guest is arriving to actually make you personally come to welcome his arrival?” Someone else asked curiously.

Manager Liao smiled again when facing this question, and he didn’t answer it.

In this way, it caused all those guests that were frequent patrons of Goldwave Immortal Pavilion to be even more curious. According to their knowledge, Manager Liao might not even personally welcome the arrival of the Cloudray Sect’s Master.

But now, he’d actually mobilized so many attendants and made preparation to welcome this distinguished guest, and this caused everyone to be curious. Could it be that it’s a distinguished guest at the Golden Immortal Realm?

Chen Xi felt even more depressed when facing this situation, and he felt that his luck today seemed to be extremely horrible.

First, he was unable to find a teleportation formation, then he was pursued as a criminal. Now, he was just intending to make an exchange for some immortal materials yet had the door shut upon his face and was told that they were closing for the day. How could he not feel depressed?

Chen Xi shook his head, and then he turned around and left. As for the identity of the person that was about to arrive at Goldwave Immortal Pavilion, he couldn’t be bothered to find out, let alone have any interest towards it. 


Immortal Indulgence Restaurant.

The second floor.

Chen Xi ordered some dishes before pouring himself a cup of wine and drinking it. He recalled everything he’d encountered today, and he couldn’t help but feel slight suspicion. Could it be that my luck instantly started to become bad once Bai Kui left my side?

Even if he disregarded everything he experienced in Cloudray City today and carefully thought about everything that had happened since he entered the Immortal Dimension, Chen Xi actually noticed that he hadn’t encountered a single good incident!

Alas, I can only wait for tomorrow to make another trip to the Goldwave Immortal Pavilion… Chen Xi shook his head and was staring blankly through the window as he pondered deeply.

The Immortal Indulgence Restaurant was a name that was chosen with extremely poor taste because it was a name that was used throughout the Mortal Dimension, and it seemed as if it couldn’t be proved to be a restaurant without utilizing this name.

But in Cloudray City, even though the name of the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant was in poor taste, it was a first-rate restaurant. Guests that were capable of enjoying themselves here were nobles that wore exquisite clothes and behaved in a becoming manner. So it caused Chen Xi to not fit in. 

At this moment, he was all alone while his appearance had become extremely ordinary and sedate. Because he was too ordinary in appearance, it caused him to seem slightly shabby instead.

But Chen Xi didn’t care, and he was feeling depressed in his heart, so how could he care about these minor details?

At this moment, a group of figures appeared at the end of the stairways. It was a group of well-dressed young men and women, and the men possessed imposing appearances while the women were gorgeous.

Half of them emanated strong fluctuations of Immortal Force, and they seemed to possess extraordinary cultivations.

“Is that the Huang Clan’s Eldest Son, Huang Tianhu?”

“The Ren Clan’s Ren Yue’er, the Guo Clan’s Guo Yu…”

The outstanding disciple of the Cloudray Sect, Zhao Cheng, is here as well. My god! Four out of the seven great Ascension experts of our Cloudray City are here!”

The guests on the second floor whispered in discussion. Obviously, they’d recognized the origins of this group of young people and were extremely surprised.

Chen Xi glanced casually at them, and he withdrew his gaze and fell once more into a state of deep contemplation when he saw it was only a group of young Heavenly Immortals.

This group of three men and one woman had condensed the energy of the Laws, and they could be considered to possess extraordinary strength amongst their peers. But in Chen Xi’s eyes, they were merely not bad and weren’t really worthy of his attention.

After a short moment, this group of people sat down together, and they conversed loudly, causing the people in the surroundings to look over successively and make them the center of attention.

Amongst the people in this group, a young man with brown hair sat at the center. He had white skin and a pair of eyes that were fine, long, and slanted upwards. His entire body emanated a dense and icy cold aura. The people in the surroundings looked at him with a gaze that carried a trace of respect.

“Brother Zhao Cheng, why exactly have you called all of us over this time?” After they finished engaging in small talk, a young man couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

The others went silent successively as they looked at the brown haired young man.

The brown haired young man called Zhao Cheng’s dense brows raised before he said, “Could it be that all of you haven’t heard? An unfamiliar name appeared on the floating wall of light today, and his ranking actually surpassed Senior Sister Ran Jing. According to my knowledge, it’s very likely that this kid is the villain wanted by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate.”

“You’re speaking about that Chen Xi?” asked the nearby young woman. She wore sky blue palace clothes, and she possessed a hot body, fine brows, cherry lips, and a rather beautiful appearance. Her name was Ren Yue’er, and she was from the Cloudray City’s Ren Clan.

“Exactly!”  Zhao Cheng nodded while his expression turned cold and grim. “Hmph! That bastard just ascended into the Immortal Dimension and has already dared to cause trouble here. I heard that he has already made an appearance in Cloudray City, and this just happens to be the best opportunity to capture him!”

“Zhao Cheng, you wouldn’t have called us over here to capture Chen Xi, right?” Another one of the young men said with shock, “He killed a Mysterious Immortal. Now, he’s even ranked at the 137th position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings. He far exceeds us in rankings, so if we…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Zhao Cheng who revealed a gloomy expression. “Guo Yu, leave right now if you’re scared!”

Guo Yu’s expression changed and he was slightly embarrassed.

Ren Yue’er hurriedly mediated from the side. “Alright, since Senior Brother Zhao Cheng has said this, he has surely made complete preparations. Why don’t we listen to his arrangement first before we make a decision?”

Guo Yu grunted coldly, and he still left in the end.

Zhao Cheng’s expression eased up when he saw this, and he swept the surroundings with his gaze before he stood abruptly and said, “I’m the Cloudray Sect’s Zhao Cheng, and I intend to discuss an important matter with my friends, so I want to occupy the area on the second floor of this restaurant. Everyone, please leave right now, and you can leave your bills to me.”

All the guests on the second floor stood up successively when they heard this and left without the slightest hesitation. There were even some people that gave their regards to Zhao Cheng and the others, and they didn’t feel the slightest displeasure.

After a short moment, besides Zhao Cheng and the others, the entire second floor was empty as most of the guests had left. Only Chen Xi still sat upright by the window at a corner, and he was staring blankly out of the window.

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