Chapter 1031 – Warrant

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw his rankings clearly, and a strange expression could be faintly noticed on the corners of his mouth. He seemed to be surprised and puzzled.

But in the end, he smiled as he shook his head before turning around and leaving.

He intended to obtain information about teleporting between continents. At the same time, he wanted to sell off some of the Azuresoul Sourcerocks in his possession and see if it could be exchanged for some immortal materials used to improve the Talisman Armament.

Not long after Chen Xi left, an immortal that stood before the floating wall of light suddenly cried out. “Eh, quickly take a look at that name. It’s rising so swiftly!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the attention of everyone was instantly drawn over, and they shot their gazes over. Sure enough, they saw that a dazzling golden light at the bottom of the wall was rising swiftly, and it left name after name behind it.

“My god! This name seems to have not been amongst the top 1,000. I’ve studied our Eastern Peace Continent’s Ascensio Rankings for countless years, and I’ve never seen this name in the past!”

“Chen Xi? Who’s this fellow? Which sect is he from?”

“My god! He has ascended to the top 500!”

This scene caused the surrounding crowd to be instantly thrown into an uproar, and they stared with their eyes wide open at the golden light that rose without end. Their gazes carried a wisp of surprise and bewilderment because this name was too unfamiliar to them.

This was extremely normal because the Eastern Peace Continent was enormous, and it possessed 86,000 cities and a myriad of living beings. Sects stood in it like trees in a forest while experts were like the clouds in the sky. Moreover, Cloudray City was merely one of the cities in the continent.

Not to mention that the matter of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao issuing a warrant for Chen Xi was something that only the experts subordinate to the Immortal Monarch knew about. So it was within reason that Chen Xi’s name was unfamiliar to them.

Unfamiliarity also implied the unknown.

All the immortals present before the wall had grown up in the continent, and they were very clearly aware that amongst those 1,000 experts on the Continent Ascensio Rankings, practically all of them were disciples from the various powers. There were very rarely any independent cultivators or unfamiliar people that appeared on it.

For example, Lin Xinghun who was ranked at the first was from the Immortal Monarch’s Estate. The second, Yuwen Chong, was from an ancient clan of the Eastern Peace Continent, the Yuwen Clan, and so on and so forth.

Now, an unfamiliar name had actually appeared on the ranking, and not only had that name charged into the top 1,000 rankings, it had charged into the top 500 in the short time of a few breaths. How could this not be shocking?

“What do all of you think this Chen Xi’s final ranking will be?”

“Who knows? He has already entered the top 300, and based on the manner it’s rising, it actually shows no sign of stopping at all. I’m truly unable to imagine exactly what position his name will be able to rise to.”

“Strange, truly strange. Could it be that another matchless genius has appeared in one of the great powers in Eastern Peace Continent? Why have I never heard of this name?”

“How many years has it been, an unfamiliar name has finally appeared! This is a rare and grand event, and perhaps we’ll even be able to witness a miracle today!”

Everyone discussed with low voices and fascinated expressions on their faces.

Along with the passage of time, the golden light that represented Chen Xi’s name was still rising at a steady speed. Everyone couldn’t help but be excited, dazed, and bewildered before all of this transformed into shock and speechlessness.

The originally bustling atmosphere actually instantly became silent, perfectly silent.

The gazes of everyone stared fixedly at the wisp of rising golden light, and they held their breaths in concentration as if they were gamblers that were looking with eager eyes for the results to be revealed.

In the end, this name stopped at the 137th ranking.

This position just happened to be above Immortal Ran Jing that was the center of attention earlier…

When they saw this, the originally deathly silent atmosphere erupted into an uproar, and a wave of bustling noise charged into the sky.

“The 137th! He actually instantly defeated over 800 people on the rankings!”

“Fuck! Am I fucking seeing things? Immortal Ran Jing was ranked at the 338th earlier, and it was only today that she charged into the 138th position.”

“Who’s this fellow? He’s simply a shocker.”

“Chen Xi… Could it be that this fellow is a disciple of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate?”

“The Immortal Monarch’s Estate? That’s very much possible. I remember that all those years ago, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate’s Lin Xinghun charged into the top 100 in a single day as well. After that, he experienced ten years of tempering before dominating the first position until now, and it had already been over thirty years since then. Even though this Chen Xi is slightly inferior to Lin Xinghun, he isn’t much inferior.”

“Impossible!” Right at this moment, a beautiful woman with rosy cheeks that was covered in fiery divine mist suddenly walked out from within the crowd to arrive before the floating wall of light. She stared at Chen Xi’s name while her rep lips parted slightly, and she revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Immortal Ran Jing!” The crowd instantly recognized the woman, causing them to enter into an uproar. They seemed to have never imagined that a genius figure that was ranked on the rankings would actually make an appearance here.

Within Cloudray City, the Cloudray Sect was naturally the more famous sect, whereas within Cloudray Sect, Immortal Ran Jing was absolutely one of the most outstanding disciples in the recent years.

Not only did she possess extraordinary natural talent, she’d advanced to the ranks of Mysterious Immortals from the Heavenly Immortal Rank in a mere thirty plus years. Moreover, she was a rather renowned gorgeous beauty in the hearts of countless young men in Cloudray City, so it was impossible for a woman that possessed both cultivation and beauty to not be known by all.

Now, Ran Jing had actually appeared before the floating wall of light, so how could these cultivators be able to restrain themselves. All of them became extremely excited and noisy.

However, Ran Jing seemed to be completely unaware of all of this instead. She stared blankly at the name that was ranked at the 137th position, and her peerlessly beautiful face changed indeterminately for a long time before she suddenly cried out. “Bastard! How can an unknown fellow possibly sit above me!?”

Her voice revealed a wisp of anger and unwillingness.

But when these words entered into the ears of everyone that was present here, it caused them to be stunned before they revealed a slightly strange expression because these words were simply too connotative, and it was too easy to cause others to indulge in a train of thought…

Sit above her? 


Meanwhile, Ran Jing reacted to this as well. But her character was blazing like flames and was rather bold and unrestrained, so she didn’t show any signs of blushing. Only her beautiful eyes swept fiercely past everyone as she said with disdain, “Ptooey! All of you pieces of dirty trash, why don’t all of you sit above me as well if you have the balls!?”

Everyone couldn’t help but glance at each other when they heard this because this request was something they didn’t have the ability to accomplish even if they wanted to!

Ran Jing raised her jade white chin when she saw this, and her proud expression was filled with disdain. She couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to these fellows, and she flipped her long train before turning around with the intention of leaving.

But right at this moment, a wave of shouts that were like thunderclaps suddenly sounded out from the distance. “Move aside! Move aside!” 

Accompanying these voices was a group of guards formed from Heavenly Immortals that descended from the sky, and the person in the lead was a thin young man who wore dark clothes tied up with a loose girdle and possessed a fierce bearing.

“These are the guards of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate. Why have they made an appearance here?”

Some people recognized the identity of these guards, causing shock to arise in their hearts because these guards were the elite forces under the command of the Eastern Peace Continent’s Immortal Monarch. They were at least existences that had condensed the energy of the Laws, and they possessed formidable combat strengths and were famous for their ferocity.

“They have probably come to out Cloudray City to issue the command of the Immortal Monarch. Look, isn’t there a warrant held in the hands of the young man in the lead?” Someone seemed to have faintly guessed something and spoke with surprise.

Sure enough, the dark clothed young man went directly to the back of the floating wall of light. Unlike the front of the wall that recorded the Eastern Peace Continent’s Ascensio Rankings, the back of the wall was completely empty besides for numerous warrants.


The young man opened the warrant in his hand and imprinted it onto the wall, causing a shadow brand to appear on the wall. Surprisingly, it was the lifelike image of a person.

The name of the person, the crimes committed by the person, and the reward was indicated beneath the image.

After he did all of this, the young man led all the guards behind him and left, and they came in a hurry and left in one as well. Obviously, they had to head to other places to issue this warrant.

“A warrant issued by the Immortal Monarch’s Estate? My god! Another fiendish villain wouldn’t have appeared in our Eastern Peace Continent, right?”

The crowd moved forward in unison and looked towards the warrant that was branded on the wall.

“Chen Xi! Ha! This unlucky wanted fellow is actually called Chen Xi as well…” An Immortal noticed the name on the warrant and couldn’t help but explode with laughter, and then his smile froze on his face. This Chen Xi wouldn’t be that Chen Xi, right?

Meanwhile, the others noticed this as well, and all of them were surprised and bewildered.

The warrant stated that Chen Xi who came from the Dark Reverie had ascended into the Immortal Dimension seven days ago, and he’d brutally murdered the person in-charge of the Azuresoul Mine, the Mysterious Immortal Xiong Ming, and four Heavenly Immortals subordinate to Xiong Ming…

Moreover, it stated that Chen Xi was cruel and had committed monstrous crimes. Those who were able to provide information on Chen Xi would be rewarded with 10,000 Immortal Stones, whereas those who were able to capture him would be rewarded with 10,000 Immortal Stones and a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact.

At the bottom of the warrant was the mark of a seal, and it represented the supreme authority of the Eastern Peace Continent’s Immortal Monarch’s Estate.

“An ascender? He killed a Mysterious Immortal? How…how could this be possible?” Someone exclaimed with shock and disbelief.

An ascender was only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and it was utterly impossible to condense the energy of the laws within a short period of seven days. This was something that was publicly acknowledged.

Now, the warrant of the Immortal Monarch’s Estate actually said that an ascender had brutally murdered a Mysterious Immortal. This was naturally extremely difficult for them to accept, causing them to extraordinarily shocked.

“Could this Chen Xi be…that fellow that just appeared on our Eastern Peace Continent’s Ascensio Rankings?” Someone spoke in a weak voice and was slightly unsure.

“This really is possible. But when I think of a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm actually being able to be ranked at the 137th position on the Continental Ascensio Rankings, it’s truly too difficult to accept.”

“Yeah, amongst those that are in the top 1,000, practically all of them are at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. So who could be able to accept someone at the Heavenly Immortal Realm suddenly appearing amongst them? Moreover, he’s even at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!”

Everyone discussed animatedly, and all of them were extremely surprised. In a single day, Chen Xi’s name had actually appeared on the Eastern Peace Continent’s Ascensio Rankings and the warrants of the continent at the same time, and this was simply too astounding.

Ran Jing was similarly in the crowd, and she stared at that figure on the warrant before she gritted her teeth and said, “Chen Xi, it’s Chen Xi again! This name is too detestable!”

“Why do I remember that this fellow seems to have been standing by my side just a moment ago?” A nearby immortal stared at the image on the warrant and couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Ran Jing’s beautiful eyes instantly lit up when she heard this while her lips that were red like fire curled up slightly, and she said complacently in her heart, He’s actually in Cloudray City. Let me see exactly what ability you possess to sit above me, Ran Jing!

Her intuition told her that no matter if it was the name on the Continental Ascensio Rankings or that wanted villain, they were surely the same person!

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