Chapter 1030 – Floating Wall Of Light

Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones contained pure Immortal Shaman Energy, and these precious rocks were extremely rare. Since the calamity of the Fiendgods that erupted before the Primordial Era and affected the three dimensions, and after those true members of the Fiendgod Clan had perished, this sort of precious rocks had become even rarer.

The reason was extremely simple, the bloodsoul stones were refined from the blood of true Fiendgods!

Without the blood of Fiendgods, all of this had lost its source.

It was precisely because of the scarcity of the bloodsoul stones that the number of immortals that cultivate in body refinement in the Immortal Dimension was rather low. Amongst a thousand immortals, one might not even be able to find a single one that took the path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, besides tempering one’s body to the limit, an enormous amount of bloodsoul stones were required to sustain one’s advancement into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement.

Moreover, an extremely high risk was present during this advancement. If one failed, it was very likely for one’s Blood Essence to charge in the opposite direction, causing qi deviation and death.

In the history of the three dimensions, it was an ordinary occurrence for cultivators to fail in their advancement into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement and suffer from qi deviation.

Looks like if I want to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Realm in body refinement, I have to exhaust effort to gather some Immortal Shaman Bloodsoul Stones. In this way, the amount of Immortal Stones I consume will probably increase. When he thought up to here, Chen Xi felt his head ache slightly. He still had to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament and prepare to charge into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm… All of this required an enormous amount of wealth.

I’ll sell off the Azuresoul Sourcerocks I plundered after I arrive in Cloudray City and see how many pieces of immortal materials and immortal stones I can exchange them for. If it really won’t do, then I’ll even sell off those immortal treasures I plundered… Chen Xi resolved himself. It could be helped, for the sake of being ranked in the top 1,000 of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings and smoothly enter into Dao Emperor Academy, he could only act in this way because only this would allow him to improve his cultivation in a short period of time.

As he flew like this beneath the sky, countless sceneries of the Immortal Dimension flashed past him all along the way, and he passed by innumerable mountains, lakes, and forests.

Needless to say, the Immortal Dimension was indeed a paradise that cultivators dreamt of. In the eyes of Chen Xi, all the mountain ranges, lakes, and forests he passed by were filled with extremely abundant Immortal Energy, and there was even no lack of immortal veins scattered across them.

Some places that were dense with immortal veins even had villages, kingdoms, and ordinary living beings like there were in the Mortal Dimension.

Of course, the lowest cultivation of these ordinary living beings was at the Nether Transformation Realm or above!

Existences of this level were experts in the Mortal Dimension, yet in the Immortal Dimension, they were only the most ordinary existences. Because this was the Immortal Dimension that was filled with Immortal Energy that nurtured the world.

Even if a pig were to cultivate here and breathe Immortal Energy all day and night, it would be able to develop intelligence and transform into a demon.

Just like this, he flew all along the way. Two days later, his field of vision suddenly opened up, and a vast and magnificent ancient city appeared on the horizon.

Countless shadows, strands of auspicious qi, and rays of light rose from the ground while the aura of countless experts surged into the sky, causing the entire city to seem like an immortal paradise of legend.

Cloudray City!

One of the 86,000 cities of Eastern Peace Continent. Instead of calling it a city, it could be called a kingdom, and it wasn’t much different when compared to Stone Kingdom and Golden Supremacy Kingdom that Chen Xi had wandered through in the Dark Reverie.

When looked at from afar, the sky above the vast city surged with the aura of various experts, and countless immortals were lingering within it.

At this moment, there were many Heavenly Immortals and Mysterious Immortals riding immortal beasts, utilizing immortal treasures, or riding immortal carriages as they moved about within Cloudray City that was bustling and flourishing.

This is a city of the Immortal Dimension? Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim endlessly with shock when he saw this scene. Strictly speaking, this was the first time he’d truly witnessed the style and view of the Immortal Dimension, and even thought it was only the tip of the iceberg, it was sufficient to be extremely shocking.


Chen Xi descended to the ground and sized up the surroundings for a short moment before he walked into Cloudray City.




Cloudray City was ancient, vast, flourishing, and prosperous. It was the place of residence of one of the great sects of Eastern Peace Continent, the Cloudray Sect.

As soon as he entered the city, a wave of clamorous and bustling noise assaulted his ears, and the smooth and even streets that were around 300m wide were filled with row after row of stores, restaurants, medicinal pill shops, treasure pavilions… Streams of people bustled about on the streets while immortal energy drifted through it, and it was an extremely bustling sight.

Compared to the Mortal Dimension, it carried an aura of its own.

As he hesitated to move through these bustling streets that were streaming with people and carriages, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed. The Immortal Dimension really is the Immortal Dimension. Immortals can be seen everywhere, and prosperous sights unlike anything in the Mortal Dimension can be seen all around here.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi recovered his senses. Compared to how bustling state of Cloudray City, he’d also witnessed how cruel and realistic the Immortal Dimension was while in the Azuresoul Mine.

This allowed him to see everything in the Immortal Dimension in an extremely calm manner, and he wouldn’t naively think that the Immortal Dimension was a paradise devoid of battles and slaughter.

Conversely, in terms of the strictness of hierarchy and the cruelty of reality, there wasn’t any world or dimension in the three dimensions that could compare to the Immortal Dimension.

As the saying goes, where there is light, there is also darkness.

Behind extreme prosperity was perhaps a world that was extremely cruel and realistic.

“Seniors, please wait a moment. Our shop has just captured a Firehorn Flame Dragon from the Blaze World. Its flesh is delicious, whereas its scales are the best choice to be refined into immortal treasures. The best price I can give is only 800 Immortal Stones for one kilogram of its flesh and 150grams of its scales! This price is only valid for today, and it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed!” Before a restaurant that was decorated in a grand manner was an Earthly Immortal Realm attendant holding an octagonal copper mirror while shouting with all his strength. Light flowed within the copper mirror to reveal the figure of an enormous dragon that seemed to be completely blazing in flames. Its horns were sharp like swords while it was roaring furiously towards the sky.

“Guest, even though dragon meat is rare, but have you tasted the ‘amber heart’ of the Xeno-race Cerulean Clan? This is something my shop has exhausted a great deal of money to purchase from a Golden Immortal that just returned from the Outerealm Battlefield. After being cooked by our chefs with three thousand spirit materials, its taste is unique and can be considered to be a supreme enjoyment.” Before another restaurant was a charming and beautiful female attendant that wore clothes made of fine gauze and held a copper bell. The copper bell spread her voice towards the surroundings with a light shake, and it was low and carried a sense of magnetism that revealed indescribable allure.

“Take a look, take a look. Master Bao personally brewed this Azureleaf Wine. There’s only this 500grams of it, and its quantity is limited! A thousand years of waiting was all for today, and it’ll be too late to regret it once you miss it!”

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! A first-class abode on Jade Radiance Immortal Mountain, and it comes with ten plots of immortal fields. The environment is quiet and beautiful, and its immortal veins are superb. Moreover, it’s neighboring to the Cloudray Sect, so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of safety. It’s absolutely the best choice for you to cultivate, meditate, and advance in cultivation.”

As he walked on the streets of Cloudray City, he was frequently able to see some things that were very rare in the Mortal Dimension, and he heard some stories that were unique to the Immortal Dimension.

They were strange, unusual, and in great variety, and they expanded Chen Xi’s horizons.

“Quickly! Quickly go take a look. I heard our Cloudray City’s Immortal Ran Jing has killed his way into the 138th ranking on the Continental Ascensio Rankings!”

“What? Could it be that it’s true?”

“Come on, let’s go take a look. That Immortal Ran Jing is an outstanding disciple of Cloudray Sect. It’s truly shocking that he was able to be ranked at the 138th ranking of the Eastern Peace Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings after advancing to the Mysterious Immortal Realm for only a few years!”

Suddenly, an excited cry sounded out from afar, and it caused the crowd to become restless before all of them swarmed towards a certain direction.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he raised his eyes and looked towards the distance. He saw a wall that reached the skies far away in the distance, and it stood towering beneath the sky while suffused with strands of hazy divine radiance, causing it to seem rather extraordinary.

Could it be that it’s the ‘floating wall of light?’

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he walked over with the crowd.

Meanwhile, the area before the wall was crowded with people, and all of them raised their heads and were looking up.

Chen Xi moved forward and saw the words ‘Eastern Peace Continental Ascensio Rankings’ written in ancient writing inscribed at the top of the wall, and these words were written with heavy and forceful strokes.

At the side was the seal of the Immortal Court. It was square, filled with deep golden light, and revealed a supreme aura of authority.

When he saw this supreme seal that belonged to the Immortal Court, Chen Xi instantly knew that this was definitely the floating wall of light.

In the countless cities within the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, every single one of them had a ‘floating wall of light,’ and it recorded the Continental Ascensio Rankings of the various continents.

According to rumor, these walls were created by the primeval Equipment Emperor. It was exquisite to the point of being able to rival the creations of nature, and it echoed the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension. It was only later on that the Immortal Court took control of it.

As for how it was created, no one knew.

“The first, Lin Xinghun.”

“The second, Yuwen Chong.”


Chen Xi raised his eyes to look, yet it was filled with unfamiliar names, and there was a total of a thousand from top to bottom.

However, even though he didn’t know who these names belonged to, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that those who were able to be ranked in the top 1,000 of the rankings were absolutely the 1,000 most outstanding figures in the 86,000 cities of Eastern Peace Continent.

“Sure enough, Immortal Ran Jing is ranked at the 138th ranking.” Someone cried out excitedly from the crowd.

“Yeah, according to this speed of advancement, perhaps there’ll be hope for Immortal Ran Jing to charge into the main Ascensio Rankings!”

“That’s difficult to say. Being ranked on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings is too difficult, and every single one of the people capable of being ranked on it are the top geniuses in the great continents.

The crowd discussed animatedly.

Chen Xi knew that for the sake of differentiating the Continental Ascensio Rankings and the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, people were usually used to calling the Ascensio Immortal Rankings as the main Ascensio Rankings, whereas the rankings related to the various continents were called the secondary Ascensio Rankings.

Chen Xi didn’t have the slightest interest towards Lin Xinghun, Yuwen Chong, and Ran Jing. The reason was extremely simple, he didn’t know them and wasn’t even aware of their origins, so it was impossible for him to arouse fervent feeling of worship that others felt towards the figures on the rankings.

He’d come to the floating wall of light this time merely for the sake of confirming his position on it at this moment, so that he could prepare to charge into the main Ascensio Rankings.

So after a short moment, Chen Xi came to the side, and he held his breath in concentration before he slowly stretched out a strand of his Immortal Sense and allowed it to surge into the floating wall of light.


A strand of strange fluctuation surged throughout his body, and then the scene before his eyes flashed. A row of golden and brilliant ancient words floated up within his mind, and it was shockingly his ranking in Eastern Peace Continent.

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