Chapter 1028 – The Six Blazing Suns

He actually said an Immortal Monarch was looking for death?

The middle aged man and old man’s mouths gaped while their eyeballs stuck out from their sockets, and they really wondered if they’d misheard. 

They were only Heavenly Immortals, so not to mention a Golden Immortal or Immortal Monarch, they were respectful and reverent even when they met a Mysterious Immortal because they were deeply afraid of being disrespectful to the expert. How could they dare imagine that a Golden Immortal would dare to so casually judge an Immortal Monarch as someone who was looking for death?

This couldn’t be described as just arrogance, and it was simply a great disrespect!

However, even though they thought like this in their hearts, they didn’t dare display their feelings. It couldn’t be helped, the young man was a Golden Immortal, and the number of experts in the Eastern Peace Continent who’d attained the Golden Immortal Realm could be counted on one hand.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was similarly shocked. But he quickly realized that based on the young man’s relaxed and casual attitude, the young man was obviously not an arrogant and ignorant person, then this could only prove that the young man’s origins allowed him to be unafraid of an Immortal Monarch!

“Right, he’s looking for death!” Mu Linglong didn’t notice Chen Xi’s reaction at all, and she waved her tiny little fists as she spoke angrily.

“But what exactly happened? Linglong, tell me about it. If it’s really that Immortal Monarch Lin Hao who bullied you, then we can absolutely not let the matter go like this.” The white clothed young man frowned and pondered deeply before he spoke.

Linglong? When he heard this method of address, Chen Xi was finally sure that this young man who possessed a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm was definitely related to mu Linglong, and the young man hadn’t come to capture him.

Reality was just like this. When she saw the young man actually seemed to intend to right the wrongs done to her, Mu Linglong’s spirits were refreshed as she moved over to his side and swiftly explained everything that had occurred in the past few days.

During this entire process, the expression of the white clothed young man gradually turned icy cold.

“Cousin Brother Junlin, isn’t it infuriating? They captured me for no reason or rhyme and even wanted to order me about like a mining slave. If it wasn’t for Young Master Chen Xi’s assistance, then I would have almost been killed by those bastards!” When Mu Linglong finished telling him everything, she was still slightly unable to restrain her rage and spoke angrily.

“Looks like I have to seek justice from Immortal Monarch Lin Hao this time!” The white clothed young man’s gaze was piercingly cold, and his voice revealed a wisp of indignation that couldn’t be restrained.

“Right, who’s Young Master Chen Xi?” He raised his head and looked at Mu Linglong.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce him.” Mu Linglong slapped her forehead and muttered with slight regret before she pulled Chen Xi’s sleeve and said, “This is Young Master Chen Xi, and it’s he who helped me to escape.”

After that, she pointed to the white clothed young man and introduced him to Chen Xi. “This is my Cousin Brother, he’s called Mu Junlin.”

Only now did Mu Junlin’s gaze descend onto Chen Xi, and he sized Chen Xi up briefly. When he saw Chen Xi was only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, he nodded to Chen Xi with an indifferent expression and didn’t speak any further.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally come to an understanding, and it turned out that the white clothed young man was the cousin brother than Mu Linglong frequently mentioned.

He still remembered that Mu Linglong seemed to have heard some things from idle chats with her cousin brother, causing her to be unable to restrain her curiosity and snuck out of her clan to ascend the Immortal Dimension.

But never had he imagined that this cousin brother would actually be a Golden Immortal, and this had slightly exceeded his expectations.

As for the middle aged man and old man, they’d been shocked to the point of standing dumbstruck there, and they seemed as if they were slow-witted as they stood there silently with stunned expressions.

“Come, you caused all the seniors of the clan to be furious by sneaking out of the clan this time. If it wasn’t because they were unable to extricate themselves due to the upheaval of the three dimensions, they would have probably come to get you themselves.” Mu Junlin shook his head and glanced at Mu Linglong with extreme helplessness. Even though he spoke in this way, the depths of his eyes were filled with tender affection.

Mu Linglong stuck out her tongue before she suddenly shook her head and said, “That won’t do, I want to go along with Young Master Chen Xi. I owe him a great deal, so how could I leave just like this? That would be too heartless and ungrateful.”

Chen Xi was speechless. He was clearly aware that Mu Linglong had definitely not spoken in this way to repay his kindness, and she just wanted to wander about with him and was unwilling to return to her clan.

Right at this moment, he felt apprehension in his heart as he sensed an icy cold gaze descend onto him like a blade. When he raised his eyes to look over, he saw Mu Junlin was looking at him with a calm expression, yet it faintly revealed a strand of indifference.

“Isn’t it simple if you desire to return the favor?” Mu Junlin spoke indifferently as he casually withdrew a snow white and silvery Immortal Sword that flowed with hazy immortal radiance. “This is a high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact. To an ascender at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm like you, it’s sufficient to repay all the kindness you’ve shown her. Take it.”

As he spoke, he casually tossed it towards Chen Xi.

This sort of casual attitude was very much alike to an action of granting a reward or giving out charity. Perhaps being able to obtain a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact would surely cause others to be overjoyed and feel deeply grateful, but it caused Chen Xi to feel uncomfortable instead. Because he didn’t have any desire for her to return the favor when he helped Mu Linglong, so he wasn’t seeking anything, thus he naturally detested such actions of granting a reward.


As he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he flicked his finger and flicked the Immortal Sword back, and then he said, “I appreciate your good intentions. As for this Immortal Sword, I’m not used to it, so please take it back.”

Mu Junlin’s eyes became cold as he grabbed the sword in his hand. He stroked it lightly while his expression became more and more indifferent and icy cold, and it even carried a wisp of displeasure as he said, “What do you want? Speak.”

Chen Xi was infuriated as well, and he frowned as he said, “Do you think I helped Miss Mu because I coveted your treasures?”

When he saw a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm actually daring to speak to him like this, Mu Junlin’s eyes become completely icy cold and emotionless as he said, “So in this way, you intend to make my Mu Clan owe you a favor?”

“Enough! Cousin Brother, are you intending to anger me to the point of ignoring you completely?” At this moment, Mu Linglong noticed the situation was far from good, and her beautiful brows immediately knit together as she spoke angrily.

Mu Junlin frowned and spoke with slight helplessness. “Linglong, you’re still young and have never come into contact with the outside world, so you still don’t understand that the world is dangerous, and the heart of man is unpredictable. I’m only doing this for the sake of helping you repay him.”

“You call this repaying him?” Mu Linglong said angrily, “How many times have I told you? Young Master Chen Xi is a nice person, and he’s absolutely not the type of person you think he is!”

Chen Xi started smiling when he saw Mu Linglong still intended to say something. He suddenly felt that fussing about it with a fellow that was arrogant to the point of considering everyone to be beneath him was truly meaningless. So Chen Xi shook his head and persuaded her. “Miss Mu, you should listen to your cousin brother and return. There’s no need to explain so much.”

“But…” Mu Linglong was stunned, and then she stomped her feet anxiously. How could she have imagined that the situation would unfold to this state?

“Go on, you have no choice but to leave today anyway, right?” Chen Xi shrugged and spoke with a smile.

Mu Linglong was stunned. She glanced at Mu Junlin who stood by her side with an emotionless expression then glanced at Chen Xi who had a calm expression with a smile on his face. In the end, she felt extremely dejected and upset. She suddenly noticed that she was really too useless, and she wasn’t even able to deal with such a small matter.

“Then…then you have to take care of yourself. I’ll definitely come to see you in Dao Emperor Academy when I’m free!” In the end, Mu Linglong sighed deeply and spoke in a slightly unwilling tone.

Chen Xi nodded. “Take care of yourself as well.”

During this entire process, Mu Junlin had maintained silence. At this moment, he suddenly said, “Not anyone can enter Dao Emperor Academy. Unless you’re able to be ranked in the top 1,000 of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. But this is obviously impossible because only less than a year is left to the time the registration period begins. Of course, you can wait for the next registration period, but that will be a hundred years later.”

The meaning within his words was that how could a fellow at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm like Chen Xi become ranked in the top 1,000 of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings in this short period of time?

As soon as he finished speaking, he led Mu Linglong on the golden ray of light that penetrated through the sky and walked into space before they vanished.

“Young Master Chen Xi, I believe you’ll surely be able to enter Dao Emperor Academy!” Before she left, Mu Linglong who’d been depressed all the time suddenly turned around and formed the shape of a loudspeaker with her hands before she shouted loudly.

Her voice was clear like spring water and spread melodiously throughout the heavens and the earth.

Of course, so long as there’s hope, then I, Chen Xi, will never give up. Chen Xi took a deep breath as he spoke in his heart.

But that fellow is really arrogant. When I have the chance, I’ll definitely make him taste the feeling of what I felt today. Let me see how he reacts to it… Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and pondered deeply for a short moment before he shook his head, and then he tossed this matter to the back of his mind.

“Mu Junlin… Mu Junlin… I remember now, he’s surely that Mu Junlin!” Meanwhile, the old man recovered from his shock and seemed to have thought of something, causing him to suddenly cry out involuntarily with a voice that carried a wisp of dense shock.

“Which Mu Junlin?” The nearby middle aged man spoke with a frustrated tone, and his head still felt muddled at this moment.

“Who else? It’s naturally one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Mu Junlin who’s reputed in the entire Immortal Dimension to be a genius bestowed by the heavens!” The old man spoke word by word with a forceful tone, and his expression carried a wisp of fervor.

“What!? It was actually him!?” The middle aged man seemed to have thought of something and cried out involuntarily with shock. “No wonder, no wonder! A shocking figure like him does indeed have no need to be afraid of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao.”

One of the six blazing suns?

A genius bestowed by the heavens?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Is that fellow very famous?”

The old man muttered. “He isn’t just famous. In the 4,900 continents and countless cities in the Immortal Dimension, there are only six geniuses that are like blazing suns, and Mu Junlin is one of them. Such a figure is bound to be like a blazing sun that illuminates the world and leads an age.”

Chen Xi was astounded, and he was slightly unable to understand this. “Isn’t it a bit too exaggerated?”

“Exaggerated?” The old man shook his head and said, “These are six blazing suns that have obtained the public acknowledgement of the entire Immortal Dimension. According to rumor, every single one of them possesses the natural endowment to become Immortal Kings, and it wouldn’t be going too far to use all the words of praise in the world on them.”

The natural endowment to become Immortal Kings!

Chen Xi was finally moved because if it was really like this, then all of this would be much easier to accept. After all, according to his knowledge, in the countless years of the past in the boundlessly vast Immortal Dimension, there were only four Immortal Kings that were known of by the public, and they were the Immortal Kings Valiant Star, Midnight, Icesky, and Profound Path!

Besides these four Immortal Kings, did any other Immortal Kings exist?

Chen Xi didn’t know, but all of this was sufficient to prove exactly how extraordinary those six blazing suns who possessed the natural endowment to become Immortal Kings were.

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