Chapter 1027 – A Golden Immortal Arrives

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while they swept past the thin middle aged man and old man like blades, and he didn’t conceal his killing intent at all.

Being swept by this gaze caused both of them who’d just cried out in shock to seem as if they’d been doused with a bucket of cold water, and their entire bodies trembled while they felt a terrifying aura of danger, causing their voices to stop abruptly.

“Both of you recognize me?” Chen Xi spoke with an icy cold voice.

The events that had occurred at the Azuresoul Mine had only occurred a few hours ago, so the two of them had probably not found out about it so quickly. However, based on their reactions from before, they seemed to have heard his name a long time ago, and this was slightly strange.

After he recovered from his shock, the thin middle aged man couldn’t help but get angry from the embarrassment he felt from being terrified to the point of trembling by a little fellow that had just ascended a few days ago, and he immediately said in an icy cold voice, “Presently, there’s probably no one in the Eastern Peace Continent that doesn’t know your name! Because you’re a villain that the Immortal Monarch’s Estate ordered the arrest of!”


As he spoke, he slapped the table and stood up before he shouted. “Chen Xi, quickly allow yourself to be captured! If you still refuse to realize your errors, then don’t blame us for being merciless!”

“Since you had the intention to return here to obtain a Immortal Token, it proves that your inherent nature isn’t bad. Now, perhaps you’ll be able to avoid suffering of the flesh if you stay here obediently.” The old man stood up with an icy cold expression on his face, and he revealed indifference that seemed as if he was looking down at a prisoner that was at their mercy.

This sort of attitude was simply exactly similar to the treatment Chen Xi encountered when he’d just arrived at the Ascension Hall a few days ago.

It seemed as if in the eyes of these two people, all ascenders could be ordered about and were like slaves that were at their beck and call and had to listen obediently to their orders.

This proved that they were really unaware of the incident in the Azuresoul Mine.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura that was like an abyss stretched out from Chen Xi’s body, and it was like a primeval ferocious beast had awakened in his body.


The table was unable to endure the pressure of this imposing aura and transformed into bits that shot towards the surroundings. On the other hand, the figures of the thin middle aged man and old men were shaken as if a mountain was pressing down onto them, causing them to take numerous steps back while emitting resounding stomps, and their figures staggered as they almost fell to the ground. They were in an extremely sorry state.

Their countenance was already ghastly pale and filled with terror and disbelief instead. They seemed to have never imagined that after a short few days of time, this ascender would actually possess such a terrifying imposing aura.

After that, the thin middle aged man cried out sharply. “What are you thinking of doing? We’re members of the Cloudray Sect. If you dare use force against us, then my Cloudray Sect will absolutely not let you off!”


Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he raised his hand and swung it, causing  a shapeless slap to strike fiercely on the middle aged man’s face. It struck him to the point blood sprayed from his mouth and nose, and he fell to the ground while emanating a shrill cry that sounded like a pig that was being slaughtered.

“You… How audacious!” The old man was both shocked and furious as he shouted angrily with a grim voice. “Doing this will only cause you to fall into eternal damnation!”

Even though his voice was forceful, yet his attitude had already weakened.

“I’ll give both of you a chance to atone for your sins. Obediently tell me everything all of you know, and I’ll spare your lives.” As Chen Xi’s eyes blinked, strands of the Laws surged like bolts of lightning within them, and his gaze suddenly descended onto the old man as he said, “I’ll give both of you three breaths of time to consider.”

This sort of attitude was extremely domineering, and he didn’t give them the slightest room to maneuver, causing the nearby Mu Linglong to be extremely astounded in her heart.

But she really detested these two people, so she naturally wouldn’t speak on their behalf.

“How presumptuous!” The thin middle aged man stood up and stared resentfully at Chen Xi, and he was just about to speak yet was forcefully stopped by the old man.

After that, he looked at Chen Xi with a livid expression and said, “We’re only two nobodies that are in-charge of receiving ascenders, so we probably know very little about what you desire to find out.” 

“It’s very simple. Tell me why I’ve become wanted in the Eastern Peace Continent for no reason or rhyme?” Chen Xi asked with an indifferent tone. Actually, he had a vague answer in his heart because since the time he’d killed Huang Xin, Huang Xin had said that all of this was done by the Immortal Monarch, Lin Hao.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of capturing him, Immortal Monarch Lin Hao had deployed numerous experts to capture all the ascenders that had just ascended into the territory of the Eastern Peace Continent, and he seemed to act ruthlessly as if he would rather kill a thousand innocents than let his target escape.

But Chen Xi was bewildered because he was utterly unable to figure out exactly when he’d incurred enmity with the Immortal Monarch, Lin Hao, and that was the reason why he’d asked this question.

“You…actually don’t know?” The old man was stunned, and he seemed to feel slight disbelief.

Chen Xi said coldly, “It’s I who is asking you the questions.” His voice carried a wisp of impatience. 

“This was the order of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao. It was roughly a month ago when all the 86,000 cities in the entirety of Eastern Peace Continent received this order, and it was an order to capture all the ascenders that arrived in the Immortal Dimension during this period of time.” When he saw Chen Xi arouse a trace of killing intent, the old man’s countenance turned pale before he hurriedly said, “It was only a few days ago that we found out the reason Immortal Monarch Lin Hao had mobilized so many forces was actually for the sake of capturing you. We have no knowledge of anything other than that.”

Chen Xi’s brows knit together. Even though he’d guessed that it was impossible for the two of them to know everything with their status, he couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed when he heard the old man’s answer.

After he pondered deeply for a long time, Chen Xi said, “Forget it. I’ll spare both of you this time. Give me that Immortal Token.”

The thin middle aged man and old man heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, and they understood that they’d temporarily escaped calamity.

But when they heard Chen Xi demanding for an Immortal Token, the old man’s expression couldn’t help but reveal shock as he said, “Fellow Daoist, even though an Immortal Token is of no great use, it’s in compliance with the laws of the Immortal Dimension, so names and origins can’t be written arbitrarily. If one does this, it’s equivalent to abandoning one’s identity as an Immortal, and it might cause a calamity of the Laws of the Heaven Dao to descend when one advance in cultivation!”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled spuriously as he said, “Do you think I would change my name to avoid Immortal Monarch Lin Hao’s order?”

He was clearly aware that it was exactly as the old man had said. An Immortal Token couldn’t be fabricated because it was equivalent to deceiving the energy of the Laws that circulated in the Immortal Dimension, and it wasn’t tolerated by the Heaven Dao.

The old man smiled embarrassedly. “Of course not.”

Meanwhile, the nearby Mu Linglong couldn’t refrain herself from speaking. “That Immortal Monarch Lin Hao is too detestable. He actually disregarded his identity to make a move against Young Master Chen Xi and even ordered for Young Master’s arrest in an entire continent. This is simply an act of bullying the weak, and it’s despicable and shameless to the extreme.”

The thin middle aged man and old man were stunned, and they gasped. This little girl is truly bold. She actually dares to bluntly criticize Immortal Monarch Lin Hao as despicable. This is truly a great disrespect! If news of this were to be spread, she wouldn’t even know how she died.

Chen Xi laughed this off instead because this young woman was inexperienced, so she was naturally afraid of nothing and didn’t fear anything.

“Hmph! How dare you not show respect to you elders!?” However, right at this moment, someone seemed to have heard Mu Linglong and suddenly let out a cold grunt. This voice was icy cold and carried bone piercing coldness, and it bore into their ears like an awl of ice, causing the old man and middle aged man to shudder while their faces turned pale.

When this voice entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused his vital blood to roil, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart as he swiftly turned his head to look towards the distance.


Space tumbled about as a golden ray of light shot suddenly shot through it and moved directly over here. It was suffused with thousands of strands of auspicious qi and a myriad of strands of divine radiance, and it was like a fluttering rain of light that was brilliant and blazing.

After that, a rather handsome figure suddenly walked out from space itself. He stood on golden rays of light as he strode over, and he was like a god that had descended here.

This person wore snow white clothes, and he possessed slanted and sharp brows and starry eyes. His dense long hair was coiled into a bun behind his head, and it revealed a handsome face that was icy cold and proud. His entire body was like an unsheathed treasured sword, and it emanated cold lights that were extremely dazzling.

Merely this shapeless imposing aura shocked the old man and middle aged man to the point their entire bodies shuddered while their souls felt indescribable oppressed, and if it wasn’t for them forcefully gritting their teeth and holding on, they would have almost fell to the ground.

A Golden Immortal!

Chen Xi’s eyes focused as a wisp of a heavy expression appeared on his face. This person seemed to have merged with the heavens and the earth, and every single move the person made was accompanied by the Laws while he revealed an oppressive imposing might. This person was on par with King Chu Jiang, King Song Di, and the other Golden Immortals that Chen Xi had met in the past!

Why has a Golden Immortal been drawn here?

Could it be that he was sent by that Immortal Monarch Lin Hao to capture me?

Instantly, countless thoughts arose in Chen Xi’s heart while his expression gradually became grim, and the nerves in his entire body became strained like a fully drawn bow as he felt extremely great danger.

“Be careful. I might not be able to take care of you later.” Chen Xi swiftly sent a voice transmission to Mu Linglong. 

He wasn’t just unable to take care of her, even he didn’t dare confirm if he would be able to escape if a battle erupted.

After all, it was a Golden Immortal!

A Golden Immortal had comprehended Brahma Qi that was capable of enveloping the universe and creating a new world, allowing a Golden Immortal to possess boundless ability. An existence at such a level was a central pillar and overlord in the Immortal Dimension!

Chen Xi had once spent time with Qing Xiuyi who’d comprehended the true essence of the Golden Immortal Realm, and he could be considered to possess an extremely deep understanding of the strength possessed by a Golden Immortal.

Mu Linglong was slightly stunned when she heard Chen Xi’s voice transmission, and her lips arched up slightly while her expression was indescribable strange. She said embarrassedly, “Young Master Chen Xi, actually…”

Chen Xi frowned and was slightly displeased with Mu Linglong’s reaction because it had already come to this, yet she was still unable to take prompt action.

Meanwhile, the handsome and icy cold young man in snow white clothes had already strode over to arrive before the hall, and his gaze flowed with a wisp of a cold light as he swept everyone that was present here. In the end, his gaze descended onto Mu Linglong as he said, “Why did you scold Immortal Monarch Lin Hao?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was stunned because these words didn’t have the slightest feeling of the words that would be spoken by someone that was denouncing the crimes of another. What’s going on?

“I was almost killed because of him, so can’t I scold him?”

To the astonishment of everyone, Mu Linglong was actually not afraid in the slightest, and she replied in an unconcerned manner. Her attitude and tone simply seemed like a young girl that was complaining about her displeasure.

The icy cold and handsome young man was stunned while a wisp of sharp and frightening light suddenly surged from within his eyes. “Really?”

Mu Linglong said angrily, “Why would I lie to you?”

The conversation between the two caused the old man and middle aged man to shudder with fear and feel their scalps go numb. Even Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to cover Mu Linglong’s mouth and make her stop talking.

But in the next moment, Chen Xi and the others were utterly dumbstruck when they heard the young man’s reply.

His brows knit together tightly as he went silent for a long time, and then he said with a slightly doubtful tone, “Is he looking for death?”

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