Chapter 1026 – The Four Great Immortal Kings

When he ascended into the Immortal Dimension, the only treasures in Chen Xi’s possession that could be utilized in an exchange were a pile of Immortal Stones that amounted to over a few thousand in number. Perhaps this was already an extraordinary amount of wealth in the Mortal Dimension, yet it was barely able to purchase an ordinary Immortal Artifact in the Immortal Dimension.

So if he wanted to gain a foothold here, he required formidable strength, and if he wanted to gain formidable strength, it couldn’t do without a supply of wealth.

Chen Xi who’d experienced countless tempering and had forcefully killed his way into the Immortal Dimension was naturally clearly aware of this principle.

Most importantly, Xiong Ming was a Mysterious Immortal that controlled the entire Azuresoul Mine, so how could the wealth in his possession possibly be tiny?

Reality was exactly as Chen Xi had expected, and it even exceeded his expectations. When he found the storage ring in Xiong Ming’s corpse and opened it to take a look at its contents, he couldn’t help but exclaim with shock in his heart.

8,000 Immortal Stones that were neatly arranged, over 5,000 fist sized Azuresoul Sourcerocks, a high-rank Ordinary Grade Immortal Artifact Bluerain Blade, and a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell.

There were also some scattered immortal materials of great value within the storage ring, and if they were converted into Immortal Stones, then they would at least be worth around 3,000 Immortal Stones.

Chen Xi had once plundered the storage magic treasure that belonged to Huang Xin, yet it only contained a mere 700 plus Immortal Stones and over 300 Azuresoul Sourcerocks. So, compared to Xiong Ming, the two of them were simply like a rich man and a commoner!

Chen Xi placed all the treasures he plundered from Xiong Ming’s possession into the Buddha’s Pagoda, and then he couldn’t help but ponder deeply. I wonder if these Immortal Stones can be used to buy some immortal materials to refine the Talisman Armament…

The battle with Xiong Ming from before had allowed him to possess a deep understanding of his current combat strength, and he was very clearly aware that the reason he was able to win was due to two key points.

The first was that the deepness of his foundation far exceeded the scope of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

The second was his grasp of the laws, and this was the main point. It could be said that if he hadn’t condensed the five elements into Laws, then he might have perished in the battle.

Of course, if Xiong Ming had grasped another Law besides the Laws of Wood, then it would similarly be impossible for Chen Xi to be a match for Xiong Ming. 

As for in terms of magic treasures and cultivation realms, Chen Xi was completely suppressed. For example, the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell was a medium-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, and it firmly surpassed the Talisman Armament.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm while Xiong Ming was at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm and towered over him by an entire cultivation realm. Fortunately, these two shortcomings were made up for with the energy of the Laws he possessed and the denseness of his foundation. This allowed him to turn around a dangerous situation and annihilate Xiong Ming.

This obviously displayed how the depth of one’s foundation and energy of the Laws was important in affecting one’s combat strength.

It was precisely based upon such understanding that Chen Xi would intend to gather some immortal materials to refine the Talisman Armament once more. At the same time, he wanted to make the best use of his time to condense the Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped into the Laws.

At that time, when he encountered another Mysterious Immortal Realm expert like Xiong Ming, the battle would probably become much easier.

As for the improvement of his cultivation, it was absolutely not something that could be attained overnight, and Chen Xi didn’t insist on being able to advance swiftly, and it was sufficient for him to move steadily step by step.


Besides the Mysterious Immortal Xiong Ming and the other four Heavenly Immortals, there were over a thousand Earthly Immortal guards residing here.

After those ascenders surrounded and annihilated Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and Xue Kun, they still hadn’t vented their hatred completely, so they moved their targets over to those guards.

On the other hands, those guards noticed the situation wasn’t good and started to flee.

For a time, the entire scene was in complete disorder. The cries of battle, the shouts of escape, and miserable wails sounded out everywhere, and it seemed to be clamorous and chaotic to the extreme.

Amidst this expanse of chaos, no one noticed that Chen Xi and Mu Linglong had vanished from the scene.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

Under the clear blue sky, two figures were flying through the air.

Under the restraint of the Laws of the heavens and the earth in the Immortal Dimension, all flying magic treasures that were of lower quality than an Immortal Artifact would be restricted, and they were utterly incapable of flying in the Immortal Dimension.

So Chen Xi could only give up the treasured vessel and fly through the sky with Mu Linglong.

“Where’re we going?” After they escaped the Azuresoul Mine, Mu Linglong’s mood had obviously become very good. Her clear eyes were tender like water and bright like the stars, and her exquisite and white oval face was filled with smiles.

“We’re returning to the Ascension Hall of course. We’re going to make those two give us Immortal Tokens.” Chen Xi spoke with a smile. Even though Immortal Tokens seemed to be of no great use, yet it made doing things in the Immortal Dimension convenient. Moreover, he intended to enter the Dao Emperor Academy, so he needed a clean proof of identity.

“Immortal Tokens? You really considered everything.” Mu Linglong chuckled as she praised him.

Chen Xi smiled and asked. “What about you? Where do you intend to head to after we obtain Immortal Tokens?”

This question obviously caused Mu Linglong to be stunned, and she tilted her head and pondered for a long time before she curled her lips into a helpless expression in the end. “My understanding of the Immortal Dimension is extremely shallow, and I only know of the Midnight Continent. But I don’t want to head to the Midnight Continent right now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the chance to wander around the world any longer.”

The Midnight Continent? Chen Xi’s brows raised. He knew that the Immortal Dimension was extremely vast and practically boundless, and it was densely covered in 4,900 large continents.

A single continent had at least 80,000 cities and a myriad of living beings!

One could imagine how many cities there were and how vast the area they occupied was when the 4,900 continents were added together. Ordinary people were probably unable to wander throughout the entire Immortal Dimension in their entire lifetimes.

But amongst these 4,900 continents, there were four great continents that resided in the surroundings of the Immortal Court that were the most renowned. They were respectively the Valiant Star Continent, the Icesky Continent, the Profound Path Continent, and the Midnight Continent.

The reason these four continents were renowned was that every single one of these continents possessed a supreme Immortal King residing within it!

Moreover, these four continents were named after the title of these four Immortal Kings. They were respectively the Valiant Star Immortal King, the Icesky Immortal King, the Profound Path Immortal King, and the Midnight Immortal King.

Immortal Kings! 

Kings amongst immortals!

In the entire three dimensions, there were only a mere four Immortal Kings, and this obviously showed how lofty this cultivation was and how monstrous the authority they possessed was.

Of course, Chen Xi was only aware of a few known details, and he wasn’t aware of the exact situation. If it wasn’t for the Dao Emperor Academy being located in the Valiant Star Continent and he’d heard Li Yang mention it during their idle chats, he wouldn’t even know how many Immortal Kings resided in the Immortal Dimension.

On the other hand, when he heard that Mu Linglong actually wanted to head to one of the four great continents, the Midnight Continent, Chen Xi naturally couldn’t avoid feeling slight surprise. According to his analysis, the powers that were capable of residing in the four great continents were the most terrifying existences in the Immortal Dimension. 

Mu Linglong had ascended into the Immortal Dimension from the Mortal Dimension’s Skyearth World. Could it be that she’s related to one of the great powers in the Midnight Continent?

“Young Master Chen Xi, how about I follow you?” Meanwhile, Mu Linglong seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and her eyes glowed as she stared at Chen Xi. She said with a hopeful expression, “Haven’t you just arrived at the Immortal Dimension as well? Can you bring me along when you leave?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “I can, but…” 

“But what?” Mu Linglong was instantly excited and extremely overjoyed when she saw Chen Xi didn’t refuse right away.

“But it’s slightly dangerous to follow by my side. Moreover, you don’t know how to fight, so I’m worried I’d drag you down with me.” Chen Xi thought for a moment and spoke seriously.

Mu Linglong revealed a sense of loss on her face and spoke with a dim expression. “So, it turns out that I’m still too useless.”

Chen Xi was slightly unable to bear this in his heart. He was very clearly aware that even though this young woman seemed to be an ascender, she was actually an inexperienced and ignorant young woman. She’d snuck out of her clan to ascend into the Immortal Dimension this time, so her origins were absolutely not ordinary.

But even if he disregarded all of this, he was really slightly worried to allow such a young woman to wander aimlessly through the Immortal Dimension by herself.

So he pondered briefly before he said, “Alright, you can follow by my side. But I’m going to the Valiant Star Continent and not the Midnight Continent.”

Mu Linglong’s spirits were refreshed when she heard that Chen Xi had changed his mind, and she swiftly said with a clear voice, “It’s fine, it’s fine to go anywhere. I’ll be at ease so long as I’m by Young Master Chen Xi’s side.”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned and asked. “At ease?”

“Yes, because Young Master Chen Xi is a nice person.” Mu Linglong spoke without any consideration.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was slightly dumbstruck. A nice person? This reason is really great…

“Right, Young Master, why’re you heading to the Valiant Star Continent?” Mu Linglong asked curiously.

“The Dao Emperor Academy.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal it from her.

“Alas, I knew it. I guessed that it was the reason. The Dao Emperor Academy is extraordinary, and it’s a cultivation paradise in the hearts of countless immortals. I heard my cousin brother say that not everyone in the Immortal Dimension can enter it.” Mu Linglong seemed to be lost in thought as she spoke.

Chen Xi was slightly surprised as he never expected that Mu Linglong would actually know about the Dao Emperor Academy as well. But when he asked about it in detail, he noticed that she only knew some general information about it, and she even knew less than he knew, so he immediately stopped asking her about it.

They chatted just like this, and the Ascension Hall was faintly within their fields of vision after a few hours had passed.

By the side of the grand building and the Immortal Transformation Pool that was coiled by Immortal Energy, the old man and thin middle aged man were still sitting upright behind the table.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh slightly with emotion when he saw this familiar scene. If it wasn’t for the appearance of that Mysterious Immortal, Meng Xin, I would have probably obtained by Immortal Token and stepped on my path towards the Valiant Star Continent, right?

“Eh, it’s the two of you.” The middle aged man behind the table raised his head and noticed Chen Xi and Mu Linglong flying over, and he couldn’t help but be stunned before he recognized them.

“Didn’t the two of you…” The old man was stunned as well, and he spoke halfway before he shut his mouth.

When he saw their expressions, Chen Xi instantly guessed that the two of them were surely aware of where he and the other ascenders had been taken. But the two of them had never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to return.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about all of this. He directly tossed over a storage pouch and said, “Get two Immortal Tokens for us. There are two thousand Immortal Stones there.”

The thin middle aged man and old man glanced at each other. Even though they were slightly surprised and bewildered, they still put the storage pouch away and took out two blank Immortal Tokens before they said, “May I know your names and origins?”

Chen Xi nodded to Mu Linglong and the latter said right away, “I’m Mu Linglong from the Skyearth World.”

With a few flicks of the brush, the thin middle aged man had inscribed an Immortal Token and passed it over to Mu Linglong, and then he raised his eyes to look at Chen Xi with a questioning gaze.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and answered. “The Dark Reverie, Chen Xi.”

“What!? You’re Chen Xi?” Both of them were shocked while their entire bodies stiffened.

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