Chapter 1024 – A Battle Of Two Realms


Sixty percent of his strength?

When they heard that Xiong Ming had just used a mere sixty percent of his strength, the excitement all those ascenders felt instantly dispersed greatly, whereas Wei Zheng and the others revealed a wisp of complacency instead.

That’s a Mysterious Immortal, how could a Heavenly Immortal possibly go against one?


Right when Xiong Ming’s voice finished resounding through the sky, he suddenly took a step forward, and he punched without the slightest shred of hesitation.

“Heavenlock Vines!” At the instant this punch was struck, a strand of dense Laws of Wood grew madly, and it coiled within his fist and transformed into a myriad of vine whips that carried a shocking pressure as they swept towards Chen Xi.

Crack! Crack!

Space rumbled violently while sharp and deafening explosions resounded.

Needless to say, Xiong Ming deserved to be called a Mysterious Immortal because as soon as he made a move, his imposing aura was like that of a ferocious god. His fist transformed into wooden vines  that contained extremely violent energy of the Laws and were terrifying to the extreme.

“Slash!” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing this, and his sword move change. It transformed from fire to metal, and the peerlessly sharp, dazzling, and resplendent Laws of Metal flowed on the surface of the Talisman Armament. It carried a murderous and fierce aura of obliteration as it moved to meet Xiong Ming’s attack head-on.


The punch and sword collided, causing the entire heavens and the earth to suddenly start trembling violently while the rocks and hills that covered the ground were directly shattered into powder before transforming into ash that suffused the air.


As the fluctuation of energy swept towards the surroundings, Chen Xi’s figure flashed as he utilized the Wings of Disruption, and he transformed into a wisp of flowing light while the Talisman Armament in his hand was suffused with a sharp light that seemed like liquid gold. He directly tore apart the fluctuation of energy before it struck straight towards Xiong Ming’s chest.

“Hmph!” Xiong Ming’s face sank when he saw his attack was broken open once more, and he grunted coldly as a verdant and thick verdant shield of light suddenly condensed at the center of his palm.

“Break!” Chen Xi shouted loudly and didn’t hesitate at all. The glow of the Talisman Armament was condensed and powerful to the limit as it surged out explosively. It pierced fiercely onto the shield of light and instantly caused the shield to shatter with a bang!

The might of the Talisman Armament in this strike had exceeded Xiong Ming’s expectations because this shield of light he condensed was sufficient to resist the full forced strike of a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert, yet it was extremely weak before the Talisman Armament.

“That’s a really good treasure. It’s actually slightly more formidable than an ordinary Immortal Artifact, but do you really think you can rely on it to defeat me?” Xiong Ming’s figure retreated to avoid the sharp light emanated by the Talisman Armament, and then his palm flipped before an extremely verdant and large wooden bell that was suffused with strands of horrifying fluctuations appeared there.

This was the Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact that Xiong Ming had refined himself — the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell. It was a bell of boundless might that possessed the ability to control and annihilate souls!


The wooden bell rang, its ring clear and melodious, and it caused circle after circle of verdant green light to ripple out towards the surroundings. The surrounding space seemed to have transformed into a surging green colored tide that actually caused Chen Xi to be forced to retreat a few tens of steps.

“Little Bastard, you can die without regrets from being able to force me to utilize the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell!” Xiong Ming laughed in a savage manner while he formed seals with his hands, and then he pointed at the verdant wooden bell from afar. 


A rain of countless verdant arrows that were condensed from soundwaves covered the heavens and the earth as they surged out explosively from within the wooden bell.

The impetus of this attack was extremely terrifying, and if a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert were to be blasted by it, the expert would surely suffer the impalement of a myriad of arrows.


The aura of the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand changed once more when facing Xiong Ming’s attack. It was vast like an enormous river, and it seemed like a stellar river that swept down from the heavens.

The Laws of Water, it accommodated all things!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rain of arrows that covered the sky collided with the vast Sword Insight, causing the sound of explosions to instantly fill the world, and terrifying fluctuations rumbled towards the surroundings like a storm.

Under this sort of fluctuations, Xiong Ming was shaken to the point of taking a few steps back, and he raised the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell in his hand to form a veil of light before he was finally able to resist the fluctuation.

At the same time that Xiong Ming moved back, Chen Xi was forcefully blasted back a few tens of steps as well. But his aura didn’t weaken in the slightest, and it seemed to blaze more and more while his battle intent seemed to burn.

Presently, he’d just condensed the energy of the Laws of the five elements, and he needed to battle to his heart’s content to temper his strength.

The both of them exchanged numerous blows, each more dangerous than the last, and it caused all the spectators to be extremely shocked and feel suffocated.

Wei Zheng and the others had originally thoughts that so long as Xiong Ming made a move, then Chen Xi would surely be swiftly crushed. But never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to not fall into a disadvantageous position at all while in a battle where the gap in cultivation was so great.

This scene caused all of the ascenders to be excited and overjoyed in their hearts as they’d suddenly come to an understanding. No wonder Chen Xi dared to call Xiong Ming a bastard earlier and be completely unafraid of him. It turns out that his combat strength has far surpassed the cultivation he possessed!

But Xiong Ming’s expression was extremely gloomy instead.

An ascender that had just condensed the energy of the Laws was actually able to go head-on with him for a few exchanges, and if news of this were to spread, they he would surely die from being laughed at by his peers!

“Needless to say, you’re a freak indeed. With the combat strength you possess at this cultivation realm, it’s sufficient for you to be considered to possess extraordinary natural talent amongst your peers.”

“But since you’ve offended me, then you must die today!” Amidst his icy cold and low voice, Xiong Ming’s tall and robust figure was suddenly suffused with a strand of terrifying fluctuation while the energy of the Laws rumbled, and his Immortal Force drummed like a storm.

His hair, beard, nails, and even every single inch of skin on his body flowed with strands of verdant vines, and he seemed to have transformed into an enormous ancient tree that was coiled with branches and tendrils as it stood towering in the heavens and the earth. He seemed like the one and only ruler of the world while fluctuations of energy that seemed capable of controlling the world gradually stretched out, causing numerous ripples to erupt in space.

Dang!The Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell enveloped the space above his head and resounded with a clear ring, and it was suffused with a myriad of green and lustrous glows that caused Xiong Ming’s imposing aura to seem even vaster.

“What a formidable fluctuation of Immortal Force, is this the true strength that’s possessed by a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert?” In the distance, all of those ascenders sensed the terrifying fluctuation that stretched out from Xiong Ming’s body, and their blood seemed to have been frozen while their entire bodies went cold. Moreover, they felt terrified in their hearts and wished for nothing more than to turn around and flee.

It was too terrifying!

They were like ants before Xiong Ming, and a feeling of being small and powerlessness arose in their hearts. They felt as if they might lose their lives at any moment, and they were utterly unable to arouse the slightest thought of resisting.

“This damnable ascender’s actually able to force Lord Xiong Ming to exert his entire strength. There’s probably no need to watch the battle after this because this fellow will surely be crushed to death beneath this strike!” Wei Zheng’s sole eye revealed a wisp of a ghastly and cruel sheen when he saw this.

“This is the might of the Jadelight Immortal Soul from overcoming the first of the three barriers of mysteries, the Barrier of Heavenly Mystery! It’s might that belongs solely to experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Coupled with Lord Xiong Ming’s Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell, this kid is dead for sure!”

“Looks like Lord Xiong Ming is completely infuriated and doesn’t intend to play with this kid any longer. He should have done this a long time ago. Since this kid was able to condense the energy of five Laws in a short period of two days, his natural talent is too shocking, and he must be annihilated as soon as possible, otherwise, he’ll surely become a great trouble in the future.”

Lou Feng and Xue Kun laughed coldly. Obviously, they felt that as soon as this move was struck, the outcome would surely be decided.

“I wonder if Chen Xi will be able to resist this sort of attack.” In the distance, Mu Linglong’s eyes were suffused with a wisp of worry because the attack this time might end this battle, and the outcome, life and death, would be decided!

At the same time in midair, Chen Xi similarly sensed a strand of terrifying pressure, and it was natural suppression of a realm and didn’t come from one’s strength.

This sort of pressured feeling caused even his soul to shudder. But it wasn’t fear but excitement, and it revealed heartfelt yearning!

Other Heavenly Immortals would either temporarily avoid Xiong Ming’s might or be utterly unable to continue fighting the battle. But Chen Xi was different, his foundation at the Heavenly Immortal Realm was too enormous, and it far exceeded all his peers.

Coupled with his combat strength obtaining a tremendous improvement after he condensed the energy of the Laws of the five elements, it was impossible to know who the final victor would be under these circumstances.

“Little Bastard, you don’t have the chance to feel regret anymore!” Xiong Ming strode through the sky while he gazed at Chen Xi with a ghastly expression, and as he felt the surging energy in his body, a wisp of unparalleled confidence arose in his heart. Once this strike was executed, then not to mention a little fellow at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, even an existence that was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm like him would perish without a doubt!

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiong Ming took a step forward and howled as he flashed towards Chen Xi.

“Thousand Vine Dance, World Shatter!” 


Countless verdant vines shot out violently from Xiong Ming’s body. Every single vine was 30km long, and they threw the sky into chaos, crushed the layer of clouds, and were like a myriad of whips that tore through the sky as they descended!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this instant, the heavens and the earth were in chaos. Whips fluttered about chaotically like an expanse of devils and demons while the energy of the Laws flowed, and it seemed to intend to lash the world into pieces and throw it into chaos.

As he gazed at the attack that came at him from the front, surging flames suddenly erupted from Chen Xi’s eyes, and they blazed like two scorching suns.

The Talisman Armament in his hand seemed to have sensed Chen Xi’s excitement, and it shuddered and howled by itself as an answer to its master.


Sword howls echoed out like waves in a tide. The pitch black and lusterless body of the Talisman Armament flowed with gorgeous and translucent divine radiances that were in the color of gold, green, blue, crimson, and yellow. They circulated and wove together just like the circulation of the five elements, and the blazing and resplendent glow they emitted shot into the nine heavens!


An extremely verdant and extraordinary strand of sword qi slashed out and charged into the myriads of vines, causing an expanse of them to shatter into bits. But this sort of attack couldn’t be sustained for too long before it was completely drowned within the vines.

It actually merely caused Xiong Ming’s attack to stop momentarily and didn’t cause a heavy injury to it.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised by this, and his gaze blazed even brighter while the Talisman Armament soared through the sky before he slashed his sword three more times.

The first strike was like a blazing sun that soared into the sky, and flames danced in the sky.

The second strike was like an ocean that converged together and sealed the world in ice.

The third stride was firm like metal, and it possessed peerless offensive might.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under numerous gazes of shock and terror, the two of them collided once more. The entire heavens and the earth seemed to have been blasted open by Immortal Force, and it transformed into a storm that swept through the entire sky while cracks spread open like spiderwebs on the ground.

In the collision this time, Xiong Ming’s attack had actually been forcefully resisted head-on, and the both of them seemed to be in a deadlock and were caused numerous waves of shocking fluctuations to erupt.

Amidst the myriad of verdant vines, Xiong Ming’s figure was barely perceptible, and his gaze couldn’t help but slightly focus while a wisp of surprise flashed within them when he saw that his attack had actually been stopped. But right after that, the surprise in his eyes was replaced by a savage and ruthless expression.

If he didn’t kill Chen Xi this time, then would he have any face to stand up in the Immortal Dimension?

“Die!” Xiong Ming suddenly roared with a low voice, and then the vines around his entire body erupted with blazing green light that enveloped the Second-Wood Azuresoul Bell that floated above him. They coiled together and seemed to form a verdant vine mountain before it shook abruptly.


The ring of a bell resounded, and it shook the heavens and split the earth.

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