Chapter 1023 – Setting his Sights On A Mysterious Immortal


When Chen Xi’s voice resounded through the air, the expressions of everyone that heard it became extremely stiff.

Bluntly saying that killing a Mysterious Immortal was like killing a bastard would be something that was logical if it was spoken by a Golden Immortal.

But when it was spoken by a body refiner at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, it was a form of disrespect, and it was reckless arrogance!

It was precisely because of this that everyone was astounded, and they were even shocked and felt disbelief.

“How audacious!”

“How arrogant! You’re simply seeking for death!”

“Damnable little bastard. Just these words alone are cause for your tendons to be plucked out, skin to be peeled off, and bones to be burnt before your ashes are scattered so that you’ll never be able to have a proper burial!”

Before Xiong Ming could reply, Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and Xue Kun had exploded with rage and berated endlessly with grim voices.

Especially Xue Kun, the Immortal Force in his body erupted, and he’d already intended to make a move and annihilate Chen Xi.

But right at this moment, Xiong Ming suddenly waved his hand instead, causing all of them to withdraw themselves before he swept his gaze towards Chen Xi and started laughing from extreme rage. “Good, very good! How many years has it been? You’re the first person that has dared to speak like this to me!”

His voice was deep, and it rumbled and howled through the world like a thunderclap. It shook all the ascenders to the point their ear drums buzzed while their hearts shook, and their expressions changes indeterminately.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself.” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged.

“Could it be that you think you’ll be able to escape from my hand with the help of these pieces of trash?” Xiong Ming took a deep breath to calm himself down while he tried his best to maintain a bearing that belonged to an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.


When they heard these words, the expressions of all the ascenders became even more unsightly. However, they could only endure it forcefully because they didn’t dare act rashly when facing an expert at the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

“You’re wrong. I don’t intend to escape today, I intend to level this place.” Chen Xi corrected Xiong Ming with a calm expression that was without the slightest fluctuation, and his casual appearance turned into an expression that was extremely arrogant and haughty in the eyes of others.

“Level this place…” Xiong Ming repeated Chen Xi’s words as if he’d heard an extremely absurd joke, and he had a strange expression while he felt slight suspicion about whether the tiny ant before him had gone mad.

“My Lord, this kid overestimates his ability. Why don’t I personally capture him and hand him over to you to deal with him?” Xue Kun couldn’t restrain the killing intent in his heart any longer, and he loudly made a request to be allowed to make a move.

“There’s no need. Leave this kid to me. All of you just have to wait at the side.” Once he decided to make a move, Xiong Ming became calm instead, and his tone was calm while he said unhurriedly, “Right, don’t kill those ascenders for now. I want them to personally witness how one who dares to go against me dies!”

“Of course, all of you better stay there obediently. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning all of you if any mishaps occur.” As he spoke, Xiong Ming glanced coldly at all the ascenders.

Even though it was merely a gaze, yet it was icy cold like a blade, and it struck them to the point they felt horrified to the point their will to fight almost crumbled.

They turned around to glance at Chen Xi before they glanced at Xiong Ming, and they revealed struggling and indeterminate expressions.

Obviously, even if they’d decided to fight by Chen Xi’s side and didn’t have any path of retreat to choose from at this moment, they still didn’t look favorably upon Chen Xi.

Chen Xi only shook his head when facing this scene, and he didn’t say anything because there was no need for him to do so.

The reason was that he didn’t hope that these fence-sitters would be able to help him at all, and it was fortunate enough if they didn’t assist the enemy.

“Come, Little Fellow. Let me see exactly who gave you the audacity to dare speak like that to me!” Xiong Ming roared with laughter while his tall figure shook, and then the vital energy in his body linked up with the heavens and was suffused with strands of dazzling and verdant energy of the Laws.

In an instant, an extremely terrifying pressure enveloped every single inch of space in an area of 500km, causing the bodies of all the ascenders to tremble while they felt a chill run down their spines.

Wei Zheng and the others revealed a wisp of admiration and complacency instead. How could the Mysterious Immortal Realm be something these ants that have just ascended understand?

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed when facing this, but he suddenly started laughing.

In the next moment, everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and the Chen Xi had actually vanished!

What happened?


Right when everyone hadn’t reacted to what had occurred, a vast, dazzling, and powerful aura suddenly stretched out. It was like the awakening of a primeval ferocious beast that had been in slumber for countless years, and the abundant and terrifying vital energy was like a pillar of smoke that shot into the nine heavens!

It just happened that it was right at this moment that a strand of the first ray of sunlight tore through the veil of the night and poured down, and it completely dispelled the darkness in the world.

After that, everyone saw that Chen Xi’s tall figure was still standing on the spot. As the sunlight shone down from behind him, it caused his appearance to be indiscernible, and only his snow white teeth flowed with a strand of cold light.

A tall figure, fluttering long hair, a handsome appearance, and a tranquil and extraordinary bearing. He was still the same person, yet at this moment, everyone clearly noticed that Chen Xi had changed, and it was as if he’d become a completely different person.

His entire body was suffused with blazing divine radiance and flickered with brilliant Immortal Force. Moreover, his body was suffused with strands of dazzling light that was sometimes verdant and luxuriant, sometimes completely red like fire, sometimes sharp like liquid gold, sometimes yellow and dense like the earth…

It was the energy of the Laws!

When they noticed this scene, all the ascenders were shocked to the point their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets. How did this Chen Xi instantly become a qi refiner at the Heavenly Immortal Realm who’d condensed the energy of the Laws from a body refiner at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!?

On the other hand, the expressions of Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and Xue Kun turned grim in unison. As Heavenly Immortal Realm experts, they were naturally able to discern that the energy of the Laws that coiled Chen Xi’s body were thick, powerful, condensed, and seemed to have been tempered thousands of times in a furnace, causing them to reveal a perfect, flawless, pure, and bright aura!

Especially when there were an entire five of these Laws!

How could this be possible?

Didn’t this fellow just ascend two days ago? How could he possibly condense the energy of the Laws in such a short period of time? Moreover, it’s even five types of Laws?

“It’s this fellow again. It was he who killed Huang Xin within the passageway that day… Oh, wait, he’s still Young Master Chen Xi, and that Young Master Chen Xi who possesses a cultivation in body refinement is probably his clone.” The nearby Mu Linglong’s clear eyes were glistening brightly like gems, and she instantly came to a complete understanding as she gazed at Chen Xi’s tall and mighty figure.

“This is your true ability that you used to kill Huang Xin, right? What a miraculous clone cultivation technique. But after all is said and done, you’re only at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so do you think you have any chance of winning?” Xiong Ming’s gaze was brilliant as he sized Chen Xi up, and he was slightly shocked before his expression was replaced with a cold and proud expression. As a Mysterious Immortal, he naturally had the qualifications to not take Heavenly Immortals seriously.

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of Wei Zheng and the others finally eased up greatly. But the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of what seemed to be a feeling of luckiness. They seemed to feel that they were lucky to have not impatiently made a move against Chen Xi.


A sword howl shot into the sky.

As Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament, his imposing aura changed once more. It was fierce and murderous while peerlessly brilliant Sword Insight caused him to seem like a god that looked down upon the world from amidst the clouds, causing the hearts of all the tremble violently.

This scene caused the expressions of everyone present in the surroundings to go pale.

This sort of deep and thick Immortal Force and battle intent that was fierce and murderous simply didn’t seem like something an expert at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm could possess. Even if it was a Heavenly Immortal that had attained perfection in the Four Pools of heavenly Origin, it was still extremely rare. Perhaps only a Mysterious Immortal realm expert was capable of possessing such thick Immortal Force, otherwise, the Dantian might be blasted apart from it.

“Is a Mysterious Immortal so very difficult to kill?” Amidst his indifferent voice, Chen Xi took a stride forward in the sky, and it was like the rumble of a heavenly drum that shook through the heavens and the earth. At the same time, the Immortal Force within his body surged madly while his Blackhole World drummed like a heart, and the Black Tortoise image within the ocean of Immortal Force emerged to the surface of the ocean before it roared towards the sky.


Immortal Force that surged to the extreme poured into the Talisman Armament, causing a sword light that was coiled by a wisp of blazing flames to slash down at Xiong Ming like a wave of flames that could reach the heavens.

When this strand of Sword Qi that contained the Laws of Fire was combined with Chen Xi’s grandmaster level cultivation in the Sword Dao that could transform the mundane into extraordinary, the might it emanated could practically incinerate the world!

This strike vividly portrayed the profundities of fire, and it completely displayed the might of the Laws!

At the same time, this was the first strike Chen Xi had executed since he advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Realm and condensed his own energy of the Laws!

“The Laws of Fire? Let me see if your Laws of Fire are stronger or if my Laws of Wood stronger!” Xiong Ming’s face sank, and his figure flashed before this sword strike could slash down. His hands fluttered in midair before he lightly pointed out with a finger.


The ground in an area of 500km suddenly cracked apart before strands of verdant long vines surged out madly from within. They were numbered in the thousands and covered the heavens and the earth as they whipped madly at Chen Xi like numerous winding vines.


The green vines tore through the sky and caused circle after circle of ripples to undulate from the impact while space fluctuated violently. Countless green vines stroke down violently, causing the heavens and the earth to be warped, and the earth was covered in the scene of flying rocks and shattered plants.

All the ascenders and Wei Zheng’s group had noticed the situation was bad since a long time ago, and they dodge far away to the side.

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

The flaming sword light and collided with the thousands of green vines, and they emanated a wave of violent explosions like hot oil that had entered into a wok of water. The light of flames surged as expanse after expanse of green vines were incinerated.

But there were too many vines, they covered the heavens and the earth and actually completely wore away the might of this sword strike. But at the same time, the vines were completely transformed into ashes that drifted through the heavens and the earth as well.

Neither side gained the upper hand in this collision!

The pupils of Wei Zheng and the others dilated when they saw this, and they were dumbstruck. They didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi who was at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm was actually able to go head on against Lord Xiong Ming who was at the Mysterious Immortal Realm without falling into a disadvantageous position!

The figures of all the ascenders even stiffened while they revealed stunned expressions. They originally thought that even if Chen Xi survived, he would at least be heavily injured. How could they have imagined that the outcome would be that Chen Xi was on par with Xiong Ming?

But right after that, their hearts were filled with excitement. If it wasn’t for their fear of Wei Zheng and the others, they would have almost been unable to refrain themselves from cheering for Chen Xi.

“I never expected that you would actually be able to resist sixty percent of my strength. You can be considered to be an extraordinary figure amongst Heavenly Immortals. Unfortunately, a Heavenly Immortal is only a Heavenly Immortal in the end, and you’re only like a mantis trying to stop a chariot when facing a Mysterious Immortal!” Xiong Ming’s imposing aura became even more ferocious as he stared icy coldly at Chen Xi, and an expression of surprise flashed within his eyes before it was replaced by a wisp of killing intent that was dense to the point it seemed material.

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