Chapter 1022 – Confrontation

It was deep into the night, and the gleam of dawn was about to break through the darkness.

When they heard a wave of miserable cries faintly sound out from within the depths of the passageway before it went completely silent, Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and Xue Kun’s expressions became extremely gloomy and heavy.

“They’re probably all dead.” Lou Feng frowned as he spoke with a heavy voice.

“That might not be the case. Perhaps those ascenders and that kid are still alive.” Wei Zheng muttered. “Looks like we’ve underestimated the ability of that kid once more.”

“I’m going to take a look.” Xue Kun gritted his teeth while revealing a savage expression. “Perhaps some sort of unexpected circumstances of occurred in the depths of the passageway.”

“There’s no need.” Wei Feng stopped him with a grim voice. “Could it be that you want to follow in Huang Xin’s footsteps? If you don’t intend to die, then stay here obediently!”

Xue Kun’s face turned grim as he stared at Wei Zheng, and he roared in a low voice. “Then what do you think we should do?”

“What we should do? It’s very simple. It wouldn’t be too late to kill that kid once he emerges from the passageway.” Wei Zheng had recovered his calm, and his gaze was deep and suffused with a wisp of bright light. “Let me ask all of you. If that kid really possesses the strength to defeat us, then would he hide in the depths of the passageway forever?”

Lou Feng was stunned and said, “But Huang Xin died at his hands.”

Xue Kun roared with fury. “Stop mentioning Junior Brother Huang Xin!”

“That might have been an accident, or it might be that he really possesses the ability to annihilate a intermediate-stage Heavenly Immortal that has condensed the energy of the Laws. But after all is said and done, he still hasn’t dared to step out of the passageway. This can only mean one thing, he knows that he isn’t a match for all of us, so he can only stay within the depths of the passageway and seize the opportunity to improve his strength.” Wei Zheng’s sole eye was suffused with a deep, cold, and ghastly glow. “It’s common knowledge that no matter how extraordinary the natural talent of an ascender is, it’s utterly impossible to condense the energy of the Laws within a short period of two days. So if he intends to rely on his strength to defeat us, then it’s utterly impossible to be done in a short period of time.”

Lou Feng and Xue Kun feel into deep contemplation when they heard all of this.

“So we can’t give him anymore time to improve his strength. Moreover, for the sake of preventing any mishaps from occurring, what we should do now isn’t to enter the passageway but to force him out of the passageway!” Wei Zheng said coldly, “In this way, we’ll be able to see with our own two eyes exactly what ability this kid possessed. Even if we aren’t a match for him, don’t forget that Lord Xiong Ming has always been holding down the fort here. Under these circumstances, do you think that kid will have any chance of survival?”

Lou Feng’s eyes lit up while he clapped and said, “That’s the best plan.”

Xue Kun grunted coldly and said instead, “Force him out? How laughable! Even the Five Poison Calamity Mist was unable to do anything to that damnable bastard!”

“Then we’ll just destroy this passageway!” Wei Zheng replied without the slightest hesitation, and his voice revealed a ruthless tone. “So long as we’re able to eliminate all future troubles, then losing some Azuresoul Sourcerocks is nothing. Even if Lord Xiong Ming finds out, he wouldn’t say anything about it.”

Lou Feng and Xue Kun glanced at each other and didn’t speak any further.

“If both of you agree, then let’s take action right now. Daybreak is almost here, and we can’t delay any longer.” Wei Zheng raised his head and glanced at the deep and dark night sky.




A wave of violent shaking suddenly arose within the passageway, causing rocks to collapse and dust to suffuse the air.

All the ascenders that sat cross-legged on the ground with Immortal Stones in their hands while recovering their Immortal Force were affected by this, and they were abruptly jolted awake from their meditation and were slightly bewildered.

“Looks like they were unable to restrain themselves any longer as well, and they intend to destroy this passageway to force us out.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s voice resounded, and it caused the expressions of all the ascenders to go grim.

They were countless of kilometers beneath the ground, so if the passageway were to be destroyed, it would be extremely difficult for them to return to the surface.

It was even to the extent that their lives might be in danger!

After all, this passageway was filled with Azuresoul Baleful Qi, and none of them would be able to persist without sufficient Immortal Stones.

Only Chen Xi had a rather calm expression as if he’d expected this.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go!” Chen Xi instructed them yet didn’t be the first to leave, he turned around and walked towards the wall instead before bringing Mu Linglong out.

Actually, there wasn’t any need for Chen Xi to instruct them at all. Once everyone found out that the passageway was about to be destroyed, they didn’t have any intention to stay here at all. All of them immediately flashed madly towards the exit with anxious expressions, and they were deeply afraid that they would be buried here alive if they were a step too slow.

“How could they do this!? Didn’t they agree to help you? All of them have fled as fast as they can, so how will they be able to be of help?” Mu Linglong’s brows couldn’t help but knot together, and she was extremely angry.

“I never placed any hope on them being of any help. I only gave them Immortal Stones to recover their Immortal Force because I just didn’t want them to them to help the enemy. Not to mention numerous lines of defense have probably been set up in this passageway, so how could they possibly be able to escape?” Chen Xi chuckled as he flashed swiftly towards the exit of the passageway with Mu Linglong.

“Aren’t you worried they’ll turn around and deal with you instead?” Mu Linglong spoke with worry.

“They killed many guards and have found out about the Five Poison Calamity Mist, so do you think the enemy will allow them to live?” Chen Xi had a calm expression and a deep gaze as he said, “If these ascenders aren’t mad, then they’ll absolutely not go against me again. Conversely, they might even have to rely on my strength to escape in the end.” 

Mu Linglong was stunned while her clear eyes glowed, and she couldn’t help but feel admiration amidst her sudden understanding.

Ten minutes later, when Chen Xi and Mu Linglong returned to the surface, they saw those ascenders that arrived here before them were standing outside the passageway with heavy expressions as if they’d encountered a great enemy.

Standing right opposite them was Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and Xue Kun, and they completely blocked off everyone’s path of retreat.


Meanwhile, the passageway collapsed completely and emitted rumbling that was like muffled thunder while dust and smoke suffused the air. The ground in an area of 5,000km quaked violently as well.

But no one paid any attention to all of this.

No matter if it was the ascenders or Wei Zheng’s group, the gazes of everyone had descended onto Chen Xi in unison.

“Looks like my subordinates were killed by all of you.” Amidst this silence, Wei Zheng spoke abruptly while his sole eye swept coldly past all of the ascenders like a blade. In the end, his gaze descended onto Chen Xi before it erupted with a brilliant glow that was suffused with strands of the Laws, and then he said with astonishment, “The eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it wasn’t just those ascenders that were stunned, even Lou Feng and Xue Kun were stunned, and they felt slight disbelief.

It was truly impossible to imagine that a body refiner at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm could possibly break through the barriers of the heavens and the earth to ascend into the Immortal Dimension!

“Interesting, truly interesting. No wonder Immortal Monarch Lin Hao would order your capture. A tiny Earthly Immortal was actually able to ascend to the Immortal Dimension and kill Huang Xin who was at the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. Moreover, you were unafraid of the threat the Five Poison Calamity Mist posed. I’m truly slightly curious. Could it be that you carry some sort of precious treasure in your possession?” Wei Zheng’s eyes narrowed as he spoke slowly.

A precious treasure! 

Everyone was stunned before a wisp of sudden understanding suffused their eyes. Only this explanation seemed to be perfectly logical and reasonable, otherwise it would be too strange and absurd.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged when facing all of this, and he sent a voice transmission to Mu Linglong with a low voice. “That Mysterious Immortal might make a move later, so be careful.”

Mu Linglong mumbled in acknowledgement. 

“Who cares about whether he possesses a precious treasure? Everything will be completely revealed once we kill him.” Xue Kun gnashed his teeth and said, “We can’t let any of these ascenders off either. They actually dared to help this kid kill those subordinates of ours. They’re simply looking for death!”

The expressions of all the ascenders turned grim when they heard this, and the trace of hope in their hearts was completely extinguished.

Someone couldn’t refrain himself from sneering loudly. “All of you despicable pieces of trash. Not only did all of you intentionally plot against ascenders, you even refined a restricted treasure like the Five Poison Calamity Mist. If news of this were to be spread, all of you can dream of surviving!”“Exactly. If we’re able to escape this time, I’ll surely notify my Ancestor to announce this matter throughout the entire world. At that time, even the Immortal Monarch will be unable to save all of you!” 

“Right, let’s fight with them to the death. They actually dared to order us about like slaves, so we absolutely can’t allow them to get away with it.” 

The other ascenders roared furiously as well.

They’d obtained Immortal Stones from Chen Xi while they were in the depths of the passageway, so even though their Immortal Force hadn’t recovered completely, they already possessed the strength to do battle. Coupled with their numbers and that they’d already shed all pretenses with Wei Zheng and the others, they naturally wouldn’t be afraid.

“How laughable! Do all of you think you’ll be able to escape today?”  Lou Feng sneered gloomily while his thin and ruthless face was filled with disdain. “All of  you are all a group of trash that haven’t condensed the energy of the Laws. Would anyone find out about what happened today if all of you are killed?” 

The expressions of everyone sank because they were indeed afraid of this.

“Just the three of you are probably unable to accomplish this.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

“Hmph! An ant at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement actually dares to speak so boastfully? Truly laughable!” Xue Kun’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi and didn’t conceal his dense killing intent at all.

“Is it laughable? Could it be that you’ve forgotten how Huang Xin died?” Chen Xi spoke casually.

As soon as Huang Xin was mentioned, Xue Kun’s entire chubby face suddenly turned savage as it warped, and his killing intent shot into the sky while he was on the verge of going berserk.

However, right at this moment, a heavy and murderous voice suddenly resounded from the distance. “If the three of them aren’t able to do anything against you, then what if you include me?”

Accompanying this voice was a robust and tall figure that strode through the night sky and floated over.

“Lord Xiong Ming!” Wei Zheng and the others were stunned before they bowed solemnly. They seemed to have never imagined that Lord Xiong Ming would be alarmed to the point of coming over here personally before the battle had even started.

The expressions of all those ascenders instantly became extremely unsightly when they saw Xiong Ming arrive.

Even though they were already clearly aware since the beginning that they would surely be unable to avoid the obstruction of a Mysterious Immortal this time, they still felt an extremely heavy and oppressive feeling when they really faced Xiong Ming.

A Mysterious Immortal!A Mysterious Immortal was one that had surmounted the barriers of the three mysteries and was a terrifying existence that has completely grasped the heavenly, earth, and vitality souls! Even though he was only a single person, his strength was sufficient to easily annihilate all of them.

It was the enormous gap in their cultivation, and it aroused despair in the hearts of all like a chasm that was impossible to surmount.

Amidst this bleak atmosphere, Chen Xi raised his head while he gazed at Xiong Ming from afar with a calm gaze, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly and revealed a wisp of a mysterious smile as he said, “If you are included, then one more bastard is going to die today.”

His voice was calm yet was like a thunderclap that shocked everyone to the point they almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

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