Chapter 1021 – Crushing Them One By One


Within the passageway, the heavy layer of Azuresoul Baleful Qi receded completely like the tide, causing Chen Xi’s field of vision to open up, and it revealed a dark and dense expanse of figures.

At the front of the group were numerous ascenders, and the person in the lead was Xiao Yun, whereas a group of guards that wore black armor were behind them. There were over a hundred guards in the group, and all of them revealed ferocious expressions as they roared and cursed furiously without end.

However, when they saw the tall figure that stood alone in the distance, all of their voices stopped abruptly while their footsteps stopped as well.

“Chen Xi! This fellow is Chen Xi! Haha! He’s actually still alive!” Xiao Yun was slightly stunned before he started roaring with laughter. But as he spoke, he withdrew to the back of the group instead. It couldn’t be helped, he was deeply aware of Chen Xi’s strength.

This fellow is Chen Xi?

All the ascenders looked at Chen Xi with gazes that carried a wisp of a complicated expression.

Presently, they’d already inferred that they were captured and brought to this Azuresoul Mine because they’d been dragged down into the matter by this young man before their eyes. So, they could be said to be innocent and have been treated extremely unjustly, and they couldn’t help but arouse resentment and hatred in their hearts.

But when they thought of how the Heavenly Immortal Huang Xin and the Five Poison Calamity Mist weren’t able to do anything to this young man, they felt both fearful and terrified, causing their feelings to become slightly complicated.

“Oh, it was this little fellow that killed Lord Huang Xin?”

“How could that be possible? He surely utilized some sort of underhanded method to kill Lord Huang Xin!” 

“Haha! The heavens and helping us. Since we’ve encountered him, we’ll capture him and seek merit from Lord Wei Zheng!”

All of the guards revealed savage expressions while they criticized Chen Xi from head to toe.

“Quickly! All of you ascenders, quickly go kill this person! So long as all of you complete this task, then we’ll let all of you leave!”

One of the guards swung the iron whip in his hand as he commanded loudly.

We’ll be able to leave if we kill him?

The eyes of all the ascenders lit up while the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of ruthlessness.

Chen Xi was sizing these people up all this time, and he couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this. “Everyone, all of you were captured and brought over here as well. Could it be that all of you intend to help the wicked perpetuate their crimes and go against me?”

When he spoke up to here, his figure straightened up while his eyes erupted with brilliant lights, and his entire body emanated a dazzling and resplendent radiance while his dense aura started rumbling. He was like an ancient Fiendgod that had awakened from its slumber, and his might was horrifying.

“Besides that, do all of you think that these bastards will let all of you go after you kill me, Chen Xi? Just think about it, all of you have even seen the Five Poison Calamity Mist, so they’ll only silence all of you with death in the end and not allow any one of you to leave!” His voice was deep like thunder as it rumbled by the ears of everyone that was present here, and it was a voice that struck directly at the heart.

Everyone that heard this revealed a grim expression because Chen Xi’s words were exactly what they were worried about.

“Now, follow me and kill these bastards, and perhaps you’ll have a chance to survive. Might I ask all of you, are you willing or not!?” Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swept past the faces of all the ascenders.

All of them were stunned. Kill our way out? 

Instantly, all of them thought in their hearts. Right, since Chen Xi was able to kill Huang Xin and wasn’t afraid of the Five Poison Calamity Mist, he probably has some sort of trump card. So there really might be a chance of killing our way out if we fight by his side.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. Don’t forget that we only fell to such a state because we were dragged down by this fellow. Only by capturing him would we have the chance to escape!” Xiao Yun instantly cried out with a grim voice when he saw this. “Think about it, there are three more Heavenly Immortals that have condensed the energy of the Laws and a great Mysterious Immortal outside. Do all of you think this fellow is a match for them?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on all of them, and it completely extinguished the impulse in their hearts.

Because it was just as Xiao Yun had said. There was a Mysterious Immortal holding down the fort outside. As an ascender, Chen Xi had probably not even condensed the energy of the Laws yet, so how could he be a match for a Mysterious Immortal?

A Mysterious Immortal was one that had surmounted the barriers of the three mysteries and was a terrifying existence that has completely grasped the heavenly, earth, and vitality souls!

The gap in their cultivation realms caused a Mysterious Immortal to be capable of crushing all Heavenly Immortal Realm experts.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and were sharp like a blade as he gazed coldly at Xiao Yun. For the sake of killing me, this fellow actually didn’t hesitate to delude the others to deal with me. He truly deserves death!

When facing Chen Xi’s gaze, Xiao Yun started smiling with complacency as his lips parted slightly, and he said without a sound, “You’re dead!”


The resounding sound of an iron whip tearing through the sky resounded as a guard shouted explosively with impatience. “Bastards! I advise all of you to be obedient and kill this fellow right now! Otherwise…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Chen Xi had moved out boldly. His shoulders lowered slightly as strands of Immortal Shaman Energy surged madly within his arms, and then a blazing glow that was like the glow of a myriad of stars suffused his palms. Moreover, these myriads of stars seemed to intend to leave his palms and fly off.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous large and ancient palm prints soared through the sky. At this instant, Chen Xi had swung out a few tens of Grand Astral Palms.

Every single one of the Grand Astral Palms he executed this time contained terrifying Shaman Energy that surged like an ocean while numerous profundities circulated within the palm and condensed into stars, causing it to seem like palms that the stars converged at.

Most terrifying of it all was these numerous Grand Astral Palms actually stacked up onto each other and were superimposed like the Myriad Netherwave Palm. They were like wave after wave of enormous waves that whistled out and seemed to intend to crush the surroundings.


The guard that spoke earlier seemed as if he’d been struck by a thunderbolt, and he was blasted into pieces with a crack. Blood and flesh flew into the surrounding sky as he perished on the spot.

This was merely the beginning.

In the next moment, the Grand Astral Palms that smashed out like layer upon layer of violent waves had already charged into the group of guards in an all-powerful manner. Everywhere it passed, severed limbs shot into the sky, rains of blood erupted, and shrill cries echoed out without end. There was actually no one that could withstand a single blow of Chen Xi’s!

This was absolute domination.

The damp and dark passageway wasn’t large to begin with, and now that it was filled with the Grand Astral Palms, it seemed like a torrent that charged through a tunnel. Everywhere his might pointed at, it was as if there was no resistance standing before him!

In merely an instant, he’d annihilated forty six guards, heavily injured thirty seven, and merely another twenty one of them were completely unharmed and still standing!

However, the guards that were completely unharmed were terrified to the point their entire bodies stiffened since a long time ago. Their legs shivered while their souls almost left their bodies, and they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

The atmosphere had suddenly become deathly silent, and only the gurgling sound of blood and the dense smell of blood was woven within the silence.

All the ascenders had their eyes wide open while their jaws almost dropped to the floor.

Chen Xi hadn’t acted against them this time, otherwise merely this strike would absolutely be able to almost annihilate all of these ascenders.


Right at this moment, Xiao Yun let out a shrill cry while he was stomped to the ground by Chen Xi, causing blood to spray from his mouth, yet he was unable to struggle at all.

“It’s only a group of Earthly Immortal guards, yet they were able to force all of you Heavenly Immortals to act like prisoners. It’s truly pitiable!” Chen Xi stopped attacking while his gaze swept past everyone, and his voice was like a sharp blade that fiercely pierced into the hearts of every single ascender, causing their expressions to change indeterminately.

“Our storage magic treasures were seized, so we don’t have any Immortal Stones to cultivate and replenish our Immortal Force. Thus, we’re exhausted and fatigued. How could we possibly be a match for these guards?” Someone refused to accept this criticism and argued loudly.

“Yeah, if we possessed sufficient Immortal Stones and recovered our strengths, then even if we didn’t condense the energy of the Laws, we would be able to easily annihilate these Earthly Immortal Realm bastards!” The others chimed in.

Chen Xi casually withdrew a storage pouch. “This is filled with Immortal Stones. If all of you think what I said was an insult, then make the best use of your time to recover your strength, and then…”

He raised his hand and pointed at those guards that were still alive and said, “Then kill them and let me see if all of you really possess such courage!”

The eyes of all the ascenders lit up when they saw Chen Xi toss out a storage pouch of Immortal Stones, and they couldn’t refrain themselves from revealing a wisp of excitement. However, they couldn’t help but hesitate when they heard he wanted them to kill these guards.

They were very clearly aware that if they did this, then it would be equivalent to standing entirely on the other side of Wei Zheng and the others. So once they returned to the surface, they would surely encounter all sorts of trouble.

But if they didn’t do this, then they might be killed by Chen Xi on the spot!

“Don’t, don’t listen to him. Could it be that all of you aren’t worried about Lord Xiong Ming’s revenge if all of you act in this way?” The guards howled hysterically.

Some guards even turned around and fled towards the passageway that led outside.

“Kneel!” Chen Xi grunted coldly while a vertical eye opened up in the space between his brows, and then it shot out a strand of the Light of Eradication, causing the space within the passageway to be completely sealed off. After that, he slapped out with his palm, causing thumps to resound out continuously as all those guards had their knees shattered no matter where they’d fled to, and they knelt on the ground while letting out a wave of miserable and shrill howls of pain.

One of the ascenders suddenly cried out when he saw this. “Alright! I agree to charge out with Fellow Daoist Chen Xi! Motherfucker! The worst thing that could happen is only death!”

“What’s your name?” asked Chen Xi.

“Yue Zhongshi!”

“Alright, some of the Immortal Stones in this storage pouch belong to you!” Chen Xi waved his hand and tossed the storage pouch over.

Yue Zhongshi was overjoyed and said, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Chen Xi!” 

The other ascenders stopped hesitating when they saw this, and they moved forward successively and expressed their willingness to slaughter their way out of the passageway with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t make it difficult for them. However, he made them kill those guards with their own two hands before they could obtain the Immortal Stones to cultivate, and everyone acted according to his will.

In next to no time, all of the guards had been executed one by one, and the state of their deaths was extremely horrifying.

It couldn’t be helped, those ascenders had accumulated a bellyful of resentment and hatred since a long time ago, so how could they not vent the resentment and hatred in their hearts when they had such a chance?

“I… I’m willing as well.” On the ground, Xiao Yun was terrified, and he said anxiously, “Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, Lord Chen Xi, please, I beg you. Spare me. I guarantee that that I’ll surely reward you heavily once I leave this place, and I’ll absolutely not go back on my word!”

Chen Xi lowered his head to look down at Xiao Yun while a wisp of a piercingly cold arc curved up onto the corners of his mouth. “Everyone else can, but only you can’t.”

Xiao Yun’s face suddenly turned pale when he heard this, and he howled hysterically with rage. “Chen Xi, my backup is about to arrive. So you’ll be unable to escape death if you kill me now!”

Chen Xi remained unmoved as he said indifferently, “Once your backup arrives, the first person they deal with will probably be me, right?”


Chen Xi’s voice had just finished resounding in the air when he exerted force with the tip of his foot, and he easily crushed Xiao Yun’s neck while being gazed at by Xiao Yun’s terrified and despaired gaze.

All the other ascenders felt extremely lucky in their hearts when they saw this, and they were clearly aware that if they didn’t comply with Chen Xi’s conditions earlier, then they would probably end up just like Xiao Yun.

“Everyone, make the best use of your time. Our enemies might have already noticed the unexpected event that has occurred here…” Chen Xi raised his head while his deep gaze seemed to have already gazed towards the area outside this passageway.

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