Chapter 1020 – The Moment Of Retaliation

The five elements are the foundation, and I’ve grasped the Five Element Divine Talismans. So if I’m condensing the energy of the Laws, I should start with the five elements… With a command in his heart, boundless profundities of the Grand Dao of the five elements suddenly erupted around his body, and they circulated around his body while flickering between an extremely verdant form, a form that was completely yellow and surged like a dragon, a form that fluttered about like liquid metal, a form that seemed to be blazing like flames…

They wove together and gradually contracted and condensed bit by bit!


A wave of strange fluctuation of the Dao resounded as if the tune of the heavens and the earth flowed within it, and it emanated a myriad of rays of divine radiance.

The strands of Grand Dao profundities seemed to be in a furnace of the heavens and the earth, and they were tempered over and over again like fine jade that were being carefully polished by the hands of the heavens.

This was an evolution of Dao Insight, and it was a process that carried the profundities of the world.

The Laws were being born within it.

Similarly, this was a force that could only be possessed by a Heavenly Immortal. It was the Laws of a Heavenly Immortal, and it was the advancement of a Heavenly Immortal’s understanding of the universe.

The world is unable to stand in order without laws.

Everything in the world was actually suffused with the traces of the laws.

After all is said and done, the Laws were a higher level Dao Insight, and one was a true Immortal that was completely differentiated from all the living beings in the world when one grasped the Laws.

However, no one had imagined that as soon as Chen Xi started condensing the Laws, he’d instantly started condensing five types of Grand Dao profundities…

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t know how much of a shock his actions would cause if others were to find out about it.

Time slowly flowed by, bit by bit.

Chen Xi was immersed in the process of the condensing of the Laws. His mind was clear and flawless like a clear ocean that reflected the image of a full moon while his heart was completely without ripples like an ancient well that reflected the heavens. He’d completely forgotten his own existence and was unaware of the passage of time. 


Outside the mine, the veil of night had descended, and the array of stars were flickering in the sky.

“Just a little bit longer, a little bit longer. Half a day has passed, and even a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert would be at death’s door by now…” Along with the passage of time, the resentment and ruthlessness in Xue Kun’s heart hadn’t decreased but increased instead, and his fat and white face had even become completely warped, causing his appearance to be extremely hideous.

Wei Zheng and Lou Feng were silent. Both of them had accepted reality. Now, they could only wait for the outcome before ruthlessly eliminating all the people that found out about the Five Poison Calamity Mist.

“That kid has just ascended, so how can he compare to a Mysterious Immortal? He’s probably dead by now, right?” Lou Feng couldn’t refrain from asking.

Xue Kun frowned and seemed to be slightly displeased from being disturbed, and he was just intending to lecture Lou Feng when his face suddenly turned grim before he cried out involuntarily. “Wait, my treasure is weakening! Dammit! What exactly has happened?” 

Instantly, his expression became gloomy and livid.

“What?” Wei Zheng and Lou Feng were stunned.

“What else? The might of the Five Poison Calamity Mist is weakening!” Xue Kun shouted explosively with rage. It turned out the even he was intending to draw in the net, yet how could he have imagined that such an unexpected event would occur? If it wasn’t for him having sensed it momentarily earlier, he would have almost been unable to notice this unexpected change.

“It can’t be! That’s the Five Poison Calamity Mist!” said Lou Feng with shock.

“Would I joke with the treasure that I refined painstakingly?” Xue Kun became restless as he strode up and down on the spot, and his voice was like the howl of a wild beast. “This won’t do. I’m going to go down and have a look myself!”

“Wait!” Wei Zheng and Lou Feng spoke in unison, and they’d obstructed Xue Kun as they spoke.

“Since something unexpected has occurred, it’s better to send those ascenders to investigate. They’re going to die anyway.” Wei Zheng spoke indifferently, and he seemed extremely cold.

“Even Huang Xin has died, so what’s the fucking point of them going?” asked Xue Kun with a  grim voice.

Wei Zheng patted Xue Kun on the shoulder and said, “At least we can determine if that kid is actually dead or not, right?”

Xue Kun’s expression was indeterminate, and he gritted his teeth and agreed after a short while.

He withdrew a black colored bottle and formed seals that caused the mouth of the bottle to emanate wailing sounds. In next to no time, strands of Five Poison Calamity Mist surged out from within the passageway.

But when he finished gathering all the poison mist, Xue Kun’s expression was unsightly to the extreme because the Five Poison Calamity Mist had reduced by too much, and he’d lost at least around 70% of it.


If I fucking find out who did it, I’ll burn his bones and scatter his ashes!

At this moment, even Xue Kun’s heart was bleeding because it was a treasure that he’d exhausted countless years and painstaking effort to refine. Yet now, the fate of his enemy was unknown while his own treasure had been damaged by around 70%. How could he not feel pained?

“What? You want us to head into the passageway?”

“Could it be that all of you intend to annihilate us? There’s Five Poison Calamity Mist within that passageway, so is asking us to enter it any different than asking us to give away our lives?”

“No! I’ll absolutely not agree to this!”

Meanwhile, Lou Feng and Wei Zheng had brought all the ascenders over, and when they found out that they were actually required to risk their lives and head into the passageway to capture Chen Xi, all of their expressions turned pale while they shouted in succession.


A snow white blade light appeared abruptly before a head flew up into the sky, and then an expanse of a scarlet red rain of blood that was tragic yet gorgeous filled everyone’s fields of vision.

All the clamorous noise stopped abruptly while the pupils of all dilated.

“The Five Poison Calamity Mist within the passageway has already been retracted. Perhaps you’ll be able to survive if you go in, but you’ll die right now if you don’t!” Wei Zheng spoke indifferently. As he spoke, he stretched out the tip of his tongue to lightly lick the snow white blade in his hand. A strand of scarlet red blood flowed on the blade and entered into his mouth before spreading into numerous threads of blood, and it was an extremely icy cold and terrifying scene.

The bodies of everyone went cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“You, head down first.” Wei Zheng raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun’s figure shook, and he couldn’t help but cry out. “Why do I have to go first?”

“You refuse to go?” Wei Zheng’s brows raised while his sole eye flowed with a wisp of a piercingly cold and sharp light.

Xiao Yun’s expression was a mix of a livid and ashen expression, and he compromised in the end. He glanced resentfully at Wei Zheng and the others before he gritted his teeth and entered the deep, quiet, and dark passageway.

“Do all of you need a reminder?” Wei Zheng’s gaze turned to descend on the other ascenders.

Instantly, all of them could only forcefully endure the terror and rage in their hearts as they turned around and followed behind Xiao Yun to enter the passageway, and they quickly vanished from Wei Zheng’s field of vision.

“They probably won’t go in deep because so long as they hide themselves, we’ll be helpless against them as well,” said Lou Feng with a frown on his face.

“So we have to send some forces to order them about.” Wei Zheng seemed to have thought of this a long time ago, and he smiled as he clapped lightly.

In next to no time, row after row of guards had dashed over. There were around a hundred of them, and all of them were guards that guarded the mines, but their cultivations were merely around the Earthly Immortal Realm.

However, it was more than enough to deal with those ascenders.

After all, those ascenders had just finished mining for an entire day, and they hadn’t condensed the energy of the Laws. Moreover, the ascenders didn’t possess sufficient Immortal Stones to maintain their strengths, causing their auras to be weak and feel extremely exhausted as if they were sick. So once they entered into a battle, the ascenders wouldn’t be a match for these capable guards at all.

“All of you follow behind them and kill anyone that dares to try avoiding entering deep into the passageway.” Wei Zheng instructed.

“Yes!” All the guards received their orders and surged into the passageway like a black torrent.

Wei Zheng stared fixedly at the dark entrance to the passageway before he said, “I suddenly feel slight understanding towards why Immortal Monarch Lin Hao would mobilize such great forces to apprehend this kid all over the Eastern Peace Continent.”

“What do you mean?” Lou Feng frowned.

“Huang Xin died, and the Five Poison Calamity Mist seems to have lost its might. This isn’t like something an ordinary figure can achieve, and I’m even slightly worried that more unexpected events will occur.” Wei Zheng sighed.

Xue Kun’s expression instantly became savage when Huang Xin was mentioned, and he said coldly, “I don’t fucking care who he is! He must die!”

“Of course. Otherwise, we’ll all be in danger.” Wei Zheng nodded as he said, “So we have to seize the time where he has just ascended into the Immortal Dimension and hasn’t condensed the energy of the Laws to kill him no matter what.”

“Is there any need to be worried about an ascender with the three of us present here?” Lou Feng said indifferently, “Not to mention we have Lord Xiong Ming holding down the fort. That kid can’t escape even if he grows wings!” 


“Young Master Chen Xi, look! Quickly! The Five Poison Calamity Mist has vanished.” In the depths of the passageway and within the narrow space in the wall, Mu Linglong spoke with pleasant surprise.

Chen Xi had noticed this a long time ago, and he wasn’t pleasantly surprised at all while he instructed with a calm voice. “Prepare for battle.”

“Battle?” Mu Linglong was stunned, and then she came to an understanding. The enemy probably realized that the Five Poison Calamity Mist is useless against us, so they’ve changed their plan.

When she thought up to here, her delicate and jade white face couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a vexed expression because since she was young until now, she’d never fought with anyone. It was even to the extent that she hadn’t even stepped on an ant to death, so how could she know how to fight?

“Just execute that movement technique of yours. It’s fine so long as you can guarantee your own safety. Leave everything else to me.” Chen Xi perceived Mu Linglong’s thoughts, and he couldn’t help but console her.

“Oh, you’re talking about the Spiritvoid Illusion God Steps? Ah, I can do that.” Mu Linglong’s eyes lit up before she said in a slightly apologetic tone, “This time… I’ll… I’ll have to trouble Young Master Chen Xi again.”

Chen Xi was flabbergasted.

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous noise sounded out from extremely far away in the passageway.

“Hurry up! I’ll fucking kill you if you continue making noise!”

“It’s filled with Azuresoul Baleful Qi, so how can we move swiftly?”

“How dare you talk back! Do you want to live or not?”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

After that, a wave of the sound of iron whips striking and shrill cries of rage resounded, and it was extremely ear piercing and horrifying in this gloomy passageway that was filled with Azuresoul Baleful Qi.

So, it’s a group of ascenders and some guards at the Earthly Immortal Realm… Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he sensed all of this. His main body in the world of stars was at a critical moment in the condensation of the Laws, so being disturbed at this moment might cause all his previous efforts to be wasted.

But Chen Xi was confident that if it was only dealing with some ascenders and Earthly Immortal Realm experts, then he would be able to fight until the moment his main body completed his closed door cultivation.

“Miss Mu, it looks like you only have to stay here.” Chen Xi turned around and smiled at Mu Linglong. In the next moment, he’d left the space within the wall. “Remember my instructions this time and just protect yourself.”

“Oh.” Mu Linglong clenched her small fists and said in a clear voice, “Don’t worry Young Master Chen Xi, I guarantee to not be a burden to you!”

Within the passageway, Chen Xi stood all alone by himself with a calm expression that revealed a wisp of indifference.

He’d been captured and made a mining slave as soon as he entered the Immortal Dimension, and then he even repeatedly suffered assaults and surprise attacks. This string of encounters caused killing intent to arise in his heart since a long time ago.

Now, it was the moment of his retaliation! 

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