Chapter 102 - Chase To Kill

Chapter 102 - Chase To Kill

Qin Han’s expression abruptly became extremely gloomy.

Chen Xi’s words were exceedingly vicious. They instantly caused him to be in a bind with no way to back down.

If he were to stand idly by, it would undoubtedly prove that his General’s Estate bullied the weak but was afraid of the strong and repeatedly changed its attitude towards things. If that happened, the dignity and the will of the General’s Estate would suffer trampling and questioning.

If he were to forcefully intercede, then facing the six Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan was utterly courting death, without a doubt. Moreover, if the Su Clan was enraged because of this, then it would probably be the end of him being a General.

“Truly laughable. We’ve come here to help General Qin arrest a villain. How could we be offending the rules of the General’s Estate? Sharp tongued and sowing dissension. Looks like Little Jiao was correct, this little fellow isn’t anything good.” In mid air, the tall and dignified young man in the lead abruptly spoke out coldly. His voice was like a rumbling thunderclap, and it shocked the eardrums of everyone present to the point they felt a piercing pain.

Qin Han’s expression eased up and took to opportunity to say with cupped hands. “Senior Su Dingyi’s words are reasonable, I’ll leave this matter to Senior to deal with it.”

“Okay. Leave it to us. Once we arrest this villain, we’ll seek your company in the General’s Estate.” Su Dingyi lightly nodded with a calm expression, yet he was extremely arrogant in his bones.

“Alright, I’ll take my subordinates back to the General’s Estate to lay down a banquet and wait for Senior’s triumphant return.” Qin Han naturally knew how to behave in a delicate situation. He cupped his hands from afar before taking Luo Chong and all the guards to withdraw.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all this and he had an extremely icy cold expression as he shot his cold gaze at the young man by Su Dingyi’s side.

“What’re you looking at!? You’re dead today!” The young man seemed slightly unable to endure Chen Xi’s gaze and he reproached with a stern voice.

“I never expected that I would save a heartless and ungrateful thing like you. If I knew earlier, I would have killed you long ago,” Chen Xi said coldly.

The young man was none other than the Azuresun Sect’s Di Hongtu. When they entered Misty Sea City, this person had left with the Limitless Sect’s Xue Jing and the Clearworld Sect’s Mo Han.

Yet he never imagined that Di Hongtu would instead bring along a group of Su Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators to capture him at this moment. Chen Xi was naturally extremely hateful.

“You saved me? Haha, if it wasn’t for you being afraid of the revenge of the Azuresun Sect behind me, how could you possibly be so kind? You’re truly a laughable person.” Di Hongtu laughed loudly without end, not the slightest trace of shame on his face.

“If I’m able to save you, I’m naturally able to kill you as well.” Chen Xi spoke a single sentence coldly, then couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this despicable and shameless person as his gaze shot towards the Su Dingyi and the other Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

Above the Violet Palace Realm was the Golden Hall Realm.

Developing the violet palace was equivalent to establishing the foundation of the Dao, whereas developing the golden hall was instead making preparations for charging into the Golden Core Realm.

Once one advanced into the Golden Hall Realm, one was able to absorb the Yin and Yang qi in the world and temper the True Essence in the entire body, causing the Yin and Yang within it to blend together, promoting the generation of spirit and essence. No matter if it was the quality or might of the True Essence, it was greatly higher in grade when compared to the Violet Palace Realm!

If he was in prime condition, Chen Xi was naturally unafraid of battling Golden Hall Realm cultivators. But right now, his soul’s Spiritual perception and True Essence was almost completely used up, so he had to be cautious.

“I heard you’re meticulous in thinking, sly like a fox, and skilled at using various opportunities to escape. You can be considered to be a formidable figure. However, do you think you’re able to flee when facing the six of us?” Su Dingyi smiled spuriously as he spoke. Obviously, he’d already heard of some of the things about Chen Xi from the sword immortal’s abode from Su Jiao.

“Su Jiao is still alive?” Chen Xi avoided replying and instead answered with a question.

“Of course. Otherwise, how would I know that you seized all the treasures in the sword immortal’s abode?” Su Dingyi licked his lips as he looked at Chen Xi with a burning gaze. It was as if he was looking at a plump goat, as he didn’t conceal his greed in the slightest.

“Don’t talk nonsense with him. Kill him and seize his treasures.” A fat and bald man in red robes at the side shook his head as he spoke with a low voice.

“Exactly, Little Jiao said he’s meticulous in thinking, perhaps he’s scheming about how to escape right now. We should swiftly make our move to prevent something unexpected from happening.” A beautiful woman with a seductive figure who was wearing a palace dress spoke coldly. She was the only female cultivator amongst the six of them. She seemed extremely dazzling and her voice was indeed icy cold and stiff with surging killing intent.

Su Dingyi smiled and was just about to say something when he suddenly saw a black light coiled with even darker jet-black lights flash over, and it shot violently towards his group.

Damnable bastard, this fellow really doesn’t play by the rules!

Su Dingyi criticized in his heart, yet the movements of his hands weren’t slow as he swung his sleeve, intending to shatter the jet-black light.

“Watch out!”

“Darklight Balefulblood Pearl!”

“How could this kid have such a treasure in his possession?”


The numerous explosive shouts behind him caused Su Dingyi’s heart to jerk. A Darklight Baleful Blood was refined from gathering 36 types of extreme Yin baleful blood from the heavens and the earth, and its might was comparable to the full force strike of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. How could he possibly not know of such a terrifying thing?

Su Dingyi practically didn’t think before retreating explosively.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The six Golden Hall Realm cultivators retreat explosively in all directions.

“It has happened… Shit!” Di Hongtu’s reaction was slightly slow by a beat, and at the instant he reacted, the Darklight Balefulblood Pearl had already shot over violently, terrifying him to the point he actually forgot to dodge.


It was like a divine lightning from the nine heavens had fiercely struck down as an area of 3km was abruptly filled with a gloomy and evil blood red splendor that was surging like tidewater. Within an area of 3km, the rooms, ground, plants, trees… All of them were swiftly corroded, shattered, and annihilated under the enclosure of the bloody light!

“Ah!!” Di Hongtu emitted a shrill cry that was miserable like a ghost before his entire body was corroded and swallowed by the intensely surging red color, and it was only an instant before he vanished in the air, leaving neither corpse nor bone behind.

After a short moment, the blood colored lights faded, and within the 3km area everything was completely corroded into nothingness, and even an enormous pit that caused terror in one’s heart was left behind.

Utter annihilation!

All life was obliterated and dead!

As they gazed at everything that was deathly silent like they were in an ancient ruin, Su Dingyi’s group of six were bewildered and indeterminate, and their entire bodies were extremely cold. Even if they were Golden Hall Realm cultivators, when faced with a treasure that was comparable to a Golden Core Realm cultivator’s full force strike, they could only dodge and flee.

“Dammit! Where did that fellow get a Darklight Balefulblood Pearl?” Su Dingyi was the first to awaken from his shock and he noticed a black figure extremely far in the distance that vanished with a few movements.

From far away, Chen Xi’s voice that was wispy like wind sounded out. “I’ll surely repay all of you generously in the future!”

“Chase him! He can’t run far!” Su Dingyi howled angrily before chasing up from afar.

If word were to spread that a little fellow at the Violet Palace Realm cultivator was able to escape under their gazes, then it would simply be terrible humiliation!

When the other five saw this, they had a murderous look on their faces as well as they closely followed from behind.



Chen Xi flew swiftly for his life. The Divine Windwing Flight was executed to the limit by him and his entire body was like a strand of wind that instantly fled out by 50km.

“I don’t have much True Essence left and I’m barely able to sustain this for 10 minutes. If I want to flee safely then I must find a safe place to conceal myself…” Chen Xi pondered madly in his mind, and after a long time, his gaze unintentionally glanced to notice the boundlessly vast grassland that was revealed in the extreme distance.

“Rowdy Grasslands… Isn’t the Oceanic Desert behind it?” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t hesitate to speed up and move forward right away.

In the boundless grasslands, winding rivers flowed ceaselessly like numerous soft silk ribbons, and when looked at from the sky, it was beautiful to the point it was out of this world.

Numerous grassland tribes and races that were still barbaric lived and multiplied within it. Moreover, ruins, divine statues, and remains left behind from ancient times filled it with an ancient and barbaric feeling. Supposedly, there were mysterious priests that possessed energies that were different from qi refiners, and its might was extremely unbelievable as well.

This was the Rowdy Grasslands, a barbaric place that was at the border of the Darchu Dynasty’s southern territory.

After a long time, Chen Xi silently descended to the ground, then flashed out while staying close to the ground, and his entire body seemed to have transformed into a strand of cool breeze that blew atop the grasslands. He’d fused into one with the heavens and the earth, and no one was able to notice anything off from it.

Some shepherds were herding the sheep and cattle, swinging their whips as they rode their steeds, and they were extremely cheerful. They only felt a cool breeze blew past them, blowing to the point the jade green grass on the ground bent downwards like numerous jade green waves that were rising and falling, and they didn’t realize in the slightest that a figure had flown past them.

Chen Xi, who’d comprehended a complete Wind Dao Insight, had flawlessly fused with the wind above the grasslands. At this moment, he was the wind, fluttering indeterminately and changing without a trace.

“Hmm? This fellow’s aura has become faster and faster, and he doesn’t have the slightest intention of stopping. He seems to want to enter the Oceanic Desert!” In the extremely far away sky, Su Dingyi’s expression became grim as he seemed to have sensed something.

“This kid is extremely strange, he isn’t relying on a flying Magic Treasure, yet his speed is still incomparably swift, and he’s actually even faster than us. Truly strange!” The red robed fatty shook his head endlessly. “If he really escapes into the Oceanic Desert, then it will be troublesome to capture him.”

“Exactly, the Oceanic Desert is vast and boundless, gales rage and sandstorms roar within it all year long and there are even numerous spatial tears that are extremely dangerous existing within it. It’s simply like a land of death.” The beautiful woman had a serious expression as she said, “Most terrifying is that it’s filled with various terrifying restrictions and ruins. The great Rebirth Realm cultivator, Long Yazi, whose name shook the southern territory 3,000 years ago, had once gone in to search for treasures. He never returned in the end.”

“This kid just annihilated the Li Clan, and his True Essence has presumably been almost completely used up. We just have to chase closely without letting up and we might be able to capture him before he enters the Oceanic Desert,” Su Dingyi said fiercely.

At this moment, Chen Xi had flown for half a day and the True Essence within his body was already about to dry up soon. However, he vaguely sensed a violent, hot, and dry wind howl as it assaulted his face.

He hurriedly flew up and looked from afar. In an extremely distant place, numerous patches of yellow had appeared, and when he flew over closely, he saw clearly that those yellow colors were actually numerous deserts that stretched as far as the eye could see!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The violet and raging wind blew to the point the yellow sand fluttered to cover the entire sky, the winds emitted howls that were like wailing ghosts and howling wolves as it swept out and created numerous waves of sand that were 300m in height, and they were in layer upon layer like an oceanic tide that was extremely magnificent.



Within the entire Oceanic Desert, the heaven and earth simply seemed to have fallen into chaos and was completely pale yellow. Even if one’s eyesight was any better, one would be unable to see through the actual situation within it.

“This is the Oceanic Desert that’s called the land of death? My True Essence has already dried up, and if I want to avoid those six damnable fellows, then it would seem like I can only enter it. Death or life, I’ll only know after I try!” Chen Xi muttered to himself as a trace of viciousness flashed within his eyes and he charged forward.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi entered the Oceanic Desert, Su Dingyi’s group of six had hurried over here.

“We were still a step too late!”

“This fellow is truly resolute. For the sake of avoiding us, he actually charged into the Oceanic Desert without a care for his life!”

“What should we do now?”

“Wait!” Su Dingyi gnashed his teeth as he said, “We’ll wait for him here. I don’t believe he won’t come out! I swear to not give up until I seize the treasures from the sword immortal’s abode!”

“What if he dies?”

“One year’s the limit. If that kid doesn’t come out, then it proves that we have no fate with the treasures from the sword immortal’s abode and we can only leave.” Su Dingyi had a gloomy expression as he spoke word for word.

His gaze quietly shot towards the depths of the Oceanic Desert. At that place, traces of Chen Xi could no longer be seen, and it was filled with sandstorms that fluttered and raged.

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