Chapter 1019 – Calamity Ward Radiance

Five Poison Calamity Mist!

When they heard this name, even Wei Zheng and Lou Feng’s expressions turned slightly grim.

This was a forbidden and malicious treasure that was refined from the calamity aura of war combined with the Blood Essence of the Jadescale Bloodeye Snake, the Brilliant Silver Crimson-tailed Scorpion, the Whitebone Manface Spider, the Thousand-leg Blossom Centipede, and the Onyx Toad that were all extremely toxic beasts.

It was amber, beautiful, and dreamlike, but just a single strand was sufficient to transform an area of 5,000km into a place of absolute death that was completely barren and without any signs of life!

So long as any living being was tainted by a single shred of it, the poison would surely invade the soul and transform the being into a bloody corpse. Even a Mysterious Immortal would perish within the time for an incense stick to burn if the expert wasn’t treated in time.

“Could it be that this bastard has gone mad!?” Wei Zheng couldn’t refrain himself from cursing because it was something forbidden, and once news of this were to be exposed, Xue Kun would absolutely be like a rat that ran across a street and everyone had the right to kill him.

“Let’s go with him. We absolutely must not allow the poison to affect other parts of the mine.” Lou Feng’s expression was extremely gloomy as well. Never had he imagined that Xue Kun would actually refine such a malicious treasure that aroused the indignation of all.

“Let’s go!” The two of them flashed and tore through the sky as they pursued Xue Kun.

Xue Kun revealed a savage and warped smile as he stood before the passageway, and he held a black bottle in his hand while strands of amber and dreamlike mist poured out from the mouth of the bottle and surged towards the depths of the passageway.

“Junior Brother Huang Xin, you saved my life all those years ago. This time, even if Senior Brother has to put his life on the line, I’ll surely take revenge for you. Just wait, that kid will transform into a bloody corpse very soon… HAHAHA!!” Amidst his muttering, Xue Kun’s expression revealed insanity and viciousness.

“Dammit! It really is the Five Poison Calamity Mist!”

“Fatty Xue! Do you fucking intend to die!? Quickly put away that thing!” Wei Zheng and Lou Feng’s faces sank when they saw this scene from afar, yet they didn’t dare move forward and stood 3km in the distance as they shouted endlessly with grim and explosive voices.

As they spoke, the Laws rumbled around their bodies before transforming into a light barrier that enveloped their bodies. The Five Poison Calamity Mist was too overbearing, and even they would perish without a doubt if they were tainted by a single shred of it.

“Stop making a fuss! So what if everyone dies? So long as I’m able to take revenge for my junior brother, why would I care about anything else?” Xue Kun glanced at the two of them before roaring with mad laughter.

Wei Zheng and Lou Feng’s expression became even more unsightly when they heard this, and they exchanged glances and knew that they couldn’t hesitate any longer.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Numerous apricot yellow formation flags flew out from Wei Zheng’s grasp, and they were embedded into the ground in an area of 3km before they formed a grand formation that completely sealed off this area of 3km.

At the same time, Lou Feng sent a voice transmission to report everything that occurred here to the Mysterious Immortal, Xiong Ming.

“Kill everyone that’s aware of this after the matter is done. We absolutely can’t allow a shred of information to be leaked, otherwise, we’ll all die when Immortal Monarch Lin Hao delivers his punishment!”

Before long, Lou Feng received Xiong Ming’s reply, and he couldn’t help but be stunned. Kill them all? There are many ascenders amongst those people.

After he told Wei Zheng about this matter, Wei Zheng’s sole eye revealed a wisp of icy cold killing intent as he said coldly, “Then we’ll kill all of them. What’s there to hesitate about?”

Lou Feng was stunned, and then he sighed. “Alas, we can only do that.” 


In the depths of the passageway within the mine, Mu Linglong slowly woke up from her meditation, and she couldn’t help but lower her head in embarrassment when she saw Chen Xi was standing on guard for her. “I troubled Young Master Chen Xi again this time.”

Chen Xi shook his head. “It was nothing.”

Mu Linglong seemed to have thought of something and asked. “Right, someone seemed to have helped us earlier. Why…did he vanish in the blink of an eye?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he understood that she was speaking about his main body, so he said with a smile, “That’s only a technique of mine.”

Mu Linglong was suddenly enlightened, and her clear eyes glowed brilliantly.

Hiss~! Hiss~! 

Right at this moment, the Azuresoul Baleful Qi that enveloped the distance emitted a wave of violent noise while it roiled without end, and Chen Xi was faintly able to see that strands of mist were penetrating through the Azuresoul Baleful Qi and were surging towards him.

The strands of mist seemed dreamlike and illusory, and they were extraordinarily beautiful. Within this dark passageway, they emanated a glow that enchanted the heart.

But when Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, his expression turned grim instead, and he said with shock, “Five Poison Calamity Mist?”

Mu Linglong’s small face turned pale when she heard this, and she said, “How could it be this malicious treasure! I heard that it’s forbidden to refine it!”

Obviously, she’d heard about the Five Poison Calamity Mist as well.

“Hmph! There are too many people in this world that aren’t afraid of death, and so long as it’s done in a secretive manner, then who would be able to discover it? Let’s go hide within the space in the wall. Even though this thing is malicious, I naturally have a way to deal with it.” Chen Xi laughed coldly. As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to grab Mu Linglong’s hand before he entered into the narrow space where he found the Azuresoul Divinejade.


As soon as he entered, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to withdraw the Calamity Ward Green Lantern. As it floated before him, the flame within it flickered while it emanated a jade white and solemn glow, and it enveloped their figures beneath its radiance.

The Calamity Ward Green Lantern was an ancient treasure of the Buddha Dimension, and Chen Xi had obtained it from the Sea of Misery. There were three thousand layers of Buddhist Sect restrictions inscribed on it, and every single layer contained dense and powerful Buddha Energy. However, it was mostly damaged, so only a mere hundred plus layers of restrictions were still undamaged.

But even then, the might of the lantern was extraordinarily great, and it completely exceeded the scope of an ordinary Immortal Artifact and was capable of being compared to a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact!

Strands of Buddhist radiance flowed in the surroundings of the lantern, and it illuminated the surrounding space and dyed it in scenes of paradise. There were heavenly dragons coiling through the sky, phoenixes soaring, golden lotuses descending, chanting echoing…

Mu Linglong couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw this scene, and she muttered. “This is the supreme Calamity Ward Radiance of the Buddhist Sect? How beautiful! This sort of treasure is extremely rare, and very few people in the Buddha Dimension are capable of possessing one.”

Chen Xi glanced at her with surprise as he never imagined that this inexperienced young woman didn’t just know about the Five Poison Calamity Mist, but she even possessed some knowledge of the Calamity Ward Green Lantern.

Hiss! Hiss!

Meanwhile, those strands of dreamlike and illusory mist drifted in through the crack on the wall. But it hadn’t even approached Chen Xi and Mu Linglong when it was lightly swept away by the Calamity Ward Radiance, causing the radiance emitted by the lantern to seem extraordinarily miraculous.

The Calamity Ward Radiance was a divine radiance that eliminated calamity and innately countered various poisonous and evil things in the world. It could be said that so long as the Calamity Ward Green Lantern stayed lit, then the Five Poison Calamity Mist was utterly incapable of injuring Chen Xi and Mu Linglong in the slightest.

Conversely, along with the passage of time, the Five Poison Calamity Mist would be completely eliminated by the Calamity Ward Radiance instead.

“Great! The Calamity Ward Radiance really is formidable.” The nearby Mu Linglong said with excitement while her face was brimming with smiles and her clear eyes revealed a gentle gaze, and she seemed extremely overjoyed like a child.

Chen Xi’s brows knit together gradually because the enemy had actually utilized the Five Poison Calamity Mist. Obviously, the enemy didn’t intend to leave anyone alive, and it wouldn’t be long before those fellows will probably enter the passageway to clean up his corpse.

Of course, they would have never guessed that he would possess a treasure like the Calamity Ward Green Lantern.

But what should I do when that Mysterious Immortal is deployed?

Looks like I must make the best use of my time…

After a short moment, Chen Xi’s expression recovered its calm. His only hope was placed on his main body being able to condense the energy of the Laws before his enemies arrived. In that way, he would be confident in his ability to overcome the approaching predicament.


Within the world of stars.

Chen Xi’s main body had a tranquil expression as he sat cross-legged on the ground with a ramrod straight figure. Immortal Force flowed around his body while emanating blazing and brilliant radiance that wove together with the starlight from the universe, causing him to seem like an extraordinarily divine statue.

Within his body, dense and powerful Immortal Force whistled and roiled without end like an ocean, and it emitted the profound tune of the Grand Dao that sounded like the roar of a dragon.

On the other hand, four oceans of Immortal Force had actually been opened up in the surroundings of his Dantian! They respectively resided on the four directions and just happened to be like the four-symbols that guarded the borders!

These were the Four Pools of Heavenly Origin.

After one attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm, the body would conform to the heavens and the earth, causing Heavenly Origin to reside at the location of the four-symbols surrounding the Dantian. The Black Tortoise was the foundation, the Azure Dragon took the auxiliary position, the Vermillion Bird represented vitality, and the White Tiger represented the destruction of all disease!

The Four Pools of Heavenly Origin also represented the initial-stage, intermediate-stage, advanced-stage, and perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

When the four oceans of Immortal Force that represented the Four Pools of Heavenly Origin had been cultivated to perfection, then one had to see through the mysteries and charge through the profundities to enter into the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

For example, an ocean of Immortal Force that was heavy like the earth had been condensed within Chen Xi’s Dantian, and an enormous Black Tortoise image was floating within the ocean while breathing Immortal Force and emanating hazy divine light.

The appearance of the Black Tortoise meant the Immortal Foundation had been established, and it represented a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

However, unlike other Heavenly Immortals, the foundation Chen Xi established when he advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Realm was too enormous and dense that the scale of his Immortal Force ocean was extraordinarily vast, and it was an entire hundred plus times larger than an ordinary Heavenly Immortal!

The Black Tortoise image that floated within the ocean of Immortal Force seemed material. Its limbs were like pillars that held up the heavens as they held down the four corners of the ocean.

If this scene were to be seen by other Heavenly Immortals, it would surely shock their jaws off.


The Black Tortoise ocean was linked up to Chen Xi’s Blackhole World and circulated like the circulation of Yin and Yang as they exchanged Immortal Force with each other. The marvelous scene was like that of a whale swallowing water or heavenly dragons covering the sky like raindrops.

It was even to the extent that it revealed an aura of perfection.

But he was still a little bit away from the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. It couldn’t be helped, his foundation was too enormous, and it was much more difficult for him to charge into the intermediate-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm than it was for an ordinary Heavenly Immortal.

But even then, with Chen Xi’s current cultivation, his combat strength would be sufficient to sweep through all his peers once he condensed the energy of the Laws, and even surmounting a realm to do battle with a Mysterious Immortal wasn’t a problem.

The key was the energy of the Laws because the effect of the Laws in battle was too important.

Ordinary Heavenly Immortals could be said to possess extraordinary attainments if they were able to condense the energy of three complete Laws, and over five Laws was considered astonishing.

Of course, most Heavenly Immortals remained at a state of possessing less than three complete Laws.

The reason was the difference in their comprehension of the Dao.

It was common knowledge that the Laws came from Dao Insights and were superior to Dao Insights. If one intended to condense the energy of the Laws, then one had to attain perfection in a Grand Dao profundity.

Most Heavenly Immortals hadn’t even attained perfection in the Grand Dao profundities they possessed, so how could they condense the energy of the Laws?

But all of this wasn’t a barrier to Chen Xi because he’d attained perfection in almost all the Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped while he was still in the Mortal Dimension!

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