Chapter 1018 – Azuresoul Divinejade

That area of the rock wall had suffered the force of the battle from before, and it was covered in cracks that had collapsed and shattered open, causing the area around it to be in a mess.

If this was the Mortal Dimension, then not to mention a rock wall, even the entire mine would have been completely shattered and obliterated into nothingness.

After all, it was a battle between Heavenly Immortals!

This obviously displayed how solid the energy of the Laws in the heavens and the earth of the Immortal Dimension were, and it was impossible to be capable of plucking the stars from the skies and incinerating seas like in the Mortal Dimension without attaining the Golden Immortal Realm.

All beings beneath the Golden Immortal Realm were restrained by the Laws!

For example, the Spatial Laws that filled the Immortal Dimension caused Heavenly Immortals to be utterly incapable of teleporting within it, whereas Mysterious Immortals were merely capable of teleporting 500km away, and it would cause an enormous consumption to their strength.

Only existences at the Golden Immortal Realm and above were capable of moving freely through the Immortal Dimension at their will.

It was a rift at the bottom of the rock wall that drew Chen Xi’s attention, and the rift was suffused with a faint and lustrous sheen that was clear like a lake. However, it wasn’t really striking within this gloomy and damp passageway.


Chen Xi moved forward and sized it up briefly before he stretched out his right hand, and his fingers were like iron tongs that crushed inch after inch of the rocks around the rift.

In next to no time, a hole that was half the height of an average man was opened up on the rock wall, and there was actually a completely sealed off and narrow space within it. The strands of clear and lustrous glow were coming from the rocks that lay on the ground of the space.

This seems to be… Chen Xi was surprised while the name of an object couldn’t help but float up into his mind. But he didn’t dare confirm it because that thing was truly too rare.

After he scanned the surroundings and found no danger, Chen Xi bent down and entered the space.

He squatted carefully on the ground and felt the ground carefully for a short moment. He was able to clearly sense a strand of strange feeling that was warm and cool suffuse his entire body, causing his soul to feel refreshed as if his entire body was bathed in snow, and he felt completely cleansed.

This sort of feeling further confirmed Chen Xi’s guess, and he couldn’t help but be slightly excited. He immediately took a deep breath before he formed a sword with his right hand, and it emanated a strand of extremely verdant Azurewood Immortal Shaman Energy.


His index finger was sharp like a blade, and he carefully and gently cut open the rocks on the ground as if he was deeply afraid of damaging the treasure beneath the rocks.

After a short moment, Chen Xi flicked away the bits of rocks that had been cut off, and then an 1.3m by 1.3m large azure colored jadestone that was smooth like a mirror and covered with mysterious striations was reflected in his field of vision.

At that instant, a wisp of clear air rose up in a cloud, and the jadestone was like an azure ray of light that floated atop the clear blue sea as it emanated a gentle aura that refreshed the heart and mind.

Its aura was so pure, warm, dense, and ethereal, and it actually caused Chen Xi’s mind and body to feel tranquil as if it had returned to the embrace of its maker.

Azuresoul Divinejade!

Chen Xi’s eyes erupted with divine light as he recognized this piece of jade.

According to rumor, the Azuresoul Divinejade was a type of Divinejade that was born from the spirit of Azurewood, and it was said that a great expert of the Immortal Dimension during the primeval times, Immortal Monarch Qing Hu, was born from Azuresoul Divinejade.

This jadestone could be considered to be a priceless treasure, and the jadestone itself was one of the best materials to refine a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact. Besides that, its core was capable of condensing the soul, and only a single drop of it could completely cure a heavily injured soul!

In the Immortal Dimension, Azuresoul Divinejade, Dragonbeard Immortal Spring, Auspicious Spirit Silver, Moonlight Dew, and Truesoul Brilliantwood were called the five precious immortal treasures.

Every single one of them were priceless, and it was said that various treasures were easy to obtain, yet the five precious treasures were impossible to find.

Chen Xi could be said to be very familiar with this, yet he never imagined that there would be a day where he would encounter such a precious treasure. Moreover, it was such a large piece, so he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

I wonder what sort of Immortal Artifact could be obtained in exchange for such a piece of Azuresoul Divinejade. The Darkspirit Grade? Cosmic Grade? Or Valiant Grade? Chen Xi was slightly unable to confirm it. After all, he’d just arrived in the Immortal Dimension and wasn’t aware of the prices of treasures in the Immortal Dimension, so he didn’t dare rashly pass judgment. But without any doubt, this Azuresoul Divinejade’s value was absolutely out of his imagination.

Most importantly, according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, he would be able to craft a true ‘Divine Talisman’ with the Azuresoul Divinejade as the material!

For example, when the Azurewood Divine Talisman was crafted successfully, it would contain the image of the ancient Azure Emperor and Wood Empress. Similarly, the Whitegold Divine Talisman contained the ancient White Emperor and Gold Empress’s images.

The word ‘divine’ in Divine Talismans represented the might of the gods.

The requirements of materials to create a Divine Talisman were extremely harsh. At least according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, besides the Azuresoul Divinejade, there were another few tens of types of treasures that could also be utilized as materials to craft a Divine Talisman. But even if the value of every single one of these treasures might not be on par with the Azuresoul Divinejade, it wasn’t much different.

This was merely the material needed to craft a Divine Talisman. There was also the need of the combination of Talisman Brush and Ink, and the utilization of technique in crafting it, so it could be considered to be extremely complicated.

This obviously displayed how difficult it was to complete a Divine Talisman.

I never imagined that I would be blessed from misfortune and encounter such great fortune. Chen Xi took a deep breath after a long time, and he stopped hesitating and carefully unearthed the Azuresoul Divinejade before storing it away.

However, after Chen Xi turned around to leave this sealed off space and entered the passageway once more, he saw Mu Linglong was still cultivating in meditation. He immediately sat cross-legged at the side and carefully pondered about the incident from before.

The sudden arrival of the Heavenly Immortal, Huang Xin, could be said to have taken Chen Xi by surprise, and it caused him to be unable to locate any leads. The only lead he had was the Immortal Monarch, Lin Hao.

Unfortunately, existences capable of becoming Immortal Monarchs were experts at the Saint Immortal Realm, so even if he was clearly aware that he would be able to obtain an  answer from the Immortal Monarch, Lin Hao, he didn’t dare take the risk for now.

After all, the gap between their cultivations was too great.

No matter what, Huang Xin has perished at my hand, so if I return to the surface at this moment, I’ll absolutely be walking into a trap. Looks like I can only calm myself and stay here. I’ll kill my way out once my main body condenses the energy of the Laws. After he pondered deeply for a long time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. He noticed that this situation actually hadn’t changed regardless of whether he killed Huang Xin, and only by grasping strength sufficient to annihilate all his enemies would he be able to escape this place. The Laws, everything falls on the laws. Without condensing the energy of the Laws, then I would only be a paper tiger even if I’ve attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and I would only be a Heavenly Immortal in name yet be unable to change my current situation…


Outside the mine.

At the instant Huang Xin was killed, one of the mountains there suddenly started shaking violently, and the earth quaked for a short while before it returned to calm.

This commotion was naturally unable to escape the notice of Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, Xiong Ming, and the others, and it was even to the extent that the ascenders who’d been reduced to slaves had clearly noticed it as well.

Instantly, the expressions of everyone revealed slight shock.

“Junior Brother Huang Xin is dead!” Xue Kun’s face was gloomy while he withdrew a shattered Soulfate Tablet from his possession. “This is something he and I secretly brought out from the sect when we left.”

His voice was hoarse and revealed rage and hatred that was impossible to conceal.


The hearts of everyone jerked when they heard this, and they were surprised and bewildered.

“Are you sure you aren’t mistaken? That ascender has just arrived at the Immortal Dimension for less than two days. At this moment, he probably hasn’t even condensed the Laws, so how could he possibly be a match for Huang Xin?” The nearby Lou Feng frowned as he spoke, and he was slightly puzzled.

Xue Kun’s eyes turned red when he heard Lou Feng actually daring to question the death of his junior brother at this moment, and he glared fiercely at Lou Feng before he gritted his teeth and roared. “I might fucking lie, but would a Soulfate Tablet?”

“Alright, everyone calm down!” Wei Zheng’s brows knit together tightly while his sole eye glanced coldly at the two of them, and then he said, “It has already happened, so we should think about how to deal with it. According to my evaluation, that kid is probably that Chen Xi from the Dark Reverie. But he was able to kill Huang Xin, and this is slightly surprising.”

“Could it be that this kid is carrying a rare treasure?” asked Lou Feng.

“It might be possible.” Wei Zheng pondered deeply for a short moment before his gaze inadvertently noticed Xiao Yun who was within the crowd, and he immediately grabbed and dragged Xiao Yun over like a dead dog before stepping on Xiao Yun’s body as he said, “Weren’t your servants killed by Chen Xi? Tell me exactly what sort of person he is.”

Xiao Yun was caught off guard and dragged over before being bluntly trampled on by Wei Zheng, and this humiliation that arrived abruptly infuriated him to the point even his face warped while his eyes were filled with resentment and rage.


Only nine days remain! Once this Young Master’s backup arrives, I’ll dismember all of you alive and feed you to dogs!

Xiao Yun roared endlessly in his heart.

“I’ll torture and kill you right now if you still don’t speak!” The nearby Xue Kun’s eyes were filled with blood while he panted heavily like a wild beast that was on the verge of erupting, and his chubby face was covered in a vicious, sorrowful, and indignant expression.

Xiao Yun shuddered, and he knew that he had to forcefully endure this extraordinary humiliation if he wanted to survive.

“I don’t know that kid’s exact strength. But I’m sure that he’s of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, and he possesses an extremely terrifying Divine Ability…” In next to no time, Xiao Yun had spoken about everything he’d seen without holding back in the slightest because he didn’t just want Wei Zheng and the others to die, he wouldn’t allow Chen Xi who’d killed his servants.

If he was able to utilize Wei Zheng and the others to eliminate Chen Xi, it conformed fully to his intentions.

The School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

Wei Zheng and Lou Feng exchanged a glance while both of them came to a slight understanding. Body refiners innately suppressed qi refiners, and it was the same even after one became a Heavenly Immortal.

Even though he hasn’t condensed the energy of the Laws, if that kid possesses an extremely formidable Divine Ability, then it’s possible for him to kill Huang Xin.

Of course, it was only a very tiny possibility.

If they knew that Chen Xi’s clone was only at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm and not the Heavenly Immortal Realm, they would absolutely not think in this way.


Right at this moment, Xue Kun suddenly turned around and flashed towards the distance.

“Fatty Xue! Where are you going!?” Wei Zheng shouted with a grim voice.

“I’m going to kill of course! Isn’t that kid a body refiner? I exhausted painstaking effort in the Poison Calamity Bloodcave a few years ago to refine the Five Poison Calamity Mist, yet I’ve always been unwilling to utilize it. But this time… I’ll start with this kid!” Xue Kun’s resentful voice drifted through the heavens and the earth, causing the hearts of everyone to go cold. The Five Poison Calamity Mist! That’s forbidden!!

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