Chapter 1017 – Annihilating A Heavenly Immortal

“Young Master Chen Xi, what’s wrong?”

“An expert is approaching!”

“What…what does he intend to do?”

“At any rate, it isn’t something good. If a battle really breaks out later, then just hide at the side and watch. Leave everything else to me.”

Within the deep and quiet passageway, Chen Xi led Mu Linglong as he flashed swiftly towards the depths of the mine.

The deeper they went, the denser the Azuresoul Baleful Qi became, and it filled every single inch of space. Later on, it was like a surging river that forced Chen Xi to have no choice but to circulate his Shaman Energy with all his might in order to resist the terrifying corrosive force of the Azuresoul Baleful Qi.

Who exactly is it? Chen Xi’s figure flashed forward as he pondered, yet he was unable to think of any clues, causing him to be unable to refrain from knitting his brows together tightly.

Stomp! Stomp!

Not long after Chen Xi and Mu Linglong’s figure vanished, a wave of strange footsteps resounded throughout the silent and deep passageway. It sounded like muffled thunder, and it shook the rocks to the point of shaking.

In the blink of an eyes, Huang Xin’s robust figure appeared at the place that Chen Xi and Mu Linglong stood at just moments ago.

“Looks like it’s probably that kid…” Huang Xin raised his eyes that were suffused with a silver vortex that seemed like a lightning storm, and he looked towards the depths of the passageway through the layer upon layer of Azuresoul Baleful Qi.

Strands of the energy of the Laws coiled around his body like tiny silver serpents, and they flowed without end while easily knocking back the surging Azuresoul Baleful Qi.


In the next instant, he’d vanished on the spot like a strong and fierce tiger on the hunt. Everywhere he passed, the Azuresoul Baleful Qi retreated to the side and didn’t affect his speed in the slightest.

“What swift speed. It’s probably one of the four Heavenly Immortal Realm experts in Azuresoul Mine. I can’t continue fleeing, otherwise I’ll fall into an even more passive state…” As he sensed the strand of strange and heavy footsteps from behind that grew closer and closer, Chen Xi’s tightly knit brows relaxed instead.

He stopped immediately and instructed Mu Linglong to temporarily hide herself 3km away before he turned around, and then he looked towards the distance behind him.

A Heavenly Immortal that had grasped the energy of the Laws was entirely not someone that Xiao Yun and Nangong Hui could compare to. If he considered it carefully, such a Heavenly Immortal was even more formidable than the clone of a Golden Immortal!

Because this was the Immortal Dimension, and a true Heavenly Immortal had condensed the Four Pools of Heavenly Origin in his body. Moreover, the Heavenly Immortal’s strength wouldn’t be restrained by the Laws of the Heaven Dao like it was in the Mortal Dimension.

So while facing the pursuit of such an expert within this immeasurably deep passageway, only taking the initiative was the right choice. Otherwise, he would only fall into a hopeless situation.

Before long, a robust figure flashed over within the Azuresoul Baleful Qi that filled the surroundings. He was like a king that had made his arrival, and everywhere he passed, the Azuresoul Baleful Qi moved to the side.

It’s him… Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Long ago when he’d just entered the mine, he’d sensed that there were four Heavenly Immortals and a Mysterious Immortal within this mine.

Amongst them, he’d met Wei Zheng, Lou Feng, and the fat middle aged man Xue Kun. Only Huang Xin had always been positioned within the passageways of the mine, causing Chen Xi to be only able to sense Huang Xin’s aura yet be unable to discover Huang Xin’s appearance.

“I’m Huang Xin, a Heavenly Immortal Realm guard under the command of Immortal Monarch Lin Hao. Follow me and you can avoid suffering of the flesh. Otherwise, living will be worse than death for you.” Huang Xin only stopped when he was 300m away from Chen Xi, and his gaze was like a bolt of electricity as it fell coldly upon Chen Xi. His tone was flat, yet it revealed absolute control.

He was like a hawk that looked down at an ant while proclaiming his orders, and there was no need for speaking loudly, yet he’d already vividly displayed his arrogance and domineeringness. 

“Even if you want to capture me, there should be a reason, right?” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he asked with a calm voice.

“You can ask the Lord Immortal Monarch.” Huang Xin seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to be so calm at this moment, so he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned before he recovered his calm, and then his reserved and ordinary face was covered in indifference.

“Immortal Monarch Lin Hao?” Chen Xi frowned while he thought swiftly in his mind. I seem to have not offended such a great figure in the past. Could it be the enemies of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the Immortal Dimension? Or perhaps it’s the Zuoqiu Clan?

Of course, it could also be Bing Shitian.

But Chen Xi didn’t feel that Bing Shitian who only possessed a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm was capable of making an Immortal Monarch make great efforts for him. Unless Bing Shitian utilized some sort of connections.

Huang Xin didn’t answer him this time, and he just stared indifferently at Chen Xi as if he was staring at a dead body. He was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly narrowed, and then he said with surprise, “The eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement? How did you ascend…?”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Chen Xi who was standing there silently had suddenly made a move. The Shaman Energy in his entire body surged and transformed into countless thunderstorm vortexes that poured into his right fist as his fist tore through the sky.


The thunder surged as they condensed into his fist, and they emanated blazing vortexes of lightning that seemed like an eye of a storm that crossed the heavens and the earth as it smashed down from mid-air while carrying the booms of thunder.

This punch was absolutely the best punch belonging to the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement that Chen Xi had executed, and if this was the Mortal Dimension, it was sufficient to crush 50,000km of the surroundings.

But when facing this punch that suddenly shot over explosively towards him, Huang Xin wasn’t shocked nor afraid, and he lightly spat out four words. “You’re overestimating your ability!”


Huang Xin’s figure shot out like a ghost while his eyes erupted with brilliant violet light, and it was like violet lightning that shook one’s heart and soul. Moreover, a wisp of boundless might seemed to surge up onto his dull and ordinary face

He casually pointed out with his finger, causing a strand of violet colored flames to coil around it and suffuse his finger with the energy of the Laws. After that, space started rippling as if an expanse of violet flames were spreading through space and burning it.


The fist and finger hadn’t collided when an expanse of surging violet flames had surged down, and they were like a wild horse that escaped its restrictions as they enveloped Chen Xi’s right fist in an overbearing and domineering manner.

The violet flames rose while weaving together with the Laws, and the terrifying temperature seemed as if it had even lit space ablaze.

“The eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement. It will only cause you to die even more swiftly…” Huang Xin spoke indifferently. His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when cracking sounds of shattering resounded as Chen Xi’s entire right arm was crushed inch by inch before being transformed into ash by the violet flames.

“AH!!!” In the distance, an exclaim of shock sounded out, and it was Mu Linglong’s voice.

“Oh, there’s another little girl.” Huang Xin’s eyes narrowed.

However, even though Chen Xi’s right arm had been crippled, he didn’t retreat but approached Huang Xin instead. He leaped forward like a cannonball and charged to arrive before Huang Xin, and then his left arm stretched out and grabbed tightly onto Huang Xin’s neck.

“Looks like you really don’t intend continue living.” Huang Xin’s figure didn’t move while surging Immortal Force that was woven with the energy of the Laws rumbled throughout his body. He seemed to have transformed into a violet sea of flames, and not only had he completely dispersed the might of Chen Xi’s attack, it even enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body.

Hiss! Hiss!

Chen Xi’s entire body was being burnt as the violent energy of the Laws charged through his body, and it seemed as if he would transform into a pile of ash in the next moment.

“The body of a body refiner is formidable indeed, and it’s said to be capable of being rebuilt with a single thought. But if I completely refine your body and thoughts, then do you think there’s any possibility of you surviving?” Huang Xin’s eyes seemed to burn like violet flames as he looked at Chen Xi who was close at hand and spoke indifferently.

“Young Master Chen Xi, I’ll save you!” Mu Linglong couldn’t restrain herself from charging over any longer. Her white hands slapped down as a blade that was snow white like ice condensed in her pale, and it was sharp like a sword while it actually emanated a dignified and divine dragon roar.

“Are you courting death?” Huang Xin’s dense brows that were like strands of steel knit together as he flicked his sleeve, causing it to sweep out like a iron whip of violet flames.

This strike contained a terrifying force of the Laws, and it hadn’t even approached her when it caused Mu Linglong’s face to turn pale while her figure became unsteady like duckweed that floated on the sea.

She was in imminent danger!

However, right at this moment, Chen Xi’s main body suddenly appeared out of thin air behind Huang Xin with a pitch black and lusterless sword in hand, and it directly penetrated the back of Huang Xin’s head.


Blood sprayed into the air.

Huang Xin let out a shocking roar of fury that sounded like a beast on the verge of death. “Bastard! Even if I die, both of you’ll be buried along with me!”

Amidst his roar of fury, his aura erupted like a violent scorching sun, and then his arms shook as each of his arms slapped down towards Chen Xi and Mu Linglong. He actually intended to kill them before he died.

“Die!” Unfortunately, he was still a step too late. The sword that pierced the back of his head suddenly spun before slashing down forcefully, and it chopped Huang Xin into two!

The strike he intended to execute before he perished was affected by this as well, and it became slightly off-target and smashed onto the rock wall at the side, causing rumbling that was like a thunderclap to echo out while rocks shot into the surroundings and the earth quaked.


Mu Linglong suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while her figure was blasted 300m away. Her small face was extremely pale and translucent because even though Huang Xin’s strike had gone off-target, it was the dying strike of a Heavenly Immortal in the end. The force emanated from the palm strike was so overbearing that she was lucky to have survived.

On the other side, Chen Xi smashed fiercely onto the rock wall like a bashed up sandbag as well, and his entire body emanated the sound of bones breaking while he bled from all seven apertures.

“Luckily, my clone survived…” Chen Xi’s main body put the Talisman Armament away and thought for a moment before swiftly returning to the world of stars.

Huff! Huff!

Chen Xi’s clone forcefully endured the violent pain as he sat down cross-legged and gasped for breath. The injuries in his entire body were quickly recovering instead, and in practically the time for a few breaths, the numerous terrifying injuries and broken bones had been completely healed.

This was one of the reasons the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement was so formidable. So long as the Soul Core remained, then one could rebuild the body with a single thought and recover completely. It was even greater than rebuilding the body from a drop of blood.

But every time a body refiner suffered a heavy injury, the Blood Essence within the body would suffer an enormous consumption, and it was absolutely not something that could be completely recovered overnight.

“Are you alright?” After a short moment, Chen Xi stood up and arrived by Mu Linglong’s side, and he helped her check her injuries. He heaved a long sigh of relief when he saw her vital energy was slightly weak, yet her life wasn’t in danger. “Didn’t I ask you to stay at the side earlier?”

Mu Linglong’s jet black hair was disheveled while her beautiful and delicate face was pale and translucent. She lowered her head like a child that had done something wrong before she muttered. “I…thought you were about to die, so how could I do nothing to save you?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he couldn’t bear to continue being hard on her.

“Be at ease and recuperate. I’ll stand on guard for you.” Chen Xi instructed before he stood up and walked towards Huang Xin’s corpse because he intended to clean up the spoils of the battle.

“Hmm?” But, right at this moment, his gaze inadvertently noticed that a rift had broken open at the bottom of a nearby rock wall, and it was suffused with a strand of a lustrous sheen that seemed like clear lake water…

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