Chapter 1015 – Unfathomable Movement Technique

He’d never taken them to be good people. In other words, he’d taken them to be bad people since the beginning.

Besides feeling at ease when she heard this, Mu Linglong couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Her clear eyes curved into arcs that were like crescents that were inlayed into the starry sky, and it was bright and dazzling.

The expressions of Xiao Yun’s group of three sank.

“Damnable little girl! You escaped earlier, yet actually dare to return and meddle in this Young Master’s business!? Both you and this kid can dream of escaping this time!” Xiao Yun spoke with a ghastly voice. “Xiao Gui, Xiao Yan, you two deal with that kid. Leave that little girl to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d charged towards Mu Linglong like a dragon, and he dragged out a string of afterimages as he moved swiftly like a bolt of lightning. 


The shadows of a fist surged towards Mu Linglong’s lower abdomen.

Even though this strike was resolute and carried terrifying strength, it was utilized against a young woman and was even aimed at a private area of her body. This was simply despicable and shameless.

“How despicable!” Mu Linglong’s figure flashed like a wisp of smoke, and she easily avoided it, but her delicate little face was angered to the point her beautiful brows knit together tightly.

“Hmph! Little girl, is this despicable? Once this Young Master captures you, I’ll let you taste the true meaning of the word despicable.” Xiao Yun couldn’t help but be stunned that his attack missed, and then he revealed a gloomy and ruthless expression on his face. He flashed forward once more as his figures seemed like hooks that carried surging Immortal Force as they clawed repeatedly at Mu Linglong.

At this moment, the two servants, Xiao Gui and Xiao Yan, were already locked in battle with Chen Xi.

Even though they hadn’t condensed the energy of the Laws, they’d still ascended into the Immortal Dimension in the end. Moreover, the Immortal Force in their bodies was thick and ample while their cooperation was extremely good, causing their might to be rather ferocious.

Unfortunately, they’d encountered this freak, Chen Xi, this time, and they were bound to be utterly defeated.

All those years ago, Chen Xi was able to kill the clone of a Golden Immortal like Bing Shitian while at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. Now, his clone had cultivated for over six hundred years, and it was only a step away from advancing to the Heavenly Immortal Realm, so it was easy for him to annihilate two Heavenly Immortals that hadn’t condensed the energy of the Laws.

So, not long after the battle erupted, Chen Xi’s figure flashed while the Shaman Energy in his entire body rumbled, and then a palm that was suffused with an ancient aura slapped down from the sky.

Stars circulated within it while a myriad of phenomenon were enveloped by it, and it was the supreme Divine Ability — Grand Astral Palm!

This Divine Ability came from the inheritance within the Manor, and it had helped Chen Xi annihilate countless experts in the past. It was said to possess boundless might because Dao Insights were boundless, and it was capable of containing various Grand Dao profundities and allowed the Grand Dao profundities to circulate it without conflicting each other. Thus, it was able to erupt with an extremely terrifying and crushing force.

Now that it was executed with Chen Xi’s cultivation at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm in body refinement, the palm print seemed to carry a myriad of stars as it smashed down, and the stars were dazzling and caused circle after circle of ripples to spread through space!

After all, this was the Immortal Dimension, and the Spatial Laws of the heavens and the earth here were extremely solid. So those that were capable of causing ripples to spread through space were practically formidable existences that had grasped the profundities of the Laws.


“What Divine Ability is this?”

Xiao Gui and Xiao Yan’s faces turned pale with fear. They felt a threat to their lives from this palm, and they practically instinctively tried to dodge it.

Unfortunately, both of them had forgotten that this was a narrow and cramped passageway in a mine, whereas, Xiao Yun was pursuing Mu Linglong, so there wasn’t much space left to dodge…

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the Grand Astral Palm descended and erupted with blazing brilliance as it enveloped the two of them, causing a wave of shrill cries to resound before blood sprayed. Both of them had been crushed to death.

If they’d condensed the energy of the Laws, then perhaps they would be able to disregard the threat Chen Xi posed. But unfortunately, all of this was impossible.

The source of a Heavenly Immortal’s strength was the Laws!

Without the Laws, a Heavenly Immortal had a body full of strength yet was unable to bring forth its true might.

After he killed Xiao Gui and Xiao Yan, Chen Xi paid no further attention to their corpses and intended to assist Mu Linglong. However, he noticed to his shock that the young woman actually possessed an unfathomable movement technique that allowed her to move swiftly like a bolt of lightning and gracefully like flowing light, and it completely displayed the ability of variation within a small space.

When looked at from afar, she seemed to be stepping on the stars while her sleeves fluttered through the air, and she moved about in the boundless universe. A single stride was like the passage of time and the movement of the stars!

It could be said to be unfathomably profound and extraordinarily astonishing!

No wonder she was able to avoid the pursuit of Xiao Yun and his servants. So it turns out that she possesses a supreme movement technique like this… Chen Xi sighed with admiration in his heart. He was able to clearly distinguish that if Mu Linglong grasped the energy of the Laws before executing this movement technique, then the variations it displayed would be even more formidable and unimaginable.

“Dammit! You actually dared to kill this Young Master’s servants. In another ten days, both of you dirty dogs can dream about living !” Meanwhile, Xiao Yun who was unable to defeat Mu Linglong after attacking for so long was both shocked and infuriated when he saw his servants had been killed. He flashed immediately and actually abandoned pursuing Mu Linglong before he fled towards the exit of the mine.

How could Chen Xi let him escape? Chen Xi’s figure flashed immediately, and he intended to charge over.

But right when he intended to pursue Xiao Yun, he suddenly noticed that Mu Linglong’s figure shook before she actually fell to the ground. She started panting while her little face turned pale, and she seemed to be on the verge of fainting.

“Miss Mu, are you alright?” Chen Xi could only stop and move over to Mu Linglong’s side, and then he helped her up.

“I… I’m fine… It’s just that I haven’t fought with anyone in the past, and I’m slightly not used to it.” Mu Linglong took a deep breath and spoke with a slight lingering fear in her heart, and she revealed an exhausted, uncomfortable, and pitiable appearance.

Haven’t fought with anyone in the past? Chen Xi was dumbstruck. Never had he imagined that he would get such a reason from her, and he slightly wondered how she was able to cultivate to the point of ascension.

After all, as ascenders, all of them had fought with he heavens and experienced countless battles in order to forcefully slaughter open a path to immortality.

But Mu Linglong had actually not fought with anyone in the past…

If news of this were to be spread, then probably no one would believe it. But as Chen Xi looked at the young woman’s serious and horrified expression as she spoke these words, his belief couldn’t help but be slightly moved.

Could it be that she really hasn’t experienced any battles in the past? 

“Young Master Chen Xi, my…my Immortal Force has been consumed too much. I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to recover in a short period of time. Why don’t you go look for some Azuresoul Sourcerocks first? There’s no need to mind me.”  Mu Linglong spoke weakly. Even though her face was pale, she forcefully squeezed out a smile, and she seemed to be unwilling to delay Chen Xi and was very considerate.

“You should follow by my side.” Chen Xi sighed as he passed over a storage pouch that was filled with Immortal Stones. “Use these Immortal Stones to cultivate, and you’ll probably be able to recover quickly.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi stood up and patted his shoulder. “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Mu Linglong looked at the storage pouch in her hand then looked at Chen Xi’s serious expression, and then mist arose in her eyes before numerous crystalline and clear beads of tears trickled down.

She actually started crying!

Chen Xi was stunned and slightly astounded while slightly puzzled. He couldn’t help but frown as he said, “What is it now?”

If it wasn’t for them being in the Immortal Dimension, and he knew that they were both ascenders from the lower dimensions, he would truly suspect that this young woman was a child that was sentimental and didn’t know the ways of the world.

Mu Linglong hastily wiped off her tears and shook her head as she said, “I just feel slight regret. I shouldn’t have sneaked out and come to the Immortal Dimension. If it wasn’t for you, Young Master Chen Xi, I might not even know how I should continue living on here.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Sneaked out and came to the Immortal Dimension? Doesn’t she think of the Heavenly Tribulation to ascend as something that’s too easy?

When she saw Chen Xi didn’t understand, Mu Linglong explained patiently. “I’ve never left my clan since I was young. It’s only this time that I heard my cousin brother say that the Immortal Dimension is extremely miraculous. I was truly unable to restrain my curiosity, so I snuck out from my home and ascended to the Immortal Dimension. Never had I imagined that the Immortal Dimension isn’t miraculous at all…”

As she finished speaking, a wisp of dense disappointment couldn’t help but suffuse her face.

At this point, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. He couldn’t help but ponder which power in the Skyearth World Mu Linglong was from to actually be able to foster such a young woman that was pure to the point of being slightly ignorant.

It just so happened that this young woman’s natural talent and cultivation was so high, otherwise it would be impossible for her to so easily and casually sneak out and ascend into the Immortal Dimension from mere curiosity towards the Immortal Dimension.

If other cultivators were to find out about this, they would surely be infuriated to the point of spitting blood.

“So that’s how it is. What you experienced caused me to think of a friend. She was just like you and had snuck out of her clan. But she came to the Mortal Dimension from the Immortal Dimension, whereas you went to the Immortal Dimension from the Mortal Dimension.” Chen Xi inadvertently thought about A’xiu, and he couldn’t help but smile as he spoke.

“There’s someone like me?” Mu Linglong was surprised, and she’d stopped being upset and stopped blaming herself. She was really like a child, and the changes in her emotions couldn’t be compared to by an ordinary person.

“Yes, I’ll introduce her to you if I have the chance. Now, you should calm you heart and recuperate.” Chen Xi instructed before he walked over to Xiao Yan and Xiao Gui’s corpses. After he searched them, he didn’t notice anything, let alone any Azuresoul Sourcerocks.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but sigh in his heart. He glanced at Mu Linglong who was cultivating at the side before he counted the time, and he roughly determined that he would probably have to wait until after the sun set for Mu Linglong to recover. 

In this way, it was impossible for him to gather sufficient Azuresoul Sourcerocks today, let alone return to the surface to hand it in.

But Chen Xi didn’t mind. Even though the depths of the mine would surge with Azuresoul Baleful Qi after the sun set, it was unable to do anything to him.

The reason was extremely simple, he possessed a large amount of Immortal Stones and Immortal liquid in his possession. Coupled with the Dark Parasol Sapling within the body of his main body, it was entirely capable of sustaining him for countless days and nights. Moreover, he wouldn’t be reduced to being on the verge of death like Nangong Hui from the lack of Immortal Stones and invasion of Azuresoul Baleful Qi.

After a short moment, Chen Xi decided. Nevermind. It’s fine like this as well. I’ll kill my way out of here once my main body’s strength recovers and it condenses the energy of the Laws…

At the same time within the Azuresoul Mine, a hoarse and low voice suddenly sounded out by Wei Zheng’s ears. “Wei Zheng, call Lou Feng, Xue Kun, and Huang Xin together, and then come see me.”

Lord Xiong Ming!

Wei Zheng’s body stiffened, and then he bowed as he said via voice transmission, “Yes, my Lord.” 

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