Chapter 1013 – The Grades of Immortal Artifacts

The young woman wore a light blue dress, and she possessed fine brows that were shaped like leaves, cherry lips, and a fine nose. Her face was delicate, beautiful and white, and her bearing was a lotus that had emerged from the water and was extremely attractive.

But at this moment, when facing those ten plus fierce looking guards, her small face turned pale while her clear eyes surged with an expression of terror, and she seemed like a tiny deer that had fallen into a dangerous situation and aroused tender feelings in the hearts of all.

Based on Chen Xi’s experience, this young woman was probably not lying, and it was impossible for her to lie because under such a situation, lying would absolutely be something that wasn’t worth it.

“Oh, this little girl is really beautiful.”

“Haha! Little girl, don’t be scared. Big Brother will be very gentle.”

“Let me guess where that storage magic treasure is hidden. Is it within that jade pendant before her chest or hidden within her belt? Why don’t we remove her belt and clothes to carefully search her?”

All of them guards had burning gazes and savage expressions that revealed pervertedness, and they brazenly sized up the young woman’s body while speaking in a disgusting and foul manner.

“I, I really don’t have a storage magic treasure with me.” The young woman was both embarrassed and enraged, and her expression changed indeterminately while her clear eyes surged with a layer of watery mist that almost trickled from her eyes. This sort of fragile appearance caused the guards to roar with laughter once more, and they were even more brazen in their actions.

“Under such circumstances, this miss would probably not lie.” Chen Xi frowned and couldn’t refrain himself from speaking up.

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the shadows of a whip tore through the sky with a crack, and its impetus was fierce as it whipped down at Chen Xi’s face.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, yet he forcefully refrained himself from dodging in the end. As expected, this whip shadow hit firmly on his face and left behind a terrifying bloody mark.

“Ptooey! Who the fuck do you think you are? Is there any room for you to speak here? I’ll fucking whip you to death if you dare speak another word.” The guard put away his iron whip as he glanced at Chen Xi with disdain while his face was covered in killing intent.

Chen Xi wiped of the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth while his expression became calm to the extreme. The taste of blood was something he hadn’t tasted for a very long time, yet he never imagined that he would suffer such a strike after he’d just arrived at the Immortal Dimension.

He was very clearly aware that his strength hadn’t completely recovered at this moment, nor had he condensed the energy of the Laws, so he could only endure it. However, in his heart, he’d already given this person the death penalty.

“Alright, there’s no need to search her.” Meanwhile, Wei Zheng glanced coldly at Chen Xi before he glanced at the young woman, and then he waved his hand and ordered those guards to leave.

“Hmph! Kid! You actually dared to fucking spoil it for me! You’re finished!” An icy cold voice suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears, and he didn’t have to look to be clearly aware that it was surely that guard who whipped him earlier.

Lu Feng? I’ll be waiting for you, said Chen Xi in his heart. He’d already firmly remembered the name of that guard from the conversation between the guards.

Subsequently, Chen Xi and the others obtained an iron basket each from the gloomy old man, Lou Feng, before they were led through a hollow by a guard to arrive before a row of houses.

All these houses were constructed from rock, and they were like a winding snake that densely covered the surroundings.

“Hmph! Your lucks aren’t bad. Over twenty useless pieces of trash just died today, so all of you can choose any one of the rooms they left behind. Remember, all of you are only allowed to stay in your rooms tonight and prepare to bear the consequences if you disobey these orders!” The guard that led the way grunted coldly before putting his hands behind his back and leaving in large strides.

“Slaves? Who would have imagined that after we ascended into the Immortal Dimension, we would fall to such a state overnight? If I knew this would happen, would there be any need to lust after the path of immortality?” With the guards gone, someone couldn’t help but sigh.

“Hmph! This is only because we had bad luck, so there no need to show resentment against the heavens and lay blame on others. What about the Immortal Dimension? So long as we possess strength, we’ll still be able to thrive here!” Someone didn’t take the words of the first person who spoke seriously.

“Right, every single one of us who’ve ascended from the Mortal Dimension have experienced countless tempering to forcefully slaughter out a path from millions of others and form a path to immortality! Endure it for now. Once we have the opportunity in the future… Hmph!” Someone had a ruthless expression and seemed as if he felt it was never too late to take revenge.

After talking for a short moment, all those ascenders dispersed back to their own rooms.

Just like they’d said, every single expert that was able to experience the numerous tribulations and ascend into the Immortal Dimension wasn’t weak, and they were just new, causing their minds to be unable to adapt to the environment in the Immortal Dimension.

The only thing they lacked was time.

“Thank…thank you, Young Master, for what you did earlier.” The young woman walked forward and thanked Chen Xi in a low voice.

“There’s no need to thank me. Not to mention I didn’t help much and got whipped instead.” Chen Xi laughed with self-ridicule.

“At any rate, Young Master is a good person.” The young woman seemed to have rarely spoken with someone from the opposite gender, so she faintly revealed an embarrassed and weak feeling as she spoke. But in next to no time, she took a deep breath and said seriously, “I’m Mu Linglong from the Skyearth World. Young Master, may I know your name?”

“Chen Xi from the Dark Reverie,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“Chen Xi…” Mu Linglong repeated his name before she nodded and said, “Young Master Chen Xi, I’ll surely return the favor in the future!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she lowered her head and left hastily.

“The Skyearth World, that’s a large world that’s even more ancient than the Dark Reverie. Senior Sister seemed to have mentioned that an Immortal King with peerless authority in the Immortal Dimension was from the Skyearth World…” Chen Xi pondered deeply, and then he stopped thinking and chose an empty room before walking into it. 


Late at night, Chen Xi sat cross-legged within the world of stars while he breathed silently.

The Dark Parasol Sapling within his body ceaselessly emitted strands of pure Immortal Energy, and it replenished the boundless vast Blackhole World within his Dantian. At the same time, Immortal Sense surged and whistled like tidewater within his sea of consciousness, and it emanated waves of rumbling.

Advancing from the Earthly Immortal Realm to the Heavenly Immortal Realm was like the relationship between the earth and the heavens, and it was like the distance between the heavens and the earth. It was a qualitative leap.

The most obvious characteristic was the transformation of Immortal Energy into Immortal Force, the transformation of Immortal Perception into Immortal Sense, and the transformation of the mortal body transforming into an immortal physique.

After one attained this realm of cultivation, one was able to live along with the ages and possess an eternal lifespan!

However, this was only a leap in terms of lifespan, and Heavenly Immortals could still fall. So even if one was able to experience a myriad of generations, no one dared to say that they were eternal.

Not bad. According to this speed of advancement, I’ll only need half a month to completely recover my strength. Unfortunately, the Temporal Laws within the world of stars has obviously been suppressed greatly after arriving in the Immortal Dimension… After he attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense the circulation of the Temporal Laws in the world of stars. Even though he was unable to comprehend it, he was able to discern that the Temporal Laws within the world of stars had been suppressed by around 50% after he entered the Immortal Dimension.

In other words, in the past, 10 days within the world of stars was equivalent to one day in the outside world.

Yet now, five days in the world of stars was equivalent to one day in the outside world.

This caused Chen Xi to feel rather regretful. However, he felt relieved because even though the Temporal Laws within the world of stars had been restrained, he didn’t have to worry that someone would notice the Manor after he entered the Immortal Dimension.

This was because of the different Laws of the Heaven Dao.

In the Mortal Dimension, the great figures of the Immortal Dimension intervened and controlled the Laws of the Heaven Dao, but it was different in the Immortal Dimension. The Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension was something that even an Immortal King didn’t dare talk about controlling and utilizing.

In this way, so long as Chen Xi didn’t divulge the secret of the Manor in his possession, then he was able to utilize it at any time without having to be extremely careful and conceal it every time he utilized it like how he had in the Mortal Dimension.

It’s good this way as well. My main body will cultivate in the world of stars while my clone will carry out the assignment instead. So long as I make the best use of my time, it wouldn’t be long before I’ll be able to escape this place. At that time… The figure of that guard, Lu Feng, appeared on Chen Xi’s mind, and killing intent flashed within his heart.

After that, he recovered his calm and concentrated as he fell into a deep level of comprehension. 


Early in the morning the next day.

The sky hadn’t even brightened when a wave of furious cursing sounded out from outside.

“It’s time to get up! Quickly get the fuck out here to do work! All of you know the rules. You only have to hand over ten Azuresoul Sourcerocks to obtain your compensation of ten Immortal Stones.” 

“One rock less will gain you a whip!”

“Those who hand in less than five rocks will be put to death on the spot!”

When Chen Xi walked out from the house he resided in, the other ascenders had made an appearance as well.

When he saw everyone was here, a guard waved his hand before bringing all of them forward swiftly, and they flashed past numerous mountains before arriving at a deep and quiet entrance to a mine in the end.

“All of you take a good look. This is a Azuresoul Sourcerock. Every single one has to be this size, and anything smaller will earn you a whip as well!” The guard withdrew a fist sized dark azure rock and allowed everyone to have a look before he said with an icy cold voice, “Don’t blame me for not warning all of you. If anyone dares to hide a storage magic treasure, then so long as it’s discovered, that person will be killed on the spot, and then the corpse will be fed to the Bloodstripe Fierce Tiger!”

He waved his hand as soon as he finished speaking.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone charged immediately into the entrance.

This entrance was extremely deep and quiet, and it wound about while opening up into numerous forks. In next to no time, everyone had dashed towards different paths and were separated.

No one was willing to go together with another.

Because according to the introduction given by that guard, the Azuresoul Sourcerocks within this mine had been excavated for an innumerable period of time, so its yield was extremely low, and it was on the verge of being abandoned.

So the difficulty to excavate ten Azuresoul Sourcerocks from here was obvious.

Under such circumstances, if they were to go excavate the ores in groups, then it would clearly be impossible for them to complete their assignment.

Azuresoul Sourcerocks are able to be refined into Azuresoul Steel that contains Azuresoul Baleful Immortal Qi. It’s a mid-stage immortal material to refine a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact… Chen Xi moved swiftly towards the depths of the mine while he recalled the information related to the Azuresoul Sourcerock in his mind.

Presently, he was clearly aware that Immortal Artifacts in the Immortal Dimension were divided into the Ordinary Grade, Darkspirit Grade, Cosmic Grade, Valiant Grade, and Void Grade. Every single grade was divided into three ranks of high, medium, and low.

Similarly, immortal materials were divided into five stages according to this, and it was respectively the low-stage, mid-stage, high-stage, extreme-stage, and king-stage. Each of them corresponded to one of the five grades of Immortal Artifacts.

The Azuresoul Sourcerock was a mid-stage immortal material, and it was one of the main materials to refine a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact. Especially when refining an Immortal Sword or offensive treasures like swords and blades, the addition of a small bit of Azuresoul Steel into it would be able to strengthen the treasure’s intelligence and toughness, causing it to be rather precious.

I wonder what grade are the treasures like the Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword, Dao Calamity Sword, and Calamity Ward Green Lantern at? Chen Xi unconsciously recalled the various treasures that he carried in his possession.

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