Chapter 1012 – Azuresoul Mine

Meng Xing had just finished speaking when he put away the Immortal Vessel.

Instantly, a lofty and precipitous mountain range appeared in their fields of vision.

The tall and precipitous mountain was suffused with dense azure colored mist, and it was like a rising ocean. When looked at from afar, it was actually boundlessly vast and an extremely magnificent sight.

“This is the Azuresoul Mine. There’ll be people who’ll come to receive all of you soon.” Meng Xing pointed towards the distant mountain range as he spoke indifferently.

“A mine?” Someone said with a trembling voice, “We wouldn’t have been brought here to carry out mining, right?” 

The others had extremely unsightly expressions as well. The Azuresoul Mine? Just by its name, it’s obviously not a good place, yet Meng Xing actually brought all of us here, so he probably doesn’t have any good intentions.

Meng Xing didn’t answer, and he just glanced at everyone with a cold gaze before he said, “I have to remind all of you that if you want to live, then it’s best that you cooperate obediently. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know how you died.”

Everyone was horrified while their expressions became unsightly to the extreme.

Before they ascended, they received the respect of everyone in their respective worlds, and they got everything they desired. How could they have imagined that it would be like this after they ascended into the Immortal Dimension?

This sort of feeling was as if they’d suddenly fallen from the peak to an all-time low, and this enormous difference caused them to be caught off guard and feel anxious.

“I never expected that it would actually be Lord Meng Xing that came over personally.” A flowing ray of light suddenly flew over from the distant mountain range that was coiled by azure mist, and it was a cold young man who was thin like a bamboo, possessed a capable bearing, and only had a single eye.

A Heavenly Immortal? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed before he withdrew his gaze. If it was in the Mortal Dimension, then perhaps he would still be fearful of a Heavenly Immortal, but he’d already attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm now. Moreover, his foundation was extremely thick, so he didn’t take this person seriously at all.

“Wei Zheng, I’ll hand these ascenders over to you.” Meng Xing nodded to the cold young man, and he seemed to refuse to stay here for another moment. So he instructed the young man before turning around and leaving on the Immortal Vessel.

“All of you follow me.” As soon as Meng Xing left, Wei Zheng’s expression instantly turned cold, and his single eye was filled with an indifferent and merciless expression.

Everyone glanced at each other while their expressions changed indeterminately. In the end, they followed obediently behind Wei Zheng and flew towards the Azuresoul Mine. 


“You’re courting death! How dare you launch a surprise attack! Get the fuck up!” 

“Please, I beg you. I beg you to let me rest for a moment. I’ve already done my best, and it isn’t that I’m not working hard, but the Azuresoul Sourcerocks are getting lesser as time goes by.”

“Ptooey! Trash! If you can’t even hand in ten Azuresoul Sourcerocks every day, then what’s the point of keeping you alive? Die!”

“Has anyone else not completed their assignment? Quickly come over to receive your punishment! If you make me drag you out myself, then don’t hope of surviving!”

“A bunch of useless trash! Your compensation of Immortal Stones for today is cancelled!”

Under the blood red glow of the setting sun, the sound of rageful curses sounded out from the depths of Azuresoul Mine, and it was mixed with a wave of begging and shrill howls. Moreover, the sound of whipping frequently resounded out as well, causing shrill cries to shake the skies and caused chills to run down the spines of all.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here behind Wei Zheng, they saw an empty flat area at the foot of the mountain. At this moment, numerous figures were standing there.

Most of these figures had disheveled hair and dirty faces, and they were dressed in rags and covered in dirt. They were like beggars of the mortal world.

In the surroundings was row after row of guards that were completely covered in black colored armor, and they held iron whips as they guarded the surroundings while emitting savage and cruel laughter.

A table made of black iron lay at the center of the area, and a fat middle aged man with white skin, a moustache that formed the character ‘’, and eyes that were tiny like beans sat behind the table. The fat on his body made it seem as if he was almost about to explode.

Beside the fat middle aged man was two pretty and coquettish women that wore sheer fabric clothes. They leaned on the fat middle aged man while helping him to massage his shoulders and back and poured tea for him while frequently emitting strings of sweet laughter. 

Those people dressed in rags had formed a line before the table at this moment, and every single one of them held an iron basket that contained some Azuresoul Sourcerocks that were suffused with a dark azure color and were of various different sizes.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

At the other sides were two guards who bared their upper bodies and held iron whips in their hands. They were whipping a group of slaves to the point the skin and flesh on their bodies split open, causing blood to spray out as the slaves rolled on the floor and let out endless shrill cries.

Some didn’t even let out a few shrill cries before no sound came from them as they’d transformed into icy cold corpses.

Every time this happened, an extremely ferocious crimson colored fierce tiger would pounce out swiftly from the side, and it opened its large bloody mouth before completely consuming the corpse.

Slaves that were in rags!

Fiendish guards!

A cruel and violent tiger! 


These scenes were bloody and brutal, and it aroused extremely intense shock in the hearts of all.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here and saw this scene, their countenances instantly turned pale while their pupils dilated, and they couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of panic.

Only a few people still remained their calm, and one of them was Chen Xi.

A Mysterious Immortal, four Heavenly Immortals, and the remaining one thousand and thirty two are guards. A small portion of these guards are Earthly Immortals, and the rest are at the Nether Transformation Realm…

There are over ten thousand slaves, and over a hundred of them obviously possess foundations at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, yet they haven’t condensed the energy of the Laws. Moreover, their cultivations are weak and declining. If I’m not wrong, then they probably just ascended like me before being captured and brought here…

Strange. If it’s merely for the sake of mining, then there’s entirely no need to capture ascenders from all over. There’s probably a reason behind this…

He swept the surroundings with his gaze and understood the situation within the entire mine, causing him to feel relaxed because so long as there wasn’t a Golden Immortal holding down the fort, then it didn’t pose a fatal threat to him.

“Your assignments are just like them. Excavate Azuresoul Sourcerocks. Before sunset every single day, you must hand in ten Azuresoul Sourcerocks. You’ll suffer punishment for every single rock you’re lacking, and you’ll be directly sentenced to death if you hand in less than five.” Meanwhile, Wei Zheng spoke indifferently with a cold and merciless voice. “All of you can chose to try to escape. But I have to remind all of you that not a single ascender that has been captured and brought over here since last month has been successful, and the consequences they faced was over a hundred times more horrifying than dying in the mouth of the Bloodstripe Fierce Tiger.”

As soon as these words were spoken, those ascenders that carried hope in their hearts instantly revealed ashen expressions, and they felt helplessness and despair.

“Then…when will we be considered to have completed our assignment?” An ascender spoke with a bitter tone.

“I’ll naturally inform all of you when you can leave.” Wei Zheng’s gaze was icy cold as it swept past the faces of everyone like a blade, and he said, “Now, hand over the storage magic treasures in your possessions, and then line up over there to claim your iron basket from Manager Lou Feng. He’ll arrange the area of the mine that all of you will enter.”

As he spoke, Wei Zheng pointed towards the side in the distance. There was a house made of rocks there, and an old man with a gloomy expression was laid down and resting on a soft couch before the house.

As if he’d noticed that Wei Zheng was speaking about him, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, and it emanated a gorgeous jade green glow that was ghastly and frightening.

Being gazed at by this gaze was like being stared at by a gloomy poisonous snake, and it caused all those ascenders to feel uncomfortable and horrified.

Lou Feng and Wei Zheng were two of the four Heavenly Immortals that Chen Xi had noticed.

There were another two that were respectively the fat middle aged man that sat behind the table while collecting Azuresoul Sourcerocks, and another who Chen Xi didn’t dare to rashly sense. He was only able to faintly sense that this Heavenly Immortal was within a deep and quiet passageway within the mine, and Chen Xi wasn’t aware of this person’s appearance at all.

As for the Mysterious Immortal, he resided on the peak of a small mountain that was 500km away from here, and his extremely mysterious and profound aura enveloped the entirety of Azuresoul Mine from afar.

When he saw that he wasn’t just about to become a member of the mining slaves, he even had to hand over the storage magic treasures in his possession, one of the ascenders couldn’t refrain himself and questioned with a grim voice.  “Why must we hand over our storage magic treasures? We aren’t your slaves!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere in the surroundings was silent. The slaves in rags and the guards that guarded the surroundings had all revealed a wisp of pity as they looked over here.

“Haha! There’s an ignorant fellow.”

“Oh, how do you think this fellow will die? Will his head be directly pulled off by Lord Wei Zheng, or will he be completely refined into lantern oil and hung within the passageways in the mine to illuminate the way?”

The two beautiful and seductive women by the fat middle aged man’s side revealed a wisp of excitement, and they spoke without end, yet the content of their conversation caused one’s heart to go cold.

“Let me guess. That ascender’s appearance isn’t bad, so perhaps he’ll be seized away by that old pervert Lou Feng, and his butt will be completely ravaged tonight. HAHAHA!” The fat middle aged man roared with laughter while the fat on his entire body trembled like waves. As he spoke, he fiercely grabbed and rubbed the women’s plump buttocks, causing them to let out sharp cries that seemed as if they were in pain yet also enjoyed it, and he only stopped after hearing these cries and sighed with satisfaction.

The entire body of that ascender who spoke out in rage trembled when he saw these scenes, and the flames of rage in his heart receded like a tide before being replaced by panic.

Before Wei Zheng could make any reaction, he actually produced three storage magic treasures and handed them over respectfully before he said with a trembling voice, “My Lord, allow me to atone for my crimes. Allow me to atone for my crimes….” 

Wei Zheng’s only eye glanced coldly at him before Wei Zheng put away the three storage magic treasures and said, “Hand over all the storage magic treasures in your possessions within ten breaths of time. Remember, I said all of them! Bear the consequences if you exceed the time limit.”

Everyone didn’t dare hesitate and hurriedly handed over the storage magic treasures in their possessions. Moreover, even Xiao Yun from the Endless World had been beaten to the point of losing all his arrogance, and he handed it over obediently.

Chen Xi handed over a storage magic treasure as well. But there were only ten plus Immortal Stones within it. As for the Buddha’s Pagoda, it was being nurtured within his Blackhole World since a long time ago, so unless he was killed, otherwise, no one would be able to notice it.

In next to no time, the time of ten breaths had passed.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone had descended onto a young woman that stood by Chen Xi’s side, and their gazes carried shock, pity, and pleasure from her misfortune.

Because the young woman had already expressed that she didn’t carry any storage magic treasures. But who would believe these words?

“Search her!” Wei Zheng seemed to not be surprised by this, or perhaps he’s seen many ascenders like this, so he waved his hand with an emotionless expression.

In the next moment, over ten fierce looking guards charged over while they swept the young woman with gazes filled with ill intent.

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