Chapter 101 – Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Chapter 101 – Taking Advantage Of The Situation

The Li Clan is finished!

As the distant spectators gazed at the violently burning flames that covered the Li Clan and leaped into the sky, coldness emerged within their hearts for no rhyme or reason. It was as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

The first clan of Pine Mist City that had dominated for a thousand years had now been completely annihilated by a single youth who had only been a talisman crafting apprentice one year ago!

Reality was so brutal, so inconceivable, so soul-stirring and shocking.

Everyone knew after experiencing this battle, Chen Xi wasn’t the weak youth that could be bullied, humiliated, and ridiculed; he wasn’t the disciple from an impoverished family that shouldered the name of Jinx…

He was bound to be the most dazzling star in Pine Mist City in the last thousand years!

Amongst the flames that leaped into the sky, the silent crowd of people and the twilight color of night descending, the atmosphere at the scene was covered in dense oppression and deathly silence.

Whereas Chen Xi was just intending to leave.

“Chen Xi! Stay where you are!” A forceful, loud shout was like the sound of thunder that tore the silence to pieces, and with a swish, countless gazes shot towards it. Who was it that still dared provoke Chen Xi at this time?

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures tore through the sky, and the heaven and the earth were filled with violent flows of air. Subsequently, a middle aged man in a violet robe flew over. He was three meters tall and had a straight back that was like a spear. He was full of an impressive and dignified manner. The person was the supreme dictator of the Pine Mist City’s General’s Estate, and the actual ruler of Pine Mist City, Qin Han.

At his side was the number one expert under the command of the General’s Estate who possessed a thin appearance and long arms, Luo Chong.

The nearby crowd of spectators couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when they saw these two people appear. General Qin didn’t appear earlier not later, yet he deliberately appeared at this time. Could it be that he wants to take advantage of the situation?

Beside the sea of flames, Chen Xi raised his eyes to gaze at Qin Han and Luo Chong who’d appeared suddenly. He vaguely understood what had happened and his heart couldn’t help but sink. They’ve come with ill intentions!

Step step! Step step step!

After Qin Han and Luo Chong had just arrived, a large group of General’s Estate Guards had dashed over behind them, and they were in perfect order. With a glance, one would be able to discern that they followed strict military discipline and severe rules.

“General Qin, what business do you have here?” Chen Xi’s eyes slightly narrowed. He was just about to circulate his True Essence when a wave of exhaustion appeared in his mind, causing him to feel dizzy, and his eyelids were twitching as he was overcome by an impulse of wanting to sleep from drowsiness.

This was because his soul had been used up too intensely.

Earlier, for the sake of avoiding from suffering the attack of the Darklight Balefulblood Pearl, he’d used his God Shaker Arts to fiercely shake Li Fengtu’s soul, causing Li Fengtu’s mind to go blank for a moment; it was because of this that he was able to easily kill Li Fengtu.

However, this God Shaker Art’s consumption of the soul was extremely terrifying, and only a single strike had caused his Spiritual Perception to have almost been completely used up. If it wasn’t for his Spiritual Perception being sufficiently strong, his soul would have been injured by this attack.

Most importantly, because of the battle from before, practically 99% of Chen Xi’s True Essence was consumed. At this moment, not to mention battling someone, even controlling a flying sword was slightly difficult.

It was precisely because of this that when Chen Xi saw Qin Han and Luo Chong coming together and that they had brought a huge amount of guards from the General’s Estate, he instantly understood in his heart that these fellows wanted to seize the opportunity of him being powerless to fight and take advantage of the situation!

“Chen Xi, do you know your crimes!?” Qin Han held his hand behind his back and spoke without the slightest bit of feeling.

“What crimes have I committed?” Chen Xi spoke with an emotionless expression.

“Luo Chong, tell him!” Qin Han seemed to feel that explaining to Chen Xi himself was a loss of dignity, so he instructed the nearby Luo Chong to explain it.

The skin on Luo Chong’s face tightened as he said coldly, “The General’s Estate provided for the prohibition of causing trouble and fighting in the city. You’ve already violated the iron law of my General’s Estate, and according to the rules set out…” When he spoke up to here, it seemed to be slightly difficult for Luo Chong to open his mouth and he hesitated to speak.

“Luo Chong, stand down.” Qin Han’s brows raised up for a moment, then he said coldly, “According to the rules, you ought to be killed and gotten rid of. However, if you obediently allow yourself to be captured, then lower your head to admit your crimes, you can avoid death and only have your cultivation cripples before being banished to a mine to be a slave for the rest of your life.”

“Chen Xi, you’re still young, don’t destroy your own future. My General’s Estate represents the will of the Darchu Dynasty and its iron law tolerates no violation. You’ve publicly slaughtered the entire Li Clan and it has already violated many iron laws. If you don’t resist, I can guarantee your safety.” The nearby Luo Chong took over.

“I caused trouble? I violated the iron law of the General’s Estate? If I don’t admit my crimes then you’ll kill me, and if I admit my crimes you’ll cripple my cultivation and lower me to a mining slave…” Chen Xi muttered for a short moment and was angry to the point his heart hurt. Then he suddenly raised his head, and his voice had already become extremely icy cold and indifferent. “Let me ask the two of you, where was your General’s Estate when the over 10,000 commoners of the Commoner’s District died miserably under the blades of the Li Clan? Where was your General’s Estate when the Zhang general goods store and Clear Stream Restaurant were destroyed into ruins? That year, when my Chen Clan was annihilated, where were the two of you?”

“Both of you close your eyes to all kinds of evil, yet the kindhearted and courageous should be at your mercy to be humiliated and trampled on?  What qualifications do shameless and despicable villains like the both of you who bully the weak and fear the strong have to represent the will of the Darchu Dynasty?”

“What did you say?” Qin Han glanced at Chen Xi. His aura was icy cold and his gaze revealed strands of killing intent.

Chen Xi’s words had pricked his nerves and had caused him to be unable to refute it. Because everyone in the entire Pine Mist City knew all these things, but no one dared to fearlessly speak of it like Chen Xi.

This was the might of the General’s Estate, disallowing anyone from going against the word of the General’s Estate. At the same time that the General’s Estate conducted its affairs according to the rules, the General’s Estate itself was trampling on those very rules, oppressing the good and flattering the powerful.

As the saying goes, rules were only set to shackle and confine the weak, whereas the strong stood above the rules, and no one would dare voice out criticism when they trampled on and broke the rules.

This was an unwritten law, a hidden rule that couldn’t be declared with the mouth, as it was something that went against the existing rules, yet they existed everywhere in the world.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s words had exposed all these things that broke the rules, and it was like a fierce and resounding slap on his face, slapping Qin Han’s face to the point it burned with pain.

“What did I say? Amongst the people present, I’m afraid only you are feigning ignorance and asking this, right?” Chen Xi was already ready to risk everything. What General’s Estate, what will of the Darchu Dynasty? Would Chen Xi pay attention to all this at this moment? He already wasn’t the weakling from before that was at the mercy of others. When faced with this extent of provocation, being afraid and submitting was undoubtedly being irresponsible with his own life!

“Nonsense! My General’s Estate has already arrested and publicly sentenced to death the murderer responsible for the deaths of those people. It’s just that you didn’t see it.” Qin Han was able to become the owner of the General’s Estate, thus he wasn’t an ordinary person, and he took a deep breath before saying coldly, “You instead slaughtered the entire Li Clan in public, and not only do you not repent, you strike back and accuse my General’s Estate of not conducting its affairs satisfactorily. Looks like only by killing a villain like you today that I will be able to protect the dignity of my General’s Estate.”

“Truly a good scheme. After killing me, both of you can report to the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan that you’ve accomplished the task, right?” Chen Xi puckered his lips, and his eyes drooped as he said in a light voice, “Looks like today's matter can only be solved by combat.”

“Combat?” Qin Han sneered and said, “You think too highly of yourself. This isn’t a battle, this is my General’s Estate arresting and punishing a villain!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It was at this moment that a wave of sounds of something tearing through the sky was like the tide as it abruptly sounded out from the extremely far away horizon, and seven streams of flying lights cut through the sky before arriving swiftly and with a bang.

“Seniors, look! That kid is Chen Xi!”

“Oh, it’s he who obtained the inheritance in the sword immortal’s abode? Hmph! He dares seize things that belong to my Su Clan? I want him to spit it all out!”

“Hahaha! I remember that we’ve come to Pine Mist City once when we helped Little Jiao tear apart her marriage contract all those years ago. Now, we’re revisiting a familiar place and meeting an old friend, it’s truly fate!”

“Grab him! If he doesn’t hand over the treasures from the sword immortal’s abode then tear him to mush!”

Accompanied by a variety of sounds, seven men and women in luxurious clothes appeared out of thin air. Their auras were formidable like a vast ocean and towering mountain.

A tall and mighty young man was in the lead; he had a hooked nose and a profound gaze with a sheathed sword on his back, and his aura shot into the sky like a rainbow. There were another three men and two women standing by his side, and all of them had formidable auras and matchlessly elegant demeanors.

Only one person had a young appearance, his face fair and clear, and he stood respectfully at the side. His aura was obviously greatly inferior to the other six, yet when he looked at Qin Han and the others, his gaze carried dense arrogance.

“Six Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Su Clan!”

“The Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan! Exactly what treasure did Chen Xi acquire within the sword immortal’s abode? It actually drew the simultaneous dispatch of six Golden Hall Realm cultivators from the Su Clan!”

“Out of the frying pan, into the fire! Even if Chen Xi isn’t killed by the General’s Estate this time, he would surely be captured by these six Golden Hall Realm cultivators. He can’t escape this calamity.”

When they saw these seven men and women cultivators with extraordinary bearing, the far away spectators were shocked in their hearts and their eyes revealed deep reverence.

Ten years ago, or in other words the fourth year after the Chen Clan was annihilated, these men and women had once come to Pine Mist City with a few other Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

At that time, they tore the marriage contract with the Chen Clan’s eldest grandchild, Chen Xi, into shreds before the eyes of everyone within Pine Mist City, then swaggered off, causing a stir for some time.

At this moment, when these Golden Hall Realm cultivators appeared once again, how could all the people present not recognize them?

It’s actually them!

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as the scenes from when he was four surged into his mind, and the hatred in his heart flowed throughout his entire body with a bang.

Summer that year, he was withstanding the intense heat of the summer, cultivating bitterly under the scorching sun, and his grandfather lay under the eaves as he taught Chen Hao to read. The summer breeze was blowing, the leaves were rustling, and everything was so peaceful.

However, at dusk, over 10 moving lights slit open this short peacefulness, and they stood in mid air, looking down on him and his grandfather with arrogant and disdainful expressions.

They mocked his grandfather as a piece of old trash.

They ridiculed him as a toad that wished to eat the meat of a swan.

They tore apart his marriage contract before the eyes of everyone in Pine Mist City!

Chen Xi was only four then, he didn’t know what was humiliation and mocking was. He didn’t know how great of a pain it was when another comes to your house and wantonly humiliates you.

Chen Xi only saw his younger brother being afraid to the point of crying on the ground, he saw his grandfather’s entire body trembling from rage, he saw the boundless sorrow and anger revealed on that old face, and that gaze of despair caused him to feel afraid, feel helpless, and feel that even the sky was about to collapse…

This scene caused an unprecedented blow in his young heart, and it branded him with pain that was impossible to erase.


Chen Xi shook his head fiercely, then took deep breaths repeatedly to forcefully suppress the hatred and restlessness in his heart. He knew that with his current condition, it was utterly impossible for him to be a match for any one of them.

Fleeing was the only path to survival.

Vengeance can wait another day. If he wanted to repay all the humiliation he’d suffered, then he must ensure that he survived. Only by surviving would he have the possibility of becoming stronger, and only then would he be able to do all the things he wanted to do!

“General Qin, these cultivators from outside want to start a battle in Pine Mist City. It’s undoubtedly provoking the dignity and will of the General’s Estate. Are you going to interfere, or not?” Chen Xi glanced at Qin Han and the others, and he suddenly spoke out.

Earlier, Qin Han intended to kill Chen Xi by using the pretense of defending the dignity of the General’s Estate and representing the will of the Darchu Dynasty, and he was filled with righteous indignation and justice.

Now, when faced with the Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan, Chen Xi gave him a taste of his own medicine, and the mocking and ridicule within Chen Xi’s words was something that anyone could perceive.

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