Chapter 1009 – Ascension

Forty nine days later.


Within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

As if they’d come to some sort of tacit understanding, regardless of disciple or elder, all of them stopped what they were doing and walked out of their rooms before looking towards West Radiance Peak from afar.

Today was the day that Chen Xi would overcome the tribulation and ascend!

On West Radiance Peak, Chen Xi bid his farewells to Huo Molei and the others. His bearing was calm and composed, and there was a smile on the corners of his mouth. He didn’t reveal any anxiousness or unwillingness.

Because he’d already said all that had to be said, so besides letting fate have its way, what else could he do?

The only thing that caused Chen Xi to be slightly regretful was that he didn’t have the time to return to the Darchu Dynasty and bid temporary farewells to his younger brother, Chen Hao, and all those other old friends of his.

But he was already extremely content.

At least his son, nephew, Huo Molei, Fan Yunlan, Zhen Liuqing, and all the others were here.

Moreover, he’d made arrangements for Ling Bai, Bai Kui, A’Man, Mortis, Mu Kui, Xueyan, and the others. Zhen Liuqing would take them to the Immortal Dimension through a secret realm in the Unknown Lands ten years from now.

The secret realm was a place that Zhen Liuqing’s Master, Daoist Dao Que, had personally prepared for her, and ascending from there would allow one to directly arrive at a mysterious area in the Immortal Dimension — the Divine Abyss of Darkness.

According to Zhen Liuqing, Ling Bai and the others only had to follow by her side when the time came, and they would be able to safely arrive at the Immortal Dimension without worry of any mishaps occurring.

Even though Chen Xi was surprised by this, it had dealt with the burden in his heart in the end. So even if he didn’t understand it, he felt much more relaxed in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, besides Mu Kui and Xueyan, Ling Bai, Bai Kui, A’Man, and Mortis were abnormal freaks. One of them was a sword soul that had cultivated, the other was an auspicious beast Pixiu, the other was a Soul Combat Puppet of mysterious origin…

If these abnormal freaks wanted to ascend into the Immortal Dimension, then he didn’t know how long it would take and what sort of setbacks they would encounter.

Now that there was Zhen Liuqing to help bring them to the Immortal Dimension, Chen Xi was naturally delighted to the extreme.

“Father.” The nearby Chen An couldn’t help but call out in a low voice.

Chen Xi rubbed the little fellow’s head and said in a low voice, “Remember to go back and visit your Uncle and Aunt if you have the chance. They’ve done too much for our Chen Clan, and there are some things that you have to help with.”

Chen An nodded and said with a firm expression, “Don’t worry, Father.”

“Uncle, just you wait, I’ll come to the Immortal Dimension to look for you soon.” Chen Yu was filled with lofty sentiments as he spoke resolutely.

Chen Xi roared with laughter. “Alright!”

During these past few days, he’d already compiled parts of his knowledge and passed it down to the two little fellows. It didn’t just contain supreme techniques like the Allheaven Truth and Eternal Dao Scripture, there was even experiences and techniques related to combat.

Moreover, before he headed to the Immortal Dimension this time, besides the Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword, Dao Calamity Sword, and other such similar treasures, he’d passed all the other treasures in the Buddha’s Pagoda to Chen Yu and Chen An.

He did this because he hoped that these two little fellows would quickly become strong so as to help ease the burden on Chen Hao and make contributions to the Chen Clan.

Of course, his disciple Chen Yan got a portion of it as well. 

“Don’t slack off.” Chen Xi looked at Chen Yan. As he gazed at this dark, simple, and determined young man, he said in a light voice, “If you encounter any questions, then you can discuss it with Chen An and Chen Yu or ask the other seniors of the sect.”

Actually, Chen Xi always felt that he owed Chen Yan slightly. After all, after he brought Chen Yan into the sect, there were very few moments where he, the master, would impart any knowledge to Chen Yan.

Now that he was about to leave, this was all that he could do.

“Don’t worry Master. I’ll surely work even harder!” Chen Yan spoke firmly. He was still the same as before and extremely treasured everything he possessed now. Thus, he cultivated even more painstakingly as he’d already taken Chen Xi to be like a father to him in his heart.

But he’d never express himself and carefully concealed these feelings in the depths of his heart.

“Don’t worry Uncle, Junior Brother Chen Yan will definitely not suffer any grievances with me here.” Chen Yu put his arm around Chen Yan’s shoulder as he patted his chest and guaranteed to take everything on. During this period of time on West Radiance Peak, he’d become familiar with Chen Yan since a long time ago, and coupled with their relationships with Chen Xi, both of them were already like brothers.

At this point, Chen Xi grinned slightly and stopped talking while he looked up at the sky.

Unknowingly, the sky was already pitch black. Dark black clouds flooded the sky and gathered together as they surged without end, and they emanated a horrifying aura. 

The heavens and the earth were covered in an expanse of oppressive pressure.


A thunderclap resounded through the nine heavens and broke the silence in the heavens and the earth. Accompanying this thunderclap was numerous bolts of lightning that were thick like the arms of an infant and blazing like silver serpents. They converged together and transformed into a lightning vortex that hung in the sky while circulating madly, and it emanated an aura that seemed to desire to obliterate the world.

This was the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation of Earthly Immortals — the Ascension Lightning Tribulation.

But unlike the tribulation of other Earthly Immortals, the Ascension Lightning Tribulation Chen Xi faced was even more terrifying. The arcs of lightning flowed with dense and mysterious energy of the Laws, and they were suffused with a dazzling and resplendent glow that illuminated the world.

It was even to the extent that numerous images of gods, immortal palaces, immortal mountains… A variety of phenomena were formed within it!

“Myriad phenomena of ascension, Immortal Energy filling the sky!”

“My god! This is the most terrifying type of phenomenon amongst Ascension Lightning Tribulations!”

“According to legend, this sort of phenomenon only forms when innate saints and matchless Fiendgods faced their tribulations. How many years has it been? I never expected that it would actually appear once more!”

When they saw such a terrifying tribulation, no matter how confident they were towards Chen Xi, everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect couldn’t help but feel anxious.


Right at this moment, a golden ray of light soared into the sky. Chen Xi. Chen Xi had a calm expression, his hair fluttered in the air while his gaze was deep like the starry sky, and his eye reflected the variations in all things as he moved up step by step into the sky. Every single step he took formed a golden lotus that was suffused the radiance of enormous virtue, and there was actually strands of the sound of the chanting of the Grand Dao resounding from it. It cleansed the soul and caused the heavens and the earth to be dyed in a layer of golden radiance.

At this instant, the anxiousness that coiled around the hearts of all vanished for no reason or rhyme, and their hearts became calm and tranquil.

After that, they saw a scene that was bound to be impossible to forget in their entire lifetimes.

Chen Xi stood in midair beneath the surging tribulation lightning in the sky, and his figure was lone and suffused with a myriad of strands of golden radiance, yet he seemed to disregard everything as if they didn’t exist as he formed a sword with his fingers and slashed down lightly.

The clouds broke into pieces!

The lightning was obliterated!

In an instant, there wasn’t a single strand of tribulation clouds within an area of 50,000km in the sky, nor was there a strand of tribulation lightning. Everything had undergone a tremendous change amidst that casual slash with his fingers!

It was like the world had changed in an instant, and ages had passed in the blink of an eye.

Everyone felt slightly suffocated while their entire bodies stiffened, and they were stunned on the spot. All of them slightly didn’t dare believe it and almost thought they were seeing things.

This was the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation that revealed a myriad of phenomena of ascension and Immortal Energy that filled the sky. The might of the heavens that it represented had annihilated countless shocking and extraordinary figures since the ancient times, and it was extremely terrifying.

Yet now, it was actually shattered by a single strike of Chen Xi before it even descended!

“This fellow has already attained a state of perfection in the Earthly Immortal Realm, and his accumulation is so formidable that it’s sufficient to look down proudly everyone in the entire world since the ancient times until now!” Zhen Liuqing muttered while her eyes that were clear as water were suffused with ripples of extraordinary splendor. 

“I really wonder how he cultivated all these years…” The nearby Fan Yunlan couldn’t help but sigh lightly as well, and she felt that it was utterly impossible for her to catch up to his footsteps no matter how she tried.

Zhao Qinghe, Young Master Zhou, Huangfu Qingying, Ling Yu, and the others felt sad for themselves as well. For example, all of them had been cultivating in meditation all through these years in the Secluded Paradises and possessed the guidance of seniors in their sects who possessed extraordinary attainments in cultivation. They originally thought that when they emerged into the world this time, even if they were unable to surpass Chen Xi, they would at least not fall behind.

But never had they imagined that this fellow was still standing in front of them. Moreover, based on how easily he overcame the tribulation, he was far from being someone they could compare to.

“This is Chen Xi. He exceeds the expectations of everyone every single time, and he’s truly different from the rest. Compared to him, all the geniuses in this world can only seem like ordinary people. HAHAHA!!” Wen Huating roared with laughter, and his voice revealed boundless emotion and happiness.

Were these words of his exaggerated?

Not in the slightest!

At least, Chen Xi was like a miracle that could never fade from the hearts of everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and the matters related to him absolutely carried the color of legends!

Could anyone deny this after carefully thinking about all the incidents related to him during these past few years?


After the tribulation lightning was obliterated, strands of golden rays of divine radiance started to from in the sky. They tore through the sky and lay across the heavens and the earth while emanated divine radiance, and they were suffused with Immortal brilliance that dyed the entire heavens and earth in a divine and gorgeous glow.

It was Immortal brilliance that came from the Immortal Dimension, and every single strand was magnificent, gorgeous, and didn’t belong to the Mortal Dimension.

At this moment, when they saw this scene, all the living beings in an area of 500,000km were filled with shock, admiration, and reverence.

Amidst this silent and solemn atmosphere, Chen Xi turned around with a clear and dense gaze in his eyes as he cupped his hands towards everyone in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect from afar, and then he turned around elegantly before he walked off.

Every single step he took caused Immortal Brilliance to arise beneath his feet.

Immortal Brilliance arose with every step as he rose into the sky.

This was the scene of ascending while being held up by brilliant light!

The Immortal Brilliance was paying its respects and greeting an immortal into the dimension.

In the end, everyone could only see expanses of magnificent and beautiful Immortal Brilliance coiled around Chen Xi, causing him to seem like a god as he walked towards the most blazing expanse of Immortal Brilliance in the sky.


At this moment, everyone was speechless, and their gazes were filled with their well-wishes to Chen Xi.

On this day, the Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s West Radiance Peak, Chen Xi, had overcome the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation and ascended into the Immortal Dimension!

This piece of news spread throughout the entire Dark Reverie like a hurricane and at an unbelievable speed. It caused all the cultivators in the world to be shocked, and it even became a legend that could never be surpassed!

Moreover, the various miracles he created in the Mortal Dimension became things that were impossible for others to surpass, and the future generations took delight in talking about it.

Perhaps after countless years passed, the people of the world would finally forget it.

But at the very least, at this moment, Chen Xi’s name, information, and everything related to him had left a thick and heavy stroke in the boundless history of the Dark Reverie, and it had become a mark that was remembered by all.

Countless people were advancing courageously on the boundless path of immortality.

All of this wasn’t an end but a new journey, and the Immortal Dimension that stood proudly above the nine heavens was the true stage for experts to fight for supremacy!

Chen Xi was already on his way there…

—  End of Book Twelve —

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