Chapter 1008 – Arrival of Old Friends

Dao Emperor Academy.

Before she left, this was one of the places that Li Yang told Chen Xi he could go to after he ascended into the Immortal Dimension, and so long as he joined the academy, the Zuoqiu Clan would be unable to do anything to him even if they possessed boundless strength.

On the other hand, since it was capable filling the Zuoqiu Clan with fear, it obviously showed how formidable the Dao Emperor Academy was. At the very least, it wasn’t inferior to the Zuoqiu Clan.

This was only Chen Xi’s understanding of the Dao Emperor Academy. As for exactly how formidable it was, he would perhaps only be able to obtain a complete understanding once he arrived at the Immortal Dimension.

West Radiance Peak.

When they saw Chen Xi who’d vanished for seven days returning safely, Huo Molei and the others heaved long sighs of relief. During these past few days, they were indeed worried that Chen Xi had been swept into that calamity as well.

Chen Xi smiled lightly when he saw this, and he didn’t explain anything but sighed in his heart instead. The final level of the Heavenly Tribulation will be descending in forty nine days. What would Eldest Senior Brother and the others do if I ascend into the Immortal Dimension?

How should I find a place for Ling Bai, Mortis, A’Man, Bai Kui, Mu Kui, and the others?

After all, I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to the Mortal Dimension after I leave this time. Once a mishap occurs, I wouldn’t even have the chance to feel regret.

As for bringing them along as I ascend into the Immortal Dimension, that’s even more impossible.

Even if I place them within the Manor, they will be noticed by the Immortal Dimension’s Laws, and if that were to occur, we’ll absolutely be taken to be offenders and annihilated.

After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Xi was unable to come up with anything in the end, and he could only put this matter down for now. 



“My Lord, I’ll be leaving first.” Not long after Chen Xi returned, Qiu Yunsheng came looking for him, and Qiu Yunsheng engaged in some small talk before making the reason for his arrival clear.

Since Qiu Yunsheng was subdued by Qing Xiuyi with a secret technique, this Mysterious Immortal Realm expert seemed to have become a different person when he was before Chen Xi. He was respectful, reverent, and didn’t reveal the slightest arrogance, and he behaved extremely obediently.

“Oh, you’re leaving?” Chen Xi was surprised. He didn’t believe that this fellow was so respectful and submissive in his heart.

“My time limit in the Mortal Dimension is up, and if I still don’t return, then I’ll be detained by the energy of the Immortal Dimension and taken back as a criminal.” Qiu Yunsheng explained patiently. “But don’t worry. After I return to the Misty Immortal Mountain this time, I’ll help you gather information relating to the enemies of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and the Zuoqiu Clan. I’ll surely not let you down.”

Chen Xi glanced at him with a spurious smile and said, “It looks to me like you’re anxious to return to your sect so that you can ask those great figures to help you deal with the restrictions within your body, right?”

Qiu Yunsheng’s figure stiffened, and then he said with an indignant expression, “My Lord, your words truly cast a chill over my heart. The sun and moon can be witnesses to my loyalty, and I’ll absolutely not do anything that betrays you.”

Chen Xi glanced at him with disdain, and he couldn’t be bothered to expose Qiu Yunsheng’s thoughts. Chen Xi waved his hand and said, “Alright, you can go. I’ll naturally contact you after I arrive at the Immortal Dimension.”

“My Lord, take care of yourself!” Qiu Yunsheng cupped his hands before he turned around and left with large strides.

“This fellow is full of tricks, and nine out of ten things he says are false. But if he can be of use to me, then I’ll be able to save myself from a lot of trouble.” Chen Xi watched the rays of light that Qiu Yunsheng transformed into vanish, and a wisp of deep contemplation flashed in his eyes.

After a short period of time, Chen Xi returned to the banks of the Sword Purification Pool and entered into meditative cultivation.

Watching the shocking battled during the calamity this time stimulated Chen Xi greatly. Especially after he obtained the Heaven Dao Fragment, it caused his cultivation, vital energy, and even comprehensions of Dao Insights to attain a flawless state.

For example, the Eternal, Creation, Obliteration, Devour, Judgment, and various other rare Grand Dao profundities had attained perfection. It could be said that Chen Xi had already arrived at the end of the Earthly Immortal Realm now, and unless he advanced in cultivation, he would be unable to improve in the slightest no matter how hard he cultivated.

It was even not exaggerated to say that after the calamity, Chen Xi was the worthy number one expert in the entire Mortal Dimension!

Because forsakes of the heavens didn’t exist in the world any longer, whereas those seniors that lived in seclusion had either perished along with the calamity or ascended into the Immortal Dimension.

Unfortunately, the number one expert in the Mortal Dimension is only limited to the Mortal Dimension in the end, and it isn’t the Immortal Dimension… After a long time, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation, and he felt slightly impatient to head to the Immortal Dimension.

“The First Heaven Devil Sect’s Fan Yunlan has come to pay a visit. May I know if Elder Chen Xi is here?” Right at this moment, an airy voice that carried a trace of unique magnetism suddenly resounded outside West Radiance Peak, and it slowly spread throughout the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi’s entire body shook while the image of an extraordinarily delicate and charming woman with fiery red hair and snow white skin appeared in his mind. 

Fan Yunlan…

Why has she come?

He recalled that all those years ago in the Primeval Battlefield, Fan Yunlan had been taken as a disciple by the First Heaven Devil Sect’s Fang Zhanmei, and since that day, he hadn’t heard anything about her. Now that he considered the time, it had already been over a hundred years.

Originally, Chen Xi felt slightly regretful that he was about to ascend into the Immortal Dimension yet was unable to meet all his old friends. Never had he imagined that Fan Yunlan would actually come to the West Radiance Peak herself!

This was a pleasant surprise.

But before he could make any reaction, numerous voices sounded out once more from outside West Radiance Peak.

“The First Heaven Devil Sect’s Zhao Qinghe has come to pay a visit to Elder Chen Xi.”

“The Saintly Land of Ascension’s Huangfu Qingying…”

“The Saintly Land of Ascension’s Young Master Zhou…”

“The Unknown Lands’ Zhen Liuqing…” 

T”he Dhyana Forest Temple’s Ling Yu…”

At this moment, Chen Xi almost felt there was something wrong with his ears, but his figure had flashed and vanished from his room a long time ago.



In the sky above West Radiance Peak.

A group of men and women stood there. The men were handsome and the women were beautiful, and all of them possessed various bearings and were like phoenixes and dragons amongst men. It was obvious with a single glance that they weren’t ordinary figures.

“Hey, do you think that bastard Chen Xi will go mad with happiness when he knows we’ve come?” Young Master Zhou leaned lazily on Ling Yu as he asked with a grin.

“I think he’ll go insane,” said Ling Yu in a serious manner. Ling Yu had shaved himself bald, and he revealed a solemn and dignified appearance.

“I agree with the little baldy’s views.” The nearby Huangfu Qingying grinned as she spoke, and she even stretched out her hand to rub Ling Yu’s shiny head while she revealed a curious expression.

Zhao Qinghe didn’t speak and just listened silently. However, his appearance that was like ten thousand year old ice had obviously become much gentler, and his chilly lips curved into an arc and were suffused with a wisp of a smile.

This was similarly the first time they’d met since entering the Dark Reverie, so when he saw everyone was fine and were the same as before, he felt rather happy.

Zhen Liuqing wore a green dress that was simple and elegant while she seemed beautiful and extraordinary. She glanced at the nearby Fan Yunlan and said casually, “I heard Qing Xiuyi has left.”

“Yes.” Fang Yunlan only nodded while her beautiful eyes stared blankly at the West Radiance Speak, and she seemed to be searching for the traces Chen Xi had left behind on it.

Just like in the past, she still liked to wear red clothes, and it was like flames as it vividly drew out her graceful and slender figures. Coupled with her extremely delicate and drop dead gorgeous appearance, it caused everyone to be astounded by the sight of her.

If Zhen Liuqing was a plain and beautiful lotus, then Fan Yunlan was a delicate and charming rose. Each of them held their own advantages.

Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but pucker her lips when she saw Fan Yunlan’s reaction, and then she started laughing before she sighed faintly. “After so many years have passed, I wonder how many more women are by his side…”

“He has never been someone that took the initiative.” Fan Yunlan seemed to have thought of something from the past, and her delicate and charming face was suffused with a smile of understanding.

“Why isn’t he a person that takes the initiative?” Young Master Zhou moved forward and said dirtily, “If he wasn’t someone that took the initiative, then would he be able to make both of you speak without end like resentful women as soon as both of you met?”

“Fuck off!” Both of them berated in unison.

Young Master Zhou instantly fled with his hands covering his head, and he ran over to Huangfu Qingying’s side before he said with a helpless expression, “Alas, that bastard Chen Xi is clearly not as handsome as me, nor does he look domineering as me, but why is there just so many people that like him?”

Huangfu Qingying glanced at him and directly said to Fan Yunlan and Zhen Liuqing, “Big Sisters, this fellow said both of you have eyes but fail to see. Do you want to beat him up?”


Two cold gazes swept over, causing Young Master Zhou’s entire body to tremble, and he glared with rage and sorrow at Huangfu Qingying as if he felt deeply grieved that even Huangfu Qingying had betrayed him.

This scene caused Ling Yu and Zhao Qinghe to burst into laughter.

Chen Xi saw this sort of scene as soon as he arrived, causing a myriad of thoughts to flood his mind while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a smile.

It was always a pleasure to greet friends that had come from afar.



West Radiance Peak was extraordinarily bustling on the same day that everyone arrived. Jug after jug of fine wine was served endlessly like flowing water. At the end, it became a battlefield of wine between the four men, Chen Xi, Young Master Zhou, Ling Yu, and Zhao Qinghe.

They drank with delight as if they’d returned to the past.

Of course, no one utilized their cultivation, otherwise it would be no different from cheating.

On the other hand, Fan Yunlan and Zhen Liuqing looked at Chen An with complicated expressions, causing the little fellow to feel as if he was sitting on a bed of thorns. In the end, he was truly unable to refrain himself from fleeing. 

“Unfortunately, Qing Xiuyi benefited from all those years ago.” Fan Yunlan sighed faintly.

Zhen Liuqing didn’t understand what Fan Yunlan said, but she felt slightly sour in her heart as well. However, she said with a smile instead, “I’m saying if you and Chen Xi have a child, what would you name it?”

Fan Yunlan was stunned while her beautiful face heated up because this question was truly too direct. But in next to no time, she raised her chest and contemplated seriously before she said, “Chen Ping.” 

“Chen Ping…” Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but burst into laughter that was pleasant to the ear and sounded like a gurgling stream. She finally understood that Fan Yunlan had always been unwilling to lose to Qing Xiuyi.

One was called Chen An, the other was called Chen Ping. It was only a name, yet she wanted to differentiate the order between them. Since she bothered about this sort of minor details, it obviously showed how unwilling Fan Yunlan was to lose to Qing Xiuyi. [1]

“What about you?” asked Fan Yunlan abruptly.

“Me?” Zhen Liuqing’s laughter stopped abruptly as she seemed to have never expected that Fan Yunlan would ask her this question, and she was instantly stunned on the spot and was unable to answer it for a long time.

“Looks like you’re just like me, but you’re unable to think of a better name.” Fan Yunlan spoke complacently and revealed a triumphant appearance.

“I’ll listen to Chen Xi’s decision.” Zhen Liuqing’s clear eyes glistened with wavy light, and she held her chin as she stared at Chen Xi. “The child will be named any name he likes.”

“Both of you aren’t even together with Chen Xi yet, but you’ve already started to giving birth to children for him and naming them?” Meanwhile, Young Master Zhou had appeared out of nowhere, and he glanced at Fan Yunlan and Zhen Liuqing before he looked up to the night sky with a sorrowful expression and sighed with emotion. “This is unfair. Could it be that it’s because I’m too handsome to the point no one dares to arouse any desires towards me? Alas, being so handsome isn’t my fault, this is really unfair…”

1. Chen An() and Chen Ping() forms the word ‘平安’ which means safe and sound.

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