Chapter 1006 – The Heaven Dao Shatters

This mountain towered through the nine heavens and arrived at the universe.

As he stood at its peak, it was like he was outside the world and had entered into the boundless universe. Rivers of stars flowed while the sun and moon glowed, and it was an extremely vast and magnificent scene.

Chen Xi had never imagined that such a mountain would exist in the Dark Reverie. It towered into the sky like a pillar the held up the sky, and when he looked down from it, the ocean of clouds, clear sky, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, and the mortal world were all so tiny. It was like a picture had been unfolded in clear layers before his eyes, allowing him to arouse a feeling of superiority.

“This is Solitary Peak, and it’s within the Unknown Lands. According to legend, it was formed by a piece of thick iron from the primeval times. Very few people have been able to ascend here since the ancient times, and I accidentally noticed records of this place from the books in our sect.” Li Yang’s clothes fluttered while her starry eyes were clear, and she said, “If we watch the battle from here, it would be enough to see everything.”

As she spoke, she sat casually on a rock and patted the area by her side to signal to Chen Xi to sit down as well.

“The Unknown Lands, Solitary Peak…” As he sat down by Li Yang’s side, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but be slightly shocked. In an instant, he’d actually arrived at the Unknown Lands that were the most mysterious in the Dark Reverie, and this sort of teleportation technique had completely exceeded his imagination.

“Little Senior Sister, this calamity…” Before Chen Xi could finish, Li Yang interrupted him with a light voice. “The calamity carries vast influence, so there’s no need to speak about it any further because you wouldn’t understand. You’ll understand when those great figures fight each other.”

Chen Xi was stunned, but didn’t speak any further.

He restrained his thoughts and looked towards the distance, and he faintly sensed that the sky above the entire Dark Reverie was suddenly suffused with a wisp of an indescribably and obscure fluctuation.

It seemed like a terrifying force was circulating and brewing.

This sort of fluctuation continued for three days, and it became more and more obscure as time passed, causing it to emanate an aura that caused the hearts of others to palpitate.

This scene wasn’t just noticed by Chen Xi, it even alarmed numerous cultivators in the Dark Reverie. For a time, everyone was in a state of anxiety, and they felt that it seemed to wouldn’t be long before a shocking change was about to begin.

“A calamity is coming!”

“I never expected that this calamity would descend so quickly.”

“No eggs can survive a broken nest. We can only fight!”

Within the Dark Reverie, no matter if it was those seniors that lived in seclusion or the forsakers of the heavens, so long as it was an existence whose strength had exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension, their expressions because extremely heavy at this moment.

“Senior Sister, my companions will be fine beneath this calamity, right?” On this day, Chen Xi’s heart jerked abruptly as he realized something. He had Li Yang by his side, so he naturally didn’t have to worry about any danger, but what about Huo Molei, Ling Bai, and the others?

“Them?” Li Yang opened her eyes and shook her head. “Don’t worry. This battle isn’t something that just anyone can join in.”

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this, and then he was shocked in his heart because he recalled what Li Yang had said earlier — ‘Some forces that shouldn’t exist in the Mortal Dimension will be obliterated in this calamity, and no one can avoid it…’

What does these words mean?

Could it be…

Before Chen Xi could come to an understanding, a muffled thunderclap tumbled and resounded throughout the Dark Reverie. It was extremely violet, and it sounded like the heavens and the earth were being split apart once more, causing everyone in the world to tremble.

After that, the sky in the entire Dark Reverie tore apart like silk, causing numerous twisted rifts to appear, and it seemed like the entire sky had shattered.

At the same time, numerous bolts of lightning that were thick like arms surged out from the twisted rifts, and they illuminated and rumbled throughout the world as they enveloped the entire Dark Reverie.

In practically an instant, the heavens and the earth were covered by a destructive and obscure fluctuation!

At this moment, all the cultivators in the world raised their heads and looked towards the sky, and then their faces turned pale from shock while their souls trembled as they almost fell backwards to the ground.

It wasn’t just the sky that was on the verge of shattering, even the energy of the Laws of the Heaven Dao that was circulating in the heavens and the earth was actually amidst collapse and destruction!

“My god! Is the end of the world coming?”


“The sky is collapsing, and the Heaven Dao is destroyed. Is a great calamity descending to the Dark Reverie?” All the cultivators in the Dark Reverie were terrified and uneasy, and they cried out involuntarily or hid within their abodes while they executed various types of methods of self-protection. However, they seem to have been taken by surprise and were in extreme panic.

“It’s about to begin.” Li Yang stood up abruptly and looked towards the distance, and her starry eyes glowed while they were suffused with a dreamlike and illusory sheen.

At the same time, three dazzling figures charged out from the depths of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they were like gods as they charged into the sky. Shockingly, they were the Three Saints of Nine Radiance, Feng Ting, Deng Chen, and Fei Ling!

The three of them stood in midair and glanced at each other while revealing a wisp of resolution from their eyes.

In the next moment, the three of them had vanished on the spot.

“Those damnable bastards are using the Mortal Dimension as their chessboard. How mother fucking disgusting! Heaven Trampler, quickly come kill some bastards with Master!” At the Unknown Lands and within a wooden house, an emaciated old man threw down the wooden blade in his hand while cursing with anger, and he smashed all the wooden bowls, wooden cups, wooden chairs, and wooden boxes on the ground before he shook his head and walked up step by step into the sky.

“Oh, we’re going to kill some bastards! Is it finally coming? Hey, Master, wait! Little Junior Sister is still in closed door cultivation! Hey! Why’re you leaving so quickly…” The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler, roared loudly in a booming voice, and he transformed to a height that was equal to the sky before he smashed open the sky with a single punch and followed the emaciated old man to vanish in the sky.

“Order Yunlan to leave the sect once she completes her closed door cultivation.” At the First Heaven Devil Sect, Fang Zhanmei that wore snow white clothes instructed in an icy cold voice before he raised his hand and tore space apart, and then he walked in with large strides.

“Bastards! I’m leaving, and I’ll come back when I feel like it.” At the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, Bai Jingchen slurped up a large bowl of noodles before he roared loudly, and then he kicked apart the space before him and left with a swagger.

At this moment, numerous mighty figures appeared all over the Dark Reverie, and they charged into the sky. The Eternal Spirit Mountain, the Dhyana Forest Temple, the Saintly Land of Ascension, the Unknown Lands, the ten great immortal sects, the six lineages of the devil sects…

It was even to the extent that numerous figures in the mortal world seemed to have noticed something, and they either shook their heads and sighed, or revealed resolute expressions, or muttered curses as they left.


In the sky above the Dark Reverie, the Heaven Dao had shattered while time and space seemed to vanish as a horrifying black hole surged out into appearance, and then countless formidable lifeforms walked out endlessly from within the black hole.

Amongst then were rock titans that were 30m tall and possessed boundless strength, skeleton demons that held sickles, terrifying winged devils with a thousand arms that shattered space…

Lifeforms like these appeared without end.

Those mighty figures from the Dark Reverie that charged into the sky quickly charged into the shattered sky and entered into a life and death battle with those terrifying and mysterious lifeforms. 

For a time, the entire sky was suffused with blazing light and surging battle intent. Moreover, a rain of light poured down as the shouts of battle shook the world.

“This…is the calamity?” Chen Xi was shocked while his entire body went cold. He was able to clearly sense that if he were to join in, then he would probably be instantly torn into shreds.

“This is only a small portion of it. Look, that’s the battlefield of the true experts.” Li Yang stretched her white and slender finger out and pointed towards a place even higher up in the sky.

Chen Xi raised his head yet only saw an expanse of chaos that flickered with terrifying and shocking light that pierced his eyes to the point they hurt, and he was utterly incapable of seeing exactly what was occurring there.

But in the next instant, he executed the Eye of Divine Truth, and he was able to clearly see that an even more terrifying and vast battlefield was above the boundless shattered sky.

There were numerous formidable wills that caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade there, and they swept out from the depths of space and rumbled as they collided without end. Every single collision devastated the sky, caused the sun and moon to go dim, and caused countless expanses of time and space to be obliterated in the surroundings.

When he looked even further, he saw numerous large hands that seemed to have stretched out from the depths of the universe were in battle. They were either suffused with the aura of destruction, or vast like the ocean, or pure like the moon, or evil and soul swallowing… Some hands even carried a variety of magic treasures that possessed the might to crush a world, and with a light grab of these hands, time and space were shattered and the sky was obliterated, causing it to be an extremely terrifying scene!

This was a battle between great figures. Everything shattered as flesh and blood turned to ash, and the entire sky above the Dark Reverie had been swept into an extremely chaotic flow of space.

Chen Xi was even able to clearly see a finger that was filled with an ancient aura stretched out from the depths of space, and it stretched over the river of stars to arrive here before it pressed down lightly, causing all the nearby stars to be crushed into powder!

But it was precisely such a finger that possessed the might to destroy a world that was slashed off by a light swing of a iron sword that was mottled with rust!

At this instant, Chen Xi felt his mind sway violently while his scalp went numb, and his entire body couldn’t help but feel bone piercing coldness because battles at this level were truly too terrifying. Every single move was capable of shattering the stars and blasting apart space and time. It was truly extremely difficult to imagine exactly what sort of cultivation would be needed to be able to exert such might.

Chen Xi took repeated deep breaths before he was able to slightly drive out the shock in his heart, and then numerous questions arose in his mind.

Who’re they?

Why’re they in intense battle here?

For exactly what reason did they launch this calamity?

“This is only a small calamity, and only a small portion of the great figures in the three dimensions were deployed. The true chess players are hiding behind the scenes and watching coldly from the sidelines.” Li Yang’s cherry lips parted lightning as she spoke slowly, and she didn’t conceal the ridicule in her voice at all.

This…is only a small calamity? Chen Xi was dazed. Isn’t this too astounding? I’m truly unable to imagine exactly how terrifying the scene of the true upheaval of the three dimensions will be.

“Junior Brother, calm your heart and cultivate. The sooner you grow, the better. When the upheaval of the three dimensions arrives, no one can avoid getting involved in it…” It was unknown what Li Yang had thought off, but she sighed faintly and seemed to be dejected.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and then his expression became extremely firm as he said, “Senior Sister, at that time, I’ll surely share your burdens!”

“Not me, but our Oracle Mountain. Moreover, I believe you’ll be able to exceed my expectations.” Li Yang raised her head and stared at Chen Xi, and her starry eyes were gentle like water and carried a wisp of a gratified expression.

After that, she moved her gaze and looked towards the distant battlefield, and then a wisp of an unfathomable grin appeared on the corners of her mouth as she said, “Junior Brother, the Laws of the Heaven Dao have shattered now, and the great figures are busy with their own affairs. This is a great opportunity to gain benefits from this.” 

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