Chapter 1005 – Calamity Descends

The heavens and the earth were covered in an expanse of tranquility and solemnness.

Only Chen Xi’s voice was like the sound of nature that drifted slowly through the air while carrying a calming and meditative aura, causing the air to seem to be filled with strands of the aura of the Dao that swayed in the sky.

All the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect sat cross-legged, and their expressions had transformed from their early excitement to an expression of tranquility.

At this moment, even the beasts on West Radiance Peak lay silently on the ground and listened in meditation.

Qing Xiuyi stood alone in the distance. As she gazed at the tall figure that sat cross-legged at the center of the Dao platform, her gaze overflowed with light and was suffused with ripples of extraordinary splendor. 

During the primeval times and before the various Dao orthodoxies were formed. Great sages would impart their knowledge without discrimination of sect or origin, and all the living beings in the world could listen to their profound words and participate in the discussion of the Dao.

At that time, Fiendgods moved freely through the world while the sages were numerous likes the clouds. The Dao was in a period of great prosperity and all clans were contending with each other. It was absolutely the most brilliant and resplendent period in the cultivation world.

Unfortunately, along with the passage of time, the cultivation world started to form a system that was rigidly stratified. Incidents of Dao orthodoxies slaughtering each other from conflict started to occur, and the situation where the Dao was passed down to all was no more.

The scene before her eyes caused Qing Xiuyi to see a strand of the aura of the ancient times. Perhaps only such broad-mindedness will allow a person to compete for supremacy with the world and stand proudly at the peak of the Grand Dao in the three dimensions.

This was her understanding.

If one kept holding on selfishly to one’s own knowledge, then it would be impossible for that person to attain great accomplishments.

Of course, the great accomplishments that Qing Xiuyi held in her mind related to those that were considered great accomplishments when compared with the ancient times until now.

As far as she was concerned, even though Chen Xi was currently restrained by his cultivation, causing his understanding to be constrained to the Mortal Dimension. But so long as he continued forward firmly while possessing this broad-mindedness and bearing, then his path in the Dao would be so wide that it was bound to be immeasurable. 


“The Dao was nameless, yet the strong named it the Dao. The profundities of the Dao are contained in the heavens and the earth, and it’s reflected on everything in the world. If one’s heart is clear, then it will glow, and the Dao would be everywhere.”

“The heavens and earth were formed as Yin and Yang were divided, and the birth of the five elements established the world. Wind and lightning give life to all while the rays of sun bring boundless light, and the four seasons cycle without end. The truth of the Dao is contained within everything.”

“Technique is the representation of the Dao, and Dao Arts…”

His voice that was clear like the morning bell continued to spread out slowly. Chen Xi’s expression was calm and composed, and his entire body emanated a lofty and solemn aura.

Even though he was only imparting all that he’d learned and experienced throughout his journey towards the Dao, and it couldn’t be considered to be world shocking or compare with the sages of the ancient times, to those disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, it was like they were suddenly filled with enlightenment. It caused all of them to obtain great comprehension and lose their minds in this moment of sudden enlightenment.

This was what the phrase ‘all Daos and techniques are equal.’ It’s usually what one needs the most that’s capable of striking one right at the heart.

Not to mention everything Chen Xi had learned were supreme Dao scriptures and Grand Dao profundities that had attained perfection. For example, the Allheaven Truth, Eternal Dao Scripture, Grand Rebirth Technique, and the Grand Dao profundities of the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and so on and so forth.

All of these comprehensions and experiences were explained by him in the most succinct and vivid way. Not to mention those disciples of the sect, even some elders were immersed in it and were unable to cease listening.

At the end, even some elders that lived in seclusion started to listen to him and verify all they’d learned over the years. It was like two experts were sparring in experience, and they obtained great benefit from it and solved many questions and problems that troubled them.

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed all of this. At this moment, he’d fallen into a strange state. His mind was pure and clear while numerous comprehensions rose up successively into his heart.

The process of imparting the Dao was a process of organizing and summarizing everything one possessed, to eliminate the unwanted and retain the essence.

It was like reading. Some were able to read a book to the point of obtaining deep understanding, and some were able to read a book to the point of being capable of summarizing it, whereas there were some that were capable of obtaining deep understanding and then summarizing it.

Obtaining deep understanding was grasping all the knowledge within the book and drawing inferences from it, whereas summarizing it was the elimination of the unwanted to only leave the essence behind.

This process was like the process of life. One experienced the passage of time, summarized one’s gains and losses, and then became immersed in one’s comprehensions. Only in this way could travel through the path of life to a farther and higher point in an easier manner.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be immersed in accumulating strength, and he was summarizing everything he’d felt and comprehended on his path before ascending into the Immortal Dimension to become a Heavenly Immortal.

When he attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm, it would be a new beginning for him, and this sort of summary would pave a wider path for him, allowing him to walk even more steadily and firmly on his new journey. 


Time flowed in the blink of an eye, and it was almost a month later.

On this day, Chen Xi was seized by a sudden impulse and awoke from the strange state he was immersed in, and his eyes surged with the movement of stars and the vast and deep the universe.

The surroundings were deathly silent as all the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were still immersed in their comprehension, and they either had frowns on their faces as they pondered with concentration, or seemed to have comprehended something, or remained still like a mountain, or had grins on their faces.

There was actually not a single person that noticed the voice that was indistinct like the sound of nature and sounded like the chanting of sacred teaching had vanished.

Chen Xi didn’t disturb them when he noticed this. He stood up and silently arrived before Chen Yu and Chen An, and he woke the two little fellows from their meditation before leaving the Dao platform.

At the side of the Sword Purification Pool and within the courtyard.

Qing Xiuyi stood there silently all by herself, and as the rays of sunset illuminated her picturesque face, it was suffused with a beautiful and dreamlike sheen, causing her to seem like a celestial maiden that was bathing in divine radiance.

She seemed to have been waiting here for a long time, and she smiled lightly when she saw Chen Xi, Chen An, and Chen Yu arriving. “I’m about to leave.”

Her voice was clear and ethereal, yet it carried a unique feeling of tranquility.

But when it entered into Chen An’s ears, it caused his eyes to turn red while his handsome face surged with a feeling of unwillingness that was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi patted him on the shoulder and consoled with a smile. “It isn’t like we’re parting forever, and it’s just temporary. Once you and Yu’er cultivate to the Heavenly Immortal Realm, we’ll naturally be able to get together again.”

Chen An nodded with force while he took a deep breath to calm himself.

Qing Xiuyi walked forward and stretched out her hand to rub Chen An’s head, and then she said calmly, “I’ll be waiting for all of you in the Immortal Dimension, don’t slack off.”

“Don’t worry Mother. I’ll come for sure.” Chen An’s handsome face was suffused with a wisp of dense firmness.

Qing Xiuyi nodded before she turned around to look at Chen Xi. “I’ll come look for you once you’ve arrived at the Immortal Dimension.”

Her voice was still drifting through the air when she’d transformed into a wisp of extremely dazzling and resplendent light that charged swiftly into the sky. At this instant, even the heavens and the earth surged with wisps of golden divine radiance that illuminated the world.

These scenes were too dazzling and resplendent as if a golden ray of light had descended from the heavens and was protecting her. Moreover, waves of the roars of dragons and cries of phoenixes faintly resounded from within it, and it was ethereal and auspicious as it enveloped the surroundings.

Is this ascension?

Chen Xi, Chen Yu, and Chen An raised their heads and stared blankly at the sky.

On this day, Qing Xiuyi that had experienced one hundred reincarnations and eliminated the karma from her past lives had torn through space while illuminated by gold light and auspicious tunes that descended from the sky, and she shook the world!

On this day, the ten Saint Emperors of the Xeno-race made a sudden appearance while leading the Xeno-race armies, and they started a war against the ten great immortal sects and six lineages of the devil sects.

The Dark Reverie was in complete chaos!

But at this moment, there was still almost nine hundred years before the period of upheaval of the three dimensions that the great figures of the world had discovered.

“Is it going to break out beforehand?” On this day, within some secluded places in the boundlessly vast Dark Reverie, numerous terrifying consciousness that seemed to be able to reach the sky surged out in unison, and they swept through the world before emitting the same exclaim of surprise.

On this day, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was on full alert, and the Sect Guarding Grand Formation was activated while the Three Saints of Nine Radiance and some elders who lived in seclusion had walked out from their places of closed door cultivation.

It was also on this day that a young woman dressed up as a man had floated down to West Radiance Peak.

“Oh, these two little fellows are my Martial Nephews, huh?” In the courtyard, Li Yang grinned as she sized Chen Yu and Chen An up as soon as she arrived, and her starry eyes flowed with a wisp of fondness that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

She casually withdrew two jade slips and tossed it over before she said, “Oh, this is Martial Aunt’s gift for the first time we’ve met. Keep in mind that you can’t allow anyone else to see that.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t refrain herself from walking forward and stretching out her hand to pinch both Chen Yu and Chen An’s faces, and her eyes sparkled brightly while they were filled with tender affection.

Chen Yu and Chen An were flabbergasted, and they were caught slightly off guard. They’d cultivated for almost a hundred years, yet had their cheeks pinched like children, and this feeling caused them to feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Xi was stunned by Li Yang’s sudden appearance as well. At this moment, when he saw Chen Yu and Chen An’s embarrassed and angry expressions from being teased, he couldn’t help but laugh before he waved his hand to make the two little fellows leave.

After the two of them left, Li Yang’s expression returned to calm, and she sized Chen Xi up from head to toe before she said, “Did you meet the Third Netherworld Emperor in the Netherworld?”

Chen Xi nodded. He was already accustomed to this Senior Sister of his since a long time ago, and he wasn’t really surprised when she mentioned the Third Netherworld Emperor.

“That’s an extraordinary existence.” Li Yang sighed with emotion, and then her expression turned serious as she reminded. “But you shouldn’t comprehend the Terminus Dao Insight for now.”

“I understand.” Chen Xi smiled and suddenly noticed that a wisp of exhaustion that couldn’t be concealed was faintly noticeable in the space between Li Yang’s brows, and he couldn’t help but ask with concern. “Senior Sister, has something happened?”

Li Yang chuckled. “Want to know?”

Che Xi nodded.

Li Yang raised her head while her starry eyes were misty and illusory, and she stared at the sky for a long time before she said, “A small calamity has erupted. From today onward, the curtains to the upheaval of the three dimensions will be drawn…”

As she spoke, she turned her head to look at Chen Xi as she said, “Want me to take you to go experience the battles between some great figures of the three dimensions?”

Chen Xi was shocked while his eyes erupted with strands of bright light. How terrifying would the battles at that sort of level be?

“You have to be prepared. Some forces that shouldn’t exist in the Mortal Dimension will be obliterated in this calamity, and no one can avoid it…” After she spoke a sentence that was extremely secretive, Li Yang stretched out her hand and flipped it, causing chilly starlight to drift out before she swiftly vanished with Chen Xi on the spot.

When Chen Xi recovered his senses, he saw that he was suddenly standing on an ancient mountain peak that stood towering into the nine heavens, and when he raised his eyes to look over, everything down to the slightest detail in the universe and starry sky could be seen!

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