Chapter 1004 – Imparting Knowledge

It was like a busy street with a hubbub of noises before the entrance to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Those disciples that hadn’t met Chen Xi before stared with their eyes wide open, and they looked at him with unblinking gazes. They saw that he was tall and handsome, and every move he made carried a peerless graceful bearing, causing them to cheer endlessly in their hearts.

Those disciples and elders that knew Chen Xi had prideful expressions instead, and they told the newbies by their side about the various brilliant deeds Chen Xi had accomplished while feeling pride from it as well.

Qing Xiuyi glanced at Chen Xi and said, “I never imagined that you’re rather welcomed.”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned as well when he saw this scene. At this moment, when he heard Qing Xiuyi teasing him, he couldn’t help but rub his nose and shrug. “It’s better than no one paying any attention to me, right?”

As he finished speaking, he was actually sighing with emotion in his heart. He still remembered that when he’d just entered into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the East Radiance Peak’s Elder Yue Chi caused trouble for him at every corner, yet now, not a single person in the entire sect dared look down upon him.

This was power and influence!

At the bottom of it all, it came from a single thing, strength!

Meanwhile, the Sect Master, Wen Huating, had led Elder Lie Peng and the other elders to arrive here, and all of their eyes lit up while they felt extremely happy when they saw Chen Xi.

But when their gazes arrived onto Qing Xiuyi, all of them were slightly stunned before their pupils constricted, and then a wisp of shock that couldn’t be concealed flashed past their eyes.

Chen Xi was naturally well aware about the cause of this because no matter how Qing Xiuyi restrained her imposing aura, she was already at the Golden Immortal Realm in the end. Not to mention Wen Huating and the others, even an ordinary Heavenly Immortal or Mysterious Immortal would feel instinctive pressure upon meeting her.

But he wasn’t willing to explain, and he just smiled as he walked forward and greeted Wen Huating and the others. After that, he introduced Qing Xiuyi, Chen An, and Chen Yu to the everyone.

When they found out that these two youth with extraordinary natural endowment were Chen Xi’s son and nephew, the eyes of all the elders lit up, and their hearts burned endlessly with desire.

“Err, Chen Xi. These two little fellows don’t have a master yet, right? Why don’t they follow by my side?” An elder was unable to restrain himself and looked at Chen Xi with hope.

An elder that lived in seclusion immediately objected. “No! How can these two good seedlings with peerless natural talent be wasted in the hands of you, Old Freak Meng? It’s better to allow me to guide them personally.”

“Elder Luo, aren’t you a little too greedy? This won’t do! I want one as well!”

“Hmph! All of you are insatiable and unreasonable! Even though I’m not the strongest in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, if it’s in terms of imparting cultivation techniques, then if I call myself the second best, no one would dare call himself the best!”

Instantly, the scene was in chaos as all those elders seemed like wolves that had seen two rabbits, and their faces flushed with anger as they argued and were on the verge of fighting each other.

The jaws of all those disciples before the entrance almost dropped to the ground when they saw this, and they didn’t dare believe that the higher-ups of the sect that were usually extremely dignified and mighty like gods would suddenly become like this. Bearing? Dignity? All of that had vanished.

Chen Xi was dumbfounded, and he looked at Wen Huating.

However, Wen Huating coughed dryly and said, “Chen Xi, even you know that I haven’t taken a disciple in many years. These two little fellows aren’t bad. So, how about…”

“That’s won’t do!” Those elders instantly stopped arguing and objected in unison.

Chen Xi was slightly helpless, and he glanced at Chen Yu and Chen An while seeming to be saying ‘Look, both of you little fellows are even more welcomed than me…’

On the other hand, Chen Yu and Chen An were stunned, and they were caught slightly off guard by the scene before them.

“Are you two little fellows willing to take me as your master? So long as you’re willing, then I’ll agree to anything all of you want to learn or possess.” An elder directly moved his gaze onto Chen Yu and Chen An, and his voice was extremely amiable.

“Can you make me as strong as Uncle?”

“I just want Father to not be disappointed in me.”

The first reply was Chen Yu’s, and the second was Chen An’s. But no matter which answer it was, it caused the expression of that elder to stiffen and reveal despair.

It wasn’t just him, all the other elders stopped talking and arguing, and they had slightly flabbergasted expressions.

They asked themselves, regardless of peak-grade Dao Arts, miraculous medicinal pills, or formidable magic treasures, they would dare to promise all of it. Yet only these two requests were something that they didn’t dare guarantee.

After all, there was only a single Chen Xi in this world, and he was already standing at the peak of the Mortal Dimension while his strength was peerless in the world. How could they dare guarantee that they were capable of teaching these two little fellows to the point of being as strong as Chen Xi?

“Can you to give us a different request?” An elder refused to give up.

“Being as strong as my Aunt is alright as well.” Chen Yu chuckled as he raised his head to look at Qing Xiuyi.

Those elders were instantly dispirited when they heard this, and they didn’t speak any further.

Qing Xiuyi? That was an existence that wasn’t inferior to Chen Xi, and her current aura was like an abyss that was even more terrifying than Chen Xi, so how could they accomplish this?

Chen Xi glared at Chen Yu because he was clearly aware that these two little fellows didn’t intent to take these seniors of the sect as their masters, so they intentionally spoke of such requests.

Chen Yu smiled embarrassedly and scratched his head.

Meanwhile, Wen Huating said with a smile, “Alright, Chen Xi has just returned to the sect. So if there’s anything, we can speak about it after everything is arranged.”

All of the elders knew there was no hope of taking Chen Yu and Chen An as disciples when they heard this, and they stopped mentioning this matter immediately. They were clearly aware that with elders like Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi, these two little fellows didn’t need to take a master at all and would still be able to grow swiftly.

The vast welcoming group instantly started travelling back into the sect.

On this day, the news of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s West Radiance Peak’s Master, Chen Xi’s, return seemed as if it had grown wings and spread throughout the entire cultivation world, causing the entire world to be in an uproar.

After all, he’d trespassed into the Heavenflow Dao Sect by himself all those years ago, and that battle where he slaughtered Bing Shitian’s clone while at the Earthly Immortal Realm was truly too shocking. It could be said that in the current cultivation world, Chen Xi’s name was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, and it reverberated like thunder in the ears of both young and old.

If there was a cultivator that still didn’t know who Chen Xi was, then that person would surely suffer the disdain and contempt of all.



West Radiance Peak.

When Chen Xi arrived here with Qing Xiuyi, Chen Yu, Chen An, and Qiu Yunsheng, he saw shadows of people moving about on the mountain, and the figures of many familiar people were already waiting here.

His Eldest Senior Brother, Huo Molei, Second Senior Brother Lu Sheng, Third Senior Brother Yi Chenzi, Fourth Senior Brother, Duan Yi, Fifth Senior Sister, A’Jiu, Sixth Senior Brother Qing Yu, Ling Bai, Mu Kui, Bai Kui, A’Man, Mortis, Xueyan, Chen Yan…

Just looking at them from afar caused a wisp of warmth to be unable to help but surge out from Chen Xi’s heart.

All of this clearly told him that even if the path to the Dao was difficult and covered in difficulties, he wasn’t fighting by himself!

This was more than enough.

On that night, the feast on West Radiance Peak flowed smoothly while the sound of laughter was ceaseless.

When reuniting after a long time, it was only natural to enjoy themselves together with wine.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was very clearly aware that gatherings like this would probably grow fewer as time went by because Qing Xiuyi would be leaving a month from now, whereas he would be preparing to charge into the ninth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm as well…

This was life. When the journey was without end, gatherings were bound to be too short.

Dawn the next day.

The sky had just lit up.

Chen Xi woke up from his meditation. At this moment, a wave of clamorous noise was already sounding out from outside his courtyard.

He pushed open the door and saw that Chen Yu and Chen An were carefully practicing Dao Arts. Moreover, Ling Bai, Mu Kui, A’Man, Bai Kui, Chen Yan, and the others were standing at the side while watching them, and they frequently spoke with praise.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi couldn’t help but have a flash of inspiration and decided on something.

“I think that since I intend to pass down some of my comprehensions to Yu’er and An’er, why don’t I set up a Dao platform and allow all the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to listen to it. In this way, I would be able to live up to the kindness the Sect Master and the others have shown me.” Chen Xi came to Qing Xiuyi and told her of his thoughts.

“You can.” Qing Xiuyi nodded. She knew that Chen Xi wanted to hear her opinion, so she pondered briefly before she said, “Imparting knowledge has always been a deed of boundless virtue. Early on during the primeval times when the various Dao orthodoxies hadn’t been formed, some sages and great figures that possessed extraordinary wisdom would set up Dao platforms to impart their knowledge and widely invite the living beings in the world to discuss the Dao with them.”

“This was the beginning of the formation of Dao orthodoxies. When the living beings that listened grew in number, there would be a sort of master and disciple relationship and the feeling of coming from the same sect. Along with the passage of time, it gradually formed into a Dao orthodoxy.” When she spoke up to here, Qing Xiuyi’s eyes were filled with light as she stared at Chen Xi and said, “When the day you’re able to explain the Dao to all of the living beings in the three dimensions, then you would be the true ruler of the three dimensions.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he shook his head as he laughed bitterly. “I don’t dare have any excessive desires to be the ruler of the three dimensions. I only hope to leave my comprehensions behind before I ascend into the Immortal Dimension and help some disciples of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect take a few less detours.”

“Oh you…” Qing Xiuyi smiled and didn’t speak any further.

At the morning on that very day.

A shocking piece of news spread throughout the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect at shocking speed — Elder Chen Xi is about to set up a Dao platform to impart his profound knowledge, and anyone can go listen to it!

When they heard of this news, no matter if they were from the outer court or inner court, all the disciples seemed to have gone mad and surged towards the West Radiance Peak at the first possible moment as they were deeply afraid others would get there before them if they were slow.

When faced with this, the Sect Master, Wen Huating, instantly ordered all the elders to head to the West Radiance Peak to maintain order and prohibit noise. Those who violated this rule were stripped of their qualification to listen to Chen Xi!

At noon, the sky above West Radiance Peak was covered in clouds and mist.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he couldn’t help but be shocked by the magnificent scene before him.

If one looked down from the sky, one would notice that the surroundings of the Dao platform and even the entirety of West Radiance Peak was covered in people, and all of them were sitting cross-legged with solemn expressions. They were actually over 10,000 in number!

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, if all the outer court, inner court, elite, core, and various other types of disciples in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were added together, it was around this number.

In other words, almost all the disciples in the entire sect were gathered here!

But in next to no time, he recovered his calm, and he walked over to the center of the Dao platform before he sat cross-legged there.

“Amongst the three thousand Grand Daos, each possess boundless profundities, and it’s extremely difficult for us cultivators to completely grasp all of them in our entire lifetimes. From today onward, I’ll merge everything I’ve learned and comprehended all along my path into my teachings…” Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he spoke gradually, and his voice was resounding like the morning bell and clearly spread throughout the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, the expressions of everyone on West Radiance Peak became solemn as they listened respectfully, and the atmosphere was deathly silent, tranquil, and carried a solemn and respectful aura.

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