Chapter 1003 – That Glory

That night. Within an elegant room in the Spirit Radiance Hall.

Chen Xi personally prepared a sumptuous feast, and he enjoyed it with Qing Xiuyi, Chen Yu, and Chen An. Only the four of them were present, and Chen Xi wasn’t willing to allow others to disturb this moment of private time between loved ones. 

During the feast, Chen Xi seemed to have transformed into a garrulous old woman that talked without end, and he tossed out a pile of questions without end.

For example, how his younger brother Chen Hao was, how the Chen Clan had changed, how Song Lin, Duanmu Ze, Du Qingxi, the Old Turtle King, the Nine-tailed Fox King and the others were. 

For example…

There were too many questions.

Chen Yu spoke freely and frankly when facing this, and he answered every single question Chen Xi threw at him. On the other hand, Chen An complemented him from the side and covered the things he missed, whereas Qing Xiuyi listened silently at the side. She frequently glanced at Chen Xi before glancing at the two little fellows, and her face was covered in a warm and happy expression.

At this moment, even though it was calm and flat, yet it was a rare moment of happiness for the four people that were present here, and it was something that was impossible to obtain with any treasures of the heavens and the earth.

Because this sort of gathering was too difficult to come by, and it seemed to be even more precious and valuable instead. 

Perhaps when they thought about this day many years from now, it would still be an unforgettable sweet memory.



Dawn the next day, Chen Xi who was excited all night and hadn’t slept seized the moment before the sky brightened completely to walk out of Spirit Radiance Hall.

When he returned once more, there was another person following by his side.

It was Qiu Yunsheng. At this moment, his clothes were neat, his hair was tidied up meticulously, and his bearing was graceful and elegant. He seemed like a noble middle aged man that lived comfortably.

But his expression was extremely unsightly, and it could even be described as terrible. His features had almost twisted together in bitterness and was completely ghastly pale. Moreover, there was a wisp of a dazed expression that frequently suffused his face, and he seemed as if he’d experienced a great unexpected event that he couldn’t bear to recall.

Especially when his gaze descended onto Chen Xi who walked by his side. He was like a mouse that had seen a cat, and his gaze was filled with terror and fear that couldn’t be restrained.

This couldn’t help but make others curious. Exactly what had this extremely wise and quick witted Mysterious Immortal suffered last night to become like this.

Besides his bearing still being casual and elegant, his expression simply seemed like that of an idiot that was born stupid.

Only Chen Xi and Qiu Yunsheng were aware of the answer to all of this.

But both of them wouldn’t speak about it. Chen Xi was unwilling to speak about it because mentioning it would disgust him to the point that he was unable to bear it.

On the other hand, not only did Qiu Yunsheng not dare speak about it, he wasn’t willing to recall it because everything that occurred throughout last night was the most miserable night he’d ever experienced, and the term ‘living was worse that dying’ wasn’t enough to describe a shred of it!

He was afraid, completely afraid. If it was possible, he would rather leave right away and was unwilling to ever see Chen Xi again for his entire lifetime.

This fellow is simply like a devil!

When he thought up to here, Qiu Yunsheng couldn’t help but be overcome with sorrow and melancholy. He felt that with all his knowledge and peerless ability to plan and think, he’d actually suffered such consequences, so the heavens were simply fucking blind.

“Lord Mysterious Immortal, where did you go last night?” Meanwhile, Chen Yu noticed Qiu Yunsheng that walked into the hall, and he couldn’t help but chuckle and tease Qiu Yunsheng.

Qiu Yunsheng instantly shuddered when he heard this, and his figure shivered. He seemed weak while his face was covered in a dejected and dispirited expression.

“I’m already utterly convinced of your superiority, so can this matter not be mentioned in the future?” Qiu Yunsheng looked at Chen Xi in a practically begging manner as he asked carefully.

“That will depend on your behavior,” said Chen Xi indifferently.

Qiu Yunsheng’s spirits were refreshed, and he said right away, “If I cooperate fully, then when do you intend to let me go?”

Chen Xi said casually, “Haven’t you understood everything about me? Then I’ll let you go when I’ve defeated the Zuoqiu Clan and taken revenge for the Immortal Dimension’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect, alright?”

Qiu Yunsheng seemed as if he was struck by lightning when he heard this, and his face turned pale.

The Zuoqiu Clan?

Take revenge for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?

He fucking intends to torture me for eternity!

As a Mysterious Immortal from the Immortal Dimension, no matter how ignorant he was, he was clearly aware of how terrifying those powers Chen Xi mentioned were, and thinking about overturning any one of them was something unimaginable.

Yet now, Chen Xi had actually said that he would only let Qiu Yunsheng go when he finished all of this. 

This…this…this… Qiu Yunsheng couldn’t find a word to describe his feelings at this moment, and he felt like crying, yet had no tears.

“What? If you can’t accomplish it, then…” Chen Xi glanced at him and spoke indifferently.

Chen Xi’s voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Qiu Yunsheng revealed a solemn expression and interrupted him. “Leave it to me!”

His tone was resolute while his expression was firm, yet he was rather apprehensive in his heart instead.

It couldn’t be helped. If he wanted to live, then even if he was asked to climb a mountain of swords and plunge himself into a sea of flames, he could only summon up the courage to agree.

“This is how a true ambitious person acts!” Chen Xi slapped Qiu Yunsheng on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be so pessimistic. You can imagine that the day will come when great figures with monstrous authority and great powers in the Immortal Dimension will be overturned by your numerous schemes and plots. Besides you, is there anyone else that can experience that sort of feeling of accomplishment?”

Qiu Yunsheng stared blankly at Chen Xi as he said, “It does really sound good.”

Chen Xi roared with laughter. “It isn’t just good. When that day comes, it’s bound to be the best and most brilliant moment of your life.”

Qiu Yunsheng stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he said solemnly with a serious expression, “Even though I know you’re deluding me and teasing me, but my desire has really been aroused. It’s like the muddled and immature period when I was a pure youth, and it’s like I’ve suddenly found my life goal.”

“Then work hard.” Chen Xi patted him on the shoulder once more, yet Chen Xi didn’t take it seriously in his heart. The muddled and immature period when you were a pure youth? You’re even able to speak such things? You’re simply too shameless.

When it came to this sort of fellows that were full of lies and tricks, one could only believe their actions and not their words. Otherwise, one might be tricked by them.

Qiu Yunsheng seemed to have fallen into deep contemplation instead, and he stopped talking. Only the depths of his eyes were actually faintly burning with a wisp of a mad and excited expression. 


There were numerous white clouds that drifted like cotton on the clear blue sky.

A treasured vessel smashed through the waves of air as it flew towards the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

On the treasured vessel, Qing Xiuyi thought for a moment before she asked in the end. “You intend to use that fellow?”

Chen Xi glanced at Qiu Yunsheng who was sitting cross-legged at the corner while thinking hard with a frown on his face, and then Chen Xi pondered deeply before he said, “Even though I temporarily possess no knowledge about how enormous those enemy powers in the Immortal Dimension are, I’m very clearly aware that it’s extremely difficult to overthrow them completely by relying on my strength alone.”

“So you intend to build your own forces?” Qing Xiuyi seemed to be lost in thought as she said, “This isn’t a bad idea. After all, comparatively speaking, there’s a limit to one’s strength in the end. It’s easy to kill a single enemy, yet it’s extremely difficult to flatten an entire large power.”

Chen Xi sighed lightly and muttered. “I only have this thought for now. As for how to put it into effect, it will depend on the situation in the Immortal Dimension.”

“I’ll help you at that time,” said Qing Xiuyi in a light voice.

“I know.” Chen Xi smiled.

“That fellow is only temporarily controlled by me via restrictions. Since you intend to use him, then we must eliminate all future worries.” Qing Xiuyi suddenly turned around and walked towards Qiu Yunsheng.

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he didn’t stop her in the end.

Qiu Yunsheng was a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert after all. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to completely control Qiu Yunsheng. Moreover, Qiu Yunsheng possessed shocking wisdom and was extremely shrewd. Perhaps, the only way to make Qiu Yunsheng commit himself full was by using some forceful methods.

After a short while, Qing Xiuyi walked over and said, “That fellow really is a smart person, and he was extremely cooperative. In the future, unless he’s able to kill me, otherwise he would absolutely not dare to do anything harmful to you.”

A wisp of warmth surged out into Chen Xi’s heart. He didn’t say anything and just stretched out his hand to hold hers, and it felt cool and soft as if it was without any bones.

Qing Xiuyi’s figure stiffened, and she glanced at Chen Xi before she quickly recovered her calm.

This large hand was extremely warm. 


Six hours later.

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was far away in their field of vision.

Chen Xi put away the treasured vessel and flew towards the entrance with Qing Xiuyi, Chen Yu, and Chen An.

He was all alone when he left that day.

Now, he was accompanied by his wife and son, and the changes in life were really impossible to be predicted.

“Eh, that’s?”

“It’s…it’s…it’s… It’s Elder Chen Xi!”

“My god! He has finally returned!”

“Quickly! Quickly report this to the Martial Uncles and Sect Master!”

When they saw Chen Xi’s figure, all the disciples that guarded the entrance were stunned, and then they revealed expressions of wild joy as they started crying out loudly.

Their excited and happy appearances simply seemed as if they’d gone mad, and it caused Chen Yu and Chen An to be flabbergasted.

“What!? Chen Xi has returned?”

“HAHAHA! I knew that this kid will surely be fine!”

“Bastard! Why did you only come report it now?! Quickly go notify the other elders to go greet Chen Xi at the entrance with me!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the depths of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, waves of clamorous noise suddenly resounded out, and then numerous rays of light charged into the sky as all the higher-ups charged towards the entrance in a vast array under the lead of the Sect Master, Wen Huating.

For a time, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was completely stirred. The clear sky was filled with dazzling and resplendent streaks of light and whistling that sounded like the roar of dragons. It destroyed the previously tranquil and quiet atmosphere, causing it to suddenly start seething and become extremely bustling and clamorous.

At this moment, Chen Yu and Chen An almost didn’t dare believe their eyes, and they were extremely dazed.

Even if they knew since the beginning that Chen Xi was renowned throughout the world now, and he was a figure that  stood supreme over all his peers. But when they saw this bustling and vast scene before their eyes, their hearts still suffered unprecedented shock.

“One day, I’ll become a figure like Uncle as well!” Chen Yu clenched his fists tightly while his excited expression revealed staunchness.

“I only hope that Father won’t be disappointed in me.” Chen An puckered his lips and spoke after a long time.

That supreme glory and brilliance was personally created by his Father, and it was a type of heavy pressure to him. It urged him to not dare slack off and be deeply afraid of being unable to chase up to his father’s footsteps.

Yes, he only hoped that his father wouldn’t be disappointed in him.

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