Chapter 1002 – Exaggerated Wisdom

A Mysterious Immortal!

Everyone was horrified. It wasn’t even a short moment since Qing Xiuyi had left, yet a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert had been captured and was lying on the ground like a dead dog while crying endlessly in pain.

The visual impact caused by this scene had simply arrived at an extreme.

If they didn’t see it with their own two eyes, no one would dare believe that a Mysterious Immortal would appear before their eyes in such an embarrassing and sorry state.

Some of them were Earthly Immortal Realm experts, yet most of them were young disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. A Heavenly Immortal was already like the celestial bodies in the sky to them, and they could only look up to such a figure. 

Yet now, a Mysterious Immortal was in such a state while the Heavenly Immortals had been slaughtered a long time ago…

At this instant, the feelings in everyone’s hearts could be said to be extremely complicated and shocked to the limit.

At the end, all of these feelings transformed into a wisp of reverence. It was heartfelt reverence towards Qing Xiuyi, and it wasn’t faked in the slightest.

Qing Xiuyi seemed to be utterly unaware of all of this, and she just walked over to Chen An and sized him up from top to bottom before she said, “I’m sorry you had to go through all of this.”

It was only a mere few words, yet it caused Chen An to instantly reveal excitement, and he was only able to restrain his feelings after a long time before he shook his head and said, “I’m fine.”

This sort of conversation simply didn’t seem like something that ought to occur between mother and son.

But it just so happened that no matter if it was Qing Xiuyi or Chen An, both of them felt that this was the true son or mother in their hearts. Even if it had been many years, they hadn’t changed in the slightest, let alone felt far apart of unfamiliar.

Chen Xi smiled lightly when he saw this, and then he shot his gaze towards the Mysterious Immortal on the ground.

This was a middle aged man that wore embroidered clothes and a marten coat. His appearance was beautiful as jade, and his bearing was rather refined. But at this moment, his aura was dejected to the extreme, and his countenance was pale while blood flowed endlessly from the corners of his mouth.

Moreover, there was even a trace of terror and frustration that couldn’t be restrained revealed  on the space between his brows. 

“Name.” Chen Xi asked directly, and he didn’t show any trace of sympathy.

“Qiu Yunsheng.” The middle aged man struggled to sit up. He’s obviously suffered a heavy injury, and his entire body suffered from indescribable pain, yet he still forcefully endured it and maintained a graceful bearing and silently tidied up his clothes.


“Misty Immortal Mountain.”

“Why did you come here?”

“The Dao Calamity Sword.”

“How many people?”

“I should be the only one remaining.”

Chen Xi and this Mysterious Immortal Realm expert who called himself Qiu Yunsheng had an exchange of question and answer that was concise and comprehensive. Moreover, Qiu Yunsheng was actually rather cooperative and didn’t show any signs of hesitation or refusal.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but take a few more glances at this person.

Even though it was only a glance, Qiu Yunsheng actually seemed to have understood Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he said, “Is it very strange? Actually, there’s nothing strange about it. I just don’t wish to have such a horrible death.”

As he spoke, he was still tidying up his clothes. His movements were meticulous, and he seemed to have an obsession towards cleanliness. He frowned every time his fingers touched an area of his clothes that was tainted by blood, and he avoided that area.

It wasn’t difficult to discern from these movements that Qiu Yunsheng obviously a Mysterious Immortal Realm that had an obsession for cleanliness and was extremely particular about his bearing and appearance.

This discovered caused Chen Xi to suddenly realize that if he wanted to extract information from this fellow, then throwing this fellow into a cesspool might be the best method to achieve it.

Unfortunately, Qiu Yunsheng had obviously thought of this as well, so he didn’t give Chen Xi the slightest opportunity to force information out of him. He answered every single question of Chen Xi’s, and he was a complete traitor.

“Why didn’t you go directly to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?” asked Chen Xi once more.

“I like to use my head and not my hands. When I can attain my goal through schemes, then I’ll absolutely not take a risk myself.”

Qiu Yunsheng was really extremely cooperative. Even if he was enduring intense pain, he still spoke confidently with composure. “I’m only a Mysterious Immortal, whereas the Nine Radiance Sword Sect possesses three old seniors with unfathomable strength and some unknown restrictions and treasures. So I knew the moment I descended to the Mortal Dimension that I couldn’t use force.”

This was the first time Chen Xi had met such an enemy, and he couldn’t help but slightly admire this fellow’s courage and shrewdness. 

Was he cowardly?

Absolutely not.

Because this was the Mortal Dimension, whereas Qiu Yunsheng was a Mysterious Immortal, and he was leading a two Heavenly Immortals and a group of servants from the Immortal Dimension. Wouldn’t he be able to get everything he wanted in the Mortal Dimension?

If it was any other Mysterious Immortal Realm expert, the person would have probably trespassed into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect a long time ago and utilized the simplest and direct method to deal with everything.

But it just happened that Qiu Yunsheng didn’t act in this way. Perhaps this could be considered to be cowardly, yet now, he’d been reduced to a prisoner, but he still faced this in a calm and composed manner, and this wasn’t something a cowardly person was capable of achieving.

“The reason I chose this place was because I wanted to take control of some elders and disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to be of use to me, allowing me to sneak into the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and seize the opportunity to reclaim the Dao Calamity Sword.” Qiu Yunsheng’s voice was still continuing. “In this way, the risk would be reduced to the bare minimum, whereas I would be able to complete my assignment beforehand without facing any danger to my life. So why not?”

“What’s the Dao Calamity Sword?” The nearby Elder Fu Yun couldn’t refrain himself from asking, and the others were extremely puzzled as well.

Chen Xi was aware, yet he was unable to tell them the answer because it was related to the secret at the 99th level of the Bloodsoul Sword Cave, and merely a few people in the entire sect were aware of it.

Most importantly, the Dao Calamity Sword was currently in Chen Xi’s possession, and even the Sect Master and the other higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were unaware of this.

Qiu Yunsheng laughed as he looked at Fu Yun and said, “Since all of you’re unaware, then it shows that this matter is a taboo in your Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It’s better that all of you don’t know because if you know too much, it much cause you to suffer calamity.”

Fu Yun couldn’t help but be enraged when he heard this. “Are you mocking me that I don’t have the qualifications to know all of this?”

If it was at a normal time, he wouldn’t have dared to question a Mysterious Immortal like this. But this wasn’t an ordinary time because one who’d lost his position would suffer much indignity. Moreover, he didn’t mind seizing this opportunity to relentlessly beat Qiu Yunsheng that had fallen.

Qiu Yunsheng smiled and didn’t speak any further.

This sort of practically contemptuous attitude successfully infuriated Fu Yun. But he was stopped by the other elders before he could make a move, and they said something to him, causing his expression to change indeterminately for a long time before he restrained himself in the end.

After that, Fu Yun actually made an excuse and directly led all of the elders and disciples out of the hall.

“Looks like there are still some smart people, and they know when to leave and what they shouldn’t interfere in. This is a sort of concern towards one’s own danger.” Qiu Yunsheng judged casually as if he’d expected this scene a long time ago. “An existence that has concerns would usually be used by schemes. So long as they’re used well, one wouldn’t even have to use much effort to attain one’s desire.”

Chen Xi finally realized that this was absolutely a fellow that felt extreme admiration towards the path of scheming, and he possessed substantial knowledge towards seeing through the hearts of others. He possessed extremely great wisdom.

A clear understanding of worldly wisdom was true knowledge, and this was the type of person Qiu Yunsheng was.

But Chen Xi didn’t like this sort of person as he felt that this fellow had always been showing his intelligence, wisdom, and shrewdness, and he seemed to have a sense of superiority as he held a pearl of wisdom.

So in the next moment, Chen Xi said directly, “Then let me ask you, do you think I’ll kill you?”

Qiu Yunsheng nodded without the slightest hesitation. “Yes. But I presume you’ve guessed that since I’ve bluntly spoken about so much and my attitude isn’t bad, I’m obviously a smart person. All smart people are afraid of death, yet smart people might know even more than one could imagine, right?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said with an indifferent expression, “But I don’t feel like knowing right now.”

As he spoke, he held Qiu Yunsheng by the neck and turned around before walking out of the hall.

These actions obviously caused Qiu Yunsheng to be stunned, and he was slightly surprised and seemed to feel that the development of the matter had suddenly moved away from his predicted path…

“What…do you intend to do?” Qiu Yunsheng tried hard to make his tone seem extremely calm as he spoke.

Chen Xi didn’t answer him, and Chen Xi’s expression didn’t change in the slightest.

“Chen Xi, I’ve already found out everything about you in these past few days. Moreover, I’m very well aware of your irreconcilable enmity with the Zuoqiu Clan and the deep enmity between you and Bing Shitian. I can help you deal with all of this. Could it be that you don’t want to hear me out? Give me a chance. So long as you finish listening to what I have to say, you’ll absolutely change your mind.” Qiu Yunsheng was in slight panic, and he couldn’t care about anything and directly took out his trump card.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi didn’t feel like listening anymore. At the very least, he didn’t feel like listening at this moment.

In next to no time, he’d vanished outside the hall with Qiu Yunsheng in his hand.

“Aunt, what does Uncle intend to do?” The nearby Chen Yu stared blankly as he asked.

“He’s either going to throw him into the cesspool or dunk him into a toilet. At any rate, he’d going to do something that’s sufficient to make someone with an obsession for cleanliness to collapse.” Qing Xiuyi answered casually.

Chen Yu roared with laughter and said, “So that’s it. This fellow is too arrogant, and he deserves to be taught a proper lesson.”

“Tactics are like a paper tiger in the end, and it can’t withstand a single blow before true strength.” Chen An seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Perhaps this kind of person is capable of achieving great things, yet if he doesn’t possess a strength that matches it, then he’ll only be a clown that’s ordered about by others in the end.”

“Right, he’s a clown. All schemes and tricks are unable to resist an open and aboveboard strike of a blade.” Chen Yu chimed in repeatedly, and he felt that Chen An’s words were exactly like his thoughts.

If others heard that these two little fellows who were only at the Rebirth Realm actually dared to judge a Mysterious Immortal as a clown, they would probably feel that these two little fellows had gone mad.

But Qing Xiuyi revealed a rare wisp of praise and a smile when she heard this. “Exactly. A person that truly possesses great wisdom usually lacks strength the least.”

Right at this moment, Chen Xi had returned, but he was alone.

Chen Yu couldn’t help but ask curiously. “Uncle, where’s that cocky fellow?”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “You don’t want to know. Otherwise, I guarantee you’ll be unable to eat for three days and three nights.” As he finished speaking, he himself couldn’t help but shake his head without end, and he seemed to be unwilling to recall those scenes from before.

Chen Yu couldn’t help but be astounded when he saw this, and he truly didn’t dare imagine how horrifying the consequences that Mysterious Immortal faced were…

“That fellow will probably become obedient by tomorrow. At that time, we’ll set out to return to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, alright?” Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked at Qing Xiuyi.

Qing Xiuyi nodded with a meek and happy appearance.

Chen Yu couldn’t help but feel slight admiration towards his uncle, and he was really curious about exactly how Chen Xi had captured the heart of this beautiful and formidable aunt of his.

If Chen Xi knew Chen Yu’s thoughts, then he would probably immediately become angry from embarrassment. Because the scene from all those years ago was truly a bit too absurd, bizarre, and unsuitable for children.

Most importantly, he was in a passive position then…

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