Chapter 1000 – The Law of Light

Zhu Yunsou and Granny Fei Jiu revealed a strand of rage. But before their voices could finish resounding out in the air, and even more terrifying pressure whistled in from outside the hall.

This pressure was even more terrifying, and it was awe-inspiring, icy cold, and vast like the sun as it seemed to carry the heavens and the earth while arriving!

Thump! Thump!

All the men and women behind Zhu Yunsou and Granny Fei Jiu didn’t even have the chance to react before they seemed to have been slapped by tempestuous waves. Blood sprayed from their mouths and noses as they were blasted flying, and they felt scattered on the ground while howling endlessly with pain.

Zhu Yunsou and Granny Fei Jiu’s bodies went cold as they dodged without the slightest hesitation because they didn’t dare go head on with this pressure.

This imposing aura was too terrifying. Everywhere it went, no one dared to bear the blunt of it, and it caused a wisp of shock to arise in their hearts, so how could they dare to try resist it head on?

Instantly, a pathway was forcefully opened before the entrance, and there wasn’t a single figure that dared obstruct it anymore. 

Who is it? 

Who exactly is it?

Zhu Yunsou and Granny Fei Jiu’s expression turned grim while their eyes flickered with bright lights. They looked from afar towards the area outside the hall while maintaining combat readiness, and they couldn’t be bothered about everyone else.

This unexpected turn of events similarly shocked Fu Yun and the others, and then they revealed expressions of pleasant surprise while their strained hearts finally relaxed greatly.

Merely the person’s imposing aura is so terrifying, could it be that it’s the three Ancestors of the sect that have come to help us?

Everyone was excited as they shot their gazes out of the hall.

Amidst the deathly silent atmosphere, two figures walked into the hall, and it was a man and a woman.

The man had a tall figure and an extraordinary bearing. His eyes were deep and vast like the starry sky, and every single move he made emanated a frightening imposing aura.

The woman had a picturesque appearance, and she was beautiful and extraordinary. Her entire body was suffused with an indistinct bearing that seemed like a strand of misty rain, and she was like an otherworldly celestial maiden that had descended to the mortal world from the palace of gods on the moon.

“Elder Chen Xi!” When they saw the man, the pupils of Fu Yun and the others dilated, and they stared fixedly at him while their faces revealed excitement and disbelief.

After Chen Xi killed Bing Shitian’s clone that day, he’d been swept into the Netherworld and vanished while his fate was unknown. It caused the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect to be extremely shaken, and if it wasn’t for the invasion of the Xeno-race and the war that broke out from it, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect would have almost slaughtered their way to the Heavenflow Dao Sect to take revenge for Chen Xi.

Now that they saw him actually appear out of thin air, how could Fu Yun and the other elders not be shocked and excited?

Even though Chen Xi’s name was like a thunderclap that reverberated in their ears, most of those young disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect hadn’t seen Chen Xi in person. At this moment, when they found out that handsome young man was the renowned Elder Chen Xi of the sect, all of their mouths gaped open while their entire bodies trembled with excitement.

The people that had arrived were Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi.

As soon as he saw the scene in the hall, Chen Xi instantly came to a complete understanding, and his face became icy cold. He first nodded slightly to Elder Fu Yun before he shot his gaze at the side of Fu Yun.

Over there was a handsome young man cleaning the injuries on his wrist. He had a clear and tranquil expression between his brows, and his appearance was 70% similar to Qing Xiuyi.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi knew that it was his son — Chen An!

Instantly, Chen Xi was both excited and infuriated in his heart. He was excited because he finally saw his own flesh and blood after so many years, and it was a feeling that simply couldn’t be described with words.

On the other hand, he was angry because his son had actually suffered an injury when they met! Moreover, if it wasn’t for him and Qing Xiuyi arriving in time, then Chen An’s life might have even been in danger!


Surging flames of rage suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s heart, and he was like a dragon that had its reverse scale touch and was almost unable to restrain his killing intent.

“Father, Mother…” Meanwhile, Chen An had noticed Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi as well, and he was stunned on the spot with a dazed expression. He seemed to have never imagined that he would actually meet his parents here.

These words caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake while his sadness arose in him. He felt both happy and guilty, and he was on the verge of losing control of his feelings.

“Uncle.” Meanwhile, Chen Yu waved his hand excitedly as well.

This voice instantly caused Chen Xi to recover his senses, and when he raised his eyes to look over, he noticed a tall, robust, and imposing looking young man standing by Chen An’s side. Moreover, this young man’s facial features seemed as if they were made from the same mold as Chen Hao.

“Yu’er!” Chen Xi was stunned before he revealed a delighted expression. Never had he imagined that this little fellow would have come to the Dark Reverie with An’er, and these double pleasant surprises caused his heart to tremble slightly as he was deeply afraid all of this was a dream.

Since the moment he entered the hall until he recognized Chen An and saw Chen Yu, only the short period of a few breaths had passed. But Chen Xi felt as if he’d experienced a long period of recollection of the past.

Thoughts flew about in his mind while the scenes of the past flashed within his mind, and he seemed as if he was possessed.

At this moment, if anyone were to launch a sneak attack against him, that person would absolutely be able to succeed.

Zhu Yunsou and Granny Fei Jiu had naturally noticed this, yet they didn’t dare act in this way because the scene of this man and woman breaking through the door and entering earlier was too shocking.  That sort of terrifying pressure caused them to not dare rashly take any risks.

Compared to Chen Xi’s excitement, Qing Xiuyi seemed to be extremely calm. But no one noticed that when she noticed Chen Xi’s injured right hand, her clear eyes that were like starry gems were suffused with a wisp of icy cold and merciless killing intent.

“Take care of the two of them. Leave these people to me.” Qing Xiuyi turned around. Her jet black hair that was like a waterfall fluttered while her beautiful face was covered in an icy cold and indifferent expression. Even though her voice was calm, yet the feeling within it caused the hearts of everyone to go cold.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to glance at Zhu Yunsou and the others before he withdrew his gaze and nodded.

He knew that even though Qing Xiuyi seemed to be calm, the flames of rage and killing intent in her heart was actually even greater than his, so it was good to let her vent it at this moment.

He immediately protected Chen An and Chen Yu behind him before signaling to Elder Fu Yun that he shouldn’t worry and should just watch calmly.

“Elder Chen Xi, those people seem to have come from the Immortal Dimension. Especially those two fellows in the lead, they both possess cultivations at the Heavenly Immortal Realm or above…” Fu Yun was still slightly worried, and he told Chen Xi about all his inference via voice transmission.

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi nodded to display his understanding. “Don’t worry, none of them will be able to escape this time.” His voice was calm and revealed a convincing force.

For a time, the situation in the hall transformed into Qing Xiuyi facing Zhu Yunsou, Granny Fei Jiu, and the others by herself.

Even though she was all alone, no one dared look down upon her.

Because the aura that suffused her body was like a bottomless abyss, and it pressed down onto Zhu Yunsou and the others to the point they were slightly unable to catch their breaths.

This caused their expressions to become heavy, and they were slightly surprised and bewildered.

“It was you, feathered beast, that injured my son earlier?” Qing Xiuyi spoke abruptly, and her eyes didn’t contain any emotion as they descended onto the black feathered parrot on Zhu Yunsou’s shoulder.

When it heard the words ‘feathered beast,’ it angered the black feather parrot to the point of cursing. “How audacious! You actually dared to fucking call me…”

Bang!It hadn’t finished speaking when a shapeless force silently enveloped it, and the force was like a shapeless hand that grabbed fiercely onto the parrot before it was suddenly grabbed over to Qing Xiuyi, causing the parrots sharp cry to stop abruptly as well.

Everyone felt something flash before their eyes, and when they looked once more, they saw the black feather parrot was like a fish that had been frozen in a layer of ice. It floated before Qing Xiuyi yet was unable to escape no matter how is struggled.

Especially astonishing was that it was clearly crying out madly, yet no one was able to hear anything, causing it to seem extremely strange.

This sudden scene caused the hearts of Zhu Yunsou, Granny Fei Jiu, and the others to go cold.

They were clearly aware that the black feathered parrot was a variant immortal flying beast from the Immortal Dimension, and it was born from a nest that was an abyss of flames. As soon as it was born, it possessed a strength that wasn’t inferior to a Heavenly Immortal!

Yet now, it had actually been casually captured without the slightest ability to resist, so exactly how formidable was the cultivation of the person that did this?

It wasn’t just them, even Elder Fu Yun and the others had their eyes wide open and were extremely shocked because they’d personally witnessed the black feather parrot’s strength just moments ago!

Qing Xiuyi was a woman that was extremely proud and cold in her heart, and she was never willing to waste her breath. Especially when killing intent had arose in her heart, she even spoke sparingly.

So before everyone could react to what had happened, they heard a bang before the parrot’s figure directly exploded in midair and transformed into blood that vanished into nothingness.

It died in a direct manner as if she’d casually squashed an ant.

Everyone was shocked, and their faces froze. Isn’t this strength too terrifying!?

“You… How audacious! Do you know where we’re from?” Zhu Yunsou stared at her while a gloomy and furious expression surged out onto his face, and he spoke with a ghastly voice.

He seemed to reveal a fierce expression, yet his aura had actually weakened greatly, and he wasn’t as formidable and ferocious as before.

At this moment, how could he have been unable to discern that Qing Xiuyi’s strength was absolutely superior to his own and was terrifying to the extreme. This caused him to keep his spirits up and deal with her carefully.

“All I know is that you intended to forcefully take my son as your disciple! You deserve death!” Qing Xiuyi’s voice was cold and calm, and it was like she was speaking about an extremely ordinary matter. But her voice revealed an indisputable feeling of control over Zhu Yunsou’s life.

This caused Zhu Yunsou to be terrified in his heart, and he shouted immediately with a grim voice. “How dare you! We’re from the Immortal Dimension’s…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Qing Xiuyi had made a move. She was actually indifferent towards everything he said, and she acted in a straightforward and resolute manner.


Her white and slender hand stretched out while her palm seemed to contain the sky and be capable of overturning the world, and it emanated the energy of the Laws that was dazzling, resplendent, and glowed like strands of snow.

Instantly, the hall was enveloped by light, and it seemed like the sun had filled the world. It transformed into terrifying Light Laws that were suffused with the chanting of the Grand Dao and the gods. It was divine, brilliant, and boundless.

“Golden Immortal Laws! The energy of light! You’re a Golden Immortal!” Zhu Yunsou was the first to bear the brunt of it, and he was enveloped by the laws of light, causing him to feel a piercing pain in his eyes. But compared to this, the terror in his heart had already drowned his mind, causing him to be unable to refrain from howling loudly.

His voice was filled with shock and terror because he seemed to have never imagined that when he descended to the Mortal Dimension this time, he would actually encounter a Golden Immortal that had discovered a trace of the true essence of Brahma Qi! 

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