Chapter 100 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (End)

Chapter 100 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (End)

Clan Guarding Grand Formation!

All the cultivators that were spectating in the distance were shocked when they heard this.

In the cultivation world, just like sects which possessed Sect Guarding Grand Formations, every clan which possessed enormous resources would also place an extremely formidable grand formation on their territory, and they would absolutely not utilize it unless it was a life and death moment.

At this moment, the Li Clan had actually turned on the Clan Guarding Grand Formation for the sake of annihilating a single person, Chen Xi. A situation like this was simply rarely seen in a thousand years, and it had never occurred in the history of the Li Clan.

Whereas this also proved in a different way that Chen Xi, who was completely alone, had already threatened the continuation of the existence of the Li Clan!

It was precisely because they realized this that the spectating cultivators in the distance were shocked, and it caused them to reassess Chen Xi’s strength once again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Accompanied by an enormous bang that was like the rumble of thunder, in the sky above the Li Clan that occupied an area of 600km, an immensely enormous screen of light had suddenly arisen. The screen of light was centered on the lake at the center of the Li Clan Estate, held up by four unbroken lengths of walls that were like the pillars of the screen of light, and it seemed like an eggshell that sealed off the entire Li Clan Estate completely.

Dark lights revolved and dense jade green flames drifted about on the screen of light, and when looked at from afar, the Li Clan Estate was like a surging and gushing volcano, just that the flames were jade green in color and was suffused with a gloomy aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate in fear.

“Jade flames locking the sky, this is the Jadeflame Nine-Dragons Formation from a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator of the southern territory 3,000 years ago, that had taken the evil path of cultivation!”

“Ah! I recall it now. Supposedly, once this formation is formed, it’s impregnable and is able to resist the full force attack of a Nether Transformation Stage cultivator, and only a grandmaster in formations is able to break through it. Moreover, the jade flames that flow atop it are the Jade Phosphorus Flames extracted from the corpses of people that died with resentment, and it’s extremely evil and malicious. If any cultivator were to slightly touch it, it would be as if being possessed by an evil spirit, and the soul would be corroded and devoured in the end!”

“Looks like Chen Xi is in danger this time, even if he’s able to kill all of the Li Clan members, I’m afraid it would be difficult for him to walk out from the formation!”

The expressions of the spectators were exceedingly serious. They weren’t worried for Chen Xi, but had instead suddenly noticed that the strength the Li Clan possessed had already greatly exceeded their estimations.


“Chen Xi, you can’t escape. In the Clan Guarding Grand Formation of my Li Clan, it would even be difficult for a Nether Transformation Stage cultivator to escape. Just obediently accept death!” Li Fengtu sneered as he spoke, at the same time, he sped up their attacks, and the six flying swords seemed like a squall that tightly bit onto Chen Xi without letting go.

Chen Xi’s figure was like smoke and like wind, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping. However, he didn’t continue locking himself in battle with the six Li Clan elders that had formed the Minor Six-Direction Formation, and instead dashed between the artificial mountains and rivers, flying atop the pavilions and buildings, flying all around the 600km area of the Li Clan Estate.

Li Fengtu and the others sneered ceaselessly when they saw Chen Xi fleeing like a confused fly, and their attacks became even swifter and fiercer. The six flying swords shot out explosively to form a rain of swords that covered the sky, and they repeatedly blasted towards Chen Xi.

Under this insane blasting that swept away all obstacles, the Li Clan’s pill refinement room, martial training room, treasure pavilion, rear courtyard… All of them transformed into a pile of ruins.

“Shit! This little bastard is doing this intentionally. He wants to use our own hands to destroy my Li Clan’s foundation that was built throughout the ages!” One of the elders came to realize the truth, as he suddenly became gloomy and roared ceaselessly.

“Dammit! We’ve been tricked!”

“But, if we don’t do this, when will we be able to kill this little bastard?”

Li Fengtu’s expression was completely livid and his heart was bleeding endlessly. Medicinal pills that were piled into a mountain were stored within the pill refinement room, the book reserve hall contained 10,000 ancient books and records, the treasure pavilion contained spirit materials that had been accumulated for a thousand years… They were all destroyed!


Another rumble sounded out and a pitch-black and ancient building that was made of stone collapsed with a bang.

“The Ancestral House!” Li Fengtu exclaimed in shock, the veins in his forehead instantly bulged explosively, his face was warped and ferocious, and his chest rose and fell rapidly like a bellows.

The Ancestral House that had been built the day the Li Clan was established had now been destroyed by his own hands, and this type of feeling simply felt worse than death.

“Kill! Kill this little bastard! Cut him into pieces! Burn his bones and scatter his ashes! Pull out his tendons and tear off his skin!” Li Fengtu was completely infuriated, and he gnashed his teeth as he roared fiercely.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The flying swords dispersed out and sword qi raged, and the entire heavens and earth were filled with killing intent and sword lights that were like streams. Everywhere they passed, plants transformed into powder, artificial mountains shattered and collapsed, and even the ground was cut open to form enormous ravines that were terrifying, causing dust and dirt to fly into the air.

“Kill! Although he’s swift at fleeing, a little fellow at the Violet Palace Realm like him is unable to escape the Jadeflame Nine-Dragons Formation, we’ll exhaust him to death if we have to!” Li Fengtu roared once again.


“Kill this little bastard!”

“I want to fucking dig out his heart and rip out his lungs, then tear his limbs into pieces!”

The Six Li Clan elders were completely furious, the six flying swords howled in midair as they bombarded Chen Xi’s fleeing figure, and the bombardment didn’t stop for a moment.

Furious now?

Chen Xi glanced at the sky as a strand of cold killing intent slipped past his eyes.


A mountain that was coiled in violet gas abruptly flew out from Chen Xi’s hand, revolving as it swiftly emitted a wisp of a billowing violet gas that covered an area of 300m of the heaven and earth.

The Copper Colossal Mountain, a semi-finished Magic Treasure, and a marvelous existence with a might comparable to an earth-rank Magic Treasure!

The billowing violet gas was the Violetmist Baleful Qi that was able to condense a gravitational field that covered an area of 300m. When one was within the area of the gravitational field, it would feel as if a large mountain was pressed onto one’s shoulder, and one’s pressure would increase explosively.

“What’s this!?”


“What’s going on?”

The six Li Clan Elders were caught off guard. They were all covered within the area of the Violetmist Baleful Qi, causing their figures that were flashing out explosively to become sluggish and tumble down.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

It was at this moment that the eight Netherezim Flying Swords flew over swiftly, the cold and sharp blades of the swords cooperated with each other to form the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation before enveloping three Li Clan elders, and the blades of the swords crisscrossed as they assaulted the three elders, instantly transforming them into three headless corpses.

“Third Brother! Fourth Brother! Sixth Brother!” Li Fengtu’s eyes were almost splitting as he exclaimed in sorrow.

Furthermore, seizing this gap in their defense, the eight Netherezim Flying Swords didn’t slow down at all to once again reap another two heads. They were about to annihilate Li Fengtu, yet was noticed by him, and he dodged them successively.

It had only been the time for an eye to blink from the moment he utilized the Copper Colossal Mountain to annihilating five Li Clan elders, and only Li Fengtu remained by himself on the battlefield. Whereas on the ground, there were instead five headless corpses.

Chen Xi grasped the timing of this move to the point it was exceedingly excellent. He’s seized the opportunity of them becoming infuriated, then caused them to be caught off guard by the Copper Colossal Mountain, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords that had been accumulating force since long ago shot out violently at the same time. All this was connected one after the other and practically happened at the same time, and it was indeed ruthless and resolute. If others were to see this scene, they would probably be terrified by Chen Xi’s extremely meticulous and resolute combat tactics.

“I want you dead! I want you dead!” Li Fengtu roared madly, he seemed like an infuriated wild beast as a pearl abruptly appeared in his hand. The pearl was coiled with dark lights and possessed evil qi that shot into the sky, at the instant it appeared, the entire heaven and earth seemed to be covered in a layer of pitch-black sanguinary aura.

“Darklight Balefulblood Pearl!” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he’d once heard his grandfather mention that the Li Clan had a pearl that possessed the might to obliterate the heaven and the earth, and it was refined from gathering 36 types of extreme Yin baleful blood. A single pearl was sufficient to be comparable to the full force attack of a Golden Core Realm cultivation, and it was extremely terrifying.

“Die! You can’t escape while within the Jadeflame Nine-Dragon Formation, and this Darklight Balefulblood Pearl is sufficient to annihilate you a thousand times! My Li Clan is gone, so you have to be buried with it as well! HAHAHA!” Li Fengtu was almost completely mad at this moment, his eyes were filled with ruthless insanity and he raised his hand intending to toss the pearl out. However, right at this instant, he felt his sea of consciousness drone. His soul felt as if it was fiercely smashed by a 150,000kg sledgehammer, and it ached to the point his mind went blank from a short moment.


A sword light flashed by, directly piercing through, then the sword light sliced downwards to completely slice off his right hand that tightly clenched the Darklight Balefulblood Pearl, and it was instantly caught by Chen Xi who flashed over explosively.

“Uh! Uh!” Li Fengtu held onto his throat, his eyes glaring full of rage at Chen Xi who was beside him, then spoke disjointedly. “You… You’re unable… To escape.” As soon as he finished speaking, his head tilted and his entire body fell down from midair to smash onto the ground, and blood flowed from his smashed body.

Chen Xi descended to the ground, and as he gazed at the Li Clan Estate that was luxurious and elegant before, yet had now transformed into a devastated ruin that was almost 600km in size. Although his mind and body were utterly exhausted, his spirit seemed to have broken through a heavy shackle and obtained release.


Chen Xi knelt on the ground within the pool of blood that was gathered from the Li Clan’s clansmen that had died miserably, and he muttered. “Grandfather, can you see? The entire Li Clan is dead, your grandson has finally taken revenge for the great enmity. Don’t worry, I’ll drag out the culprit that annihilated my Chen Clan, and use their blood to mourn the dead souls of my Chen Clan…”

After a long time, Chen Xi stood up from the ground, then gazed at the screen of light that covered the sky above him and confined everything. That was the Jadeflame Nine-Dragons Formation, the jade flames that ceaselessly swam about was extracted from the corpses that died with resentment, and was evil and malicious. It was sufficient to withstand the full force attacks of a Nether Transformation Realm expert.

“Is this the will of the heavens…?” Chen Xi lowered his head and a one meter long pitch-black bamboo appeared in his right hand. It faintly emitted a strand of piercingly cold energy of annihilation that was of extreme Yang properties. Shockingly, it was the Seventhgold Swordbamboo.


Chen Xi didn’t stay, his figure flashed out, tearing to the air as numerous balls of extremely dazzling arcs of lightning abruptly exploded out from the entire Seventhgold Swordbamboo.


The shine of lightning flew out along with the stabbing sword that had arcs of lightning revolving on it, and the screen of light was like paper as an enormous hole was easily torn through it.

In the world, lightning was of extremely righteous and Yang property, and it specialized in going against filthy and evil things. The Jadeflame Nine-Dragon Formation was condensed from the evil and malicious Jade Phosphorus Flames, and when it encountered the piercingly cold killing intent of lightning, it had undoubtedly encountered its natural enemy.

A grand formation that was sufficient to withstand the full force attacks of a Nether Transformation Realm expert was destroyed by Chen Xi with a single sword strike, and he’d escaped from Li Clan’s cage that confined everything. If this wasn’t the will of the heavens, then what was it?

These evil jade flames of Yin attribute ought to have been extracted from the bones of the innocent people the Li Clan slaughtered, and they were pained before their death, I presume they’re unreconciled and resentful after their death! Since it’s like this, then I’ll fulfill the wishes of all of you. Go ahead and burn the entire Li Clan Estate! As he muttered, Chen Xi flew about in the air above the screen of light, and the force of lightning that surged out from the Seventhgold Swordbamboo was like the sharpest blade in the world. Within the time of a few breaths, he’d already torn apart the screen of light that covered the entire Li Clan into scattered jade flames.

“Go!” Chen Xi swung his sleeve, and the myriad of jade flame sparks sprinkled down onto every corner of the 600km of the Li Clan Estate.


The light of flames shot into the sky as the entire Li Clan burnt violently, the jade flames billowed as smoke and mist suffused into the air, and it seemed as if it was telling the story of the countless crimes that had once occurred here.

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