Chapter 9 - Skystar Institution

Chapter 9 - Skystar Institution

The eastern area of Pine Mist City had a quiet and well-ordered environment. It occupied a quarter of the city that was also called the Institution District, as innumerable institutions of various sizes stood within the district.

The Skystar Swordsmanship Institution was one of them.

Among the various institutions, the Skystar Swordsmanship Institution was rather famous, as its ranking was second only to the Pine Mist Institution, and Mountain Mist Institution was ranked third.

For parents in Pine Mist City, when they chose an institution for their children, the Pine Mist Institution would naturally be their first chose. However, due to its disciple selection conditions being exceedingly harsh, only a handful of lucky children were able to enter it.

The Mountain Mist Institution only recruited female students with superb natural talent, causing most people to stop in their tracks.

Only the Skystar Institution wasn’t restricted by any conditions. So long as one paid an extremely high price of spirit stones, one could enter the institution to learn. Thus, among the institutions that were ranked in the top 3, the Skystar Institution would undoubtedly be in the lead in terms of the amount of students.

Outside the gates of the Skystar Swordsmanship Institution.

Chen Hao’s expression was livid, and he remained silent with a puckered face.

Opposite of him stood a youth in fine clothes that was around 13 or 14 years old. His face was beaten black and blue, but his triangular eyes revealed a sense of complacency.

“It’s Chen Hao who was in the wrong this time, and we’ve paid all the medicinal costs. I hope Manager Wu can give him a way out and let him off this once.” At the side, Bai Wanqing was negotiating with a gaunt middle aged man and had an apologetic expression.

The gaunt middle aged man leered at Bai Wanqing as he sized her up and only shook his head after a while, “How is that ok? My Young Master is the youngest son the Patriarch dotes on the most, when has he ever suffered such humiliation? We would rather not have the medical costs, just to make that kid pay a heavy price. Humph! Bullying my Li Clan disciple? How could I let him off so easily?”

Bai Wanqing forced a smiled and said, “Then what you mean is?”

Manager Wu rubbed his chin as he said with a grin, “Didn’t I already say it clearly? However, I can let that kid off so long as he admits his fault by kneeling down and kowtowing to my Young Master and hands over 300 spirit stones as compensation. Only then will this matter be forgotten. How about it?”

Bai Wanqing forcefully endured the rage in her heart as she said in a low voice, “Manager Wu, how about this? Let Chen Hao apologize, but can he not kneel?”

Manager Wu laughed out loud before restraining his smile and saying in disdain, “Impossible!”

Bai Wanqing was at a loss on what to do and her expression was anxious, without a trace of her refined and calm disposition anymore.

“Aunt Bai, why are you talking so much nonsense with him? Isn’t it just being expelled? I don’t need to study at this institution anymore!”

Chen Hao had long since been angered to the point that he clenched his teeth and couldn’t stand aside and watch any longer when he noticed Bai Wanqing was having a hard time and on the brink of tears. He stood out and pointed at the youth in fine clothes, then said in a cold voice, “Li Ming, I’ll still bash you when I see you the next time, you spineless thing! Finding help when your skills are inferior to another, to think that you’re a member of the Li Clan. You’re really thrown your old man’s face! Aunt Bai, let’s go.” Chen Hao pulled Bai Wanqing’s hand and turned around to leave as soon as he finished speaking.

Li Ming burst out into a rage as he cried out in a sharp voice, “You dare insult me? You…you…you… Manager Wu, what are you standing around for? Didn’t you see him insult me? Bash that bastard for me!”

Motherfucker, if it wasn’t out of consideration for your father, I really couldn’t care less about you!  

Manager Wu had been roared at until malicious flames leapt up within his heart, and he was extremely furious. His body swayed and he was already blocking Chen Hao and Bai Wanqing as he said in a gloomy voice, “The matter hasn’t been resolved and you two want to leave?”

Chen Hao was still fearless as before and said in disdain, “I fought Li Ming, so the institution expelled me, and I’ve resigned myself to it. So, according to what was provided by the Dean Yu Ze, the score between me and Li Ming is settled once and for all. So, so long as you dare to injure me and Aunt Bai now, you’ll surely regret it.”

Manager Wu smiled gloomily, “You’re just a kid who hasn’t even grown out the hairs on your balls, but you’re spouting such lofty sentiments. The score was settled once and for all? Is that possible? Now I want to know, how will you make me regret it?” As he spoke, he spread out his hand and the imposing manner of his entire body abruptly changed to an appearance that seemed like he would attack if he didn’t agree with a single word Chen Hao said next.

“Manager Wu, bash him! This kid only knows to be stubborn!” Li Ming yelled out, and his triangular eyes were filled with hatred and excitement.

Chen Hao’s expression was extremely calm as before and he said coldly, “It’s extremely simple. I’ll tell the Skystar Institution that your Li Clan utterly pays no regard to the decision of the Dean Yu Ze. I’ll also head to the General’s Estate and let the Grand General know that your Li Clan challenged the authority of the General’s Estate by starting trouble and initiating a fight within Pine Mist City! Unless you kill me right now, but do you dare?”

Manager Wu’s expression froze and his complexion was unsettled. What Chen Hao said had indeed stabbed his weak spot, and the only reason he hesitated so long and hadn’t attacked was precisely out of consideration for this.

The General’s Estate ruled over the entire Pine Mist City and represented the will of the Darchu Dynasty. It had already ordered the prohibition of cultivators battling within the city.  Once a violation was discovered, the violator’s cultivation would be crippled before being banished to the mining district to be enslaved. Not to mention a tiny little manager, even the Li Clan patriarch wouldn’t dare take a step beyond the prohibition.

Although the Skystar Institutions strength wasn’t comparable to the Li Clan, Dean Yu Ze was a 6th star Violet Palace Realm expert whose battle strength was ranked 3rd within Pine Mist City.

What should I do?

Manage Wu’s struggled incomparably within his heart.

Bai Wanqing was extremely amazed as she looked at Chen Hao’s calm and immature small face, truly unable to imagine how he was actually able to deliver his sonorous and forceful speech with such a clear arrangement.

“Manager Wu, he’s from an impoverished family that lives in the commoner district and his brother is a famous jinx. Even if we bash him, out of consideration for our Li Clan, the General’s Estate and the Skystar Institution would surely choose to stand by idly. What are you hesitating for?”

Li Ming couldn’t help himself from crying out anxiously when he saw Manager Wu hesitating and indeterminate, “Even if something were to happen; don’t you still have me?”

Right, this little ancestor is there to help me take the heat, why would I still be afraid of the Patriarch disregarding me?

Manager Wu finally made a decision, and coldly said, “Don’t worry Young Master, if I don’t break the legs of that kid, I’ll be ashamed towards the care and upbringing the Patriarch provided me!”

Manager Wu brazenly attacked right after he finished speaking. True Essence flowed out from his hand to form a pair of sharp talons that fiercely clawed at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had long since noticed it wasn’t going well. When Manager Wu had just finished speaking, he pushed Bai Wanqing away and dodged swiftly at the same time, barely avoiding the sharp talons that came at him.

A strong gust of wind swept at his face, scraping it Chen Hao’s face to the point of pain, and he couldn’t help but be astonished in his heart. Could this old dog be a Violet Palace Realm cultivator?

“Humph! Let me see how long you can dodge!” Seeing Chen Hao dodging his claw attack caused Manager Wu to be slightly started, following which he snorted coldly and the True Essence within his entire body surged. A pitch-black sheen appeared on his pair of palms that were skinny like bamboo, and a shocking aura swept out.


Manager Wu’s figure swayed to appear before Chen Hao like a ghost, his palms like butterflies flitting through the flowers as they transformed into palm images that covered the sky, instantly sealing all Chen Hao’s paths of escape.

Chen Hao was forced into a corner, and instead took a step forward, entirely disregarding the palm images that covered the sky. His right fist was wrapped up in the True Essence that madly poured out from his body and fiercely smashed his fist towards Manager Wu, with an appearance that showed he would put his life on the line to injure Manager Wu.

This was also an action Chen Hao had no choice but to take, as even though he’d broken through to the Congenital Realm, but is foundation was still shallow and was far from being Manager Wu’s match. Only by putting his life on the line would he perhaps be able to retrieve a trace of a chance at survival.

As expected, Manager Wu was completely unwilling to suffer an injury alongside Chen Hao and quickly retreated two steps. He then changed his palm into a fist, and fiercely knocked it into Chen Hao’s approaching fist.


The colliding fists emitted a bang that was oppressive like thunder, and the dissipating True Essence blew out currents of air that wrecked the surroundings, causing dust and dirt to swirl in the air.

Chen Hao stomped hard on the ground as he continuously retreated 10 steps before spitting out a large mouthful of blood. His small face instantly became white as a sheet as he’d  suffered internal injuries.

“Little Hao!” Bai Wanqing couldn’t help but exclaim lightly. She wasn’t skilled in battle and was utterly unable to help. For a moment her heart was torn with anxiety and she was at a loss of what to do.

After forcefully colliding fists with Chen Hao, Manager Wu didn’t move an inch and was wasn’t injured in the slightest. He gazed at Chen Hao in disdain as he coldly said, “Only at the 1st level of the Congenital Realm and you dare fight me? Let me cripple your legs obediently!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his body swayed before once again appearing beside Chen Hao. His right leg flew out like a ridged rod[1. 钢鞭, it’s an ancient weapon that’s like a rod with a sword handle and ridges. Use the raw text to google search if you’re curious. ] that brought with it a swift and fierce gust of wind that fiercely swept towards Chen Hao’s legs!


Right at the moment when Manager Wu’s right legs was about to hit Chen Hao, a terrifying sense of danger abruptly arose within his heart. He fiercely stomped the tips of his toes onto the ground without the slightest bit of hesitation and his body swiftly retreated backwards.


At the exact instant that Manager Wu retreated, an icicle that was sharp as a sword appeared out of thin air to barely scrape past Manager Wu’s scalp as it pierced downwards, going straight through the limestone floor, leaving behind a hole the size of a bowl.

Manager Wu touched his scalp that faintly ached and couldn’t help but gasp. Were it not for him dodging swiftly, wouldn’t this icicle have taken his life?

It wasn’t only Manager Wu, the other people present were stunned by the sudden scene as well, and entirely didn’t notice the trace of a black shadow silently appearing at the side of the battlefield.

“Let’s go!” An extremely familiar voice abruptly sounded beside Chen Hao’s ears, and before he could even react to the voice he was already carried in the arms of another, swiftly flashing out into the distance.

“Brother!” Chen Hao was extremely happy, following which he realized something and cried out, “Wait! Aunt Bai is still there!”

“I… I’m here.” A gentle voice that was pleasing to the ear sounded. Chen Hao looked up to notice Bai Wanqing lay prone on his older brother’s back, and her refined face revealed a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Trash! They were actually saved by someone from under your eyes! Manager Wu, what’s the use of my father sending you?”

When Li Ming reacted, Chen Hao and Bai Wanqing’s figures had vanished long ago. He was angered to the point he vented a belly full of rage at Manager Wu, unceasingly roaring in rage.

Manager Wu turned a deaf ear to Li Ming as he silently squatted down to look at the hole in the floor that the icicle pierced through and muttered, “It’s actually a first-grade Icicle Talisman. This person’s strength definitely doesn’t exceed the Congenital Realm. But this person is really adept at seizing an opportunity. Not only was the timing of his attack precise and ruthless, moreover he was able take advantage of the moment we were panic-stricken to carry them out and flee. This level of calculation and judgement can be considered top-notch. This fellow couldn’t be that jinx, right?”

Li Ming got even more furious when he noticed Manager Wu paying absolutely no attention to him and fiercely said, “Okay! You, Manager Wu are really capable! I’ll go tell my father right now that not only did you release the enemy without permission, but you even intentionally embarrassed me. If I don’t drive you out of the Li Clan, then this Young Master will change his surname to Wu!”

Manager Wu stood up unhurriedly and said with an expressionless face, “Young Master, if you really do that, then I’ll have no choice but to clearly give an account of all the evil deeds you’ve committed all these years.”

Li Ming was stunned and had an unsettled expression. “Manager Wu, you…you… What nonsense are you speaking!?” His imposing manner weakened.

Manger Wu patted his hands before saying indifferently, “Young Master, let’s go. Be sure to not act impulsively in the future, or else it’ll be difficult to say if some unpleasant remarks would enter the Patriarch’s ears. As for that Chen Hao, we’ll slowly deal with him in the future. What do you think?”

Li Ming nodded in a daze, seeming to be preoccupied.

Manager Wu laughed disdainfully in his heart. “If you had a thousandth of the strength of your older brother, you probably wouldn’t have been bullied to such an extent.”

A cold and arrogant figure involuntarily appeared within Manager Wu’s mind when he recalled Li Ming’s older brother. A cold feeling arose within his heart without reason, causing him to abruptly shudder as a cold shiver ran down his spine.

“The Eldest Young Master dotes extremely upon this younger brother of his. Once he emerges from seclusion and finds out about this matter, that kid from the Chen family will probably suffer a disaster…”   

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