Chapter 60 - 10,000 Year Wait

Chapter 60 - 10,000 Year Wait


Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief when he confirmed that he’d broken away from the range everyone’s Perception Force could lock onto him, and only now did he realize that the clothes on his body had already become completely drenched with cold sweat.

Chen Xi could be said to have been caught in a hopeless situation when he was surrounded by Chai Letian and Su Jiao’s group earlier, and it was pure luck that he was able to get away safely.

There were roughly two reasons for this.

The first — After experiencing the tragic chaotic battle within the Book Reserve Hall, Chai Letian and Su Jiao’s groups were already in a state of exhaustion, whereas the fact that Chen Xi was able to easily kill Li Huai who was at the Violet Palace Realm had undoubtedly caused them to be extremely fearful.

The second — Chai Letian’s group and Su Jiao’s groups were both suspicious and fearful of each other, and they were worried that the other group would reap the final reward once they made a move against Chen Xi.

Of course, there were also various other factors, but comparatively speaking, if it wasn’t for Chen Xi acutely perceiving the two points above and taking action on them, it would be absolutely impossible for him to leave so easily.

Even to the extent that once a minute mistake was to appear in this process, it was possible to cause Chen Xi to fall into eternal doom.

Chen Xi didn’t ponder over it anymore, nor did he hesitate in the slightest as he started to dash off violently.

Along with the passage of time, the strength of Chai Letian and Su Jiao’s groups would surely recover gradually. If he was unable to find a safe place to conceal himself during this period of time, then everything would go back to square one.

The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain was isolated from the rest of the world and they had to wait for it to open three years from now before they would be able to leave.

It could be said that if Chen Xi wanted to avoid the pursuit of Chai Letian and the others for these three years, then he must find a concealed location that no one was able to discover.

However, Chen Xi felt helpless, as not only was he unable to find a place to conceal himself, he even had no way to leave this sword immortal’s abode.

When we entered the sword immortal’s abode, we relied on the Nether Enlightenment Tokens to use the Tri-Factor Teleportation Platform and be teleported in. But what about leaving?

There was no path from the sword immortal’s abode that led to the outside world!

Chen Xi had already looked through the map of the entire sword immortal’s abode in the main hall’s core area earlier, and he was extremely sure of this.

If the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain was said to be a small space that was isolated from the rest of the world, then the sword immortal’s abode was an even smaller space that was established within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. Besides the Tri-Factor Teleportation Formation used to enter here, there wasn’t a single other path of access.

Troubles truly do not come singly!

Chen Xi pondered and pondered, and his footsteps had unconsciously dashed towards the main hall.

When he was teleported in, he’d appeared within the main hall, and he subconsciously took this place to be his lair.

Not long after, Chen Xi once again returned to the main hall.

As he gazed at the jade bed and the work table within the simple room, Chen Xi felt much more at ease, and then he sat cross-legged on the bed and started to rest with closed eyes.

Not even half a day had passed since entering the sword immortal’s abode, but to Chen Xi, every moment was extremely breathtaking.

Seeking treasures, stirring up a chaotic battle, killing Li Huai, collecting the Goldsoul Divine Lotus, getting away from the tight encirclement… Incident after incident, each more dangerous than before. It was like dancing on the edge of a blade and one wrong move would cause the whole game to be lost. Although Chen Xi’s physique had already been tempered to be extremely formidable, he still felt the exertion too great to endure.


The strands of cool and refreshing cold qi that was emitted from the jade bed caused Chen Xi’s mind to become tranquil and devoid of any distracting thoughts.

Within his sea of consciousness, the Fuxi Divine Statue that emitted an ancient and vast aura was still glowing with a myriad of misty fine lights, and Chen Xi’s soul sat cross-legged before the divine status with a serene expression.

His strained nerves calmed down and his mind and physical strength recovered bit by bit. He completely didn’t notice that a black figure that was like mist had suddenly appeared within the jade bed under his butt.


Chen Xi’s body froze and he felt as if there was something else within his body, and it was surging towards his sea of consciousness at an extremely swift pace.

What’s going on?

Chen Xi quickly opened his eyes, however, before he could wrap his head around the matter, he felt a loud ‘Om’ echo out in his mind, then a sharp and hoarse voice resounded out with a rumble.

“Huehuehue… I’ve waited for 10,000 years, and I, Nether Enlightenment, have finally awaited for a superb body! The heavens didn’t disappoint me after all!”

Along with the voice, a black figure swiftly appeared within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness. The black figure’s face was gaunt and pale with sunken eye sockets, yet his eyes were long and thin like the edge of a sword, and they were extremely bright.

“Hahaha! So long as I possess this body, I’ll be able to cultivate once again. With the infant Pixiu and Goldsoul Divine Lotus in my possession, why should I worry about being unable to overcome the damned ninth level of the heavenly tribulation?”

Within his sea of consciousness, Chen Xi swiftly stood up and gazed at the black clothed person that seemed as if he’d appeared out of thin air, then shouted loudly, “Nether Enlightenment?”

“Exactly! Kid, I presume you coveted the treasures stored within my abode, so you relied on the Nether Enlightenment Token to enter, right? Hahaha! Too bad! Your soul is about to be devoured by me, and your body will become mine!”

As expected, the figure that was like black mist was shockingly the soul of the immortal, Nether Enlightenment.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unfazed as he asked coldly, “All this was a trap you’d devised beforehand?”

“Of course! Did you think I left this immortal estate behind and sent my Nether Enlightenment Tokens into the outside world for the sake of allowing all of you to divide up my treasures?”

Nether Enlightenment gazed at Chen Xi with a gaze of pity, and a wisp of burning greed surged out from his eyes that were long and thin like a blade. “Kid, obediently allow me to devour your soul. Your body being able to be used by me is an extremely great fortune you can’t obtain in your entire lifetime.”

“Hmph! Even if you devour my soul, your cultivation would only be at the Congenital Realm. How would you be able to leave this place? Numerous enemies that wish for nothing more than to kill me are concealed outside.” Chen Xi said loudly.

“Kid, put away your little tricks. Don’t you just want to know how to leave this immortal estate?”

Nether Enlightenment glanced at Chen Xi in disdain, then he sneered. “I can tell you since you’re about to die, but…”

As he spoke up to here, killing intent flashed within Nether Enlightenment’s eyes, then he abruptly flashed out explosively, transforming into a ball of billowing black mist as he enveloped towards Chen Xi.

“But, I’ll only tell you after I devour your soul! Hahaha!” As he gazed at Chen Xi who was obviously frightened by him to the point he dared not move, Nether Enlightenments complacent roars of laughter echoed out from within the billowing black mist.

“Since you’re unwilling to tell me, then die!” When the black mist Nether Enlightenment had transformed to was about to envelop Chen Xi, Chen Xi who stared blankly on the spot without moving suddenly shot out a strand of a cold light that was dazzling and bright from his eyes.


A cold sound of chanting that seemed to have come from ancient times resounded within his sea of consciousness, then an enormous figure of a thin old man appeared out of thin air within his sea of consciousness. The old man was barefooted and wore linen clothes, with and sat cross-legged in the air just like that, seeming like a towering mountain that couldn’t be worn away even after experiencing countless years of time. His gaze was deep and vast, and myriads of divine lights enveloped his body. At the instant he appeared, he’d lit up Chen Xi’s entire sea of consciousness.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The black mist that the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, transformed to melted like ice in water at the instant it was enveloped by the myriad of fine lights from the Fuxi Divine Statue, and he slowly withered away bit by bit at a speed that was noticeable by the eye.

“Ah! How could this be possible! It’s actually a True Body Brand left behind by an almighty figure from the primordial era.” Nether Enlightenments voice revealed boundless terror as he screamed miserably. “No!!”

In practically an instant, the black mist was burnt into nothingness within the myriad of fine lights, and the voice of Nether Enlightenment before his death still lingered within Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.

Chen Xi started gasping for breath after he was sure that the immortal, Nether Enlightenment, was completely dead.

Even though what he face earlier was merely a strand of Nether Enlightenment’s soul, Chen Xi still felt boundless pressure. That was the gap in Realms, and it caused him to be nearly unable to arouse the desire to resist.

“Fortunately, I possess the True Body Brand left behind by Senior Fuxi. I obviously made the right gamble this time. If it wasn’t for this, I’m afraid it would be absolutely difficult for me to escape this disaster.”

Chen Xi had a lingering fear in his heart as he thought about everything that had happened earlier, and boundless gratitude arose in his heart as he gazed upon the ancient divine status in his sea of consciousness that remained the same eternally.


It was at this moment that an enormous bang that was like muffled thunder from the highest reaches of the heavens echoed out, and the entire main hall shook violently as if there was an earthquake.

Could it be that this main hall is about to collapse like the Hundred Herb Hall?

Chen Xi hurriedly stood up and swiftly dashed out, however, to his astonishment, regardless of where he went, the violent shaking like an earthquake remained.

Treasure Hall, Book Reserve Hall… All the buildings within the sword immortal’s abode were like volcanos that were in deep sleep for a thousand years, and at this moment, they’d awoken and erupted!

“What’s going on?”

“Flee quickly! This sword immortal’s abode is about to be destroyed!”

“Let’s go!”

At this moment, no matter was it Chai Letian’s group or Su Jiao’s group, their faces all went pale. They didn’t dare hesitate any longer, swiftly flying back and forth between the numerous buildings that were crashing down with a bang as they desperately fled for their lives in panic.

Outside the sword immortal’s abode, the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain’s Dusty Nightmare Area, Sanguinary Mountain, Crimsonflame Mountain Range… They were as if being slapped wantonly by the hands of gods, and numerous enormous rifts that were frightening had split open on the ground and spread throughout the entire Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.

The baleful beasts were fleeing, they who didn’t possess a shred of intelligence were under the influence of their instinct to live, and they fled disorderly in terror and panic. However, no matter where they ran, in the end, they would be devoured by the enormous rifts in the ground.

Kacha! Kacha!

The surrounding space seemed to be unable to endure this sort of pressure and shattered into numerous pitch-black rifts. At the instant the bits and pieces of rocks and stone dropped into the pitch-black rifts, they silently vanished.

At this moment, it was as if doomsday had arrived in the entire Southern Barbaric Nether Domain. The ground quaked and space shattered as if everything would be completely destroyed in the next moment!

“Eh!” Deep within the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, a violet robed handsome young man stood atop a cliff and he raised his eyes to gaze at the space where the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain resided.

He had a tall figure and an unusually handsome face. His gaze was deep like a lake and two balls of violet lightning seemed to be revolving within his pupils. The afterglow of the setting sun that was like blood shone on his face and added on a strange and mysterious aura to him.

“Interesting, the wasteland within the spatial tear is about to be destroyed?”

The gaze of the violet robed handsome young man seemed to be able to pass through all the barriers in space and allow him to see some scenes that ordinary people were unable to see.

“Oh, there are actually people who haven’t come out? Hmm, I’ve killed too much these few days, even though they’re only some animals, but the old man will surely scold me to death if he finds out. Alright, I’ll just take it as doing some good deeds to accumulate some virtue…”

The violet robed young man stroked his chin and pondered for a short moment, then he stretched out his hand to grab towards the space that the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain resided in.

 — End of Book One —


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