Chapter 59 - Taking Every Possibility Into Account

Chapter 59 - Taking Every Possibility Into Account

Chen Xi and Duanmu Ze didn’t hide anything as they spoke and used an almost straightforward way to vent the dissatisfaction within their hearts. Thus, this attitude of facing each other straightforwardly seemed rare and precious.

But, when their conversation entered the ears of the others, it was instead as if they’d heard an extremely great joke.

On one side was a disciple from an impoverished family who’d been poverty-stricken and in very poor circumstances since a young age, and was even the jinx of Pine Mist City that was well known in every household. On the other side was the favored genius from one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City who possessed a lofty and respected status.

Regardless of status or identity, and even cultivation, there was an insurmountable gap between these two people. How could they become friends?

In the cultivation world where status was ranked by endowment, if this wasn’t a joke, then what was?

In the eyes of Chai Letian and the others, the current Chen Xi was undoubtedly talking nonsense like a pitiable idiot.

“He’s truly like an idiot. Fortunately, my father tore apart our marriage contract that year…” It was at this moment that Su Jiao’s voice slowly sounded out from the other side.

Chen Xi’s mood was agitated and he actually only noticed at this moment that Su Jiao’s group stood 300m in the distance on the other side.

Similar to Chai Letian’s group, Su Jiao’s group all had clothes tainted with blood and exhausted expressions. Moreover, only 9 people remained within their group that originally consisted of 13 people. Their losses were actually more disastrous than Chai Letian’s group.

Chen Xi felt a chilly sensation in his heart, and the flames of rage in his chest instantly subsided. His gaze scanned the surroundings but he didn’t notice any traces of the people from Phoenixcloud Sect.

Could it be… they all died in the chaotic battle?

Chen Xi was slightly unable to believe it, but when he pondered about it for a moment, this was also the inference that was the closest to the truth.

After all, the Phoenixcloud Sect’s group was formed from disciples of small powers in the southern territory. Although they had Violet Palace Realm cultivations, they were obviously unable to compare to Su Jiao and Chai Letian’s groups that were from the ancient and great powers of Dragon Lake City.

“Miss Su, the culprit that caused our groups to suffer disastrous losses is standing before us. Are you going to do it, or should I?”

Chai Letian said in an unhurried manner, “The chaotic battle in the Book Reserve Hall was caused by this kid. Now the complete collapse of the Hundred Herb Hall seems to be caused by this kid as well. Not only might there be numerous jade slips stored in his possession, moreover, there would also be the treasures of nature he’d obtained from the Hundred Herb Hall. If you don’t make a move, then I’ll strike first and reap the benefits from him.”

“Hmph! As if you’d be so kind?” Su Jiao grunted coldly, yet she thought in her heart. The treasures within the Treasure Hall wouldn’t have been cleaned out by this fellow as well, right? If it’s like this, then I really can’t allow Chai Letian to seize the initiative.

Chai Letian roared with laughter. “Haha! A straightforward person doesn’t resort to beating around the bush, I have conditions of course.”

“I’m all ears.” Su Jiao frowned.

Chai Letian said without hesitation, “My conditions are the things in this kid’s possession, we’ll split it fifty-fifty.”

It could be said that this condition couldn’t be better. After they’d experienced the chaotic battle from before, they had an even deeper understanding of each other’s strengths after all. If they were to get into battle because of the things in Chen Xi’s possession, then the price they paid would be too high, and it was extremely not worthwhile.

Whereas at this moment, Chai Letian had obviously understood this, so he put forward this suggestion.

However, Su Jiao still felt slightly uneasy. According to her knowledge, Chai Letian’s possessive desires were extremely strong and wasn’t someone so easy to deal with. It was rather unbelievable that he was able to put forward such a suggestion.

“Alright, I agree.” After thinking it over, again and again, Su Jiao still decided to give it a try.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi who was watching on coldly all long spoke out abruptly. “If I’m not wrong, then after the chaotic battle earlier, all of you are surely injured as well. Even if all of you aren’t injured, your physical strength and True Essence would surely have been almost completely exhausted.”

Minute changes appeared on the expressions of everyone behind Chai Letian and Su Jiao when they heard this.

Chen Xi noticed this and was even surer of the deduction in his heart, and he spoke once again. “I killed Li Huai in the Hundred Herb Hall earlier. If all of you think that you’re able to defeat me in your current conditions, then feel free to come at me!”

Killed Li Huai?

Su Jiao’s expression suddenly sank. When they entered the Book Reserve Hall, Li Huai had silently left according to her wishes and headed to the Hundred Herb Hall. So he wasn’t swept into the chaotic battle earlier, and his strength was in peak condition and would only surpass her current condition.

If it was really like Chen Xi had said, and Li Huai had died miserably at his hands. Then wouldn’t it mean that it would be impossible for everyone present to be a match for Chen Xi?


Chen Xi casually tossed Li Huai’s Pine Ripple Sword on the floor, yet didn’t explain any further. Because the truth was always more convincing than words.

As expected, when she saw the Pine Ripple Sword on the floor, Su Jiao was unable to maintain her composure any longer and cried out involuntarily. “How can this be possible? After entering the sword immortal’s abode, Li Huai’s strength wasn’t restricted any longer. With his Violet Palace Realm cultivation, how could he have been killed by Chen Xi?”

It’s actually true!

In the distance, Chai Letian’s pupils constricted and various thoughts arose within his heart.

With my current strength, I’m completely capable of taking Chen Xi down if I go all out, but doing this is too dangerous. Not to mention Su Jiao’s group are still glaring covetously from nearby. What should I do if they seize the opportunity to attack my mercilessly while I’m fighting Chen Xi?

Grouping up and attacking him is impossible as well. If we force Chen Xi into a corner, he would surely cause a certain amount of injury to my group while struggling desperately. Whereas Su Jiao’s group were completely capable of waiting to reap the benefits.

Most worrying of all, Du Qingxi’s group of three obviously have an extraordinary relationship with Chen Xi. If they were to jump out and fight together with Chen Xi now, wouldn’t I only be left with three people? Then we would become the weakest group and in a precarious situation…

Numerous thoughts flashed past Chai Letian’s mind, and Chai Letian’s expression had already become incomparably gloomy. Up to this point, Chai Letian had to admit that Chen Xi was an extremely formidable opponent. The resoluteness and viciousness of Chen Xi’s mind, Chen Xi’s grasp of the situation that was meticulous in every possible way, and Chen Xi’s careful scheming that took every conceivable possibility into account, caused Chai Letian to be extremely fearful of Chen Xi.

If this kid wasn’t taken care off as soon as possible, then he will surely become a great calamity in the future!

Without any reason or rhyme, an extremely preposterous thought arose within Chai Letian’s heart.

This won’t do!

I can’t act rashly at this moment, otherwise, I’ll surely fall into a situation that is unfavorable to me.

Chai Letian had to helplessly accept reality. Because, besides looking on and doing nothing, he’d already lost all ability to deal with Chen Xi!

Su Jiao’s feelings were almost similar to Chai Letian, and the reason she was afraid was no different from Chai Letian. Even to the extent that she understood Chen Xi’s strength even better than Chai Letian.

She'd once seen the battle between Chen Xi and Li Huai outside Bloodbath City with her own two eyes. Despite Chen Xi only possessing a cultivation at the Congenital Realm, his cultivation in the Martial Dao wasn’t inferior to a Violet Palace Realm cultivation, and even surpassed a Violet Palace Realm cultivator. After all, within their current group of people, only Cang Bin was able to cultivate a martial technique to the extent of the unity-stage, and even she was unable to accomplish this.

Whereas not only did Chen Xi’s fist technique attain the unity-stage, even his sword technique faintly possessed traces of breaking through to the unity-stage. A freak like this couldn’t be measured with common sense, and Chen Xi killing Li Huai was sufficient to explain everything.

Du Qingxi’s group of three were naturally able to notice the subtle changes that were occurring in the atmosphere, and enormous changes occurred in the gazes they shot at Chen Xi.

Astonishment, shock, bewilderment… They seemed as if it was the first time they’d known Chen Xi.

Because, it was impossible for them to imagine even if they wracked their brains, just relying on a string of words and a sword, Chen Xi was able to turn the entire situation around. This level of ability had already exceeded their imagination, and only producing clouds with a turn of the hand and producing rain with another could describe this.

Within this silent atmosphere, Chen Xi lifted his feet and walked towards the distance. His expression was as normal, without the slightest awareness of being under tight encirclement, and he walked in an extremely firm and balanced manner.

“Brother Chai, why don’t we first kill this fellow together?”

Su Jiao’s voice was as if forced out from the cracks in her teeth, and the gaze she looked at Chen Xi almost spouted fire. Too arrogant, could it be that this fellow thinks I can’t do anything to him?

When he heard her, Chai Letian looked at Du Qingxi’s group of three and didn’t say anymore. But the meaning in his gaze couldn’t be any clearer.

Su Jiao was stunned, then came to an understanding. At this moment, if those three people were to jump out and help Chen Xi, it would truly be a cause for a headache.

What should I do?

Could it be that I have to look on helplessly as this fellow swaggers off?

Su Jiao’s conflicted mood had already reached an extreme state.

In the Book Reserve Hall, the chaotic battle of three groups was caused because of a single sentence from Chen Xi. At this moment, it was again what he said and the sword he tossed on the floor that caused the two groups of people that wished for nothing more than to kill him and rob him, dare not act rashly…

Exactly what sort of freak is this fellow!?

A trace of complicated feelings that were beyond expression couldn’t help but arise within the hearts of everyone.


Authors Note: This chapter was really mind wracking, and I’m not going to play with things like scheming and strategy in the future. A pure and nice person like me is really unable to mess around with things like that…


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