Chapter 58 - Goldsoul Lotus Fruit

Chapter 58 - Goldsoul Lotus Fruit

Hundred Herb Hall

“It isn’t time yet, wait a while. It ought to take another incense stick’s worth of time more before this Goldsoul Lotus Fruit will mature and drop. You have to use your True Essence and absorb it into your Dantian before it touches the ground.”

After annihilating Li Huai, Ji Yu had appeared once again and he pointed at the Goldsoul Divine Lotus as he spoke confidently. “You’ll be able to use this Goldsoul Lotus Fruit once you’ve cultivated your soul to the stage of Divine Sense.

Divine Sense?

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, not mentioning those heaven defying geniuses, ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivators possessed Perception Force, Golden Hall Realm cultivators possessed Spiritual Perception, Golden Core Realm cultivators possessed Divine Perception, and only Rebirth Realm cultivators possessed Divine Sense.

Because of possessing the Fuxi Divine Status within his sea of consciousness, Chen Xi was naturally not within the ordinary ranks. Although he was only at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm, his soul had already condensed Perception Force, and it was completely capable of matching ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivators!

Chen Xi said curiously, “What miraculous effect does the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit actually possess? Could it be that it’s a treasure that benefits the strength of the soul?”

Ji Yu instead avoided the question and didn’t answer and only said, “It’s of no use if you know now. It’s better if you keep your mind on cultivating. Advancing the strength of your soul is what you need to do now.”

Chen Xi was helpless, I know too little, who can I resent for that?

“Oh, you can’t waste this spirit spring as well. Seize this opportunity to gather some spirit liquid. According to my estimation, at the instant the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit matures, it will completely absorb all the nearby spirit energy. At that time, you’ll be unable to obtain anything.” Ji Yu glanced at the spirit spring and reminded.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly realized that having the spirit of the Manor that has existed for a million years by his side was truly a joyful thing.

If Ji Yu wasn’t here, he might have pulled out the Goldsoul Divine Lotus by the roots and taken it away by now, and it would be completely impossible for him to know that when the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit matured, it would actually completely absorb all the nearby spirit energy…

Chen Xi took out the octagonal containment bottle from his storage ring and started to squat beside the spirit spring to gather the spirit liquid.

The insides of this octagonal containment bottle was divided into eight enormous spaces, one of them contained the nearly 250kg of liquid condensed from Netherezim Baleful Qi. Another seven empty space still remained within, and in total it was sufficient to contain more than 500,000 kg of liquids.

Unfortunately, I only have the time of one incense stick. Once this Goldsoul Lotus Fruit matures, this spirit spring will dry up with it. If I knew this earlier, I would’ve started gathering the spirit liquid since the beginning… Chen Xi said regretfully in his heart. According to the speed the spirit liquid poured out from the spirit spring, it would be quite good if he was able to gather 5,000 kg of spirit liquid before the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit matured.

“Infant Pixiu, Goldsoul Divine Lotus… Although this immortal, Nether Enlightenment, is only a fallen immortal, his ability is extremely shocking. He was actually able to find such divine items. In his time, he was probably someone with great karmic luck.”

Ji Yu looked at the Goldsoul Divine Lotus and seemed to speak from feelings as he sighed with emotion. “Unfortunately, it’s all benefitted you now. In terms of the strength of karmic luck, then this immortal, Nether Enlightenment, is still inferior to you.”

Chen Xi was stunned, then shook his head and said, “How could that be possible? Everyone calls me Jinx in Pine Mist City.”

“A man cannot be without arrogance, there’s no need to look down on yourself.”

Ji Yu said in disdain, “The people who said you’re a jinx are a group of idiots. If you’re a jinx, then would you be able to obtain the True Body Brand of my Master? Would you be able to walk out of the Star Secret Realm? In the future, so long as you unceasingly work hard in your cultivations, then so long as no accidents happen, you’re completely able to pass through all the trials in the Heavenpeak of Trials and inherit the mantle of my Master to become an unequaled expert in your time.”

As he spoke up to here, Ji Yu stared fixedly at Chen Xi and asked, “Now, do you still think you’re a jinx?”

“No.” Chen Xi shook his head decisively. What Ji Yu said was indeed the truth. If he still denied it, then he would be acting.

Ji Yu said in praise, “Of course not. Moreover, you possess an infant Pixiu by your side now, you karmic luck will only become better.”

Chen Xi was praised to the point he blushed slightly, and he was just intending to change the topic when he suddenly thought of something. Half an hour had already passed, and the chaotic battle between Chai Letian and Su Jiao had probably already finished.

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but constrict at the instant this thought emerged in his mind. At this moment, he didn’t think about how to sneak attack Chai Letian anymore. So long as Chai Letian didn’t die, he could go kill Chai Letian at any time, but the time the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit drops to the ground was only an instant. Comparatively speaking, the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit before him was still more important.

“Get ready, it’s about to mature!”

Ji Yu’s voice abruptly exploded out by his ears. Chen Xi didn’t dare let his mind wander anymore and he poured his True Essence into his palms as he stared fixedly at the Goldsoul Divine Lotus without batting an eyelid.

Under the cover of the strands and threads of pistils and stamens, the infant fist-sized golden fruit seemed to be breathing, and circles of dense golden ripples appeared on its surface.

Splash! Splash!

A pillar of water that was like a waterfall suddenly shot out from within the nearby spirit spring and surged straight towards the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit. All the spirit energy within the Hundred Herb Hall was like sharks that had smelt blood and madly surged towards the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit.

Whereas the golden fruit was like a bottomless pit, accepting all the spirit energy that was nearby. As the amount of spirit energy it had absorbed increased, the golden light on its surface grew denser and more eye piercing, seeming to be like a small sun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Seeming to have activated something, the entire Hundred herb Hall abruptly started to sway violently, and layers of transparent waves rippled out in the air surrounding the Goldsoul Divine Lotus and the air seemed as if it would shatter in the next moment.

At the same time, an inexplicable terrifying oppressive force invaded the hall from every direction, and Chen Xi who was beside the Goldsoul Divine Lotus felt it even more strongly. It felt as if his throat was choked, causing him to feel suffocated and nearly be unable to control the True Essence that was restless within his body!

What a terrifying strange phenomenon. I heard that as long as a spirit treasure emerged into the world, it would surely be accompanied by various strange phenomenon. Although I don’t know what miraculous effect this Goldsoul Divine Lotus possesses, it’s obviously an extremely mystical existence!

Even though the boundless oppressive force suppressed him to the point it was difficult to breathe, but Chen Xi’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, and his nerves were strained to the limit.


A clear and melodious sound that was like the roar of a dragon sounded out, from a low sound that was inaudible, it gradually became loud and resonant, and in the end, it transformed into a billowing wave of music that vibrated in every corner of the Hundred Herb Hall.

Right at this moment, the stem, branches, and petals of Goldsoul Divine Lotus burnt into nothingness at a noticeable speed, and the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit covered within the pistil and stamens lightly shook, then it fell!


Practically the instant the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit dropped, the True Essence that Chen Xi had kept ready in his palm since a long time ago transformed into a ray of light that was like a waterfall, and it instantly enveloped the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit before being swallowed by Chen Xi into his Dantian. His actions were so swift that is was almost completely in an instant, as if he’d practiced it countless times earlier.


Chen Xi was slightly unable to believe it, but when he felt the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit that quietly floated within his Dantian, he finally believed that he’d indeed succeeded.

At this moment, within his Dantian, nine clouds that were condensed from True Essence formed a ladder that went upwards layer by layer. Whereas at the bottommost area of his Dantian, the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit quietly floated there. The surface of the lotus fruit ceaselessly emitted strands and threads of golden light, and the entire scene of it within his Dantian seemed extremely harmonious, without any abnormalities.

This also allowed Chen Xi to be much more at ease.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The Hundred Herb Hall swayed more furiously by the moment, and piece after piece of enormous rocks that were an entire 300m long collapsed from above. It seemed as if spider webs had formed on the surrounding walls as they fell off and shattered, causing ash and dust to billow in the air, and countless deep trenches that were continuous and had no end had split open on the ground.

“It’s as expected. The Goldsoul Divine Lotus was the point the spirit energy within this entire hall gathered, and at the same time, it maintained the balance in the entire hall. At this moment, the Goldsoul Divine Lotus has withered away and the spirit energy has completely dried up as well. So, the entire hall has lost its support and will surely collapse.”

Ji Yu swept his gaze at the surroundings then said swiftly, “Leave! Quickly!”

At the same time that Ji Yu spoke, Chen Xi had already perceived a hint of trouble. At this moment, he didn’t dare hesitate and picked up the octagonal containment bottle on the floor before violently dashing out of the hall.


At the instant he exited the hall, the Hundred Herb Hall behind Chen Xi that covered an area of 500km collapsed with a bang. For a moment, enormous rocks flew into the air and dust soared into the sky, the stream of air that was emitted from the collapse was like a whistling hurricane, and it scraped Chen Xi’s face to the point it hurt.

“Chen Xi!” A voice that was chilly like ice suddenly sounded out.

Chen Xi looked over and saw to his surprise that Chai Letian’s group, including Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin, stood 300m in the distance. The only people that were missing from the group were the pair of twins, Du Quan and Du Kui, of Windsoar Institution.

Moreover, exhaustion that was difficult to disguise filled the space between their brows, and their clothes were stained with patches of blood. It was a wonder if the blood was their own or their enemies.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi understood that the chaotic battle within the Book Reserve Hall had already ended. If he wasn’t wrong, Du Kui and Du Quan would have surely lost their lives in the chaotic battle.

However, Chen Xi didn’t pay any attention to all this, as the fact that Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were still alive caused his mood to be much more cheerful.

“It’s good that you’re fine.” At this moment, Du Qingxi was looking over here with a complicated gaze that seemed furious, disappointed, and so on and so forth.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned. Is she silently blaming me?

Duanmu Ze was unable to refrain himself in the end, and he said harshly, “Chen Xi, why did you do that to us? To think that I took you to be a brother, yet I never expected that you’d be so cold and heartless!”

The nearby Song Lin shook his head as well, yet didn’t say anything.

I’m cold and heartless?

A wisp of rage surged out from the bottom of Chen Xi’s heart, and he pointed at Chai Letian as he asked, “Since you took me to be a brother, then why didn’t you stand up for me when he threw me down the chasm that day? Not only that, you’re still following by his side all this time. Let me ask you, what right do you have to say this?”

Duanmu Ze’s expression froze and was speechless.

Whereas when Du Qingxi and Song Lin heard what Chen Xi said, their expression became unnatural as well.

“I know that there’s a Nether Transformation Realm ancestor behind this Chai fellow, and you don’t dare offend him due to consideration for your clans. I can understand all this.”

“But, who will understand me? Could it be that just because my identity is inferior to everyone else, you don’t have to care about my feelings at all?

“Besides that, I only spoke a single sentence and was utterly unsure if it would be able to cause a chaotic battle, and the reason I did so was extremely simple as well; it was for the sake of seizing the opportunity to kill Chai Letian. You call me cold and heartless just because of this?”

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed unusually agitated and was virtually a different person compared to his usually reserved self.

But, this also showed one thing. No matter if Chen Xi admitted it or not, in his heart, he’d already taken Du Qingxi’s group of three as his friends.

He was insulted as a jinx since a young age, and practically no one of the same age took him to be a friend. Du Qingxi’s group was the first group of friends he’d obtained in his 16 years of life. Even though they were only ordinary friends and weren’t to the extent of being able to bare open their hearts to each other, he still cherished this piece of friendship extremely.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi would become so agitated.

Du Qingxi’s group of three were silent and speechless as what Chen Xi said caused them to be unable to arouse the desire to provide any explanation. This was the truth and they were unable to deny it.

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