Chapter 57 - Li Ming

Chapter 57 - Li Ming

Pine Mist City, Li Clan, Ancestral House.

Allegedly, the Ancestral House contained the most superb cultivation techniques that had been passed down by the Li Clan’s ancestors until the current day and the various spirit pills used for cultivation.

At the same time, the Ancestral House contained various training sessions that were extremely brutal and were able to torture one to the point they were covered in bruises, and living was worse off than death.

However, in the heart of all the Li Clan disciples, the Ancestral House was still the sacred grounds of cultivation that they desired the most in their hearts. So long as they were able to become stronger, what was suffering little hardships and enduring a little pain?

Unfortunately, the Ancestral House was the vital center of the Li Clan. Besides direct disciples or disciples with extremely outstanding natural talent, others had no hope of taking a step into the Ancestral House within their lifetimes.

Today, the door of the Ancestral House that had been tightly closed for many months, slowly opened.

Step! Step! Step!

A wave of steady and forceful footsteps resounded out on the deep and quiet walkway of the Ancestral House, and after a short moment, a young man walked out from the darkness. It was shockingly Li Ming, the youngest son of the Li Clan patriarch Li Yizhen!

However, he was a completely different person when compared to before, his clothes were slovenly, his hair was disheveled hair and he had an unkempt appearance, seeming to have not bathed for a few months. His white skin was rough and dark, and his originally puffy and frivolous triangular eyes had already become gloomy and sharp like a hawk now, shining brightly.

“So it turns out that the feeling of possessing strength is actually so wonderful.”

He clenched his fist. His palms that used to be white were now completely filled with callouses and the bones in his hand had become big and thick. When he clenched his fist tightly, a vicious and fierce aura abruptly surged out from his body.

“Second Young Master, the Patriarch has asked to see you.” Iron Hand, who was enveloped in a ball of dark shadows walked out from the darkness, and his sharp and gloomy voice was like a venomous snake flicking its tongue while concealed in the shadows.

“Uncle Iron Hand, please lead the way,” Li Ming said respectfully. At this moment, when he possessed strength, he finally understood how terrifying the cultivation of Iron Hand, who was willing to be a shadow and follow by his father’s side all the time, was.

Li Clan Main Hall.

Li Yizhen sat up straight in the center position and on both of his sides were the numerous elders of the Li Clan. Everyone’s gazes descended onto Li Ming in unison when they saw him enter.

Li Ming was able to feel the shock and disbelief within these gazes, and this feeling was extremely wonderful. It felt extremely enjoyable to him, yet his expression was composed and his pace was unhurried. After cupping his hands in greetings, he silently sat on the seat that belonged to him.

“Three months of time, attaining the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm from the Postnatal Realm, not bad, not bad.”

The Grand Elder, Li Fengtu, spoke first, his expression revealed happiness as he said with a smile, “Now, Li Huai has already followed Miss Su to enter the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain for a month, he’s probably already found the sword immortal’s abode at this moment. It couldn’t be any better if he’s able to obtain some of the good luck within. Yizhen, you’ve brought two good sons into the world!”

“Grand Elder, you’re too kind.” Li Yizhen was extremely happy from obtaining the praise of the Grand Elder.

Li Fengtu smiled, then his expression went serious as he said in a serious tone, “I’ve actually gathered everyone here today for an extremely simple matter, that is to decide on the person that will inherit our Li Clan. Although Li Ming isn’t bad, he’s slightly young after all, and there’s quite a gap with Li Huai. I suggest Li Huai inherits the position of our Li Clan’s Patriarch, what does everyone think?”

“Grand Elder your discerning eyes are like torches in the dark, Li Huai is indeed not bad as his natural talent and mentality are outstanding amongst his peers as well.”

“Yes, I agree to Li Huai inheriting the position of Patriarch.”

“Haha! Of course, it should be Li Huai. After he returns from the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain this time, he might have already captured Miss Su’s heart and helped to bring about the connection between our Li Clan and the Su Clan through marriage. In this way, wouldn’t the status of our Li Clan rise as well?”

All the elders agreed to Li Fengtu’s opinion.

Li Ming who quietly sat at the side felt extreme discomfort in his heart when he saw this.

If it was in the past, he wouldn’t fuss about all this at all. Because he was too weak and was utterly unable to compare to Li Huai who was like a favored genius of the gods.

But it was different now, he already possessed formidable strength. Although he was still inferior to Li Huai, who could be sure that he wouldn’t surpass Li Huai in the future?

“Since everyone has agreed on Li Huai, then… Huh?” Grand Elder Li Fengtu hadn’t finished speaking when the door of the Main Hall was suddenly pushed open rudely.

Manager Wu had an expression of terror as he dashed in with a stagger, then knelt on the ground before shouting out loudly. “Patriarch, Elders, it’s a disaster! Young Master Li Huai’s Soul Vitality Lamp… has extinguished!”


The teacup in Li Yizhen’s hand dropped onto the ground and shattered into a pile of powder.

Li Huai is actually dead?

Everyone’s face went extremely gloomy, and for a time, the atmosphere within the Main Hall became extremely dreary.

They’d convened a clan meeting this time to confirm Li Huai’s status as the next Patriarch, however, the results weren’t even announced yet when they were notified of the news of Li Huai’s death. Who could accept this sort of sudden change?

“Could it be that an accident occurred within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain?”

“How could it be possible? Li Huai was following along with Miss Su. Allegedly, there are still a few more disciples from the great powers of Dragon Lake City with them. How could he encounter a disaster?”

“God damn it! If I find out who killed my son, Huai, I’ll surely annihilate his entire clan!”

After a short period of silence, enraged cries blasted out to resound within the Main Hall.

“Shut up!”

Li Fengtu shouted out explosively, and when he saw everyone had shut their mouths, he said coldly, “Everyone knows that the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials are only for a month’s time. After one month, all the cultivators within it would be teleported out, and only the people that have entered the sword immortal’s abode will be able to continue staying with the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.”

“The next time the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain opens is three years from now, so, even if we’re filled with even more resentment, we won’t be able to see the culprit for another three years. Then, is there any meaning in discussing this matter now?”

“Grand Elder, what you mean is?” Li Yizhen forcefully endured the sorrow from losing his son, and his voice was low and hoarse.

“The pressing matter at the moment is to choose the person who’ll inherit the position of Patriarch in the clan. Since Li Huai is gone, then it’ll be changed to be assumed by Li Ming.” Li Fengtu took a deep breath and said word for word. “Everyone, losing a clan member is nothing. What’s important is that all of us can’t only be drowned in grief, and aggrieve those near to us and gladden the enemy!”

“Yes!” Everyone’s faces went solemn as they agreed in unison.

Li Ming was in slight disbelief as he gazed at everything that happened before his eyes, I’ve so easily become the one to inherit the place of Patriarch?

He was far from being sad or happy about the death of Li Huai because he’d lived beneath Li Huai’s shadow since he was young, so the relationship between the two brothers wasn’t that good.

But when he thought of how he’d become the one to inherit the place of Patriarch because of Li Huai’s death, he felt as if he’d eaten a fly in his heart. He felt awfully disgusted.

This isn’t what I wanted!

Li Ming roared in his heart, I already possess strength and I’m not inferior to Li Huai. The day will come when I prove it to all of you!

“Li Ming!”

The Grand Elder’s voice sounded out by his ears, and Li Ming awoke from his chaotic thoughts, then he stood up and cupped his hands. “Grand Elder.”

“Don’t think that just because you’ve been chosen to inherit the place of the Patriarch that you’ll surely be able to obtain it. You have to use your strength to prove yourself for all the members of the clan to see. Only by obtaining the acknowledgment of everyone would you be able to become a qualified Patriarch!” The Grand Elder said in a deep voice.

Li Ming’s gaze swept past his father and the numerous elders, and lofty sentiments surged within his head as he said clearly. “Father, Elders, I will surely live up to your expectations!”

As he spoke up to here, Li Ming pondered for a short moment, then gritted his teeth and continued. “Brother is gone. Then from today onwards, I’ve decided to replace him in not only the place of Patriarch, but I also want to get married to Miss Su of the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan!”

“Oh, what do you plan to do?” A trace of a curious light flashed within Li Fengtu’s eyes.

“Since the Su Clan has agreed that so long as we humiliate Chen Xi’s family to death, they would betroth Miss Su to my Li Clan. I’ll start from here.”

Li Ming replied without hesitation. “Of course, Li Huai has always been conducting this plan. But please be at ease Grand Elder, I’ll be even crueler and better than my brother. So long as they’re related to Chen Xi’s family, then I won’t let any of them off!”

“Do you have a target?” Li Fengtu continued to question.

“Yes! The boss of the Pine Mist City’s Zhang General Store, all the talisman crafting apprentices under him, and all the neighbors within an area of 300m from Chen Xi’s house.”

A trace of madness flashed within Li Ming’s eyes. “I want them all dead, annihilated! I want to tell everyone in Pine Mist City that they died because of Chen Xi! I want everyone to know that even if they have the slightest bit of relationship with Chen Xi, then they’re bound to face death and destruction!”

What an atrocious and extreme disposition!

The numerous elders present gasped inwardly, and their gazes when they looked at Li Ming couldn’t help but carry along a trace of worry. Is such temper suitable to inherit the place of Patriarch?


Grand Elder Li Fengtu was silent for a long time, yet he unexpectedly clapped and praised. “Losers are always in the wrong, and only the strong are respected. So long as it’s beneficial to my Li Clan, it’s still worth it even if your methods are a hundred times more atrocious!”

Li Ming was anxious and fearful after he finished speaking of his plan. At this moment, he couldn’t help but be extremely happy from suddenly obtaining the acknowledgement of the Grand Elder, and he cupped his hands and said, “Please don’t worry Grand Elder, it isn’t merely for the sake of the marriage with Su Jiao, it’s also for the sake of our Li Clan’s strengthening and expansion in the future. I’ll surely deal with Chen Xi until the Su Clan is satisfied!”

As he spoke, a trace of regret couldn’t help but arise in Li Ming’s heart. Unfortunately, that kid, Chen Hao, has already left Pine Mist City. Otherwise, I’d let him see his brother, Chen Xi, slowly get tortured and humiliated by me until death. Only that would be enjoyable…

“According to my knowledge, Chen Xi has followed Du Qingxi to enter the sword immortal’s abode, and he probably won’t appear within the next three years. This period of time is sufficient to do anything. Li Ming, do you understand what I mean?” Li Fengtu asked.

Li Ming nodded.

Li Fengtu said in a deep voice, “Go! If you’re able to take care of this matter beautifully and make the Su Clan satisfied. Then with my status as Grand Elder, I’ll guarantee that the Patriarch of our Li Clan will surely be you!”


Li Ming took a deep breath, then turned around and left. He knew that this was a test to him, and at the same time, it was the best opportunity for him to change his destiny.

Author’s Note: This chapter is transitional plot and required foreshadowing. It might have been slightly dull, but the future chapters will only be even more exciting!

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